Chapter - 742 Episode 742. Who touched what? (2)

So Jung-bok instinctively grabbed the box of marks on his back.

For Pyoza, it was like life, and it should never be taken away.

God d*mn it.

However, there is nothing we can do in this situation. You can't run away without wings, can you?

"I guess that's the ticket to carry. I heard that Beijing's high-ranking artists leave expensive items.”

"Hhh. I heard that you usually carry precious things that you can play and eat for the rest of your life."

"It would be nice to have a look."

So Jung-bok bit his lips as the bandits smiled insidiously. In this case, there is no other way but to break through.

He held out his hands politely and captured them.

"Excuse me. I'm the special ticket to the galaxy. It's So Jung-bok."

"That's right."

He nodded as if he liked the man.

"I understand that the relationship between our milky way and Janggang heroes is not so bad. If you need a case, we'll give you more, so I don't want you to worry about it."

"It's a problem……."

The man, who had been brooding for a while, laughed out loud.

"It sounds like you're going to do something about us if there's a problem.”

"That's not what I meant, but...….”

So Jung-bok, who thought he had made a slight slip of the tongue, wiped his sweat on his palm and continued to talk.

"I meant it would be better if we could continue to have a good relationship. I understand that the top of the galaxy, as well as the Hwasan faction, has a good relationship with the hydrochannels.….”


The man's lips curled up.

"So, behind you are the top of the galaxy and the Wasan faction, so if you don't want to get hurt, step back now?"

"…That's not what I meant. The case is that I...….”

"It's a good example. I don't have a bad heart either. If you do, I don't want to make a problem."

"Thank you."

So Jung-bok quickly took the vestibule out of his arms.

It is much more important to protect the mark than money. And if it's the top of the galaxy, I'm sure it'll preserve this amount of money.

One, things didn't seem to go as easily as So Jung-bok thought.

"Oh, that's not it."


"That kind of money is just the price of a normal person's life. Isn't it expensive if it's a special ticket to the Milky Way?"


"It's not hard. I think that box on your back would be a boring case.”

So Jung-bok's face hardened.

"……That's impossible."

"You don't understand. That's not up to you to decide. It's up to me."

The man approached So Jung-bok with a creepy smile.

"Now, what are you going to do? Are you going to give it to me? Or……."

So Jung-bok grabbed the box of objects and quickly rolled his head.

What do you want me to do at times like this?’

There was definitely a way to deal with this situation in his education.

After a while, he finally sighed and put down the box he was carrying on his back and put it forward.


"Take it."

the iron laws of galactic expression

Nothing is more important than life.

Marks are precious, but they are even more precious. If you think there will be a problem with the mark, give it up without hesitation.

"Ha ha. You said the ticket was worth more than your life, but it was a false rumor?"

"Is there anything more precious than life?"

"There you go, there you go. That's true. I like it.”

The man slowly approached and took the box that So Jung-bok gave and handed it over to the back. Then the waiting number rushed in and picked it up."I'm glad I met someone I can talk to.”

Tap, tap.

The man who came right in front tapped So Jung-bok on the shoulder.

It was a gesture of ridicule as if he were praising it.

"I think you and I have a lot in common. It's similar, especially when it comes to life."


"So I'm sure you'll understand."



At the moment, a black trident like a hawk's claws popped out of his sleeve. He put the trident in the side of So Jung-bok like a ray of light.



With a terrible sound, So Jung-bok's unbearable scream broke out.

He deserved it because his long toenails, which seemed to be three inches long, were pierced through his sides.


Shaking in pain, So Jung-bok looked at the man with incredible eyes. The man was looking at the distressed So Jung-bok with a smile on his face.

"Uh…… Why…?…?”

"Think about it."

The man spoke in a soothing friendly way.

"If you live like this, wouldn't you run and tell the boss? And of course it's in Hwasan's ear."


"Then will the Hwasanites stay still? Of course I'm not afraid of the Wasans, but I'm just sick of it."

"That, that……".”

Ood, wood!

The man twisted the trident, which was embedded in So Jung-bok's side. Three blades stuck in the sides split the flesh and intestines.


With so much pain that her eyes were turned upside down, So Jung-bok couldn't even scream and trembled. My body faltered heavily as my knee drained.

"Think the fish in the intestines are hungry, too. You've made a lot of money in the meantime, so you won't have any regrets."

"Hwasan must be…….”

"Oh, yeah."


The man answered half-heartedly and pushed So Jung-bok lightly. My weak body stumbled and got caught on the railing as if it would fall any minute.

"Just trust me and go.”

Finally, the trident was pulled out of his side. So Jung-bok's body lost all its strength and crashed below the ship.


