Chapter - 769 Episode 769. No, listen to me! (4)

"Chae, Chae Joo...….”


The numbers who saw the black fish split in half and died clearly did not believe the reality and opened their eyes wide.

Due to the brutal spirit, Daegyeong Chae's enemies were also feared, but his ability was certain, so he was used as Chaeju.

However, the black fish literally fell apart on both sides without even trying hard.

"…...eeeee, jeez.….”

Despair swept among the enemies.

The trusted Chae-ju died, and all sides were blocked by the mighty enemies.

Only a clear future of crushing was ahead.

'Uh, I'm gonna have to run away somehow.….’

And…… the feisty fox did not miss their wobble.


The stopped arrows poured rain down from the cliff again. The amount of arrows was enormous as they moved further up the cliff.

"Shoot! Shoot more! Feed him to the point where he can't see a gap on the floor!"

Im Sobyong giggled as if he were excited.

For those who study military law, the situation in which they can unilaterally strike the opponent in a position that is not under attack is no different from the situation in which gold is pouring from the sky.

Im Sobyong never intended to miss this precious opportunity.

"Shoot! Shoot more! You're doing great. Make gonjuk!"

At Im Sobyong's encouragement, archers pulled a demonstration to break their arms. A specially designed iron palace for unmanned use. The bow, which was so powerful that he could not dare to pull the demonstration, was pulled tirelessly.


"Blood, run! Die!"

I know I should avoid it. However, how can we avoid arrows pouring down like heavy rain from above our heads? Even though the rain ends to wet their bodies, the rain from these arrows penetrated their bodies with heat.



The person who has his neck pierced by the arrow turns down without closing his eyes. His unconscious body was quickly turned into a hedgehog by a spilt arrow.


Fear began to shiver in the eyes of the enemies who were swinging harpooners to shoot out arrows. At this rate, everyone will eventually die like that.

"Hahahaha! You pathetic bastards...Argh! Shoot the arrow straight, you bastards! I almost died...!”

An arrow was avoided, and the caterpillar gazed over the cliff. But when Im Sobyong made eye contact, he flinched and lowered his head slightly.



He roared, hitting the forward number.

"The King of Green Forest! Don't let a single one live!"


It was the moment when bandits were trying to increase their momentum and wipe out all their numbers.

"Oh, my God!"

A thunderous voice broke out. Everyone stopped at the sound and turned their heads blankly.


At the end of their gaze was Chung-Myung, of course.

He looked up at Im Sobyong on the cliff and shouted.

"Oh, stop shooting! We're all going to die."

"Don't you have to kill them all?"

"Look at that bandit's personality."

"……No, uh…… No……, that means...….”

Im So-yong's face, which was blank for a momentarily.

Hwasan's disciples, who saw it on the other side, closed their eyes, fully understanding the feeling.

I don't want to hear that.

'Only for him.’

I'd rather swear.

Chung-Myung kicked his tongue and added another word."It's a fight that's already over, why a precious slave...….No, kill and destroy precious lives!"

Im Sobyong was caught in an upset mood, and Chung-Myung looked at the numbers this time, regardless.

Then, the wounded enemies who were hit by arrows looked at Chung-Myung with eyes full of despair and hope.

"Those who surrender their weapons will be spared."

"…Gee, are you serious?"

"Have these bastards been fooled? I'm a master of fame, a master of honor!"

Baek Cheon covered his face with his hands in dismay.

Only when you need him, you son of a b*tc*.

No matter how hard I think about it, it is clear that there are no primordial heavenly beings or the Taesang old army in the lineage. If they really exist, they can't leave that demon alone.

"Don't you throw away the harpoon? I think I'm going to use a harpoon to sew it all up!"

Enemies look at Chung-Myung with trembling eyes.

They are basically numerical.

I've never heard that the numbers saved their lives even after they were beaten. If you were caught in the coffin of bandits in the first place, wouldn't you be decapitated?


d*mn it, isn't it the same thing to die anyway?’

"No, but I'd rather resist and die.….’

What do I do?’

It was then.

"Amitabha Buddha."

said Hye Yeon, still president.

"I'll guarantee you I'll never kill anyone who abandons their weapons and surrenders."

The good-looking monk, dressed in a monk's robe, said that, and it gave me a sense.

In addition

"We are disciples of the Hwasan faction. We also promise to guarantee at least our lives."

Baek Cheon stepped forward and chocked the faces of the beaters.

People's credibility depends on their behavior. The credibility of Baek Cheon, who seemed to be envious of anyone, was clearly different.

"I'll surrender."

"I surrender!"

"Save me!"

Everyone surrendered, abandoning their weapons.

However, Chung-Myung didn't look so happy even though the result he wanted came out. Rather, he started running wild as if he were angry.

"But do these bastards discriminate against people? You didn't even hear me through my nostrils when I was talking? Hey, I can't. Get back to harpooning, you bastards! Let's all die today!"

"Stop him! Get him!"

Yoo-Esul and Dang-Soso rushed to catch Chung-Myung at Baek Cheon's cry.

Dang-Soso held his back and Yoo-Esul slapped Chung-Myung on the head.

