Chapter - 755 Episode 755. Disciple is fine! (5)

"Wait! Wait!"

A beggar sprinted hurriedly toward the pier.

"Gasp, gasp, gasp!"

Only when he reached the pier, he bent down and breathed heavily, and hurriedly looked around and caught anyone.

"Well, look, let me ask you a question!"


"Hey, isn't this a merchant ship leaving this afternoon?"

"Oh, that ship?"


"What's the use of a beggar's merchant ship?"

"It's because someone I know rode it. What happened to the ship? I don't think it's departure time yet."

"They've already set sail because they got together early."


"I went out a while ago. I'm sure he's already out of mouth. If you want to recognize a ship, recognize the next one."

At the words, the beggar flopped to the spot.

"Oh, my God…."

In his hand was a letter in a red envelope.

"No, the ship is gone, but how the hell am I supposed to deliver this? I was now beaten to death by a king...….”

The eyes of the Janggang River, which runs relentlessly enough to be heartless, were filled with dismay.

* * *

The ship moved smoothly and smoothly along the long river.

It's nothing special. There will be hundreds of ships to and from the Janggang River a day.

But there was a man standing in the player who made the common sight uncommon.

"You must be a son of a noble family."

"Why did the prince get on a ship like this? You're going to take a pleasure boat, aren't you?"

"I'm sure you've had enough of it."

"You're so handsome, anyway."

Baek Cheon's face trembled at the whispering voice.

I told you not to stand out.

Rather than avoiding the eyes, it is attracting people at all. But I couldn't bear to express my dissatisfaction.

"You must be a servant next to you."

"You're a prince, and of course a servant will follow you."

"You look like a servant. What are you asking?"

Baek Cheon's eyes glistened with pity as he looked at Baek Sang. But Baek Sang spoke in a flat voice, half-eyed with a half-doed face.

"…don't say anything."


"Because comfort makes me want to cry."


You're cruel people.

They are whispering inaudibly, but they are too clearly embedded in the ears of the warrior. So you can't blame them...….


Guys, why are you guys whispering in there together?

"What kind of crotch are you...….’

I was sweating as I looked at the students of Hwasan, including Yoon-jong, who pointed his finger this way.

All Baek Cheon could do was pat Baek Sang on the shoulder…….

"Don't touch it. Ask the servant."


You're such a timid person.

"By the way, will the numbers come?"

"Shh. You have a loud voice."

"……No. Why are you so careful? We're on board, and the ship has already departed, and no matter how bright the enemy's ears are, can you hear what they're saying here?"

"There may be a load of water on this ship."

Surprised by the remark, Baek Sang shrank his neck slightly.

"Is that a ship?"

"No matter how well they know the river, they can't know all the boats that go and go. Nori could have at least one person on board send a signal."

"…I couldn't see anyone who had mastered martial arts."

"Just because I sympathize with the numbers, I don't necessarily learn martial arts. If I were you, I'd either embrace one of the merchants or a sailor.""Oh……."

Baek Sang nodded loudly.

It's like a long time ago, Baek Cheon.

"So do you think the numbers will come?"

"I'm sure it's because I sprayed the bait. It'll probably come at some point."


"It won't be so common for a special ticket to cross the Jang River. You don't want to miss this opportunity."

Baek Sang nodded as if he had understood.

We don't know if they're really after the precious objects that the specialties carry or have other purposes. However, for any reason, chances were high that he would grab the special ticket when he had the opportunity.

If it is too dark for old class information, it will surely come if it is heard.

"What if he doesn't come?”

"That's a relief."


Baek Cheon said, looking far away.

"If they don't come after one or two iterations, they didn't aim for a special ticket for a specific purpose, they just happened to overlap. Then it'll be easy to solve."


"But…… I don'

If things had gone so smoothly, I wouldn't have been going through this hardship.

"Anyway, everything will be fine for a while. It's more likely to slow down and appear in deserted areas. Just don't relax until then, just in case."

"Yes, death penalty."

Baek Sang answered quietly and looked back.

I felt strange looking at the qualities of talking with passengers.

'It's reliable, but...….’

Now, it can be said that Hwasan's disciples are among the proud masters.

He hasn't reached that level yet, but the five swords can already hear the sound of coriander wherever Kang Ho puts them, in terms of performance and skill.

It's just...

I wonder if his skills will work out well on the water.’

It was difficult to predict.

Considering Oh's skills, I wonder if it's a big problem, but considering the fact that those prominent Moon faction are reluctant to wipe out their enemies, it's not easy to see.

I hope everything's fine.’

Baek Cheon seemed to think something was going to happen somehow, but Baek Sang just wanted peace without it.

With those two different ideas, the ship slowly advanced to the Janggang River.

"……I have nothing to do."

"I know."

Yoon-Jong's face was full of boredom. Seeing the scenery of the Janggang River outside the boat has slowly disappeared.

It's the first time Chung-Myung has spent so much time in such a daze since he came to Hwasan. He really can't stay still for a second.

"Do you want to train?”

"Arthur, with so many eyes, now you and I are ordinary merchants.”

"……Ugh. I'm dying."

Jo-Gol had a sore face.

