Chapter - 768 Episode 768. No, listen to me! (3)

"Let's see."

Im Sobyong, who looked down at the battlefield from the cliff, had a smile around his mouth.

"It'll be over in a minute. Well, that's too much power to handle a single watercolour."

It is true that Nokrim lost some of his power due to the rebellion of several mountain houses, including Daveyolchae, but the name Shinjuopae is too heavy to be devalued to that extent.

Of course, the opponents were also watercolors of Jang Kang-su-chae, a member of Shinjuopae, but they were helpless because they were out of control compared to the green colander led by King Greenlim.

"King Green Forest."


The elder of the green vegetables, who was lying next to him, raised his eyebrows slightly and opened his mouth.

"How dare I guess from the high will of King Greenim...….”

"I know, I know! Why are you fighting against the men of the Long River? We're not done with the interior."

"……That's right."

"What can I do? He wants you to come."

Im Sobyong's eyes glanced at Chung-Myung. Watching Chung-Myung running wild like a criminal made me burst into laughter.

"If you don't want to die, do as you're told."

"…King of Green Forest. I'm afraid I'm afraid I'….”

The elder said with a stiff face.

"King Noklim is the head of the 70 green forests, the ruler of all mountains in the Middlelands and a member of Sinjuopae."

"I know."

"That's the man who said to that young student of Hwasan...….”

"The Elder."

"Yes, King Green Lim."

"Watch your mouth."

King Greenlim smiled and said, but the elder could not bear to laugh. Because I read the warning in his eyes.

"People get wiser with age, but they get stupid with my common sense. You don't want me to listen to that little student?”

"…I don't mean that…"….”

"Well, maybe you don't like it. I get annoyed once in a while.”


Im Sobyong flapped the fan to his face with anger as he thought.

"Send me a copy of your letter, gather all the power you have right now and go to the mouth! The d*mn emperor wouldn't give me orders like that, but what do you think of a man?"

The elder's face was strangely distorted by his complaints.

But... You were the King of Green Rim who followed what I said, right? And with and without that, with and without it...….

Im Sobyong shrugged at the time.

"But what can I do? The man who wrote the biography is Hwasan Sinryong."

And said with a sneaking smile.

"People should know how to see Si-woon. If I had been leaning on my chin as King Greenlim, wouldn't I have become a good manure by now?

"Uh, how could you...….”

"Gambling isn't fun if you do it lightly. You have to take all the money you have and walk to the point where you're humiliated. That's how you can get it, too."

Im Sobyong wriggled around his mouth and laughed.

"That's what I'm Maybe thanks to him, I and Green Rim can be in a different situation than ever before."

A curious aspiration was burning in his eyes.

"Oh, and you really should watch your mouth in front of him. They don't care about men and women of all ages."


He was an elder who couldn't help but think that rust was going wrong.


The illumination of the black fish split Ho Gong like a bolt of lightning.

It was like a poisonous wildcat wielding its claws, but thanks to its large size, the pressure was no match for wildcat.

Snitch, snitch, snitch, snitch!

The three blades at the end of the glove rubbed against each other, creating a threatening noise.Blackfish. Cruel and vicious snakefish.

It's a more vicious fish than people think. If it's a river, not an ocean, there's no such thing as a natural enemy of Gamulchi.

A tyrant of the river who devours everything he sees. Just by looking at the adjoining sign, we could see where Yeo Gwang-gye had in the Janggang River.

Kaga gaga gak!

The lights at the end of the glove interlocked like scissors.

"You little bastard!"

Zanpo Black was confident of winning.

He is not exactly a self-assessment, nor a man who despises the enemy. And he wasn't careless just because his opponent was young.

Those who look down on the river will eventually be eaten by it. Surviving the river, he is one of the best to know what it is to be prudent.

Nevertheless, the reason why he is confident in winning is because that Chung-Myung is nothing less than a prosecutor.


His illumination is not a common weapon.

In general, rather than familiar weapons such as swords, spears, doe and bongs, weird weapons that are rarely dealt with. It is commonly called a gate weapon.

Although there is a disadvantage that the depth is shallow and less general-purpose compared to the weapons used by the strong, they are bound to exert strengths that cannot be compared to ordinary weapons in certain situations.

The characteristic of illumination that the black fish thought was that they were ridiculously strong when dealing with swords.

It is shorter than a sword, so you cannot show your advantage as a soldier, but you can move more delicately as it is shorter, and you can grab the sword with a crossed blade.

As long as you put a sword between me and overpower me, the inspection is nothing. Moreover, his illumination is one in each hand, two in both hands.

All those who boasted brilliant swordsmanship in front of him were overwhelmed by swords, and their stomach penetrated into the opposite light and died pouring their guts out.

Even if Chung-Myung is a stronger master than that, he will never lose as long as he is a test-taker. That was the confidence of Zanpo Blackfish.

I'll rip your stomach to death!

I can't forgive him alone. Isn't everything ruined by him?

There is no guarantee that it can be rebuilt if it runs away after abandoning its water supply. No, maybe we should run away for the rest of our lives to avoid the pursuit of the angry King Black Dragon. All that anxiety and anger poured out on Chung-Myung.

"Kill me!"

His illumination moved fiercely after Chung-Myung's whole body.

However, Chung-Myung avoided his scuffling attacks without much effort.

"You flying squirrel! How long are you going to run away? Are you going to sell me that smart black thing?"

"Oh, really? I miss you, don't you?"

At that moment, Chung-Myung flew backwards and opened the street, grinning.

