Chapter - 735 Episode 735 is all for you. (5)

Whisper. Whispering.

At a light step, the sound of grass spread like a song at the quiet foot of the mountain.


Inhaling in the clear dawn air, Hyun Jong had a pleasant nasal sound.


It's hard for anyone to wake up early in the morning. The same is true of Kang Ho-in, who has a disciplined body.

However, once the disobedient body has somehow been raised, washed and refined, all of its difficulties have disappeared and it automatically feels good.

Especially if you go out to train at a time when others aren't awake like now.….

At that moment, Hyun Jong looked forward with a relaxed face.

"Oh, I'm late.’

(sighs) (CHUCKLES)

The sword plowed down the Ho Gong.

The dawn moon was dimly shining behind Yoo-Esul's back, which rose to Ho Gong and shook the sword.

Hyun Jong watched Yoo-Esul silently for a moment.

She stepped on the floor for a moment and tilted her head.

Then, he swung a sword a couple of times to the front and nodded and got back into position.

"When did he ever...….’

He couldn't even see a tear in front of his father's grave. The day when Hyun Jong came into Hwasan holding his hand with one hand, which is as small as a thin shiver, is still good in front of me, but he is already so big that he is wielding a sword.


Yoo-Esul in the past always looked lonely.

There were several death penalty cases in Hwasan, but Yoo-Esul couldn't blend in with them. Always wielding a sword alone as it is now, chasing something alone. I walked on a path that no one in Hwasan could walk with me.

A smile formed around Hyun Jong's mouth.

But now Yoo-Esul has people to stand by. There are Dang-Soso, Chung-Myung, Baek Cheon, Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong.

Maybe that's why Yoo-Esul, who wields a sword now, no longer looks as lonely as he did then.

Hyun Jong turned to the moon that shone behind her.

'Are you watching?’

Now close your eyes comfortably. Everything you wanted would have come true.

Hyun Jong, who was watching Yoo-Esul train with warm eyes, turned quietly.

"Let's see…………………………………………………"….”

Hyun Jong sighed as he looked at the peak across the street. I felt like I had to go down for a long time and go up again.


Hyun Jong's eyebrows wriggled.


(sighs) (Screaming) (Screaming)

With a powerful shout, the sword cleaved the Ho Gong sharply.

"Oops! Why isn't this working? Chung-Myung was easy when he did it!"

The man, who swung around the sword, squatted down and put his chin on it and began to mutter something.

"Did you misallocate the history? No... then I wouldn't twist like this. Oh, no. Did I put too much pressure on my wrist? I don't think so either."

He stood up as he was agonizing over the dirt floor with his fingers.

"I don't know! A hundred and a thousand times and you'll see! You're not supposed to learn martial arts with your body!"


That's not it, Inseok! I'll understand and open it's not open it!


He repeated the same sword over and over again. Hyun Jong was sad and worried if there was any way to help. But then.

"That's enough!"Huh?

"Hahahaha! This is it! It was a knee, a knee!

…... Done?

On the spot, the jumping tooth burst into laughter.

"This is how it works! Come on, you should have done it right away!"

Hyun Jong blinked his eyes. However, he shook his head as soon as he said something.

Yeah, that's all you need to do. What's important about the method?

"Now, next!"

The sword quickly began to travel around Ho Gong again.

Hyun Jong smiled as he watched the scene from behind the thick bushes.

"He's right, too.

Looking at Jo-Gol with a bright smile made me feel happy.

It was Jo-Gol, who once wandered around without compassion for martial arts. However, he is now so devoted to learning nothing that he can train alone from this early morning.

I'm not just happy because I'm training hard.

A man's life does not come twice come.

One-time life, whatever it may be, if you do your best, you can compliment yourself with just that.

'But it's unexpected.’

I don't know if it's Yoon-Jong, but I didn't know Jo-Gol would train so early in the morning.

It's just...

In a way, it is Jo-Gol who is showing the fastest pace of development among his students.

"If I hadn't trained hard secretly, I wouldn't have had such a result.’

It's so obvious, but you miss it when you look at Jo-Gol's usual words and actions.

Work hard.’

Hyun Jong turned around pleasantly, cheering inside.


His face looking at the peak across the street was a little sad.

Where else should I go?

You're so diligent.

They're admirable.

"Well, there's no way this won't work. I'll try again.

Yes, Baek Cheon.

You're working so hard. This writer is happy.

Shhh! Shhh! Shhh!



Why are you spitting instead of wielding a sword?

Yes, I do... Of course, he's not a tight doorkeeper to think that you should only write Hwasan's ignorance.… shouldn't you still use a sword when you're training?

Dang-Soso rushed to retrieve the saliva stuck in the rock. Then, he returned to his place and swung the sword sharply again and spun and shot.

"Oh, shit! Why are you drooling here? I'm only going to train my sword!"

Uh... You didn't throw it on purpose.


What's that?

Hyun Jong's eyes shook slightly.

Yoon-Jong with a sword doesn't budge at all. I thought I was deep in thought, so I watched for a while, and there was no movement in the same position until I was almost done.

Are you sleeping?

No, it's not.

No matter how hard it is, you can't sleep with a sword in that position.

Then what the hell...

Since then, Yoon-jong, who had been in the same position for a long time, slowly lowered the sword.

"Well, that's how it works."


I was just standing there with a sword, what the hell?

"Then this is……..”

Yoon-Jong took the shape of a sword swinging sideways. However, the wielded sword seemed to stop at Ho Gong, and Yun-Jong hardened again like a stone statue and did not move.

