Chapter - 712 Episode 712. Let's go back together. (1)

(sighs) (sighs)(sighs)

Chung-Myung quickly ran forward.

In one of his hands was Jinyang Gon's neck. Jinyang Gon closed his eyes and trembled like a live tree, sounding like a doll in a child's hand.

It's hard work.

Jo-Gol, who was following Chung-Myung a little later, shook his head.

Perhaps this is the first time in Jinyang Gon's life. Even if you get on a horse, you will feel scared that you might fall and die, but you will feel sad because you are being held by Chung-Myung.

Seeing Jinyang Gon's face, which turned white and now bluish, I felt pity for him even though he was a fraud impersonating Hwasan.

At that time, Yoon-Jong opened his mouth quietly.

"Living quarters."


"…is he gonna be okay?"

Baek Cheon looked at Chung-Myung's back running indifferently instead of answering. And answered in a low voice.

"……I don't know."

Yoon-Jong's face has hardened slightly.

"I knew right away that he was in a strange condition, but...… but I never thought I'd really leave without anything."

As a result, the iron imitation was destroyed while Chung-Myung was catching Jinyang Gon, and the gold inspection department overpowered the iron imitation without injury.

What kind of place is gold inspection? He is well-known for his wealth.

If it were the usual case, he would have tried to pull out the pillar root of the golden sword as an excuse. And it's normal for Geumgumbuju to hold his stomach with stomachache by now.

However, Chung-Myung did not pay any attention to the gold inspection and immediately started running, grabbing Jinyang Gon's backside as soon as he was ready. As if money is not important.


Their heads turned to the side at the voice they heard at the two men's heads turned to the side.

Yoo-Esul muttered as he looked at Chung-Myung's back.

"That emergency…… relationship."

"Well, I think so, too."


Baek Cheon opened his mouth in agreement.

"It seems that the author said that the non-classman and Chung-Myung have some kind of relationship."

"…How does he know what it is?”

"Once upon a time……."

Baek Cheon blurted the end of his speech as if he were organizing his thoughts for a moment and then opened his mouth again.

"According to Unam Sasook, Chung-Myung tried to explain his relationship with Hwasan, but Jang Moon-in dissuaded him by saying that he didn't have to hear about it."

"…Did that happen?”

Baek Cheon nodded at Yoon-Jong's question.

"When I had something to explain, I had a story to tell. I think that his reaction right now has something to do with the story."

Jo-Gol, who had only listened silently while running, frowned.

"No, why did the long man stop you? I was actually wondering where he fell from...….”


Baek Cheon glared sternly and glared his eyes. Jo-Gol shrugged his neck in a pinch.

"Oh, no...I'm not saying you're wrong, but...….”

"Was it because the writer was thoughtless?"

Baek Cheon said bitterly with a slightly softened face.

"Those who returned to Hwasan must have left in the past. They were the ones who turned their backs on Hwasan for any story."


"So you didn't have to listen. No matter what the reason may be, I'm sure you thought it was enough because I came back to the failing Hwasan.”


Jo-Gol nodded.

Now I understand why Jang Moon-in didn't want to listen to Chung-Myung's story.

Baek Cheon's eyes turned to Chung-Myung's back running ahead."You'll find out when you get there. What's the story, why are you in such a hurry?"

In fact, what Baek Cheon is really worried about was not Chung-Myung's story. Quite frankly, he had no interest in the story or the importance of non-payment.

It's just...


When all this is over, I just hope that hard face can come back to its original brightness.

"The death penalty."


Then Yoo-Esul looked at Baek Cheon and spoke low.


"…what do you mean?"

"At this rate, Guangdong, that's...….”


Baek Cheon's face, shut up, hardened.

It's the home of all the people.’

It was always nerve-wracking to enter the bay area. However, it was even more uncomfortable to enter Guangdong because the bay had two rooms recently.

"Not all the people in the vast Canton are in control. Apparently his hometown is a remote countryside."

"I suppose so."

"I can't stop it now anyway, so I hope nothing big happens."

Everyone nodded and spurred their running feet.

Hwasan's disciples shot forward and forward at a speed of light.

* * *

"Is it here.

"Yes, yes! Right here!"

Jinyang Gon nodded his head as if he were about to burst into tears. When I started, my face was oily, but now I'm so thin that I don't feel at odds even when I'm lying in a coffin.

"This is my hometown."

Chung-Myung's gaze went beyond the small village in front of him and turned further back. I could see the mountain peaks pouting in the distance.

It looks very small here, but when you get close, hundreds and thousands of mountains form a mountain range.

The public calls the mountain range this way.

"…100,000 mountains."

When Hwasan's disciples heard the voice, they all stared at Chung-Myung's eye contact. A sigh leaked out into the temple.



There is no other word in the current power that can carry such complex emotions and great weight at the same time. I felt like my shoulders were being crushed in an instant.

"The home of Mahyo...….’

Where Hwasan fought.

Looking blankly at the ridge, Jo-Gol suddenly asked in a curious voice.

"Wasn't 100,000 the Great Mountain in the Shingang River?"


Then Yoon-Jong sympathized a little.

"That's what I heard."

"No, I heard it was Canton. It's on the border between Guangdong and Gwangseo."

Dang-Soso tilted his head and said another word.

Chung-Myung opened his mouth with his eyes fixed on the ridge in front of him.

"Both are right."


"Think about it. Mahkyo has been resurrected again and again and again and again and invaded the midfield."

"That's right."

"But you were able to get a comeback from where you originally stayed? If you lose, of course you have to run away."

