Chapter - 697 Episode 697: Plum Inspection, have you heard of it? (2)


There was a stillness heavy enough to hear someone swallowing their saliva. In a base filled with unbelievable cold silence that was noisy, the eyes of those who watched the situation sparkled with interest.

Wasan and Jongnam.

Those who know the relationship between the two clans cannot help but pay attention, and even those who don't know the relationship could not take their eyes off those who took their swords out of the main base in broad daylight.


It was the moment when the Great Geom Guahyukso, a large figure of the Three Swords of Taehaeng, roared and tried to drive the man.

"For a while."

The man who pulled out the sword shook his hand lightly. Then he looked around and opened his mouth.

"I don't really care if I divide the swords here, but the swords don't have eyes. I'm afraid it'll harm others."


"What do you say, if we're going to split the sword, why don't we go somewhere a little wider?”

"This guy…….

The hyukso bit his lips.

Because of his smoke and mirrors, they have become reckless, wielding swords regardless of the people around them. In fact, such a thing should have been discussed first by the disciples of the prestigious Jongnam.

"Great! But don't tell me you're going to go to a remote place where there's no eyes?"

The hype was blatantly derided.

"I do not intend to forgive you just because you kneel down and pray in the absence of other people's eyes."

"Ha ha. Can't be true.

The man glanced down from the window.

"It's worth sharing the sword down there. What do you say?"

Taehaeng Samgeom, who exchanged glances while looking at each other, nodded.

"Anywhere is fine."

"Well, then."

The man raised his foot on the window with a sword. And jumped out of the window without a moment's hesitation.


"Hey, hey, hey!"

The middlemen screamed in surprise.

"Hey, this is the seventh floor!"

"You're gonna jump out of here?"

I rushed to the window and looked down. What caught their eyes, however, was not the body but the man standing still and looking up.

"Come down."

Everyone stuck their tongue out at the clear voice.

The fact that he jumped from this height and was so fine was proof that his ignorance was never low.

I also thought so and hardened my face.


They alternated between the stairs and windows of the base and bit their lips slightly.

"Let's go!"


Guahyuk-so, who was at the forefront, flew out of the window without hesitation. His two brothers then jumped.


"Let's go down!"

Those who were filling the base rushed down the stairs.

Boom! Boom!

The third sword landed on the floor.

I couldn't bear to stop my face from being distorted by pain.


Shocked legs were cringy and numb. My feet hurt as if they were torn apart, and it was hard to stand properly because my ankles were cold.

But I couldn't show my weakness here.

Taehaeng Samgum, who forced his bent knees, stared at the man across from him.

The mere jump from the base shocked them to the point where it was difficult to demonstrate prostitution, but that man showed no sign of it.

You're saying he's not just a mouthful?’

The hyukso took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

"What's your name?”

"My name?"

"It's not that you don't even have a name, is it? Or are you a coward who can't even reveal your name?""Hahaha."

The man laughed loudly once and shook his head.

"There is no need to provoke. Because I don't hide anything. My name is Jinyang Gon."

"What's the allocation?"


A hyukso asked, staring at Jinyang Gon with cold eyes.

"If you're a student of Hwasan, you've got allotment, right?"

"Ha ha. What's important about that?"


Jinyang Gon waved the sword like a fan.

"If my distribution is higher than yours, will you bow down and apologize?"


"Or if my distribution is lower than yours, you're going to use the distribution to press it?”

"This guy…….

Jinyang Gon shook his head with a pitiful look.

"Whatever my allocation may be, what you have done is not right. So we don't have to discuss allocation, do we?"

"No, I...….”

"Is it injustice that counts, or is it not? Do you have any or don't you? This matron does not turn injustice into righteousness by allotment of opponents!"

When he shouted with strength, those who gathered around him clapped with impressed faces.

"That's right!"

"I don't know who that is, but you're saying the right things!"

The face of the hyukso was horribly distorted.

He just wanted to know the distribution of the author. However, because of that one word, Taehaeng Samgum is not confident in his skills and has become those who tried to press his opponent with distribution.

'f*cking bastard!’

I don't know what he put on his tongue, but he was masterfully leading the mood toward him.


"I know!"

Understanding that there is nothing good to talk about, Guahyuk-so picked up a sword and pointed at Jinyang Gon.

"I knew your tongue was scary. I hope your sword follows at least half of its tongue."

Then Jinyang Gon shook his head slightly looking at the hyukso.

"I think you're three."

"There's nothing to be afraid of, boy. Don't tell me we're going to join forces against a young man like you. I'll deal with it alone, so just don't pee."

"No, the other way around."

Jinyang Gon smiled lightly.

"It's too much for you alone. All three at once."


"You don't seem to understand. I told you to fight with your brothers because you couldn't handle me alone."

Jinyang Gon gazed down at the sword he pulled out.

"That way, you'll have a little bit to deal with."

The face of the hyukso turned red in a flash.

