Chapter - 725 Episode 725. We're back. (5)

"……Let's think again."

"What are you thinking about again?"

Hyun Jong couldn't hide his nervousness as usual and looked at the d*mn thing in front of him.

How did I...….’

But who is Hyun Jong? He is second to none in his ability to grasp reality because he has been living on the shoulders of a barren Hwasan. I understood that it was faster to persuade this one than to persuade a hundred other disciples.

So even if it doesn't work, you just have to push it in.

"No. I mean…….the…."

Hyun Jong, who cleared his face with a small cough, drew a benevolent smile around his mouth.



"The law is to make people feel comfortable. But if it makes you uncomfortable, shouldn't you change the law, not the human one?"


"The good man who chose him will definitely understand if he sees Hwasan now. So you don't have to blindly retain the customs of the past. It's a judgment."

It was simply a theoretical statement.

However, Chung-Myung's muzzle, who usually fists before words, was also breathing alive today.

"You're right, long man."

"He, isn't he?"

Jang's face glowed for a moment.


Chung-Myung said with a grin.

"You have to trust and follow the good man's words because he can't know everything. Wasn't this what the writer told his disciples?"

"…He, he is."

"What I believe is right now can seem different as things change and as I go through more things. Therefore, the law set by the good people who lived first can be a milestone for the descendants who sail on the voyage of life. This was also what the writer said, right?”

"…That's right."

It was a very clean slate.

Oh, my student. I have a good memory for nothing.

It's unnecessary.


Chung-Myung said with both eyes.

"It is impossible to change the law set by a good man. This self-inflicted ball is something that the writer should learn!"



Looking at the Ogum pretending to bow down to him, I clearly understood why that self-inflicted ball was essential to Jang.

Wouldn't it mean that you should learn how to play and beat them? At a time like this?

Hyun Jong struggled to pick his breath that was getting busier.

I couldn't communicate with the little ones. In times like this, old men with power and authority...…. No, I have no choice but to ask for the help of wise old people.

"…what do elders think?"

Hyun Young was the first to answer his question with a smirk.

"What is there to think about? If it's supposed to be cooked, then it's done."


He's just saying it's not his business.

Hyun Jong looked down at the scaffold on the tea table. The gaze was disheartening.

a self-imposed ball

How many of these magnificent phrases have you drawn?

However, after facing the ball, the situation didn't seem like what I expected. Hyun Jong hesitated for a moment and peeked through the self-employed ball's bookshelf again.

d*mn it.

Yellow is paper, black is letters. Hyun Jong has been learning martial arts for decades, but he couldn't understand what he was talking about.

He quietly covered the bookshelf and smiled.'No.'

I can't do this.

So far, Hawsan's lengthy writers would have had little trouble mastering self-harm balls. They must have been the best students in the world when it comes to martial arts.

But Hyun Jong...….


Come on, this is too much.

Of course, Hyun Jong didn't think his own ignorance was low. He did not win, but he survived even against the great master of the bay.

Although there were only a few martial arts left in Hwasan, so I couldn't learn how to climb the ball, but I've been working hard collecting and collecting the rest.

However, the old decisions he has seen at first glance were so high that he can't even think about what to do with them.

How can he learn that?

"…...everyone feels the same way?"

"That's right, Jang Moon-in!"

"That's right! Long story short!"

……...that's so tactless.


Hyun Jong looked at Chung-Myung with a small, coughing, determined face.

Looking at his smiling face, a clout! I thought there would be no circle if I hit him once. Of course, I'll gather all the history that I have.

"Listen, disciples."

"No, I think I've heard a lot already, but what else...….”

"Just listen, man!"


The whining Chung-Myung forced him to ignore it, and Hyun Jong spoke solemnly.

"It must have been the deep will of the good that only the long man of HWASAN learned about his work. It's not that I don't know my teeth."

Hyun Jong's benevolent eyes looked at everyone one by one.

"It is necessary to think about the duty of those who carry on the name of Hwasan to keep the will of the good, but whether the law is really all about the will of the good." Did the good people value the law of Hwasan? Or did you value the revival of Hawsan?"



Yoon-jong, who almost answered, "It's the law," flinched when he saw Hyun Jong's eyes flying at him like a knife.

"…not the law, but the revival."

When I hurriedly added it, a warm and bright smile bloomed on Hyun Jong's face. Just like the blade-like eyegloss was a lie.

"Right? I agree with you."


Yoon-Jong's back was dampened with cold sweat.

"That's why I want to change one law that came down from the predecessor under the authority of the Hwasan writer."

Hyun Jong gently pushed the ball forward.

"I will exclude your balls from the master craftsman's monologue, so that all of Hwasan's disciples can learn them if they want."

"Long story short!"

Hyun Sang raised his voice in surprise.

But Hyun Jong said as if he had declared the cry, putting it behind him.

"This is my decision for HWASAN, so I won't take any disagreement."

"Now, wait a minute, Jang Moon-in."

Hyun Sang stopped him with a surprised face.

"Do you mean that you will make the ball of yourself the basic ball of HWASAN to be mastered by all your disciples?"

"……It can't be true.

Hyun Jong shook his head and added.