A white foam rose and soon red blood spread to the surface.

Even a healthy body would have no way to survive if it fell into the middle of this wide river, but a body that suffered such a big injury would have a clear result.


The man brushed the blood off the trident and turned away.

"Those who don't have the skills always trust their backs. On the river, you don't know that only your skills can protect you."

"You're right."

The men giggled and laughed back.

"A third party. What do they do?"


"Didn't you see it all?"


The man named Tajura looked at everyone with a strange look.

"I see. It's not a job to get rid of that mouth. What do I do with them?….”

"Do you kill them all?"

The men raised the sergeants threateningly.

Passengers and sailors backed away in contemplation. The fear was indescribable as I saw a man fall into a river and die a while ago.

"Even if you kill them all and throw them into the river, you'll think of a couple of bodies. Then someone will know there's a problem...….”

The man who was agonizing for a moment smirked.

"I drag the whole ship. It's a little money to sell as a slave to a foreign country. Kill only those who rebel."


No sooner had the lives fallen than the enemy rushed forward.


"Save me! Save me! I have a family at home!""Bo, let me go, please!"

The man, who was enjoying the shrill scream, grinned and turned away.

Gesticulating to the enemy, he picked up the box again, he turned it around and muttered.

"You should have been prepared to ship something precious. You didn't mean to make money every day, did you? What?"

The man burst into a big laugh in a ringing scream.



In the middle of the river, twice as far away from the sail, a man stuck his head out to the surface.


So Jung-bok, whose face turned blue without any blood, threw out the water with his head sticking out.

'Let us know... 'Let us know... '….’

So Jung-bok, who was heading to the river with his disobedient body, soon sank back into the water.


Although he used a dragon desperately, his consciousness kept breaking and moving away.


Soon after, So Jung-bok's body, completely unconscious, drifted slowly along the cold waves of the Janggang River.

* * *

In front of the prose of Hwasan.

"Ooh, it's terribly cold."

"Ugh. I can't get used to the cold at dawn."

The celadon boats that had been on duty shivered.

The winter in the mountains was enough to dig into the flesh, though it was a body of learning.

When it snowed last night, I thought it was a little less cold, but after the snow stopped, the piercing wind pierced and scratched my armpit. As the mountain was already rough and windy, the cold felt worse than it actually was.

"How cold is it in the North Sea when it's this cold here?”

"Don't even mention it. Death rowers who have been to the North Sea still wear summer uniforms."


"Not long ago, Jo-Gol, the death penalty, swam in the valley water? Warm?

"…Isn't that just crazy?"


"If someone else did, I would say it's because I've been to the North Sea, but wouldn't it be if I didn't go to the North Sea?"”

"…I can tell.”

In the past, it would not have been necessary to endure the cold from this early morning, but now it is necessary because there are so many people coming and going to Hawasan.

So even though it was cold, there was no big complaint about being on duty. I just hope this boring time goes by quickly.

"Oh, when's your shift?"

"In no time."

"I wish I could train at least at this hour. It's such a waste of time. At this time, I can open up the 24th-hand-painting test five times."

"What? You can only do it five times? You're so slow that you're going to catch a fly. I open ten times at this time."

"Tsk tsk tsk. You don't know what to say. Sewage is obsessed with spreading quickly, and master is obsessed with spreading accurately. If I use a sword roughly like you, I can open it a dozen times.”

"Oh, coriander? That's why you applied it to me like that last time.

"I wasn't feeling well back then! Hey, get back together."

"As much as you want."

He was bickering and growling, and suddenly one of them tilted his head in the middle of talking.



"Don't you think someone's coming over there?”

"Who's coming at this hour? It hasn't come up yet."

"No, look over there."

What he pointed to was not the cliff road used by his disciples, but the gentle road next to it. It was also a place that was recently reorganized and expanded.When I looked closely, I could see the dark figures moving over there.


He touched his hand with a sword that was reflexively cold at the waist.

I don't think anyone climbing Hwasan at this time would have come with any good intentions. The face of Lee, who was at the forefront of the game, was revealed at the moment when he was contemplating whether he should type.

"Oh, Lord Sodan?"

Wang Jong, a small group of people at the top of the galaxy, was rushing toward him.

"What's going on at this early hour?”

"Tell me inside."


As if there was no time to explain, Wang Jong bit his sweaty lips. With such a serious look on their faces, the celadon boats had a hunch that something had happened.

"There's a problem. I know it's rude because it's early, but I'm not in a situation to argue about it. I should see Jang Moon-in right now.”

One of the nodding celadon boats opened the door and rushed inside without delay.

An extraordinary energy began to pervade in the early dawn of Hawasan.