Hyun Jong shook his head as he was staring at it.

I don't know.

Well... there's a way that's right for each person.

(Laughs) (Laughs)


Baek Sang아. You said you'd concentrate on re-awakening."Oooooooooooooh!

Jong Hwe야.

Yeah, Yoon-jong and Jo-Gol weren't the only ones on the celadon boat. Okay.



Huh? Unam? When did you start training like this? Not even Woon-gum?

Everywhere he went, there were people, so Hyun Jong turned to a disappointed face.

At this point, it is not an early training. Isn't he and he all over the mountain and they're practicing?

I like the future of Hwasan to be bright.

Where should I go, I...….

It's already almost half way out of the room. I made up my mind and went out for early morning training, but this is why...….

"Well, let's go down.”

Since all the young people are sitting on the top, he has no choice but to aim for the right middle jaw.

Hyun Jong, who had been climbing down the mountain for a long time, looked around. My face glowed.

"Not here……."

"No! That's not it!"


At the sound of shouting from the ground, Hyun Jong stretched his neck out and looked around.

Here it is.’

If you're going to be like this, just gather at the smoke field and do it, guys. Why the hell would you do that?

But even though he knew there were passengers, he didn't turn right away. Because the voice I just heard was very familiar.

Of course, the voices of the Hwasan disciples are all familiar, but the voices a while ago were very different.

"No, you didn't do what I told you to do!"

"Give me strength! Little by little! Not just a little by little!"

"How am I supposed to know the difference between a little and a little!"

"He's still!"

Listening to the bickering, Hyun Jong sneaked up and stuck his head out of the bushes. Then the two of them were startled and screamed.

"Mom! What a surprise!"

"Gasp! Please talk to me, please!"

Watching Hyun Sang and Hyun Young standing awkwardly with their swords, Hyun Jong slightly tilted his head to the side.

"…What are you guys doing here? From this dawn."

"Well……. Mm-hmm."

Hyun Young dodged the eye with a shy face. Seeing that the tips of his ears were reddish, he seemed somewhat embarrassed.

Hyun Sang smiled and replied instead.

"Please help me find the plum blossoms very difficult."

"A plum print test?"

Hyun Jong laughed in vain.

"You've been out doing this since dawn to train for it? You have a lot to do during the day."

"There's not much to do.”

Hyun Young grumbled.

"And even if we have a lot of work to do, it makes no sense to train young people and play. We have to do what we have to do to keep our head above water.”

"Why us, man?"

"So the death penalty is going to play?”

Hyun Jong laughed out loud. But at the same time, my eyes got teary. Seeing that a sword was held in Hyun Young's hand, it was because of mixed feelings of arrogance.

I used to be.

Hyun Young gave up his path to ignorance early on and took over the house of Hwasan. But it's not because Hyun Young didn't want to learn martial arts, but because there was no one else to do it for him.

It's true that he lacked talent, but Hyun Young wouldn't have let go of his sword if he wasn't on the verge of ruin anyway.

"What do you see like that?"

"No, it's just...…because it's new."

"How new."

Hyun Young keeps shooting bluntly. However, Hyun Jong knows that such reactions don't come when there's malice, but when he's shy."Well…… in the old days, I don't know. Now there's Baek Sang, there's a couple of people who help with the re-alarm, and there's someone who's been dispatched from the top of the galaxy, so we're not short of hands.….”

"Haha. Yeah, yeah."

"Yes! Yes! So I just train in my spare time! Is that enough?"

"Who told you? Hahaha."

Hyun Young shed eyes as he saw Hyun Jong burst into laughter.

As long as it's not a long story.

"You're going through a lot."

Hyun Sang shook his head at Hyun Jong's words.

"No, Jang Moon-in."

Hyun Sang, who hesitated for a moment, soon continued with a light smile.

"I'm just glad that this opportunity has come."


"Yes, the other day, when the panhandlers stormed in, we took the lead and tried to protect our disciples.”

"Of course."

"Yes, a long writer. It's natural. But if our students are stronger than us, will we be able to lead?"

Hyun Jong, who had been listening without saying a word, understood Hyun Sang's words and nodded.

"Yes, I understand what you mean."

"I don't want to put my students ahead of me because I don't have enough power. But I don't want to stand in front of my students and be a burden to them because I'm stubborn about a weak subject. With this skill and censorship, wouldn't we be able to protect our disciples for a while?"

Hyun Jong looked at Hyun Sang with affectionate eyes.

"Hyun Sang아."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

"I don't intend to give them a seat in front of me for at least a decade."

"The same goes for me."

The two people smiled and looked at each other. Unfortunately, however, one person had a slightly different expression.

"Can I join you?”

"You're a little……."

"Hey, that's a little...….”

Hyun Young shouted with a wick on their face.

"If you're here to train, don't chat. Just train! The death penalty will teach you what you were teaching me earlier!"

"…is that the attitude of the learner?"

"Oh, well, then live without allowance from today!"

"Ba, let's get started. Come on!"

Hyun Jang smiled as he saw Hyun Sang quickly demonstrating in surprise. But the end of the laugh was a bit bitter.

I'm glad this opportunity came.’

Okay. I see.

Hyun Jong shifted his gaze up there.

The morning sun slowly appeared beyond the towering peaks of Hawasan.

'Well, that's a good thing.’

It was really blinding.

Hyun Jong snuck in with a smile.

"You need to relax there, Inseok!"

"Don't give instructions. I'm about to die."

"Let's see. I'll show you!"

"Oh, go away!"

The sound of three people tapping spread from the heart of Hawasan, where the early morning sun was shining.