Chapter - 744 Episode 744. Who touched what? (4)

Huang Jong and Dowon Chan, who came out of Jang's house, hurried along Unam.

It's Chung-Myung who will wait in the office anyway, but the reason why I follow this unam was because I wanted to tell Chung-Myung about this situation as soon as soon as soon as possible.

Besides, there might be things you can't say when everyone is around.

Dowon Chan, who was following the footsteps of Unam walking without hesitation, opened his mouth.

"Stamp of Unam."

"Yes, Master Moon."

"How have you been, Chung-Myung?"

What if you say, "………?"”

When asked back as if he was unsure of the purpose of the question, Dowon Chan added a little.

"I saw you the other day at the opening ceremony of the Heavenly Federation, but it's been a while since then. Do you still have a Chung-Myung stamp?"


The word "still" had a lot of meaning.

If you say so about others, it would be nothing more than asking after them, but if the target is Chung-Myung, the meaning is bound to be very different. Unam answered after much thought.

"……You'd better check it out for yourself."


At that time, a group of Hwasan disciples approached Unam and bowed their heads.

"I'm seeing you at home."

"What happened at dawn?"

"I'm on my way back from training."


Baek Cheon, Jo-Gol, Yoon-Jong.

Unam nodded after checking their faces.

"All of you go to the place of the man of letters. The man of letters...No, it's not. You guys just follow me."


To three people who did not know English, Unam gave a rough explanation of what had happened. Then the faces of the three quickly became dim.

"So are you on your way to pick up Chung-Myung?"

"That's right."

"…I'll take care of you."

"Me, too."

"No matter what I do...….”

The determination on the faces of the three was young. Rather, the appearance made both Wang Jong and Dowon Chan more anxious.

"Sasook! Do you want more people?"

"Is there a big deal when the sun isn't up yet? He knows the case, though.….No. I'll have to sing a little more."

"He'll be in the white market, so wouldn't that be okay? I'll call in the guys next door if I need to."

"……It's a terrible punishment for Chung-Myung to stay in the room next to him, so how can I leave him to do such a thing?"

"My room is next door to Chung-Myung."

"You're fine."

Jo-Gol tried to plead with some resentment, but Baek Cheon shook his head firmly and said to Unam, as if it was not time to play with Jo-Gol.

"Let's go, boarding house. Don't worry. No matter what happens, I'll make sure you stay in the room."

"…Thank you for that."

Baek Cheon, Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol began walking around Unam as if they were escorting him. Hwang Jong smiled as if he was embarrassed, but Dowon Chan's eyes were completely different.

'This is...'

I can feel it.

I can't pinpoint exactly what it was, but the energy from these three people was clearly different than before.

In the past, young fighters had a strong sense of vitality, but now how should I say?….

"It's gotten deeper.

When I saw them before, I was reminded of the fast flowing valley water. It was as clear, clean and outspoken as ever.

Of course, that feeling is not all gone now. However, unlike in the past, there was a sense of stability that was located in a large area. It's as if the water flowing brightly through the mountains met flat land and became a bigger and wider river."Long-written people felt differently than before, and they also grew up like this in the meantime?’

Dowon Chan was surprised at the change. But…….

"I'll tighten your shoulders for now, so the death penalty will rest your legs."

"Wouldn't it be wiser to start with the back of your head?”

"Can I pick a real sword? It wouldn't work if I beat him with a sword."

"Let's think about it. We'll have to pick if we need to.”

Am I mistaken?

Well, you're mistaken.

Dowon Chan shook his head.

There was a slight tension in their faces as they arrived at the white market.

I love you.

"No, walk. But what if I pull out the sword in advance?"

"……it's late when it's right."

"Let's calm down for now."

Baek Cheon, who was at the forefront, took a deep breath. And the moment I breathed in to shout something in such a confident voice.

Crying! Crying! Crying!

Whoops! Whoops! Whoops! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sound of the dog rang out.

Little embarrassed Dowon Chan and Wang Jong looked around.

"No, what do you mean by a dog all of a sudden?….”

"Do you have a dog here?"


Somehow, Baek Cheon, who had lost his pulse, stretched his shoulders weakly.

"Come on in."


The door burst open.

In time, everyone's heads were tilted to the side at the scene before their eyes.

What am I looking at right now?’

"Is this a dream?"

Everyone was speechless and looked forward in silence.

The Chung-Myung, whom they know well, was leaning on the table as if he were almost lying in a chair.

He looks like he's going to take a nap because he's so drowsy, but there was nothing new because he always looks like he's going around.

And the white tiger bottle, which has been in his hand since dawn, is no different. It would be faster to count the days when a bottle falls from his hand than the days when it doesn't.

The problem was that Chung-Myung was not him but something right in front of him.

"What is that?"

Dowon Chan blinked his eyes.

I mean... small, white...….