"…I guess so.”

"The strong men were not fools, so they destroyed and monitored their homes thoroughly. So every time he reappeared, he started somewhere else. Among them, the most frequently seen are 100,000 Daesan Mountain on the border between Cheonghae and the New River, and 100,000 Daesan Mountain here.”


"Wherever the horse house is, it's a hundred thousand mountains."

Chung-Myung's eyes sank slightly.

There will now be no trace of the past of the Mah-kyo on that mountain. A hundred years is a long time, and the remnants will be out of reach of the middle ground by now for the revival of the church.So it's just a mountain now.


Chung-Myung, who was looking at 100,000 mountains, closed his eyes tightly.

'You were not far away.’

I thought so.

Given where they were headed when they heard that Chong Jin was missing, it must be around here.

However, Chung-Myung at that time was unable to go out looking for Chung Jin. He couldn't pull out for personal reasons while he was preparing for the last fight on the line.

It was his decision, Cheon Mun's decision.

I still think that decision is not wrong.

It's just...

Chung-Myung asked with a low sigh.

"Where's the emergency?”

"My, my house...….”

"Let's go."


Following Jinyang Gon, who rushed to the front, everyone entered the village. It was not until a long time after a small meadow crossed the sparsely-seated village that I could arrive at an unusually old house.

"Now, wait a minute!"

Jinyang Gon, who rushed into the house as if a ghost were chasing him, began to tear the floor off with his bare hands. So a small chest came out of Jinyang Gon's hand, who had been digging the floor for a while.

"Hey, here you are."

He quickly held out the chest to Chung-Myung.

But Chung-Myung didn't think to reach out and just stared silently.


Feeling nervous, Jinyang Gon shook his hands and swallowed dry saliva. But no one here could break the silence and rush Chung-Myung.

Chung-Myung, who was only looking at him like that, reached out and opened the lid of the chest.

The smell of an old book grazed the tip of my nose, and a book that seemed to crumble appeared.

a book with nothing written on the front

Chung-Myung reached out silently and grabbed it. Baek Cheon didn't miss that fingertip tremble.

The book that Chung-Myung carefully took out was in a rather bizarre form.

A form in which two books of non-class are drilled and tied into one book.

Chung-Myung spread the book so delicately that he had never seen before and turned over each piece of paper.



Only the sound of falling over the bookshelf echoed quietly in silence.

After checking every single page, Chung-Myung covered the last page and put the book back into the chest.

Like this.

With the lid closed, Chung-Myung took the chest in Jinyang Gon's hand and held it.

Baek Cheon lamented silently as he saw Chung-Myung, who kicked a chest full of precious goods, handle it carefully like a new kind of person, this time.

I don't know exactly what that book is or what story it has, but at least it doesn't seem to have taken a vain step here.

"Guide me."

At Chung-Myung's short remark, Jinyang Gon nodded quickly again.

"Ee, this way. The hunter who discovered the guard lives in the house ahead!"

And without waiting for an answer, he started running hard for the house across the street.

"Mr. Pyo! Mr. Pyo!"

Entering the yard at once, Jinyang Gon knocked on the door of the house like a chased man.

"Is he here, mister? That's the case! Jinyang Gon!"

The door burst open as Jinyang Gon's voice became increasingly urgent. And the old man, who looked quite old, stuck his head out."Who?"

"Hey, it's me, mister! It's Gun."

"…Gun? Uh…….Huh? Argan?"

"Yes, it's me!"

"You left town to get ahead, and you're already back...…. But what's wrong with you? You must have gone through a lot. So you're completely back now?"

"Oh, no, that's not it.….”

"Let me ask you something."

Baek Cheon stepped forward and bowed to the old man. Then the old man looked at Baek Cheon and his party with a hint of caution.

"Who are you?"

"I'm here to ask you a few questions. I'm not a bad person, so you don't have to worry."

Jinyang Gon and the old man looking at them alternately tilted his head.

"There's nothing to ask an old man who's waiting in the corner of town to die.….”


At Baek Cheon's call, Chung-Myung opened the chest without saying a word and showed the old man the vulgarity in it.

"Jinyang Gon said he got this salary from an old man, do you remember?"

"…Emergency? Book?"

"Yes, I'm talking about this book."

The old man murmured, looking at the old book.

"I don't know what I'….Ah!"

Then, he tapped his knee and nodded as if something had come to mind.

"There you go, there you go! I picked that up. There's a sword wielder inside, so I thought it'd be nice if I could give it to him!"

Baek Cheon asked with a stiff face.

"Where did you pick up this book?"

"Well, that's...말로는 It's a little hard to explain in words. I can't remember well and it's in the mountains...….”

Baek Cheon, who was looking at the old man with a frown on his face, gave a slight wink. Jo-Gol then took out the heavy vestibule from his sleeve and put it down in front of the old man.

"The case isn't very good, but we're in a hurry, so could you please guide us there?"

"…I'd love to, but now that I'm old, I'm...….”

The old man, who opened the vestibule, opened his eyes wide in the middle of his speech.

"Ee, all of this...…?”


The old man nodded quickly.

"I'll show you around. Gentlemen, I've lost my strength, but my memory is completely intact. I remember for sure! Of course!"

"Please. Right now."

"Yes! Don't worry."

Looking at the boastful old man, Baek Cheon glanced at Chung-Myung. He still had no idea what he was thinking.

Don't worry, man.

Baek Cheon's face was filled with will.

Whatever he's looking for, we'll find him.