Chapter - 774 Episode 774, if you fall behind, you'll die! (4)



Ganampyeong, the Chaeju Takryu Office of Cheongsachae, a new watercolumn that took control of the island in the middle of the Janggang River, frowned at the sight of boats coming ashore.

The ships he had sent out were being chased and thrown into a sandbar. This means that there is no room to stop the ship by moderately reducing the speed.

Enemies are following at a tremendous rate.

a lost battle

At least Susan had to admit that she was completely defeated.

His men scurried down from the sloping boat and crawled ashore.

"For God's sake."

Anyone can tell it's a loser.

If the opponents were those who had mastered watercolors or watercolors, this defeat can be understood. His men aren't properly trained, either.

But aren't they bandits by all accounts?

Those who use the name numerically are being chased by bandits who have never soaked their feet in the water.….

I considered various situations based on this natural fortress, but I didn't think such a ridiculous situation would happen.

"Oh, what do I do?"

"What do you mean, what do you mean, what do you mean?"

Ganampyeong points toward the ship with his chin.

"That's the only way they're bandits. Catch them all and kill them!"

"Ha, but...….”

When Su-ha looked at him with trembling eyes, Ga Nam-pyeong's eyes became slightly thinner.

"Or are you going to run away? On this island?"


"The same goes for drowning and fighting. If you really want to live, tell him to knock down one more!"

"Oh, I see!"

With his head bent down, the water ran toward the river with all its might. Ganampyeong snorted briefly.

"You idiots.”

"It's natural that you've gathered your men."

Ga Nam-pyeong turned his eyes slightly to the voice he heard.

There was a cold-looking man wrapped around his whole body in black blood.

"Who was the one who asked you to gather them?”

"Who would have imagined that Noklim would intervene?”

"For God's sake!"

The person who was talking to Ganampyeong was the one who attacked the special ticket to the galaxy the other day. A deep scar on the face proved the fact.

"What are you going to do now?"

"Let's fight."

He spoke in a nonchalant way.

"Or throw it all away and run away."


Ganampyeong gritted its teeth.

"Black hair. This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't impulsed yourself."

"What do you mean by impulse? Making watercolors? Or did you want to attack the ticket?

A man called the Black Mochi licked his lips with his tongue out.

Either way, you agree after all. But now it's a little unfair if you're only going to hold me accountable."

"The cocky one……".”

Ganampyeong stared at the black fur with poisonous eyes.

It must have been bizarre if anyone saw it.

Watercolors are basically vertical structures. As rough people gathered, the strictness of the top-down relationship was often more than that of prestigious political factions. However, the current attitude of the Black Mo towards Ga-nam-pyeong was clearly far from that of the watercolour's watercollector toward Chae-ju.

"If it were good, all the riches and glory would be yours. Isn't it?"

"What do you want to say?"

"I mean, right comes with responsibility. If what you're trying to get is big, then you're going to have to deal with it."


Ganampyeong's eyes quickly cooled. Looking at his eyes, he looked as if he was about to attack the black cap.

"You don't have to be so excited. It's an opportunity.”


"They were fighting in the mountains anyway. You won't be too familiar with landing battles. If we keep them all under water, the reputation of the watercolors will rise and there will be more to be gained."“…….”

"All we have to do is get over this crisis."

"You're talking like a horse.”

When the sarcastic answer came back, the black hair's eyes narrowed for a moment.

"I don't want you to be so perverse. Who helped you get the lightning gun, gather the boats, and make the watercolour? Who else has given up the position of chief of the watercolors that he created?"


"Don't forget. I'm the one who has done you a favor."


A sharp trident protruded from the sleeve of the black hair. The black mochi, who grabbed the trident, turned away while staring at Ganampyeong.

"If you drag on, you miss the timing. Let them know that landing is the most dangerous."

Without waiting for an answer, he looked at a black hat heading to the water, and Ganampyeong stared at it without blinking. The sound of a new grinding of teeth leaked out.

"Pretend to be good."

If it weren't for his reputation, he wouldn't have the ability to make water!


Ganampyeong pulled out the waistline.

a near-sword form rather than a dorge. It was a horizontal view where only one side of the iron stretched straight without bending.

"I'll kill you all!"

Ganampyeong ran to the water with his eyes open.

"Get off the ship!"

"Bring it on!"

"Kill them all!"

The ship Chung-Myung was riding on crashed into the ship in front of him because he couldn't slow down, but not many idiots repeated the same thing.

Of course, not much means not very much.… Anyway, most ships slowed down and stopped safely by the water.

Splash! Splash!

The green forests that jumped off the ship immediately burst into the island.

"Hey, guys? You've got a little bit of a camp.….”



"I'll turn them all into water ghosts!"

Im Sobyong was speechless and sighed deeply.

'My fate.'

Military law first begins with training soldiers to follow directions. Unfortunately, however, the bandits here were more like the worst in the world to follow such orders.

This means that there is a reason why the kings of green forest have been simply beating physical waves and destroying them with force.

