Chapter - 759 Episode 759, if you're dead, you're dead! (4)

Just looking at the black-painted ship was overwhelming. It was especially so when I saw the image of the vicious whale at the front of the ship.


A ship that symbolizes a water channel, which is allowed only to the eighteen water channels that exist in the Janggang River.

In other words, Chae-ju is now on board that ship.

"……it's more than one or two."

"I think we've got all the water supply."

Tension is also beginning to grow on the faces of the Hwasan disciples.

'Was there so much water in one tank?'’

Of course, that ship won't be crammed with numbers like the speedboat they were dealing with a while ago.

However, assuming it is only half full, the number will exceed a few hundred.


Baek Cheon turned his head and looked at the captain.

"Can I go to the water?"

"No, it's too much."

The captain shook his head in disgust.

"The waterline is originally faster than a normal ship. Even if it's the same ship, it depends on whether you load it or not.….I can't speed up as fast as I can with this ship full of luggage."


"In addition, I have a hole in my stomach because of the attack I just received. Everyone's working hard, but the water that's slowly speeding up gets in faster and the boat sinks. And they're really all dead."

Baek Cheon's eyes instinctively turned towards the water.

The land is so far away that it's almost mysterious.

'At least more than a duck to the shore.’

Janggang is originally an incredibly wide river that reaches a duck's However, this is where tributaries of the Jang River flow into Lake Dongyeong. The river was three times the width of the general Janggang River as it was slow in flow and was in contact with the lake.

At least a duck must swim from the core to the edge of the river. It can't be too difficult with Hwasan's disciples, but it's almost impossible for the people on this ship to swim that distance.

"In addition, even if it is possible, there is no way to stop those who are familiar with handcrafts if they attack in the water.’

I don't know if there's a way to leave the people behind.…that is not the way for Hwasan's disciple to consider.

Baek Cheon bit his lips tightly.

Was I too hasty?’

I thought it was too easy to deal with my enemies on the river. I thought it would be enough to deal with one ship at the most, but who would have imagined that the entire body of water would come out on a boat?

"Living quarters."

It's a call to what to do. Baek Cheon chewed his lips for a moment and rolled his head. His eyes began to subside rather calmly.

What would he have done?’

There's nothing to think about.

No, it doesn't matter if there's a lot of pages or not! Those bastards can't do anything if they get their heads off. Don't mind the others, run straight and start with the boss, George!

'Oh, I got it!'

Baek Cheon said emphatically.

"Listen to me."

"Yes, boarding house."

"When Yong-sun approaches, she crosses. Baek Sang and So So So stay here to protect the people and the rest of them go into a dragon boat and grab the liquor.”

"Yes, sir."

The faces of the Hwasan disciples, who had not been able to erase their embarrassment until now, were as grim as when they had done so.

As the size of the dragon boat is huge, there will be a lot of water in it. They have no idea how difficult it would be to jump on such a dragon boat and aim for Chaeju.But there is no hesitation as long as the order has been given.

"Then get ready...….Huh?"

Then Jo-Gol tilted his head.

"Living quarters."


"They're slowing down all of a sudden.”


"That's where it's gonna stand."

Hwasan's disciples looked puzzled and saw ships stopping at a distance.


Insects rising from the water grabbed the rope ladder from the dragon boat.

"Oh, my God. What's wrong with you said.

As he climbed up the rope ladder with his teeth glued, his subordinates, who had been waiting behind him, followed him one after another.


On the deck, the insect repellent wiped the water off the face and took a deep breath. There were figures lined from side to side and huge wooden chairs set in the middle of the deck. Running in front of the chair without a moment's notice, he fell flat on his face.

"Lord, kill me, Chae-joo!"

"Kill me?"

A middle-aged man, who was wearing a blue-colored robe, put his head on the deck and laughed at the insect repellent.

"That's right. The Hogul of the Long River has lost his ship and fled without pride, and he must die."

"Chae, Chaeju…….”

"The stewardess."

"Yes, Lord Chae!"

"Throw me a piece of my fish."

The insect repellent's face has lost its color.

"Chae, Chae-ju!"

"Open that mouth one more time and I'll tear it myself."

In a truly brutal mood, the insect repellent couldn't even think of making an excuse, but only broke into a cold sweat with a tired face.

"Mr. Chae."

At that time, a man named Cho Seung opens his mouth quietly.

"It is true that the head of the room showed ugly appearance. But given the circumstances, I don't think it's just the room leader who is to blame."


"There's a man who hits that fast ship. It would have been hard to avoid the same result no matter what."


Chaeju of Daegyeong Chae and Yeo Gwang-gye of Jannpo Blackfish nodded as if they had a point.

"Forbidden forces."

However, the black fish soon kicked its tongue with an unhappy face.

"Yes, but I am guilty of losing my stomach and returning. Downgrade to a team member, tie and lock for 15 days. Don't give me a sip of water."


"Go, thank you, Lord Chae!"

The insect repellent clenched its head as if it were lucky to have saved its life.

"…...power enough to sink a speedboat with a single blow…"They're here to pick up something to eat?"

"Tue, I said Hwasan."

The eyes of the black fish stood out at the insect repellent's answer.


