Chapter - 767 Episode 767. No, listen to me! (2)

"What, what?"


Dozens of ropes from the cliffs, dressed in green clothes, begin to descend.

It was clear that they had not done this once or twice when they were proficient in climbing the line.

"Well, what about that dress?"

"Green forest! Green forest!"

"It's 70 greens?"

Suu Kyi opened her mouth wide in embarrassment. That's understandable.

What do you mean bandit?

Basically, Janggangsu 108chae and Nokrim 70chae are sometimes referred to as bandits. However, there is no chance of encountering Janggangsu, which is active in the river, and Greenimsu, which is active in the mountain, and 70, which are active in the mountain.

We know each other's existence, but there's no reason to antagonize, and there's no reason to be close.

But why does that green forest suddenly appear here?

"Hahahaha, you water ghosts!"

"You've set foot on land! I'll cut you all and kill you!"

At once, bandits who came down the cliff burst into laughter and began to rush their enemies.

"Dah, don't panic! Kill those who come down one step at a time!"

"What are you doing? Shoot the bow, bow!"

Archers rushed to pack arrows. Those who climb down the cliff in line are bound to be defenseless against arrows. It's natural that an attack like this would benefit greatly!

Unfortunately, however, what they had to deal with was Im Sobyong, not just a normal green island.

"Oh, arrow? That's on this side."

Im Sobyong said, pointing down with a fan.

"Feed me."


Archer units waiting behind him appeared in unison and began firing arrows that had already been fed.


a constant stream of speakers

Archers fired arrows so fast that they could not even be seen bouncing the demonstration. The pouring of black-painted arrows looked like black rain.


"Furious, shoot arrows!"

"What the hell are you doing? Fight back!

The numbers at the bottom also tried hard to pull the arrow, but the arrow from bottom to top could not be the same force as the arrow from top to bottom.

No matter how powerful it may be, by the time the arrow reached the cliff, it had already run out of steam.

"Tsk tsk. It's bland."

Im Sobyong giggles and chins.

"Pour everything until the arrows are empty. If they're out of the water, they'll pay for it."


Im Sobyong had a cruel smile on his lips.


Baek Cheon still blinked in disbelief.

"No, why are you coming out of here? Aren't they Sapa?"


"But why is Sapa fighting Sapa?”

"What? Then why is everyone fighting with Nokrim?"


"And why are we fighting with Jong-nam?"


Back Cheon, speechless, became a honey-eating mute and blinked his eyes.

"Safar. If you're going to be close, they're not. It's common for political factions to take advantage, but it's obvious that they're Sapa to say."

Chung-Myung giggled and laughed.

"This is what it is! Admiral Yi!"

Excuse me...

I don't want you to call me orang-ka.….

No, of course, they're bandits, but it's a bit of a personality problem to call people you've heard...….

"Hehehe! You're good! Way to go! Fight! Kill!"

Watching the numbers and bandits clinging together, Chung-Myung laughed and clapped as if he was dying of joy. There was an indisputable despair in the eyes of the Hwasan disciples.Baek Sang murmured helplessly.

"Oh, my God, there are a bunch of bandits and bandits here, and he looks like the worst.”

"That's actually why it looks like that. He's the worst guy, Sasook."

"…Yes, that's right."

the prestigious Hwasan faction The best personality ever produced by the HWASAN faction was shining at this moment.

"But how the hell did you bring them here?"

"What are you talking about? I heard the bastards were after Hwasan.


"Do you want to apologize for making face-to-face contact with the bastards you know? It's obvious that there's going to be a fight, so where's the idiot walking into the open mouth?”


Chung-Myung's horse is a fool...…. No, it stabbed Baek Cheon in the chest.

"If you think you're going to be late for your college in Wasan, you'll have to find another way. Well, isn't a three-year-old worth it?"


"I've called them in advance because they're the only ones I can call nearby."

"…on the way?"

"On the way back, we had a contact. I've put the communication in advance since I heard the news. They were probably here before the boarding house.”

Baek Cheon opened his mouth wide.

"Well, so you knew this was gonna happen?"

"How am I supposed to know that I'm not Zhuge Resonance?”

"Then what?"

Chung-Myung frowns as if his stomach were exploding while talking.

"No! You son of a b*tc*. Isn't it basic to be prepared for everything?! If you don't prepare and use it, it's a shame, but if you don't, you're going to die. Don't you know?"

Baek Cheon couldn't even shut his mouth in surprise.

I've known for a long time that this person is not just a person who believes in power, but it's also the first time that I've realized it this hard.

Baek Sang asked quickly because Baek Cheon was speechless and in a daze.

"But that's our position, and why did King Greenim suddenly want to fight with Janggangsu?”

"What's the point of not fighting? They're actually always whining about joining the Heavenly Union."


"You're going to be a matchmaker with Shin Juopae? That doesn't make sense. We need to make sure they've drawn a line with the Sapa now. You know what?"

"Dh, it turns out...….”

It actually feels so obvious and easy to hear in the past. However, it is never as easy as it sounds to think and consider all this before it happens.

"The crazy one, the faraway islander, saw this ahead of time...….’