"If you really want to see it like that, you have to show it to them. What kind of sword is Hwasan?”

The black fish distorted his face. However, it was just an outward appearance of envy, but inside it was calling for joy.

'You're caught, you idiot!'

It doesn't matter what the test is. No matter what kind of strong sword it is, it comes out of a sword. If you attack, you will be able to snatch a sword at once.

"Inno ooh ooh ooh!"

As soon as the roar of the black fish disguised as anger rang out, Chung-Myung's sword began to move.


The tip of the sword trembled very lightly. The tremors grew bigger and soon began to overlap with dozens or hundreds of swords."What?"

Panpo blackfish's eyes were embarrassed.

'Oh, no!'

There's nothing to be embarrassed about.

I've already seen how many swordsmanship they use. It's true that it's flashy and colorful, but it doesn't mean it.

If you don't be misled and take it coldly, you won't get it...….

At that moment.

Chung-Myung's sword, which swelled countless times, spread like it spread out into Ho Gong, and soon began to bloom at the end of each of those swords.

Like plum blossoms blooming in unison from plum trees with branches stretched branches.

'Come on, grab it...'.’

The black face of the Zanpo blackfish turned black.

The blooming flowers fly up in the wind in unison.

Flower garden. The world seems to be covered with flowers.

All I could see was the blue sky and the flower petals that covered it.


You're going to catch it?

What? What the hell am I supposed to catch?

All I can see is petals.

You've already seen it?

Even if it's the same martial arts, it depends on who writes it. Na Han-kwon, written by Sami Seung, and Na Han-kwon, written by Shaolin's monk, are the same but completely different.

Why did you forget that obvious fact?


The plum leaves flew past his face.

The nose cracked and red blood flowed down his face. But Zanpo blackfish didn't even feel pain.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

Red blood spouted sporadically as all parts of his body were cut off.

"Ugh, argh!"

The black fish screamed and clenched its teeth.

He is also a man of fine bones from battle. I knew for sure what I had to do now.

The moment you step down, you die.

As soon as he falters back, these petals will constantly bite him and turn him into rags.

The place to go isn't in the back, it's in the front!

Zanpo blackfish, which has boosted all its history, has focused on both arms and abdomen. He crossed his arms to protect his head and ran forward and forward.


Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

Plum blossoms split his arms and legs apart. It was like falling into a hole full of blades and getting stuck. The terrible pain felt throughout the body took away the mind.

'Ha, just once!'

Black flames soared in the eyes of the black fish.


In a moment, another cut in the side of his neck and a stream of blood sprang up.


I cut my side long. This was obviously a serious injury to the bone.

Crunch! Crunch!

The plum blossoms that get stuck in the body are not as deadly as the petals that cut through, but they have dug into at least an inch of solid flesh.

'Ha, just one step!'

Zanpo blackfish, which has become faster to find a place where there is no scar on the whole body, penetrates the wall of the petals in front of them with its body, screaming like beasts.



His blood-stained face now had only two red eyes.

And finally he caught Chung-Myung and cried.

"You son of a b*tc*!"

Lightning struck by lightning flew in after Chung-Myung's head.

At that moment, Chung-Myung lifted the sword recovered and blocked the light level of the black fish.


Two weapons collided in Ho Gong.

Kagak! Kagagak!

This is the moment that the Japo blackfish has been aiming for since the beginning of the battle.

As if he would not miss his last chance, Zanpo Blackfish tightened Chung-Myung's sword with all his might. He seemed as if he would break it at once.Gagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagak!

As the light and the sword were entangled, Chung-Myung's sword stopped.

I've got you, you rat!

Zanpo blackfish's eyes glistened to life.

"Kill me!"

He swung the free superior violently. It was a movement that would split Chung-Myung horizontally at once.

One. At that moment.

Whoo! Whoo!

A strong collision of chi caused wind in all directions and dust soared as if responding to the energy.

After a while, the scene unfolded at the moment when the cloud of dust slowly subsided was completely different from the previous situation.

Black fish.

Apparently, he almost cut Chung-Myung's belly, but he knelt down on one knee and crossed the light of both hands and clasped Chung-Myung's sword. No, it was rather more of a struggle with both hands.

And in front of him, Chung-Myung was pressing down the sword with indifferent eyes.

"You're so petty that you don't know who you are."


It was a truly bizarre sight.

Chung-Myung is simply pushing down the sword he grabbed with one hand without any sign of giving strength.

On the other hand, the black fish, which was twice as big as Chung-Myung, was working hard to the point that blood vessels burst throughout the body.

Nevertheless, Chung-Myung's sword cannot be pushed away.


Thud! Thud! Thud!

The black fish's arms screamed.

Blood spurts from the wounds all over the body, and the sound of bone crushing came out frighteningly.

Chung-Myung twisted the corners of his mouth as he looked down at the scene with arrogant eyes.

"You idiot."

Chung-Myung's sword exploded with sunset-colored sword and cracked the light blocking the sword at once.

Oh, my god!

Chung-Myung, who appeared at the back of Janpo Blackfish, shook the blood off the sword on the floor.


Tuck. Tuck.

Even the cut-out light falls to the floor.

After a while, red blood spouted out like a fountain along the red line from the tip of the head to the tip of the groin.

"I don't even know what to say…….”

Whoosh! Whoops!

The black fish's body, which split into two sides, fell to the floor with a thud.

I love you.

Chung-Myung, who was confirmed, said quietly without looking back.

"Regret forever in hell for touching Hwasan.”

It was a cold voice announcing the end of the battle.