"The death penalty! Hang in there! I promised you!"

"You'll get in trouble."

"No, those bastards!"

"Okay, okay, okay!"

"You'll get in trouble."

Whenever Chung-Myung tried to rush in, his enemies rolled back.

Baek Cheon shook his head in the mess.

"Don't you think we need to clean up first?"

"……I should."

Baek Cheon, sighing at Yoon-Jong's words, muttered inwardly.

It's a sight I've seen on the street.

I realized how difficult it is to create such a scene consistently and casually.

Enemies tied to the Dong-A line kneeled side by side.

It is not a big restriction on the rope for the fighters who have mastered martial arts, but it is different if bandits armed with blue weapons surrounded them.



The bandits looked displeased and smacked their lips while looking at the numbers. If he didn't give his permission now, he was about to strangle himself.

The brutal atmosphere sent shivers down their eyes, unable to raise their heads.

"What do you use them for?"

Im Sobyong also smacked his lips with a sour face. Baek Cheon, next to him, laughed quietly."But you can't kill them all, can you? It's not a human thing to do."

"It's not that difficult, can't you throw it over there while it's in a row?"

Baek Cheon shuddered as Im Sobyong pointed to the Janggang River. I thought this person would really stay that way.

It seems to be a deft calligrapher to his disciples, but isn't his real status King Green Lim?

"I'm sure Chung-Myung has something in mind."




"There's only money and wealth in the warehouse! I can't see people."

"Yes, except for the treasure.….”


Im Sobyong and Baek Cheon, who flinched for a moment, looked at Chung-Myung with a strange gaze at the same time.

"Hm! Hm! Hm!

Chung-Myung put his fist around his mouth and coughed low in vainly.

"It's just grain and money piled up like mountains...….”



"Hm! Hm! Hm!"

Baek Cheon murmured the sheep more despondently with eyes that had lost light like a rotten frozen pollack.

"Would it be good to be there…"….”

"You've got a lot of money."

"Come on, you're loud! So money...….Money and treasure…There's only grain! Gijinbo and Gihwajocho! All kinds of medicinal products and tablets!"

"……There's no such thing, you son of a b*tc*."


Chung-Myung turned his head because he was angry. Then, he pushed the bandits aside and swirled into the water.

After a while, Chung-Myung grabbed the man by the collar, who was in a particularly low position in the center.

"Look at this jerk with his head down.”

"Hehe, hehe!"

"Why? You thought I wouldn't know if I was doing that? Do you think my eyes are some kind of hole, you son of a b*tc*?"

"Sa, save me!"

"Get out!"

The catch dragged out his tooth and threw it to the floor.


Cho Seung, who was curled up, screamed and looked up at Chung-Myung with trembling eyes.


Then Chung-Myung stepped right next to his face. Footprints were dug deep on the floor. I didn't even want to imagine what would have happened if I had turned a little and stepped on his face.

Chung-Myung grabbed Cho Seung's collar again and shouted.

"What are you people doing, man?"

"Sa, save me, Daehyeop! I don't have anything...…!”

"But he's not coming to his senses, is he?"

All the way! All the way! All the way!

Chung-Myung slapped Cho Seung's cheek from side to side.

"Spirit, you son of a b*tc*! Didn't you hear that even if you get bitten by a tiger, you'll live if you get it together? Huh?

At the horrendous sight, Baek Cheon closed his eyes were closed.

Chung-Myung아…I'd rather be bitten by a tiger than by you...You don't let it slide just because you wake up...….

In an instant, Cho Seung, whose cheeks were swollen, shed tears.

"Mo, it's a collection."

"What? Don't you talk straight, you son of a b*tc*?"

Cho Seung started to get hit again. Baek Cheon couldn't bear to look and turned his head. Im Sobyong clapped admirably and muttered.

"Hey……. You beat me like a rock. Those bandits need to learn. Tsk tsk tsk tsk. I'm proud of my bandit to lose to the master in this respect."

…...who the f*ck are you kidding?

Baek Cheon shed his eyes.


"Tell me straight. What?"

"Mo, I don't know!"

Cho Seung cried out loud.

"We've never caught a man before. I don't know what you want me to say. I'll tell you everything, just let me live!""Don't you know?"

"Yes! I swear I never did that!"

"Then what's that ship? Why did you drag him?”

"Well, that's because they're very resistant. I'm going to bring him back to the base.….hey,the yangmins tried to release them! If we had really done human trafficking, would we have been able to do business so far? I can't do such a thing recklessly.



Chung-Myung's head slightly turned sideways.


"Well, if I'm lying, you can kill me! It's real at the risk of your life!"

"Uh…, you mean?”

Chung-Myung relaxed slightly from his grip and slowly turned his head.

Baek Cheon, who faced the gaze, closed his mouth and slowly looked at the distant mountain. There was a desperate wish to avoid Chung-Myung's gaze.

"Living quarters."


"He said it wasn'


A stifling silence passed between the two.



"Why the hell was everyone fighting here?"



"…rather hit me."


It was Baek Cheon who wanted to die for the first time since leaving Hwasan.