Chapter - 699 Episode 699: Plum Inspection, have you heard of it? (4)

"Darn it, son of a b*tc*! I was sick to death!"

"You should've hit it right!"

Jinyang Gon giggled as the Three Swords raised their voices and protested.

"Do you know where one or two eyes were? If you were weak, you'd be caught right away.

"But there's a degree to it! You're going to get beaten up too!"

As Ma Yu-ryang flinched as if he had rushed to Jinyang Gon at any moment, the hyukso shook his hand to block him.

"That's enough!"


"Don't you say yes!"

The hyukso said with a frown.

"That's true. If you're clumsy, you'll only be suspicious. I'm not even dead, but I'm willing to take it."

"All right."

The hyukso nodded slowly. And said Jinyang Gon, looking fiercely at him.

"Your role is important from now on. You know what I'm saying, don't you?”

"Of course. Large."

At this rate, the gold inspection team will have to move. There's a fire in the back of my foot, and if I hear that Hawasan's master has appeared right next to me, I'm sure he'll be worn out."


"Keep in mind, if they ask you if you like it when they reach out their hands, everything goes down the drain. We must not give the impression that we were waiting!"

Then Jinyang Gon smirked.

"Don't worry. I know that much."

"You're such a mouth-breather.….”

The hyukso peeked around. There is no sign of popularity, but he seems anxious for no reason.

"Go, everything is in vain on the day you are caught here with us. Now don't come to me until more is done."

"Yes, large. I'll contact you separately when the gold inspection department finds you."

"Yes, I will trust you."

Jinyang Gon bowed slightly and turned away. And he left the control tomb as if he had no regrets and moved away without looking back.


As Jinyang Gon moved so far that he could no longer be seen, Mawiyang's tongue kicked out of his mouth.

"You're an insidious fellow.”

Mawiyang looked back at the Guahyukso with an unhappy face.

"Large, can I trust that bastard?"

"I don't trust anyone but my brothers."


"But you don't have to doubt that rat. He can't do anything without us either."

"That's true.Only……."

"That's enough."

The hyukso shook his hand.

"You'll never see him again after this anyway."

A fishy smile was drawn around his mouth.

"Anyway, things are going better than I thought. The defeat's visit to Hwasan made things twice as comfortable."

"The heavens are helping us!"

"That's right."

Guahyukso and Ma Wi-ryang smiled facing each other. At that time, Jong-yo, the youngest of the Three Swords of Taehaeng, opened his mouth with a grim look.

"But the big…….”


"Is it really okay to do this?”

"What are you talking about now?"

The end of the day sighed deeply.

"I'm afraid it's bothering me. If we do this wrong, not only us, but Jong Nam's prestige will fall to the ground...….”

"This guy!"

When the hyukso shrugged his eyes, his last song shrank.

"Jongnam? d*mn it! Why do we have to think about Jong Nam's prestige? Have you already forgotten what that good-looking servant has done to us?"


"Wasn't it Jongnam who knew that the shippers were active in Gangho, but did not discuss it?"

"Large……, but this is the same place as our parents for us.""Parents? Well said! I heard that only children are good to their parents? Don't parents have a duty to protect their children!"


"Why should we think of the face of our parents who have left their children without saying a word!"

Jong-yo couldn't bear to reply to that and just sighed secretly.

I could understand how he felt. How embarrassed was everyone to hear that Jong-nam was going to visit?

Bonsan is no different from a strong back to the inner family. The shorthand pays a certain amount of money to the main mountain every year to maintain its back, and the main mountain serves to solve the problem when the shorthand has a problem.

This is a four-way relationship, but on the other hand, it is no different from a contractual relationship.

However, the contract was terminated in an instant by making a silent seal in Jongnam.

Thanks to this, the villagers, who believed in the original mountain, were hit by lightning overnight.

Taehaeng Samgeom has also crossed the river, and in the process, there were more than one or two people who had built a grudge against them. As soon as they heard the news, they had to sharpen their knives, which had not been able to dare them due to Jongnam's power, so they had to suffer greatly.

"No need to say! Let's live our lives first!"

When Jongyo couldn't get his face off his chest, Ma Yu-ryang came out to soothe him.