"Yes! It was a serious man who blew the book, but I said with my own mouth that it was from Hwasan."


The black fish turned his head slightly and looked at his ancestors.

"I think it's because of the special ticket. It's a famous fact that Hwasan is behind the Milky Way."

"Hmm. Really?"

Cho Seung asked while looking at insect repellent.

"Were they children?"

"Yes! They were still young. The number is seven."

The black fish's face was distorted by the amazing answer.

"You lost your ship to only seven men and ran away! You little Pyramid!


Again, Cho Seung quickly stepped up to calm down the black fish.

"Children from Hwasan are more likely to be Hwasan Ogum."

"…Hwasan Ohgum?"

"Yes, it's not easy for Hwasan Ogum to say that he's beaten the shaman's great disciples in his secret dance with the shaman. Furthermore, if the Wassan Divine Dragon, who defeated the shaman's elder, was on that ship, he couldn't have been able to deal with it."


Zanpo blackfish stared disapprovingly at the insect repellent and looked at the merchant ship floating across from it.

"Hwasan Ogum must be the ones that sound so deaf these days.”

"Yes, Lord Chae."

"Well."Zanpo blackfish's eyes were flashed.

"They were quite reputable. And you'll have the ability to win that reputation, and you'll be full of confidence when you get on the boat and try to deal with us.”

There was a cruel smile at the mouth.

"But life doesn't always go the way you want it to. I dare you to make us pay the price on the river. Let's take him."

"Yes! As you say!"

The numbers on the deck began to move in unison.

The warp blackfish grabbed the handle of the chair and murmured.


A fishy smile spread all over.

"He's not coming.”

"What are you doing?”

Hwasan's disciples looked at Yong-sun with a slightly depressed face.

He rushed as if he was about to crash into it, and it was understandable because he didn't move at all.

"Maybe he's scared?"


"Yes, we have our own reputation now, don't we? They're outnumbered, don't you dare say to Hwasan Ogum! Hahaha!"



"Why don't you tell me to close my mouth?"


Yoon-jong, who stared at Jo-Gol calmly with annoying eyes, turned to Yongseon again.

It was then.


"…but I don't think it's coming this way."

The vessel began to spin slowly in place.

"Is that it?"

"You know, there's the oars. You can row both sides in the opposite direction."

The slow-rotating vessel turned completely in the opposite direction. Hawasan's disciples all tilted their heads.

"Are you just gonna go?"

"I know. Why do you turn around...….”

It was then.


The door installed at the back of the dragon boat opened and something black popped out.

"Was that the one you shot earlier?"


Hwasan's disciples, who also thought the same attack would repeat, instantly open their eyes.

It is true that it was a harpoon again, but the size was enormous.

It was twice the size of a harpoon fired by a speedboat, and the speed was amazing.


And there was a long chain on the harpoon.


Oh, my god!

Two harpoones fired were trapped in the ship. The shock caused the ship to stagger as if it had met a huge wave.

(sighs) (sighs) (sighs) (sighs)

The chain connected to the harpoon was pulled tight.

"You bastards!"

"What are you doing?”

"No way…."

And at that moment, the stopped dragon boat began to move.


The chaining sounds like a giant whale crying. As the ship speeded up, the merchant ship they were on also tilted in the direction of the ship.

"What, what!"

"For God's sake, I'm being dragged!"

The five swords were embarrassed in their eyes.

I've never even imagined this.

To make matters worse, speedboats around Yongseon crept up to this side and began to surround the merchant ship as if they were escorts. It seemed like he wouldn't miss an ant cub.

In the midst of this, the expression "dragon-ju" came to mind when I saw the speedboats that kept the distance thoroughly beyond the distance.

"Where are they taking him?"

"What do you mean where? Of course it's their den!"

Jo-Gol clenched his teeth.

It's hard to deal with them on a ship. But upside down, it has its own advantages. The number of people who can get on the same boat is limited.

However, if they are dragged ashore like this, they will have to deal with all those numbers.

"If that's the case, I wouldn't have suffered!"

"You're dragged, you're done!"

"What do I do?”

"What can I do? What can I do?”

Jo-Gol shouted out loud.

"Nothing's changed from the original plan! Come on, I'm kind enough to give you directions, and I'm going to cut your throat! I'm going first!""Walk!"

"Hey, you son of a b*tc*! Stop!"

Jo-Gol jumped onto the railing as if he had nothing to wait for.


Then he stepped on the chain that connected the ship to the ship and began to run out at a formidable speed.

"I was already frustrated, and you let me go of my legs! How kind of you!"

It was just when Jo-Gol, who had a plum sword in one hand, was running like a war of islands with his eyes shining.

One person stuck his head out of the dragon boat and gestured lightly. Archers who had been fed demonstrations on Yongseon and the surrounding speedboats appeared in unison.

Jo-Gol's mouth opened blankly.


I didn't expect this.


Shhh! Shhh! Shhh! Shhh!

The arrows that left the demonstration rose in unison and blackened the sky.

"Wow, that's spectacular."

And it started pouring down on Jo-Gol like a black rain.

"…I shouldn't have gone overboard.”

Regret is always late no matter how fast you try.