Chapter - 713 Episode 713. Let's go back together. (2)



Hoga Myong, a soldier of the bay, placed a brush in his hand on a crest. Then, he took the bear stand and bit it and rubbed his fingers lightly to light it up.

Even though I didn't pout a few times, the acrid smoke soon rose.


길게 담배 연기를 뿜어낸 그는 부복해 있는 이를 딱히 변화 없는 표정으로 바라보았다.

“남창으로 보낸 놈들이?”


“내가 누굴 보냈었지?”

"Ghost is also Makwi and Iljanghong Heo Hyung."

"The curtain and the false form...….”

Squeak. Squeak.

He muttered and leaned back slightly and the chair emitted a harsh friction. Hoga Myong, who stared at the ceiling with his eyes half-closed, leaked a low voice.

"That's weird. Is there anyone in that man's closet who can kill them? No, even if it happened to be him. It's weird to do it. You didn't subdue her, you cut her throat? Even after hearing the name of the room?"


The murky smoke scattered from Ho Gong.

"Who is it?"


A man who had fallen ill lifted his head and looked at Hoga Myong, stuttered and opened his mouth.

"I'm afraid he's...….”

"Don't waste time. I'm a busy man."

"Yes, I think it's the Hwasan faction."

A moment of silence ensued. The burning cigarette also died down.

Hoga Myong, who was only looking at the ceiling, slowly lowered his head and looked straight at the person.


"Yes, according to my understanding, Hwasan's disciples came to Namchang."

"…Why did the men who were supposed to be on the island suddenly appear in the men's window? And no matter how hard the Wasans are, neither the ghost nor the iljanghong would have been so easy. Who's here?”

"Hwa, the Hwasan Divine...….”

At the moment, a blank smile burst out from Hoga Myong's mouth.

"Hwasan The Dragon?"

"Yes, I think so. He leads the Wasan Ogum...….”

"…I'm so sick of this.”

It seems that this person is bound by a strong connection with the whole crowd. Every time I do something, I don't listen to this name and move on.

"Hwasan Sinryong, who was on the island, suddenly appeared in the southern window and killed Georyeongdo and Iljanghong?”

Hoga Myong's face, which smiled, quickly became icy cold.

"This is a declaration of war against all of us. The ark came out like this even though he visited Hwasan himself and showed his favor.”

Hoga Myong saw the defeat as an expression of great favor just by visiting the far-off Hwasan in personally, I don't know what others would think.

"How did I hear the information?More?"

"Well, that's kind of weird."


"Based on the circumstances, they didn't know that Georyeongdo and Iljanghong were in Namchang. It's just that things went wrong...….”

"Tangled? What do you mean?"

The unfortunate man carefully began to explain. Hoga Myong's face twisted after hearing all the stories.

"What the hell……."

I came to catch a con man and ran into him. Then, he cut down Il Jang-hong and Georyeong Island, which were attacking first.

It is also ambiguous to say that Hwasan had a quarrel.

"……You're a pain in the ass, really."

Hoga Myong sighed deeply.

I picked up the gombang that I had put down for a while because I was frustrated, and a knock on the door rang, and a person rushed inside urgently. Then he fell straight down next to the man who had been in abeyance.

"Military! I have a report for you."

"……what else?"

"Hwa, the Hwasan Divine...….”

Hoga Myong leaned back and grabbed her forehead.How long do we have to listen to that d*mn Hwasan Crayon?

"Hwasan the Divine Dragon."

"Hwasan Sinryong is in Guangdong!"


The chair bounced back. Hoga Myong, who sprang up from her seat, asked back with a perplexed face.

"What did you just say?”

"Tue, reports that the disciples of Hwasan Sinryong and Hwasan have entered Guangdong now…….”

"Are you sure?"

"It's hard to tell you because not many people know the face of Hwasan Sinryong, but it's certain that a group of unclothed men with plum blossoms on them has entered Guangdong."

"…I'm sure you're from the male side, aren't you?

"Yes, I am."

Hoga Myong bit into the mold and sucked in the smoke deeply. As the scent deep into the lungs at the beginning of the year, the shaking heart gradually subsided again.

"Hwasan The Dragon……. Hmm."

It was not long before Hoga Myong nodded.

"The ark still needs him. So now is not the time to kill."

"If you do……."


Hoga Myong's eyes got cold.

"It's worth the price of disturbing the room's event and entering Guangdong without fear. Would it be a big problem to kill Hawsan's disciples, even if he was sent alive?"


"I'll go myself. Get ready."


Hoga Myong squinted and lost in thought.

'You need to be moderately demoralized.’

Or it's better to poison it properly.

Either way, it can't be bad for the public.

* * *

"Oh, I don't think it's here."

"…and again, and again?"

"It's weird. I'm sure it was this way.…. Did I think wrong on the other side?"

Jinyang Gon faltered as he felt the sky singing at the murmur of the old man.

He is, too, now he is climbing the mountain with his fourth oldest man on his back.

If there is a definite destination, it would be better to use your old strength to government. But when I went there because I thought it was clear, I thought it was an illusion, and when I went to the other side, the hellish hit-and-run was repeating the whole time.

"Yes, mister! You said you remember."

"No. The……" I remember the scene for sure, but I don't know how to get there.….”

"What if this mountain climber of all his life doesn't know that!"

"Dude, you son of a b*tc*! You should grow old, too!"

An old man on his back slapped Jinyang Gon on the head.

Yoon-jong, who was watching the two, murmured softly toward Baek Cheon.

"That's a relief, though.”


"If it were normal, he would have gone crazy and gone wild, but it's quiet today."

"I know."

