Chapter - 721 Episode 721. We're back. (1)


The scenery is wailing.

Hwasan's disciples crossed the mountain like a black brain war.

Baek Cheon's eyes were on Chung-Myung, who was always in the lead.

"Living quarters."

Only at the call of Yoon-Jong did Baek Cheon turn his head slightly. Yoon-Jong's expression was slightly disappointed.

"Why did the crowd just let us go?”


Baek Cheon agonized with a slight frown. He couldn't give a clear answer to this.

"I don't know."

"I've already fought a war once. If it were me, I would never let you go.….”

Jang Nilso visited Hwasan to celebrate the break-up of the U.N., but that doesn't mean that Hwasan and the bay made up with each other.

They are still enemies.

Baek Cheon laughed bitterly.

"…How do we know what a loser thinks?"

It was really bizarre. A person's impression is bound to fade every time they face each other.

No matter how strong your presence is, you will get used to it if you face it many times. Familiarity breeds comfort, comfort deprives intensity.

But the defeated Jang Nilso was the opposite.

The impression this time was more intense than the other time. His smiling face and gentle hand gestures were not forgotten as if they had been engraved in front of him, and it was cool as if they had been entangled with the back of his head.

This was the first, or second, time in my life that I have seen someone with such an intense presence.

"You were lucky, though."

"…I don't know."


Baek Cheon's eyes turned to Chung-Myung's back.

If we faced Jang Nilso in this situation and there was nothing to be afraid of, would Chung-Myung have stepped down without mixing swords?

No. Probably not.

He doesn't know how to step down in front of those who judge him as an enemy. It may be a matter of hesitation because of the safety of your party, but...…. Even so, it would not have been as easy to step down as it is now.

There's only one reason.

Baek Cheon's eyes turned to Chung-Myung's botch.

I just couldn't stand it.’

He's not afraid of death. What he feared was that the remains he had recovered were dumped again in this faraway land.

To avoid that situation alone, a humiliating deal was accepted.

It was hard for Baek Cheon to dare to imagine how Chung-Myung would feel now.

"What kind of relationship is it?"

Jo-Gol slipped into the conversation. I was out of breath from running fast, but I couldn't resist my curiosity.

"If you were a student in your thirteenths, weren't you involved in the war against the Magistrates in the past?"

"…I guess so.”

Baek Cheon also saw the white bones dyed black everywhere. Haven't they already been there? It's a typical Hyun Sang that appears when you're under a spell.

"What is the relationship between him and Chung-Myung?"

"…isn't it a descendant?"

Jo-Gol frowned at Baek Cheon's words.

"Of course, marriage is not prohibited in Hwasan, and it is true that marriage is free."… but in the midst of the urgent war…….”

"You're saying weird things. A student in his thirteenth generation would have been an elder. I'm already old enough to see my grandchild."


Jo-Gol nodded as if he had understood.

"No wonder Chung-Myung is his descendant. When I first heard of Hwasan, I tried to explain his relationship with him."But Jo-Gol tilted his head again as if there was still something he didn't understand.

"Then why did Chung-Myung come to Hwasan?"


"Others say they're uncomfortable because they left with their backs on him, but if it's his descendant...….”

"You never know."

Baek Cheon shook his head.

"Just because your forefather gave his life to Hwasan, there is no guarantee that his descendants were with him until the end."

"……That's true."

"Maybe even though he's a descendant of a man, he hasn't returned for a long time because he's guilty of leaving Hwasan. It doesn't matter because Chung-Myung is a very good thing for him."

This time, Yoon-Jong frowned.

"But no matter how devoted a person may be to his filial piety, can he weep away just because he found the remains of his ancestors who died a hundred years ago?


"I've never seen Chung-Myung like that before. No... I've never even imagined that he could be like that. It's just...….”


Baek Cheon didn't understand it at all either, so he just looked at Chung-Myung's back.

I don't know.

I don't know what happened to him and what made him look like that.


"A quality is a quality."

Then Yoo-Esul opened his mouth.

As the eyes of the three fell on him, Yoo-Esul said, still running forward, expressionless.

"Does it change if you know?"

"…No, an accident. It's not like that."

"No matter what the story is, it's my quality."

When Baek Cheon heard that, he had a small smile on his lips.

He's a weird guy, but he's at the heart of everything to make people feel comfortable.

"I see."

Baek Cheon coughs in vain and goes on.

"Yes, the same goes for me. Whatever the story is about him, he's my quality. Whether he's the descendant of those who left behind him, or the descendant of those who committed a great crime against him and fled, or the murderer who killed hundreds of people and fled to Hwasan...….”

"Living quarters. Think again for the last time."

"Are you out of your mind?"


Uh, was that too much?

"Well, anyway."

Baek Cheon cut it firmly.

"I wouldn't be surprised whatever he says. I don't even want to care. I can't handle him right now, so what should I do to pay attention to his story?"

"…he does, too."