No, it's not. It's not even a cat.…not even a dog.


Yeah. It seemed like Dambi no matter how much I looked at it. But the snow-white Dambi was dressed in black, not like an animal.

It was so cute that I wanted to bite you when my cute little front feet came out of the fluffy clothes.

The plum blossoms engraved in the middle of the back clearly proved that someone had specially produced the clothes for that animal.

Dambi in clothes.’

This alone would be ridiculous, but what was more embarrassing was the current situation of Dambi in that dress.

Why is Dambi hitting her head on the floor?’

No, before that, can Dambi put her head on the floor and hold her back? Can a person make you do that?

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my eyes.

No, I can't believe it even when I see it with my eyes.

"Geo, is your arm down again?”


"Yeah, put it down, put it down. It's getting cold and I'm starting to think I need a scarf."

Dambi's arm, which was creeping down, goes up again fiercely. Chung-Myung, who passed the last round of drinking, made a sharp impression when Dambi, who had a perfect posture, raised her hips.

"I told you to take care of yourself, didn't I?”


"No, what son of a b*tc* barks at night? I told you to keep it quiet when the sun goes down. I'm already confused because there's a dog walking around in Wasan, so should I wake up from the dog's sound? Huh?“…….”

Dowon Chan and Wang Jong smiled at the scene.

'I don't know.’

Let's not try to understand.’

The sight now unfolds before their eyes neatly out of common sense. I had no idea what to think or what to say.

"What? Spirit? Spirit is frozen to death. What kind of creature can't even bear a dog...What, dude? Your job? What do you do when you eat in Hwasan? You should do something like that! Animals that don't work can't even eat! Just!"

Yeah, that's right.

Whether it's a man or a beast, you have to work to eat.

However, it felt strange when the word came out of the mouth of a drunk or sipping man half lying on a chair with an expression of annoyance.

What's more, isn't it bizarre for the people who hear it?

"Wake up."

Dambi, who was banging her head, suddenly woke up. Dambi, who stood in a straight line as if her discipline were tight, waited for Chung-Myung's next words without a hitch.

"I'm watching you."


"The next time I hear a dog in my sleep, I'll fold it up, fill it up and crumble. Got it?"

Dambi nodded violently up and down.

"To the location!"

As soon as the words were over, Dambi ran out of the Baekmaegwan. And not long after that, the dogs' screams outside began to ring sadly.

"Tsk. You have to say this...….”

Chung-Myung, who kicked his tongue and turned his head, opened his eyes wide.

"Huh? When did you get here?"


"Oh, the lord of Sodan is here, too. Huh? You too, Moonjoo? What day is it today? From this early hour."


"Hey, nice to meet you."


I had a lot to say until I came here. I can't figure out what to say first.

But now I can't think of any more to say. He said he was speechless when he saw people being so absurd, but now he is.

"But what brings you two together?"

"Oh, that's....”

Stunned, the two naturally looked back at Unam.

Unam sighed and took a step forward.



"……I have a problem."

"…I mean."

The eyes are smiling. Yeah, obviously the eyes were smiling.

But the tail of the eyes convulsed incessantly. In addition, the lips that were pulled up unnaturally were trembling, and no one could call that expression a smile.

"Who touched what?"

"…as you've heard…….”

When Chung-Myung asked with his eyes closed, Hwang Jong answered cautiously.

"The numbers are...….”

"…I mean…….”

Chung-Myung slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes, which had been curved like a crescent moon until a while ago, were already shining like a viper.

'…'s going to be creepy.’

'Why do his eyes look so small today.’

Wouldn't Safa have been twice as successful as it is now? Why does he have to come here?’

Just the expression and eyes were enough to doubt his aptitude. Chung-Myung grinded his teeth.

"The men of the Long River are now my money...…. No, you mean you've touched my brothers, now?"

Everyone tried to turn a blind eye to Chung-Myung's true feelings, which popped out for a while.

"Yes, I think we should discuss the situation together."

"Discussion? What discussion?"Chung-Myung blinked his eyes.

"Other people's money... "No, if you touch a friend, they're the strong law! What's there to discuss? I'm just gonna catch him right away and bury him in the water!"



Every time Chung-Myung twisted his neck from side to side, a creepy sound rang.

"No, now that I've solved the bandits, the numbers are going crazy. Oh, yeah. Let's turn the intestines into a sea of blood. The fish are going to explode.”

Who's the Taoist, who's the Robber.

Everyone was bound to suffer from such fundamental questions.

Chung-Myung sprang up from his seat and grabbed a black plum sword hanging next to him.

"Master Moon."


"You said there's still someone missing, right?”

"……That's right."

Chung-Myung's face is a little bleak.

"Let's hurry. If we go fast, we might be able to get one more."

At the end of the sentence, Chung-Myung left the White House without a doubt. Hwasan's disciples, who looked silently behind them, nodded and followed.