Chapter - 775 Episode 775, if you fall behind, you'll be dead! (5)

"You arrogant b*tc*...….”

Who wouldn't be angry if a young prosecutor, who doesn't seem to have lived in half, said such a thing right in front of his eyes?

The eyes of Ganampyeong began to glisten.

"Let's see if you can say the same thing when your whole body is hit with eggs."

There was a cold tension between the two.

"Well, that's....”

Before I knew it, Cho Seung, who was right next to Chung-Myung, said in a trembling voice.

"Big, big, big, no, stamp! I think we need to stop him."


"Why are you here?" Chung-Myung tilted his head.


"The author is Ga, Ga Nam-pyeong. The Takryu government building, Ganampyeong! He's quite a famous master in the Janggang area.


"He is good at writing like a ghost, and he is famous for his craftsmanship. I tried to recruit him from various sources of water, but he refused all the offers, saying he didn't want to go under others. I've heard that……. I didn't expect you to make your own watercolors.….”

Cho Seung's face, swallowing dry saliva, was full of tension and nervousness.

"That Ga Nam-pyeong is on a different level than the wandering nuns of the Janggang River. In the past, when I had a quarrel with a master of the old faction, I killed him and avoided the pursuit of the old faction. That's how strong and dangerous it is."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes! I was wondering how the new watercolors got so many people..."There must have been people who raised them separately."


Chung-Myung looks at Ganampyeong with strange eyes.

"You don't look like a great man."

"That's a question for me, too. As far as I know, Ga Nam-pyeong was a man of great prowess but not of great ability.…when did you make this arrangement...….”

"Does he have a lot of money?"


"Are you rich?"

"…What money would a romantic have?"


Chung-Myung's eyes have narrowed significantly.

A man with no money saved so many guns, and he was feeding this many people?’

If the watercolors start to go back on their own, they may have to earn their own money, but at first, they have to bring the money in.

But you're rolling this big on the subject of a new watercollection?

"It doesn't make sense without a pretty big purse."

Chung-Myung tapped my cheek.

"Well, that's what you're going to find.…. More than that, the terrain here is quite strange. I thought it was some kind of island, but it's really an island.”

"Do, stamp! It's not the time for you to see that. He's going to die."

"Who? The accident? Or is he from Nampyeong or Namsaeng?”


Chung-Myung grinned.

"You worry about everything. Accidents are not the kind of people who will lose to them if they show their skills."

"Do, I think it's because you don't know much about Ga-nam-pyeong."….”

"Are you familiar with our accidents?"


"It's the same thing you don't know about Picha?”

Doubts crossed Cho Seung's face. Chung-Myung shrugged when he saw his face asking what nonsense it was.

"Do, Do-jang, are you sure you're all right?"

"Are you all right?"

Then Chung-Myung tilted his head.

"Wait a minute."


"You're the one who flew away while swearing at me, aren't


"Ha ha. I almost forgot. Come here."


Sometimes…… the best of good will come back with a bad result.


Ganampyeong took a short breath and gave up.

Basically, it's more of a weapon than a cut. However, the horizontal view of Ganampyeong, which is close to the shape of a sword, was specialized for stabbing.Those who have mastered the craft should be mindful of what to fight in the water. Heavy, thick circles do not exert their power in the water.

Heavy weights are suitable for men who have a lot of hard work, and sharp stabbing weapons are suitable for men who have a lot of work to fight in the water.

His crossings were a weapon considering both sides.


Every time he moved, a ghastly noble voice erupted through a hole at the end of the province.

Ganampyeong, which stabbed the province at a formidable speed, repeatedly re-threw the province. a dozen quick cuts It was incredibly sophisticated and powerful to be that of a woman.

Having a reputation throughout the vast Janggang River, which runs halfway through the middle of the country, means that skills are guaranteed. And Ga Nam-pyeong's province was proving that his reputation was not mixed with exaggeration.



The outstretched side could not stretch further in front of Yoo-Esul. It was as if he had deliberately stopped right in front of her neck if anyone didn't know.

However, while Ga Nam-pyeong's expression was distorted, Yoo-Esul's expression was rather calm. I meant that the situation was different from what it seemed.

"You punk!"

I was more careful in the eyes of Ganampyeong.

Just look at half of it's just half of 'em.

Yoo-Esul was stepping back half a step away from his reach every time he stretched out the side. He is completely aware of the trajectory he creates, and is neutralizing his morals with minimal movement without wasting any money.

It was unthinkable without perfect conviction and boldness about the self-expanding health care.

The fact that he is showing such composure against himself has further distorted Ga Nam-pyeong's mood.

But rather than getting angry, he caught his breath. Losing reason on the battlefield is more dangerous than putting your neck in the enemy's sword.

'That way, he's a young man with little experience.’

The number of days alone determined the opponent's skills. Ten fights and he'll win a couple of times at most.

But isn't it experience and experience that creates those couple of times with a ten percent chance?


The province of Ganampyeong once again penetrated Yoo-Esul's neck.

Yoo-Esul steps back half a step beyond his reach with light footwork.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

There were a series of stabbing that even seemed meaningless.

The ear-splitting necropolis and the invisible quick stabbing connection. It was an attack that was rough and colorful but seemed devoid of substance.


Then Chung-Myung, who was looking at the scene, smiled strangely.

"You're being petty.”

Even when he heard that, Han Yang Ga-nam-pyeong once again stretched his legs, shining with his eyes. This time, Yoo-Esul was bitten back as if it was natural.

At that moment, however, the level of Ga-nampyeong, which should have stopped in the middle, seemed to increase in length, and in an instant, it flooded Yoo-Esul's neck. Yoo-Esul, who opened his eyes wide, flew back without delay.