"The danger of ascendancy is as high as its power. I will prove my skills and give them to those who are qualified. And this is determined by the strict examination of the elders and the high disciples."


"So it means anyone can learn if they prove themselves. I have no doubt that this decision will make Hwasan stronger."

It was indeed an imposing declaration.

Unlike the determined voice, however, Hyun Jong's eyes were on Chung-Myung and his students, who had been sedentary since.While others may not know, Chung-Myung seemed to be against it at any moment. But unexpectedly, Chung-Myung nodded his head.

"Well, if that's a long-written decision, I'll follow it."

Oh, what's wrong with this guy? I thought you were going to froth at me saying no.

Chung-Myung is a man who would roll around when others say the sky is blue, and when the ground is flat, he would roll around. But how could it be so easy...….


……That's right.

Chung-Myung grinned.

"It's one thing to give a critique a lesson and another for a long-time writer to learn it's another.


"You have to cook it anyway. But you're a long storyteller in Hawsan, and you're supposed to beat the elders of the other gatekeepers."

Hyun Jong asked back, turning his head slightly to the side.

"Another Elder Munpa?"


"Did I?"


Hyun Jong looked over the back of Chung-Myung, nodding as if he had guessed right.

The sedentary disciples were nodding their heads together.

"Yeah, that's natural."

"But you're a long-time writer, shouldn't you catch a shaman elder?”

"Are you a shaman elder?”

"Is there anything difficult? Chung-Myung also wins."

"I can do it if I do it."

Hyun Jong's eyes shook violently.

'No, you bastards.….’

Of course, Hyun Jong has always emphasized not to be discouraged by other literary groups and to think and act confidently.

But not being discouraged and having no concept in your head are two different things.

Since they were used to beating things up if they couldn't, the word impossible now seemed to disappear in their heads.


Hyun Jong, who seemed nervous and lightly hiccuped, swallowed dry saliva.

"It's not that I don't know what you mean...….”

Hesitatingly speaking out, he eventually closed his eyes tightly.

I had to live and see if I could save face or not.

"To be honest, it is not easy to lead this old man and learn new martial arts."

"You're correct."

"That's too correction."

"Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Your hair is so dark."

Uh... This doesn't work either.

Hyun Jong's face turned red.

"Hey, guys! You guys should be at this age! It doesn't make sense to learn new martial arts by yourself! I'll forget what I just saw, but how am I supposed to learn this!"

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that.”


Chung-Myung grinned and reached out his hand to pick up the self-assisted ball on the tea table. Then he looked through the bookshelf and nodded.

"Well, that's enough to cook. Let me help you."

Unexpectedly, Hyun Jong stared blankly at Chung-Myung.


"Yes, Jang Moon-in."



As Hyun Jong lost his words and opened his mouth, Chung-Myung grinned.

"I think I can help you with the operation if you just memorize the rules. I teach better than you think.”


"Oh, it's okay, it's okay. You're welcome. You don't have to thank me too much. Hehe. It's obvious as a student."

At this point, Hyun Jong began to doubt himself.

Is my common sense strange? It's natural for a student to teach a teacher?

If Confucius hears this, is it the sound of stepping out of the tomb and strangling himself?

"…isn't that a little strange?""What?"

"No, he....”

"Don't worry. A long story."

At that time, Ungum smiled and started to rhyme.

"I'm learning the left-handed sword and Chung-Myung is asking him to teach me, and he will be a better teacher than I thought. Get to the point, and know what you need the most. I'm sure it'll help a lot."


"The writer has repeatedly emphasized that if I need anything, I would not be ashamed to ask for teaching from my student. No one will think it's weird."

Looking at the ungum, speaking calmly in clear memory of my teaching, Hyun Jong smiled with a smile.

"Is that guy picking on me?"

Come on, really...

Then Chung-Myung opened his mouth. Unlike a while ago, his voice became quite serious.

"In fact, you don't have to learn this. To put it bluntly, so far, we have not followed because the writer is strong."

At that point, Hawasan's disciples nodded in unison.

Even if the day comes when Hyun Jong becomes the weakest person in Hwasan, none of his disciples dare to violate Hyun Jong's authority.

No, that kind of man will be burned alive in the middle of the training...….

"However, a long storyteller. You don't know what's going to happen. So it doesn't hurt you to be stronger than you are now.”

After finishing his speech, smiling Chung-Myung and Hyun Jong looked at him quietly. It wasn't easy to guess what was going on inside.

But anyway, there's no mistake in what he said, so in the end...….

"Oh, I see. I see."

He sighed deeply and raised his hands.

"You just have to cook it!"

"Good thinking, hehe."

Hyun Jong shook his head in the dark. I never imagined that I would have a hard time learning new martial arts at this age. Even so, there's a lot of work to do...….

Hyun Jong suddenly turned his head.

"Hyun Sang, Hyun Young."


"You should learn, too."

"…I, us?"

Hyun Sang was the first to hesitate and change the subject.

"Come on, long storyteller. I need to verify the authenticity of the newly secured emergency...….”

"I've been so busy with the work of re-awakening…….”

"That's enough, don't worry and you're ready for. Not to the point of shame as the elder of Hawsan!"


"Do you understand?”


Like the great Hwasanian mastermind, it was Hyun Jong who never died alone.