Chapter - 754 Episode 754. Disciple is fine! (4)


Deungkyeom blinked his big eyes.

He, a two-time student of the Ghost Gate, had just arrived here after hearing from his superiors' orders to go to the mouth from the mountain quarters on his way back from delivering the special tickets to infinity.

But now the nobles in front of him were telling a very meaningless story.

"You can spread the rumor."


"Yes, you can spread the rumor that you're on a boat with a special package."

"…Why would you have to do that?”

Of course, it is one of the missions of the specialists to inform them about express objects and galaxy movements. That's why Dungkyeom wears such flashy clothes.

Public relations are half the battle for any business.

No matter how useful the express election is, if people don't know that such a thing exists in the world, who would look for a special ticket?

Therefore, it has been working hard to announce the existence of special tickets for both the Milky Way and the Ghost Mundo.

But isn't this a different matter?

Why would you spread such rumors in a place where there don't seem to be a lot of people to ask for a vote? It just adds to the danger.

"Don't make it too obvious that you're spreading the word too consciously, but spread it well! That naturalness is important."

The horseless backbone is standing in front of me...…. No, I just watched a young man who was so handsome that I had never seen anywhere else in my life smile and emphasize.

And I realized the truth of the world.

'Heaven doesn't give you everything.’

I think you took some hair instead of giving me your face...….

"Do you understand?"

"…Yes, I understand that.Why do you have to do this? Even so, the enemy of the Janggang River is so crowded that the flag country is in chaos. Isn't this why you're attracting more people?"

"Yes, that's it."


"That's exactly what we want."

Looking at Baek Cheon, a man who smiles brightly, Dungkyeom also smiled.

I'm definitely out of my mind.

Come to think of it, I think I've heard somewhere that the Wasans aren't all sane instead of strong…….

Come to think of it, when I visited the ghost gate before, it was no joke.….

"And then what?”

"You have to get on the boat."



"You're really going to get on the boat because there's a lot of rumors that the tickets are on board.”

"Yes, it is. But there's nothing to worry about. We're going to ride it together. The special ticket won't hurt a finger. Trust us."

Instead of answering, Dungkyeom slowly moved his eyes from left to right.

Smiles rose as I saw all of the disciples of Hwasan with confident expressions on their faces.

"…I'm the only one around here?"


"If you don't mind, call someone else.….”

"Ha ha ha ha. No joke."

"No, I'm not kidding.….”

"One hour is urgent. All right, all right. Good luck!"

"Hey, guys! About ten lives?! You have to say something that makes sense.…!”

In the end, Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong dragged their angry backbones out.

Baek Cheon, who looked at it, sighed and questioned.

"Why don't you understand?”

"Living quarters."


Dang-Soso grinned and kindly advised.

"Don't play with the Chung-Myung death penalty for a while when you get back to Wasan."


"They say we look alike often, but I guess that's true."

I think that's a curse.

Right? Right?

* * *

Dang-Soso, trembling with a red face, hurriedly covered his mouth."Giggles…….Giggles…"….”

You can't laugh. We should not denigrate the efforts of those who have prepared desperately.


Mo, I can't stand it!’

Isn't this really too much?

"No, what is this!"

In the end, the other disciples looked back at each other when they couldn't stand it and shouted. Then, they laughed in vain as if they were dumbfounded and funny.

Jo-Gol looked at Yoon-Jong and said,

"The death penalty."


"…What, where are you going to farm?”

Yoon-Jong, wearing cotton clothes that he had obtained in moderation, looked as if he would go to the field at any moment.

"Why did you roll up your pants?”

"……I was just copying someone passing by."

"He must have been a woodcutter who came out to sell. It's just that you don't have the hang of it.….”

When Jo-Gol kicked his tongue as if he felt sorry for Jo-Gol, Yoon-Jong cried.

"You, man!"

"What's wrong with me? These are silk clothes that are popular in Hangzhou these days! Tsk tsk tsk tsk. I used to eat in Sacheon...….”

"Have you ever been to Hangju?"


Wearing silk embroidered with colorful flowers, it looked not like a wealthy family, but like a night street or a raging lake.

But the two were a bit better.


Dang-Soso couldn't face Yoo-Esul and turned his head away. However, the fabric looked good, as if he had faithfully followed the instructions to dress up as if he had money. The problem is that the top is yellow, the pants are blue, and the wind is red.

Just looking at it made my eyes go round.

"Accident, this is...….”

Yoo-Esul turned his head and looked at one person and said, "It's unfair."

"I tried at least."

Then everyone's eyes were on one person.

"Oh, what am I supposed to do?"

In one look, he let out his anger in a bloody voice.

"Dah, what's the point of wearing different clothes! In the first place……."

"I'm bald."

"Yeah, bald."

"Young baldness is not easy to find."

Tears filled Hye Yeon's eyes.

No, does it make sense to tell Jung to change to look rich?

I'm bald in silk, bald in leather fur, bald in fur!

Hye Yeon even stamped the seal. No matter how he disguised himself, he was a monk who ran out of the temple at best.

