Chapter - 773 Episode 773. If you fall behind, you'll die! (3)



"Kill me!"

Hawsan's disciples turned their eyes and rushed.

"What, what?"

"What's wrong with these bastards?"

It is only natural to raise the momentum against the enemy.

However, there is a big difference between raising the momentum and being original. Hwasan's disciples rushed at their enemies as if they had met their parents' enemies.

"Argh! You bastards!"

"What's wrong with you guys?"

The numbers may be embarrassing, but it was only natural from the perspective of the Hwasan disciples.

How hard have they been training?

After the shaman's performance, they had saved themselves from their lack, so they had forgotten to eat and devoted themselves to training. Didn't you just learn how to hit your own ball?

The lack of anger has not yet given me power, but the self-inflicted ball is a self-inflicted ball.

I had no doubt that I could play a big role in this battle as I learned a lot and tried a lot.


"Dragged about with my belly!"

"Floating in the net!"

"Pouring poison!"

"Is this what a man would do? You son of a b*tc*!"

Of course they didn't do it. But for the Wasans who didn't live a very deep life, it was just the same number, this number.

Hwasan disciples, who turned their eyes around like Chung-Myung, wielded their swords. Looking at the sword's bizarre trajectory and fierce momentum, it was believable that the Sapa, not the political faction, would invade and fight for power.


Jo-Gol's sword turned as if he were going to grind people.

"Beauty, crazy people!"

"You can't fall for it! Jump!"

"Where are you going, you bastards!"

Whasan's disciples scarily rushed in, almost white, but the men ran desperately and managed to blow themselves into the river.

"Run away?"

"Hey! Go! Go! Go! Next is that ship!"

"I'm coming!"

Looking at their crazy eyes, the greenlings quietly shut up.

'Don't bother me.’

'They live in the mountains, too.….I don't think we're a big deal if we put it there.’

I'll let everyone know never to pick a fight with the Wasans.’

It's not a big deal to say that he's the only one running around in front of the stir, but the men in his minions were not that fierce.

If these guys alone are covered in leather, a large mountain can be swallowed up. That would change the game of greenness of greenness.….

"Cross! Cross!"

"There's a lot of nuggets out there!"

"Hit them all and kill them!"

"Well, the masters...….I need you to calm down a little.….”


"Oh, no...….”

Who is the bandit and who is the Taoist.

Fortunately and unfortunately, there was no big liver here to ask about the fact.



Meanwhile, Chung-Myung was sinking another ship ahead.

In the front, he flew like a bijo and smashed the ship, and in the back, a group of Baek Cheons, including a monk, led the bandits and crossed the boat to sweep the water.


"Darn it!"

The faces of the men fleeing after abandoning the ship showed signs of embarrassment.

In the first place, the numbers are no match for the Hwasan disciples unless they are pushed by the head. Oh Geom is stronger than the most prestigious middle-aged masters.

Once they get on the boat, there is no answer from the enemy's point of view. It is difficult to utilize the advantages of numbers on ships, which are limited spaces, and it is not easy to use various weapons.So we have to face each other only with our skills, but no matter how shaky it is under our feet. But they weren't the Hwasan disciples who would struggle with this number.

What's more.

"Aaaah! Follow the bosses!"

"Hwasan! Hwasan! Hwasan채!"

"It's not Hwasanchae, it's Hwasan, dude!"

"Who cares?”

If you look at the strong ones, the bandits who like them are swept away by the power of the Hwasan disciples, shouting and driving their enemies.

Im Sobyong, who was watching the process while standing on the ship's player without crossing over, scratched his head with a fan.

"This is……."

His head slanted sideways.

"Does this make sense?"

Of course, there are no complaints. On the contrary, it is clear that it is a very happy situation. But the absurdity couldn't be helped.

'This is not the kind of situation in which a battle can be fought.'

They have taken advantage of the terrain and walked through the battle in the wisest way. Even if Im Sobyong directs and fights with similar forces, he has no choice but to take more than a certain amount of damage.

'At least you'd have to live with half a ship.’

It is inevitable to be attacked by artillery while approaching to fight back and forth. Even if Gongmyeong returns alive, not him, it will be difficult to change the situation even if the damage can be reduced.

But that ridiculous man jumped in by himself and changed the game on the battlefield.

"Hahaha. It's driving me crazy.

It was a moment when everything he had learned was denied, but Im Sobyong was rather pleasant than angry.

"Yes, it's the Hwasan Divine!"

That man has a good taste in moderation.

"Pull out the impulses! Attack the next ship!"



Im Sobyong swung a huge fan.

"Don't be discouraged! I'll push you in and back you up! Archer! What are you doing? Shoot and kill all the drowning men!"


As the whistle rips, the archers on each ship start firing arrows.


"Hwa, it's an arrow! Go underwater!"

"Oh, no!"

The current here is no more rough.


Those who penetrated Hwasan screamed desperately. Those who had their throats pierced quickly died down, but those who had their limbs pierced could not be relieved.

This is because the steep current swept them away and dragged them into the deep vortex.

"Sa, save me!"

"Save me! Save me! Jebaaahal!"

Cho Seung kicked his tongue when he saw the horrors happening on the river.

"If you look down on a river, you'll lose it."