It's not hard to imagine at all. The scene of Chung-Myung, who opened the bubble, throwing a lion's roar at the old man and asking if he would come back if he was hit by a blow.

Fortunately, however, Chung-Myung was not responding much today.

"Isn't he not saying anything because he's an old man?

"He always attacks old people."


Oh, that'sir.

So far, Chung-Myung's beaten bingo, shaman's elder and others were all old people. A bishop of the Mahs? It was more like a living invoice than an old man.

"Anyway, I'm glad he's not the same. I'm glad I didn't see the rough side of you...….”

It was then.

Jo-Gol, who was flinching from the front, twisted his face and walked up to old Pyo.



Coming right in front of old Pyo, he roared.

"No, old man! You should have told me beforehand if you were senile! Why are you training the dog so many people are tired? What time is this? You're screwing me...….”"Yoon-Jong아."

"Yes, Sa-suk!"

"Kill it."


Yoon-Jong ran forward like a bolt from the blue, lifted himself up, and stabbed Jo-Gol in the back with his knee.


As Jo-Gol fell forward, Yoon-Jong, who climbed directly onto it, began to smack Jo-Gol on the back of his head.

"Darn it! The mullet didn't jump. Why does the mangler jump?" Why! Just die! Just die!

"Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh!"

He must have seen and learned from the way he was hitting his back. Baek Cheon, who was glaring at the scene, momentarily flinched and shook his head.

You can't look at that happily. Still, I'm in the middle of nowhere.

Jo-Gol screamed, grabbing the back of his head with both hands.

"Argh! I didn't say anything I didn't say! Argh! Death, death! Waist! You're going to break your back! No waist! Don't step on it....”

"Just die, you son of a b*tc*!"

Yoon-Jong, who trampled Jo-Gol like a laundry, gasped and sighed until the ground went away.

"When you get older, you get a little serious. How can you be new every day, you son of a b*tc*."

"…I think the death penalty is becoming increasingly violent."

"Who is it all because of, man!"

When Yoon-Jong raised his hand, Jo-Gol flinched and wrapped his head.

Baek Cheon sighed the sheep, rather than sitting still.

"He's right, too.

Chung-Myung is doing that to lighten the mood because it's so awkward for him to be silent with a firm face all along. Whether it works or not, it's better than keeping our mouths shut.

Unsurprisingly, Jo-Gol patted Chung-Myung on the head after being beaten.

Baek Cheon also quietly looked at Chung-Myung. And I sang it in a low voice.



"What can I do? The sun is setting soon."


It`s a place that we couldn`t find even in broad daylight. Wouldn't it be harder to recognize after sunset? I think that's enough for today."

Chung-Myung stroked his chin slowly as if he was agonizing. Then he asked the old man.

"Old man."


"Anyway, you're saying it's near here where you found the guard?"

"Yes, I am.”

Old man Pyo nodded and tapped Jinyang Gon on the shoulder.

"Get off me.”


As Jinyang Gon sat there as if he had been waiting, old Pyo got off and looked around.

"I don't remember correctly, but I'm sure it was this mountain or somewhere next to it. I'm sure you'll find it if you look back another day or so tomorrow."

Chung-Myung looked around the mountain pointed by old Pyo and nodded.

"Can you give me a more detailed description of what happened then?"

"Oh, that's....”

The old man scratched the back of his head and said,

"It's been a long time, so I don't remember in detail, but I remember the animal I caught at that time was a fox."


"Yes, I found a fox in front of me and I shot an arrow right away. I thought he was hunting a rabbit-like mountain animal with something in his mouth, but when I got there, I found out that there was a book that wasn't a mountain animal.

Chung-Myung frowned slightly.

"Did you bring it to this person?"

"Yes, yes. I was blind-eyed, so I had no idea what was written in the book, but I thought it would be okay if I brought it to him because there were pictures of people with knives in the book."Old Pyo glanced at Jinyang Gon and said,

"But this car was rumored to be able to read the lines and learn what it was or not."


Chung-Myung nodded slowly.

"Okay, it'll be dark in a little while, so you can go down now."

"What? I haven't found it yet.….”

"That's all right."

Old Pyo peeked into Chung-Myung's eyes.

"Well, then a little while ago...….”

Baek Cheon, who knew what the old man was going to say, replied instead.

"You can take the hard work as it is. Thank you for your hard work."

"Go, thank you, gentlemen. Thank you very much."

Baek Cheon looked at Jinyang Gon with cold eyes and asked.

"I will take you home and stay at your house. I'm telling you, you'd better not think about running away."

"I don't even dream! I'm telling you."

"All right."

Jinyang Gon bowed and carried old Pyo down the mountain. Baek Cheon, who was watching from behind, looked back at Chung-Myung and asked.

"What are you going to do?"

"It doesn't make any difference to find it anyway. The important thing is that the emergency was found somewhere around here."


"There's no way a mountain animal could have traveled a long distance with an emergency. I'm sure it's nearby."

"I see. So what are we looking for?"

At that, Chung-Myung stared silently at Baek Cheon. It was hard to guess what he was thinking.

Only after a while did Chung-Myung's mouth slowly open.

"The tomb."


"If not, white bones. No, the hem, the body...…anything will do."

He added, hesitating slightly.

"I know it's too much. But we need to find a trace. Please."

Everyone nodded without a moment's hesitation.

"Let's split up the zones and find them."

"Yes, Sa-suk!"

Looking at everyone dividing and dividing sections in unison, Chung-Myung looked at the rapidly darkening mountain. His eyes were also dimly sunk.

It must be somewhere in this mountain.


There should be.


While cigarettes were not spread to China during the period set as the background of the work, they made a scene where they were allowed to smoke.

We ask for your understanding.