In the end, they had no choice but to get an ordinary gray robe, not Shaolin's yellow robe.

"There's a false ride...…Wouldn't that be all right?"

"Well, I can't help it."

"The monk understands."

Everyone understood Hye Yeon's situation. Dang-Soso said flatly and flatly.

"I don't know Buddhist monk Hay Yeon, but no one else can do it! Everyone, change again."

Yoon-Jong's face showed signs of embarrassment.

"By the way, SoSo. I've never worn anything other than Hwasan's uniform since I grew up. So I don't know what to wear.….”

"Jo-Gol death penalty."


"Go to a nearby shopping mall and pay for some clothes worn by merchants. You can just wear a bundle and pretend to be a merchant."

"Uh…… I didn't think of that. I'm from a merchant family, too."

"Go quickly."


As Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong rushed out, Dang-Soso sighed deeply.

When it comes to martial arts, he is more reliable than anyone else in the world, but when it comes to ordinary things, he is inferior to ordinary people.

It was then.

"Are you all ready?”

After the change, Baek Cheon opened the door and entered.



No one could answer and looked at him with blank eyes. Baek Cheon asked, a little embarrassed."Why? What's wrong?”

"No. The……".”

Dang-Soso chose the horse with his eyes wide open.

Unexpectedly, Baek Cheon has completely changed, contrary to her expectations. Dark ocher-colored cotton clothing seemed appropriate for people who worked hard to wear, and hair tied up with a hero gun is a form that can be seen even in ordinary merchants.


"That's weird."

"It's really weird."

"It's a trick that it can't look this good on."

Clothes and people play separately.

Anyone can tell that the child of the house ran away from home, and he wore his servant's clothes and came outside.

"It's really not fair in the world...….”

Dang-Soso shook his head, beating Baek Sang, who sighed as if he was upset.

"I can't stay at home. Let's give up the merchant."


"Since it's like this, let's go backwards. Take it all out from head to toe in silk clothes to make it look like you're a precious house kid on a cruise to the Janggang River."

"Why do you have to?"

"……I'm annoyed to explain why, so just do what I'm told."


"We're supposed to be on a boat this afternoon, so we all need to move fast! Okay?"

"Oh, I see."

"Why don't you rate me?"

Dang-Soso smirked at Baek Sang's words.

"I'm fine at home. Whatever you wear."


"You'll look like a commissioner in good clothes, and you'll look like a servant in bad clothes. Just stick close to Baek Cheon's quarters."


Dang-Soso clapped his hands loudly over Baek Sang, whose soul was robbed and bones and flesh separated in a flash.

"What are you doing? Come on! Come on, move."

Just in time, Jo-Gol rushed back and handed out the clothes he had bought. Everyone picked out clothes and started to wear them.

"Oh, yeah. What are you doing?

"Will it really work out?”

"I don't trust him at all.….”

"What good is this going to do? I'm just doing it because I'm told to."

Baek Cheon sighed deeply as he heard complaints from all over the place.


The day comes when I understand you.

To be honest, I really want to beat it all up...….


* * *

"There it is."

"Let's get in."

Hwasan's disciples looked at the back of the dorsal on the boat.

Unexpectedly, Dungkyeom did a good job of my duties. Thanks to this, rumors spread that the special ticket to the Milky Way had come to Gugang.

Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol talked quietly.

"You won't notice, will you?”

"It won't be a problem. If they're staying here, the information we can get from the watercolors is fragmentary."

"Well, I guess so.”

"I don't know if private life considered that much."

This guy?

It was the moment Baek Cheon was about to say something.

"That can't be."

"I'm sure you caught a rat in the back steps back."

"Rats are unlucky, too."

Poke, poke.

My stomach has been aching.

I didn't know when Chung-Myung shared his dissatisfaction with them.

The fact that these guys are so filthy disgruntled.

I hope they're all dead.’


"Let's go now.”


Baek Cheon led the way. Every time he took a step, a colorful silky gun flew gracefully.


But there was no sound coming from behind, so I stopped and looked back.

"Aren't you going?"

"Go ahead."


"Sasuk is a noble and we are merchants, but it's strange to go together.""Take Baek Sang Sasook first."


Baek Cheon asked with a slight look of dismay.

"You're not embarrassed to go with me, are you?"

All that came back was a deep silence. Baek Cheon closed his eyes and turned away.

"Let's go, Baek Sang."

"……Yes, the death penalty."

There was a slight strain on his face towards a large ship anchored at the pier.

"Just because there was no damage to the merchants, it means they were working for the special ticket only. If I'm right, I'll definitely come again this time.’

It's burdensome that we might have to deal with our enemies on the water, but...At this rate of empty days should Jukdo, but less than rice.

What would he do if he were a kid?’

Baek Cheon lifted his head slightly and looked up at the sky.

Whenever this happened, Chung-Myung felt empty. Until now, Baek Cheon had no time to think, and Chung-Myung had to decide whether to push or not. But not anymore.

Baek Cheon, who paused for a moment, soon grabbed his heart and shook his head.

Be careful, but don't hesitate.’

Baik Cheon, who had his heart set on board.