"The youngest, if things go well, there will be no one in the family. Isn't that why you need him?"


"If things go as planned, then Hwasan, not Jongnam, will be responsible for everything that happened here. So it's rather a way of helping the real estate."

"That's right!"

As Mahwiyang and Guahyukso talked about the same thing at the same time, Jongyo had no choice but to nod.

"It must be like that way."

"You mean this?"

The eyes of the hyukso shone.

"Now I'm sick and tired of eating with a knife. If this works out, we will be able to leave the Gangho with a large sum of money. Then all you have to do is live comfortably for the rest of your life."

The ending song asked with a sour face.

"But what happens if he shakes his mouth?”


The hyukso laughed bitterly.

"It's possible. However, once the work is done, the only person who can listen to him will be King Yeom."


"Don't worry too much. I think the current situation is a situation that heaven created to help us. If it weren't for heaven's help, why would we find someone who uses a sword similar to plum blossoms, and that Jang Nilso would climb up to Hawasan himself?"

Ma Wi-ryang nodded in sympathy.

"That's right, big."

The hyukso looked at the ending song with a slightly soft face.

"If it bothers you, you can send some of the money you earn after work to your home country."

"Okay, big."

When Jong-yo answered smoothly, the hyuk-so nodded.

"Then take care of your injured body. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on that rat so he doesn't do anything stupid."


When he saw his younger brothers who were sitting down straight away and started to cry, the hyuk-so shined his eyes.

'It's easy to find a stupid rat. I hope the gold digger will bite this bait.’

* * *

Jinyang Gon, who was leaning against the window of the high base and looking down, grinned.

You idiots.

The thought of Taehaeng Samgeom's goal, which was making a fuss yesterday, kept making me laugh.Kang Ho-in should know how to hide his inner self under any circumstances. I couldn't understand how all those morons who showed enmity throughout their work achieved that reputation.

'Maybe when you're done, you'll try to get rid of me and take the money.’

Jinyang Gon laughed once again.

They're definitely going to put all their sins on him and cover up what they've done by removing them, but they weren't Jinyang Gon to be fooled by the obvious trick.

When it's all over, they'll be devastated with not a penny in their hands.

'Hwasan. Hwasan이라…….’

A pleased smile sprang up around his mouth.

Who would have imagined that Hawsan would be so successful?

Thanks to you, I was more than grateful. If this works out, I was confident that I wouldn't mind tripling the direction of Hwasan every morning when I opened my eyes.

"Anyway, it's like my private affairs now. (Laughs)"

A unique laugh rang softly. Then a group of people appeared through the stairs of the base.

Jinyang Gon quickly adjusted his facial expression.

His face soon became as nonchalant as it was, but his heart began to pound like an electrician.

This is because the figures of swords were seen embroidered in gold on the left chest of those who showed up.

Gold inspection!

Jinyang Gon, who sang a cheerful song, clasped his fist under the table.

I did it thinking I'd find you, but I can't believe you're moving so fast!

Those who came up and looked around quickly came to see Jinyang Gon. Then, he gave up his polite attitude.

"Jinyang Gon, are you Jin Dae-hyeop?”

Jinyang Gon, who was glancing out of the window, turned his head slowly, looking as relaxed as he could, and looked at them in front of him.

"I'm the real mother. And what about you?

"We're from the gold inspection department. If you don't mind visiting Geumgeombu, I'd like to ask you to visit the Great Barrier.


Jinyang Gon pretended to be worried and drooled low, then picked up the glass in front of him and slowly gulped down.


Then he put his glass down and nodded.

"I don't know what's going on, but I've heard of the man who is the master of the gold inspection department. It wouldn't be polite to refuse to be invited by someone like that."

Jinyang Gon rose from his seat with ease.

Then he gestured politely with a soft smile in his mouth.

"Take the lead."

"Thank you! Take the Great Barrier!"


Guarded by gold sword masters standing from side to side, Jinyang Gon slowly began to descend to base.

'There's not much time left.’

A subtle smile flashed around his mouth.

But unfortunately he didn't know at all.

The fact that a disaster that I have never encountered in my life is now rushing toward him at an enormous speed.