"You're looking for excuses for losing! Do you think it's gonna work out your way?"

"That's a misunderstanding. I, Jinyang Gon, know how to be proud. There will never be an excuse to say that you lost because you were three, and that you could have won if you were alone."

Jinyang Gon stretched his shoulders nonchalantly.

"I just want to give you a fair chance. That's the right thing to do as a prosecutor."

"You son of a b*tc*! How dare the native disciples of Hwasan not speak such a guile in front of us...…!”

"Of course, I'm not an ordinary student of Hwasan."


Jinyang Gon's smile grew stronger.

"A plum inspection, have you heard of it?"

"…a plum inspection?"

"If you didn't know, you'll know now. What is plum inspection?"

Jinyang Gon's sword, pointed forward, reflected light.

"Right through this sword."


A hyukso, who was angry to the end of his head, changed his teeth. At that time, the younger brothers standing behind him shrieked in a cold voice."Brother, let's do as you wish!"

"There's no reason for us to refuse! I'm gonna have to let that young man realize what a scary place the Gangho is.

The hyukso nodded in agreement.

"Come on, let's do it!"

When the eldest brother's permission was given, the brothers came forward and filled his left and right.

"You son of a b*tc*! It's no use regretting it!"

"I don't know any regrets.”


The two eyes of the hyukso were alive.

Those who gathered like clouds just watched the confrontation with bated breath. The atmosphere was escalating, as if it were about to bleed.

Breaking the short silence, the hyukso shouted.

"Scold me!"


"Inno ooh ooh ooh!"

The Three Swords of Taehaeng rushed toward Jinyang Gon at the same time. Even the seemingly dull hyukso narrowed the distance from Jinyang Gon in an instant at lightning speed.

The new law proved why they became famous for being called the Three Swords of Taehaeng.

But Jinyang Gon didn't really respond to the monstrous speed report. Even though the sword wielded by the hyukso was about to touch his head in an instant, he just stared at the sword.


"That, that!"

The weak man has already closed his eyes. Because Jinyang Gon's hair split in two seemed nice.



At that moment, a sharp metal sound rang out, and Taehaeng Samgum, who had rushed in unison, staggered and withdrew at the same time.

"…, you...….”

The hyukso opened his eyes wide.

Jinyang Gon hit not only his sword but also the swords of his brothers who were attacking from left to right.


Jinyang Gon shook his head a little displeased.

"How could you threaten others with that kind of skill. I think Jong-nam has become too arrogant."

"Go, how dare you put a servant in his mouth?"

"Look at it clearly.

Jinyang Gon put the sword forward.

"This is what a sword looks like. This is Hwasan's sword."

As soon as the horse ended, Jinyang Gon's sword began to divide.

The middle class opened their eyes wide.

"Well, that's....”

In an instant, the black, which had risen to dozens, increased as if it was not the end, and soon began to shoot white and red swords all over the place.

The surroundings were quickly filled with Jinyang Gon's sword. The red and white blackness was impressive as if the flowers were looking at a colorful field of flowers.

"That, that!"

"That's Hwasan's plum test!"

Those who had heard of it shouted at themselves.

As if to live up to their expectations, the blooming swords exploded at the stroke of the Three Swords.

"What, what!"

The face of the hyukso turned pale. A scene where a son-in-law seems to be full of black.

Even before I thought I had to fight back, many swords swept through the body of the Three Swords of Taehaeng.



A scream rang out.

A splendid sword was scattered through Ho Gong, and all that was left were the three men who fell on the floor.

I love you.

Jinyang Gon, with a slightly pale face, spoke quietly to the fallen.

"I guess Jongnam doesn't teach you not to intimidate others with force. But HWASAN never looks down on that behavior. Remember, black does not exist to show off me, but to protect the weak."

There was a short silence. Then a moment later, there was a tremendous cheer everywhere."Wow!"

"You're the best!"

"Hwasan! As expected, it's Hwasan!"

"Hwasan people shouldn't have made a name for themselves in the Dead Sea! You really look like a man from a painting!"

Jinyang Gon, who waved lightly to the cheers from all sides, approached Jinpyeong.

"Are you all right?"

"Oh…. Oh, yes! That's fine."

Jinyang Gon smiled brightly.

"I'm glad to hear that's a relief. If you have any problems, feel free to visit me."

"Yes, yes! Thank you very much, Daehyeop!"


Jinyang Gon lightly captured and turned around without hesitation and began to slip out of the crowd.

In the meantime, cheers and accolades continued to pour out.

In the heated atmosphere, a small suspicion flashed over Jinpyeong's face.

I think there's something different.….’

From the atmosphere to action, there was clearly something different from the disciples of Hwasan he had seen in person. A small sense of alienation remained in the back of my mind.

'No, you don't.'

No one with that much talent would impersonate Hwasan. No way.

But Jinpyeong didn't know.

Jinyang Gon's foul smile on his lips as he leaves people behind.