"So stop thinking nonsense. First of all, we need to go back to Hwasan."


Yoon-Jong calmly replied and looked over Chung-Myung's back.

Descendants of those who fled.

In fact, it is most reasonable to think so.

But Yoon-Jong knew. No, not only that, but everyone will know the truth.

The story behind Chung-Myung is not that simple.

Perhaps this time, Chung-Myung may have been the cause of the strange weight that he sometimes saw.

I'm sure we're still lacking.’

Yoon-Jong bit his lips slightly.

If you thought it was trustworthy enough, Chung-Myung must have told you my story. And yet there is no word, which means they are still lacking.

So Yoon-Jong decided not to let Chung-Myung down on him.


I, Chung-Myung, will tell you when one day he can fully trust and rely on them.


"Don't fall behind, Jo-Gol!"

"Yes, death penalty!"Hwasan's disciples rushed out with their own ideas.

Chasing Chung-Myung's back.

* * *


When Hwasan's disciples were completely out of sight, Jang Nilso rolled up his lips as if he were having fun.

"The soul……."

Jang Nilso, who giggled as if he was laughing again, covered his mouth. A mocking voice leaked through his white fingers.

"Horn with a piece of stinky remains! I thought he was a smart guy.… Anyway, he's such a funny guy.”

"An ark!"

Hoga Myong couldn't hold back and raised her voice when she saw Jang Nilso.

"You can't let them go like this! Don't you understand? That's a tiger cub!"

"A pseudonym."

Jang Nilso bent his eyebrows and kicked his tongue as if he was sorry.

"Why are you so excited? What's so great about a tiger cub?"

"An ark!"

Hoga Myong clenched her teeth because she was so frustrated.

"Anyone who sees a tiger cub wants to raise one. But at the end of the day, I'm most likely bitten and killed by a grown-up tiger."


"Of course, the ark is no ordinary man, but that tiger cub is no ordinary man. Maybe his fangs will get stuck in the ark someday! It's no use going and regretting the decision you're making then!"

Despite Hoga Myong's fierce and desperate cry, Jang Nilso's expression was just heartbreaking.


"Let me chase you! I'll kill him and come back! Ark, if you look at the world and miss safety, what more mistake could you make? Even now, he's...….”

"A pseudonym."

Hoga Myong, who was talking, momentarily blinked and closed his mouth.

Jang Nilso's voice was unusually cold. No... It seemed to boil low rather than cold.

"Did you say An Yu?”

"…An ark?"

Jang Nilso slowly looked back at Hoga Myong.

Hoga Myong, who saw his eyes fluttering with madness, forgot to breathe.

"You're right. Someday I'll tell that tiger...….No, that monster could cut his throat."


"I know, if you have a mind, you're going to kill him here. It's stupid not to kill a young tiger with a grudge and let it go in the field. No matter how weak and weak you may be, you have to get rid of the plague."

"But why...….”

"A pseudonym."

Jang Nilso's tone was as gentle as ever, but it sounded like a beast's voice in it.

"What is safety?"


"The moment a man with a knife worries about my safety, he loses his right to live with a knife. Once you've started climbing the cliff, there's no way down again. It's impossible to stop in the middle. Those who cling to the cliffs will have to climb and climb!"

Jang Nilso opened his arms wide. The broad sleeves of silk flapped majestically. Jang Nilso is the only one in the world who fits in so well with this exaggerated gesture.

"Tell me! Who am I that you know? Who am I that you want? Do you want me like a pig stuck in a cellar, refusing to climb higher to take care of your life? Or do you want me to risk my life, like a wolf who falls off a cliff and dies?"

"The ark……."

"Answer me!"

A loud voice rang. Jang Nilso's eyes tore Hoga Myong to death."Who am I?"

Hoga Myong closed her eyes.

It wasn't a facade, it was a bone-deep conviction.

"You are……".”

A groan-like voice is coming out.

"…lose……. Defeat Jang Nilso."

That's enough.

Jang Nilso, who grabbed his face as if he were tearing it off, bent to his waist and smiled quietly.

Not yet.

An unbearable laugh kept coming out.

It's not time to turn the tables yet. Not yet.'

Hwasan The Dragon still has a role to play.

Safety? Life?

Of course it is important. There's nothing you can't do to protect this life.

But value is more important to him than life.

What he can't stand most is just living a cheap life that doesn't change.

It's not like this.’

Shin Juopae?

A crowded room?


It wasn't even funny.

He can never be satisfied with that. I was born that way. He will not be satisfied even if he devours the whole world and puts it in his belly.

I can do anything to satisfy this terrible hunger. Even if it's a job of cutting off one's own throat with one'

Jang Nilso licked his lips slowly with a red tongue.

'It's just the beginning.’

Jang Nilso laughed out loud, recalling Chung-Myung's eyes that had been staring fiercely.

Hoga Myong, who looked up to him like that, and the indescribable fear and awe in the eyes of all the people.