It's more of a contrast than a prediction, but isn't it a prediction when the contrast is right?

When we move together, we often don't understand what's going on because we're so busy being dragged around by the speed when this guy does something quickly.

However, when I took a step back, I realized how ridiculous he was.

"What are you doing?"


"I can see your back! It's polite if you poke me!"

Baek Cheon, who was lost in thought, looked up in surprise. Sure enough, the numbers were distracted by bandits coming down the cliff.

"Come on!"

I'll think about it later, first of all, these guys!

"Go! Stay! Accident! Death!"

"Your executioners are behind you, you son of a b*tc*!""Then priest!"


Dang-Soso screamed loudly and rushed forward.

Chung-Myung giggled at the sight.

"Come on, then……..”

Then, he looked around and looked coldly.

"Do you want to go get a head?"

"Chae, Chaeju!"

Zanpo Blackfish was startled by the voice calling for him.


The face that had been loosened in a daze soon became horribly distorted.

"You f*cking f*ckin' Why are the greenlings after us?"

I would have been surprised if the attackers from up there were Hwasan and other political factions, but they wouldn't have been this absurd.

But what do you mean green forest?

Why is Nokrim attacking Janggangsuchae? Why!

"Where are you? Where the hell are you? Who the hell is that man who's as skinny as that gatekeeper!"

"I think he's like King Green Lim."

"What? King Green Lim? Wasn't King Greenim a Seven Man?"

"It was known that way in the past, but as it was known during the outbreak of green forests, King Greenim was a scholar, and on the surface, he looked as weak as a literary scholar."….”

The black fish bit his lips.

What do you mean, green forest king?’

It's not an ordinary living quarters, but King Greenim himself brought his men? No wonder the new ways of those who come down that cliff are extraordinary.

"Why does King Green Lim attack us?"

"Well, I don't know about that.….”

Cho Seung, who usually does not show his emotions, stuttered because his face turned white. In common sense, something that could never happen was in front of us. It was impossible for him, an ordinary bookkeeper, to interpret this situation.

"Oops! Get out of my way!"

The Japo blackfish, which pushed forward, roared toward the cliff.

"Green forest!"

Im Sobyong, who was on the cliff, turned his head casually and looked at the black fish.

"Nice voice. I envy you."

"Why! Why is Noklim attacking the watercolour? Why is the green forest turning to the enemy's long precipitation?"

"We've never been friends in the first place."

Im Sobyong laughed lowly. Then he quickly changed his complexion and shouted loudly.

"Greening is a place to walk, to say the least. At least I've been trying to live without harming the powerless people! But since you have trafficked the people and sold them to foreign countries, I can no longer stand the brutality!"

"Well, what are you talking about?….”

"In the name of Green Forest, I will condemn you and release the people you have captured. There's nothing more to say! Bring me his supply and demand!"


The bandits sang their throats and cut down the numbers with more momentum.

"Hahaha! You little bastards!"

"They've been chewing fish, so they're weak! Come here, I'll give you two pages!"

"Hit 'em all and kill 'em!"

The average living quarters cannot gain this much advantage over the watersheds. However, these people here are not ordinary living vegetables, but the elite green vegetables chosen by Im Sobyong.

Even after overpowering the rebellion of Daveyolchae, they were in perfect condition, even if they were the best of the green forests.

"Hahahahaha! You little thing! Brother! I'm here!"

Cholsinjang Bonchung, who was at the forefront, shouted and swung a pot lid-like fist to blow off his enemies.

Since then, Black Tiger has followed and blasted a brilliant sword like light.


"No, back off!"

Some of the numbers have completely collapsed. But behind their backs, the angry Hwasan faction, which was more frightening than green forest, was rushing in."Where are you going, you bastards!"

"It would have been nice to feel good! I'll cut it all up!"

After being attacked on both sides, the enemies are now beginning to crumble.


After understanding the situation, Zanpo Blackfish stepped back without realizing it.

'This is wrong.’

There's nothing I can do.

It is impossible to deal with such a force in the first place. If they had been the only ones who had invaded, the Japo blackfish would have flown away without hesitation, and the rest would have run away.

No one is big enough to chase them into the water.

But not now. Thanks to being distracted by the Hwasanites, the river to escape was seized and blocked by the Hwasanites.

If we order them to jump into the water even now, half of them may survive, but they are bound to lose all of their ships. Then the watercolour is over.


"Chae, Chae-ju!"

"Let's get out of here."

"What? Ha, but...….”

"First of all, I have to live to see what happens afterwards. Or will you stay here?"

Conflict broke out on Cho Seung's face. But his conflict soon became overshadowed.


The voice from behind my back turned the head of the black fish.

"Who's going to let you go?"


Hwasan신룡 Chung-Myung. He approached behind his back and had a twisted smile.

"Oh, I can let you go. That neck is a horse. Instead……."

Chung-Myung lifted his sword and aimed at the black fish's

"Leave your body behind."

"…You son of a b*tc*."

The black fish's eyes were filled with flaming flesh.

"I'll kill you and go! You son of a b*tc*!"


Chung-Myung, who smiled at him running madly, soon jumped into the face of the enemy with a strange smile.