Some people are slow to go by boat and enjoy the scenery of the Janggang River, but it was not right for them.

If you enjoy the scenery, mountains are better than rivers. You can jump up the mountain on your own.

"I hope the numbers come soon."

"That's ridiculous.….”

"What's wrong with you? We're on our way to find the numbers.”

"But if you can't, you'd better not meet."


"Well, it's long to explain. It's better if it doesn't happen."

"Is it because Chung-Myung doesn't have him?"

At Jo-Gol's question, Yoon-Jong shut up for a moment.I didn't mean to say that, but I was speechless when I heard Jo-Gol's question.

Is that so?

If Chung-Myung were here, everyone would have been distracted to stop him running around trying to catch the numbers.

But at least I wouldn't be afraid to meet the numbers.

'You don't have to say this.’

Yoon-Jong pretended to be calm and opened his mouth. But Jo-Gol said before he could take his chance.

"Honestly, I'm a little nervous, death penalty."



Yoon-Jong looked at Jo-Gol with a slight surprise. If I had to pick someone who wouldn't say this among the five swords, the first was Yoo-Esul and the second was Jo-Gol.

"When I'm around, I just...…very wide of the face…….”

"You're just saying it's not in front of you.….”

"Isn't that true? I want to turn everything upside down.”

"No. If only I had the power."

"Yes, it is. Anyway, since he's not here...….”

Jo-Gol blurted the end of his speech.

"How should I put it……. I can't explain it well.”

"That's enough. I don't know if I don't hear it."

Yoon-Jong shook his hand lightly and laughed bitterly.

It was just unexpected that Jo-Gol said this, but I understood what he was feeling. Because he was feeling the same thing.

As expected, Chung-Myung's vacancy was much bigger than expected.

"But don't say anything weak. If you don't want to go back and hear Chung-Myung tease him to die."

"Yes, death penalty."

Jo-Gol nodded with a slightly heavier face than usual.

"What are you thinking, an accident?"

Yoo-Esul, standing on the railing and looking out at the river, answered briefly, turning his head to Dang-Soso's question.


"Do you still think about Hwasan here?"

"Because it's home."

A slightly strange look crossed Dang-Soso's face.


Dang-Soso is a student of Hwasan, but I don't think of him as much as Yoo-Esul yet. No, maybe none of Hwasan's disciples think of Hwasan as much as Yoo-Esul.

"Are you worried about the death penalty you left behind?"

"A troublemaker. Take care of yourself wherever you are."

"…That's true."

"I'm worried about the writer."

"……that's true."

Yoo-Esul asked Dang-Soso with an expressionless face.

"Are you worried?"

"No, I'm not worried. I'm worried."

"No, don't kill me."


When Dang-Soso couldn't answer, Yoo-Esul stirred softly.

"Don't worry."

"Yes, accidents protect you when you're in danger.….”

"You're a confident Hwasan examiner, too."


"I'm not weak. So it's okay.”

Dang-Soso, who was staring blankly at Yoo-Esul for a moment, bit his lip. Then a moment later, he raised his head and laughed.

"Yes, accident! I'll protect you this time!"

Yoo-Esul had a small smile on his lips.


And it was then.

Hye Yeon approaches Baek Cheon, who is standing in the player, and speaks quietly.

"Baek Cheon Poetry."

"Yes, monk."

"The ship approaching the front is a little strange."


Hye Yeon said with a stiff face.

"The ships that have passed by have already turned their players at this point, and that ship shows no sign of doing so. It's still a long way off, so I can't jump to conclusions.….”

Baek Cheon frowned slightly and looked at Hye Yeon's belly.

Looks like there's nothing special.’

But that is a matter of course.

If we can see in advance that it's a ship of numbers, we'll run away as soon as we see it from afar. It is common sense to approach the inevitable location with hidden identity."Baek Sang아."

"Yes, death penalty."

"Call the kids."


Baek Sang carefully called his disciples scattered around the ship. Light tension flashed across everyone's faces as they quickly gathered around Baek Cheon.

"Are you here?"

"I don't know yet. But……."

Baek Cheon was lost in thought, still fixed on the belly.

You still don't change directions.’

Basically, it is difficult to change the direction on the side that receives the headwind. So it's basic to change direction on the side that receives the fair wind. So a normal ship would of course have turned by now.

But now that she's approached enough to see clearly this way, the ship doesn't seem to have any intention of changing direction.

The helmsman also moved to turn this way because that ship didn't turning. But then, a new sail spread out on a ship approaching from the other side.


"That, that!"

Everyone breathed in the shock.

A vivid black dragon pattern that looks like it's about to jump into the bowels and swim. It was shredded with janggangsu.

"It's a number!"

"Here comes the numbers!"

Screaming or shouting came from all over the ship. Baek Cheon breathed out a long breath and opened his mouth with an unperturbed face.

"I don't think……."

But even before his instructions fell, he took out the plum gum that he had hidden in his luggage.

Baek Cheon, who takes over my sword, pulls it out slightly and nods.

"I guess our numbers worked. Get ready, it's coming!"


Everyone watched the enemy's belly gradually approaching with keen eyes.