Hana didn't let her step down easily. A sharp earthenware ejected flew into her neck at a formidable speed.

Yoo-Esul swung a sword like an island war to block my way.Kaga gaga gak!

The pottery that hit the sword made the sound of scratching the iron and slid sideways.


He avoided injury, but the history of pottery was enough to leave Yoo-Esul with a dull pain in his wrist.


Ganampyeong rushed straight ahead without giving him time to relax. Then he kicked the sand under his feet. The sand flew with the force to cover Yoo-Esul.


The expressionless Yoo-Esul's face smeared with a glimmer of embarrassment.

And Baek Cheon, who saw the scene, was also embarrassed.

'What the hell's going on between you and me?…?’

Of course, I'm not a pushover, but Yoo-Esul now seemed to be unable to show his skills because of something, not because of his skills.

Just looking at Yoo-Esul's face, which was calm and cool in any situation, is embarrassing.

"It's a street."


Baek Cheon asked back without turning a blind eye to Chung-Myung's voice.

"The sound from that hole at the end. That's a negative sound. If you keep listening to that sound, the inside shakes."


"And that guy, he's been adjusting the distance. I'm messing up my eyes and ears at the same time. He's smarter than I thought.

That's why they kicked up the sand.

You wouldn't think such tricks would work for someone as Yoo-Esul in Ganampyeong. But why don't you think all those things accumulate? If you constantly shake your ears and keep confusing your vision, you will eventually make a mistake.


"There's nothing dirty about fighting. It's a hundred times better to live a miserable life than to die clean."


Baek Cheon nodded silently. Although I criticized him reflexively, I had to agree with him from the perspective of having experienced numerous real-life battles.

"What do you say? You don't have to go help?”

"Don't talk nonsense."

When Chung-Myung implied, Baek Cheon firmly cut it.

"It's not that bad of a deal."


Chung-Myung quietly rolled up the corners of his mouth.

"How do you like it?"

Ganampyeong roared like a criminal. This was not evidence of excitement. Loud voice is also a way to confuse Yoo-Esul.

There are two ways to win against a better player. To be stronger or to bring the other person down to the same position as you.

It is one of the most enduring histories in Sapa to confuse the opponent by attaching bells to the province.

His kaleidoscope is such an advanced form of anarchy. Whenever he moves, a sound wave with a history naturally emits from the province, causing the opponent's inner space to be shaken.

If you have a lot of experience with Safa's ignorance, you will find a way to deal with it, but there is no way that a young prosecutor in front of you will have such experience.

In addition, if it was natural to exchange only the best attacks neatly, he would be embarrassed by his intention to spread out differently and with different powers each attack by attack.

As proof of that...


Yoo-Esul's arm just below his shoulder brushed past his province. The split garment soon slowly turned red blood.


Another wound also appeared on the side.

The province, which had not even been touched before, was now firmly touching Yoo-Esul's body.

A little more.

You have to be careful when hunting.

At times like this, one can be devastated by a clumsy counterattack that pushes one's mood forward. Time is on his side, so you don't have to hurry and catch it slowly.I'll kill you first!

It was hard to live a cold life in the eyes of Ganampyeong.


It was the moment when Ga Nam-pyeong stabbed the sword again, adding its history to the shouting.


Before his reach reached its limit, it was twisted, bumping into Yoo-Esul's sword.


However, Ga Nam-pyeong did not panic and calmly recovered and threw it out again.


But it's the same this time.

Before reaching out, Yoo-Esul's sword preempted the trajectory that Do should draw and pushed it away.


No matter how many times you stretch yourself, the same thing happens every time. Yoo-Esul stretched out his sword as if he knew it and bounced it off before half of the province was extended.

Ghanampyeong, who stepped back in fright, looked at Yoo-Esul with astonished eyes. She spoke with a look of insensitivity again.

"I got it."


"Sound, distance, sense. It's only meaningful when all the degrees are stretched to the end to end.

"What, what……."

So you're gonna knock it out before it reaches out?

Does that make any sense?

For such a thing to be possible, the author's sword must be at least twice as fast as Ga Nam-pyeong's.


It means that a sword that has been stretched out late since the attack began flies a greater distance than his province.

"That, that can't happen! Whoops!"

Ga Nam-pyeong screamed and stabbed him once again. This scream was not a phonograph. It was literally a shriek of desperation.

Can! Can! Can!

But his province still couldn't follow its course to the end. Every time he stabbed himself, the sword that flew like a ghost bounced off one after another.

He squeezed out all of his history and stabbed Do faster, but that sword is still ahead of time where his do is headed.


Now, Ganampyeong's movement to stab the wrong side seemed similar to a seizure.

If you're going to stop it, you're going to have to force it out of here.

There's nothing to be traced back to. That little...….

At that moment.

Round and round.

Yoo-Esul's body rotated and gently flowed the province of Ganampyeong to the side.

Then he stretched out his sword, swimming lightly like a butterfly.

The world flows slowly.

Ganampyeong, who felt his destiny, realized one thing at that moment.


I can't see the black fur.

Apparently, there was nowhere else in the battlefield where he joined the battlefield to fight before him.

'Oh, where?'

to have none

A black-haired man would have stood out everywhere. But not only did he not see his men who joined him when he made the watercolour.

"You son of a b*tc*……."


Yoo-Esul's sword cut through Ganampyeong's throat before the horse could finish.


Without any noise, the throat of Ganampyeong soared to Ho Gong.

In the twirling world, Ganampyeong was clearly seen.

the other side of the island

The sight of a group of black capes moving away from the island, leaving themselves on the waterway of the Janggang River.

'You tricked me...'

The world quickly turned dark.

Anger and hatred belong to the living.

He did not deserve to be angry anymore.