What would those who are patient enough to follow instructions in the first place be stuck in a deserted mountain to do?

And this was the limitation of green forests themselves, which did not deviate much from the green vegetables that only had the elite of green forests.


"Let's go!"


Chung-Myung, who took the lead, stirred Ho Gong with a knife to boost the spirits of the greenlings.


Is it an illusion that the shapes of the green islands that follow along with the repetition look a few times more energetic than Im Sobyong's lead?


As Chung-Myung stormed away from the lead, Hwasan's disciples followed, and the greenlings began to sweep vulnerable (?) enemies like hungry tigers.

It's a hell of a situation.

There was no way of expressing it except that.

Arrogants waiting on the island were frightened by the sight of the ship rushing off and being thrown into the sandbank, and were frightened by the sight of the ship's flood of water rushing away.

In the meantime, can the pursuers come to their senses as they rush into the mountains?

Although there was a difference in strength to the extent that even if they fought properly, it could not have been a fight because they were pushed back from the start.

"Hahahahaha! You little bastards! How dare you touch Hwasan?"I'll make sure you pay for it!"

Jo-Gol looked back at Yoon-Jong in embarrassment at the voices coming from the left and right.

"… Aren't they green forests?"

"What do you care? d*mn it! Die! You men of numbers!"

Jo-Gol opened his mouth wide as he saw Yoon-Jong running with his eyes open.

"Uh…… that's my role. Let's go together!"

Yun-jong, who had a knitted tooth, teased the sword.


His sword lay among his enemies more violently than usual. The moment he ran for the next prey, who knocked down several enemies in an instant.

"You son of a b*tc*!"

A big rave erupted from the back. And one of the men, distinct from previous numbers, ran straight toward Yoon-Jong.

"I'll take you off your leash!"

Then Yoon-jong's eyes exuded a blueish air.


Park Chan-Yoon jumped head-on toward the number where Park Chan-jong rushed to the ground.


It was hard to be embarrassed by the face of the enemy, who rushed in, whether he had expected to face it from the front.

The fleeting Yun-Jong sword flew into the face of the enemy like a ray of light.


Kaga River!

The enemy managed to clear Yun-jong's sword. However, the bounced Yoon-Jong's sword moved faster than the first time, hitting the waterway once again.


The powerful blow pushed the waterway back.

Then Yun-Jong's sword, which was swung, cut across the chest of the enemy.



Yoon-jong, who kicked the moaning enemy's stomach, shouted loudly.



"You too, pull yourself together and fight right!"

"Yes, yes, death penalty!"

Jo-Gol comes to his senses and wields a sword.

Perhaps the fact that these guys had taken away the people seemed to have made Yoon-Jong very angry. If you get caught in the wrong situation, you will be scolded for a whole month.

It was then.

"Sasook, lead the way! Keep the left side of the accident!"

"Got it!"


"SoSo! Get behind the boarding house!"


Chung-Myung gestured here and there and shouted at the green trees.

"Push me!"


The green forests rushed with courage.


Chung-Myung, who looked at the battlefield situation in moderation, sneaks down the sword.

The battle is already over.

A large-scale battle is usually won by a person who has once gained momentum. In particular, in places that do not ride on these terrain, the results of electricity are often the same.

Then there is no need for him to step up and steal the prey of the death penalty.

"I'm going to try and make them experience it.’

Everything he said in Hwasan wasn't empty. For the time being, dragging was enough, but now that's not enough. You have to experience more and more.

By the way...….’

Chung-Myung, who was lost in thought for a moment, looked around with a strange look.

It's simpler than I thought.’

The scale of the watercolors seems quite large, but I didn't feel threatened at all when I had a hand-to-hand fight a while ago and now. The lightning gun was definitely a threat, but these guys were almost scarecrow-like.

These guys made a watercolour and touched Hwasan?

"…Is it because you're new?"

In reverse, a powerful watercolour would have already been in the watercolour. It's even stranger if the watercolors that just sprung up have power.

You might think they're not cool enough to mess with both people and pick up Hawasan without thinking about it, but...….

'It's oddly uncomfortable.’

It was a moment of agonizing over the source of the discomfort."Argh!"

Chung-Myung's head was lifted by a loud scream that burst out from the front. It was something different from the screams I've heard so far.


In the place where the scream broke out, a man half the height of others stood with a long crosswalk. And the bandits who were trying to deal with him were all over the place, bleeding down.

The man shouted in a ferocious spirit.

"What are you doing? Turn your back! There's no place to run! If you don't want to die, fight to the end!"


At a glance, he looks a little different in skills.

"Is it Chaeju?"

Hagi, even if there is no doubt, the head will have the power to attract this many people.

Now, who do you want to send...….


However, before Chung-Myung even began to worry, someone lightly flew Ho Gong and landed in front of Ganampyeong.

"…what is it?"

"Hwasan의 Yoo-Esul."

She pointed at Ganampyeong's neck with the sword tip and spoke quietly.

"That neck, I'll take it.

Ganampyeong's face was horribly distorted.