Therefore, handcrafting is essential to properly use water quality.

"The King of Green Forest."


Cho Seung said as if he was sorry.

"In my humble opinion, I think it would be a good idea to have people with spears on the edge of the ship."

"A spear"?

"Yes……. When you fall into the water, you can't see anything, so you don't care about the enemy line or anything. I have to live and see."


Im Sobyong looked at Cho Seung as if he was having fun.

"That's a good idea. I will."

"Thank you!"

Cho Seung quickly bent down.

Although he has not been so polite to the owner of Daegyeong Chae, Im Sobyong is a giant who can't even compare to the owner of Zanpo Blackfish. Isn't he like King Black Dragon, the Emperor of the Long River?

Just because King Greenlim accepted his opinion, I am so happy that my body is burning.

"That's pretty smart.”

"Go, thank you.""Chaejoo doesn't look so smart. I'm sure you've been through a lot of work.

"…a little bit……….”

"Do you have any intention of working for me?"

"What? Can I?”

"Oh, for your information, you won't have a choice. Maybe if you don't come under me, you'll be dragged by him and you'll live in hell for the rest of your life."

At Im Sobyong's words, Cho Seung-yi turned blankly. Chung-Myung rose above the ship and roared with anger.

"Hahahaha! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!


Cho Seung, who turned his head again with a blank expression, fell flat on his face.

"If you'll accept it, I'll be in trouble."

"I'm glad you're quick to judge. Let's change our clothes first. He doesn't remember people's faces, so he might just beat them up as soon as he sees them."


"Tsk tsk tsk. It's all over the place."

The bandit leader blamed the master for being brutal, but no one on the ship thought it was strange.

It was really sad.

"Whoo, retreat!"

"Go back to the collection! You'll never get it here!"

Survivors began to spin their boats with all their might.

This is where the unbelievable sight of the bandits fleeing to the land to escape bandits and monks living in the mountains actually takes place.

"Hey, you bastards!"

"Take us with you!"

"Oh, my God…."

Those who were being baptized with arrows in the water looked at the boat moving away with desperate eyes. Retreat, it can happen whenever the tide is at a disadvantage, but where would one do it if nearly half of the people were drowning and they abandoned it?

"Hey, now we're all dead...….”

to have no solution

Those who climb into enemy lines to survive immediately fall off the spear. Now it's either drowning or being hit by an arrow. I don't know if anyone managed to swim to the riverside, but it would be a minority.

The very moment of despair in the eyes of the enemies.

"Are those bastards running away.

An angry voice exploded over the river.

"Follow them! Follow them!"

"Be clear of the remnants…"….”

"I'm sure and I'm sorry, go after them! Why don't you move fast?"

"Go, here we go. They're all going after them, leaving them alone! No! Stop shooting, you bastards! Go after him!"

The folded oars come down again and the ships begin to move forward.

"If you fall behind, you'll die! Come on!"


The boat on the green forests escapes between the sinking ships and begins to advance at full speed. In the meantime, the green forests, which had been on the red line, quickly got back on board.

"Did you boil the larva and eat it? Why are you so slow?"

"Ji, I'm doing my best right now."

"The best? No, the only thing you do is plunder and row, can't you do it right? And you're going to make a living? Why, do you want me to stop eating?"

"Ji, I'll speed up right now!"

"Hurry up!"

Sujeok rushed into the cabin. The number, who grabbed the rod installed in the cabin and went down to the floor at once, burst out.

"Bba, stir it! Come on, guys! If he comes down into the labyrinth, we'll all be beaten to death!"

Who doesn't know who that person is?


"Master, hit the drum! Quick!"

Boom, boom, boom, boom boom! Boom boom boom!

The sound of the master sitting at the front of the furnace drumming began to get faster. Then, the old men who caught the oars rowed faster and faster to the sound.It is hard to row because it is more than you can imagine, but it is still surprisingly fast because they are unmanned people who have mastered their skills.

"Hurry up! Faster!"



Even with fear added, the men who caught the oars rowed almost to the point of throwing up blood. The boat began to move at a formidable pace, with the sound of a broken row.


Chung-Myung nodded pleasedly. The distance between the fleeing ships was narrowing.

"Let's go!"

Chung-Myung, on the leading ship, pulled out a sword and pointed forward.

Soon, the escaped ships were seen anchoring almost as if they were hitting a reed-filled island.



Whoo! Whoosh!

The boats that hit the sandbanks in a thunderous sound and slant over.

"Come on, wait! Hey, turn it down! Slow down! Stop, you bastards!

Of course, a ship that has already gained speed cannot be stopped at once.

"Chu, it's crashing!"

"Hold tight! Hold tight! No, I'd rather jump!"

"Ahhhhh! What the hell is this, crazy!"

The oars were desperately lowered, but there was no way they could stop the ship.

Chung-Myung smiled pleased as he saw the enemy approaching at a rapid pace.

"Was that a little too much.

(sighs) (sighs) (sighs)

A ship carrying Chung-Myung literally smashed into the back of the enemy ship.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You son of a b*tc*!

The mournful voice left by Cho Seung, who rose to the sky after failing to overcome the aftermath of the collision, resonated faintly over the flowing river.