Chapter - 776 Episode 776, if you fall behind, you're dead! (6)


The sound of the cut head being stuck in the sandbar was eerie enough.

It wasn't that loud, but I could hear it clearly in everyone's ears who was fighting in this wide area.

"Chae, Chaeju…….”


Chae-ju is dead.

It's not the hands of a man who was running wild a little while ago, but the hands of others. What the fact meant was too obvious.

Mo, you can't win.

God d*mn it, I shouldn't have come here.’

Basically, the mainstay of the new building, whether it's a living or watercolour, is those who have clumsy skills, those who don't belong elsewhere, or those who have sinned and fled.

There is no such thing as loyalty to such people, so they had no will to fight more when Chaeju died. Only fear and confusion spread.

The enemies' eyes were filled with despondency and despair.

Thinking that the atmosphere was ripe, Chung-Myung grinned and stepped forward.

"It's all gone……..”

"Throw away your weapons. I will spare those who surrender."


Chung-Myung looked back with his eyes wide open.

Before I knew it, Baek Cheon was shouting forward.

"Be prepared to give up your life if you resist! I won't warn you twice! Drop the weapon!"

The stern voice shook the enemy's body and looked at each other's eyes.

In fact, Chae-ju's death is just symbolic. Regardless of his life or death, the game had already been decided. The odds of them winning didn't exist in the first place.

Realizing that, they quickly threw their weapons and lay flat on the floor.

"What? You're going to save me again.

"I'll just kill them all! What good would it be to keep these bastards alive?"

Then there was a strange situation in which the bandit complained that all the numbers had to be killed.

If it were Chung-Myung, I would have seen such bandits first, but Baek Cheon was someone who knew the least courtesy of those who helped them.

"I want to avoid useless killing.”

"Well, you're a monk, I suppose."

The bandits nodded and backed down as if they were convinced.

In the first place, they were in a position to simply support them, and they did not achieve great results in this battle to raise their voices. I've uploaded almost everything about Chung-Myung who is shaking next to Baek Cheon.

"Throw down your weapons, you bastards!"

"Huh? Is this rebellious?"

Most surrendered immediately, but some of them fought to the end.

If it were Hwasan's disciples who surrounded them, they might have tried somehow to subdue them without killing them. But now it's the greenlings that surround them. He could not be so merciful as to save those who resisted.



In an instant, those who had penetrated the province collapsed as they died. Only after seeing that, those who had held weapons until the end hurriedly surrendered.


Baek Cheon's mouth hardened as he watched the scene.

I'm telling you, it's so simple.

It was definitely difficult for them, but it took less than a day to clear two watercolors and subdue them since Chung-Myung appeared.

'It's so frustrating.’

This simple thing is...….

No, actually, it's not a simple thing to think about. If all this had actually been simple, would there be any reason to sit back and watch?

It's the other way around.

It's not simple, it's simple because it's Chung-Myung.In retrospect, all they went through was the rugged and esoteric things.

You fought with Jongnam, made friends with the Sacheondang family, visited the Beast Palace, and fought with the Magyo in the North Sea.

'It was all possible because of him.’

I thought I had a good understanding of that already. In retrospect, however, his disciples, including Baek Cheon, have underestimated Chung-Myung's skills, focusing only on the armed part.

"Why are you so sullen?”


Then Baek Cheon looked back at the sudden voice. Chung-Myung was watching with a curious look.

"I won."

"……uh, yeah."

Chung-Myung smirked as Baek Cheon replied dismally.

'I'm sure you've realized it.

It's a good thing to improve your skills, and most of all, it's important.

But the most important thing in real life is to create a situation where I can show my skills. Oh Gum's biggest mistake this time was not in the Janggang River, but in a hurry to move. Nor did he give the enemy a chance to win.

He was taken to a situation where he could not fully demonstrate his skills.

And this is my mistake.’

Watching this situation, I felt the meaning of what Hyun Jong said.

The existence of Chung-Myung was a great fortune for them, but it was also a great obstacle.

No, man! If you have an idea, say something and move! Or at least move with common sense. You fly all by yourself, poke this way, poke that way! What about the man who follows if he flips every time like that?

You're making a lot of noise, man!

Danbo was sometimes grumpy, too.

Dangbo, the elder of the party, had a hard time following Chung-Myung on the battlefield, and his students, not to mention his experience and skills, were they?

Learning is meaningful only when it is understood. be dragged around without understanding You don't learn from watching, you develop inertia.

It is Chung-Myung's favorite way to find out the best way to find the enemy and identify it according to the situation at the scene. Baek Cheon also moved in that way because he saw and felt something in his own way, but unfortunately, Baek Cheon and the other Oh Gum are not Chung-Myung.

This situation occurs when you imitate Chung-Myung's way of finding the flow sensibly through numerous battles.

It would have been much better if Baek Cheon had been careful in his own way. This time, excessive motivation is more like causing anger.

Chung-Myung didn't blame the Ogum because he knew the whole process.

"Failure is a pain in the neck, but...…and in the end, I've benefited.'

As long as you survive without dying, all experience must be an asset. This failure will be blood and flesh for them.

And it was a necessary failure for them.

'Cause we're gonna have to lead and fight.’

Chung-Myung's eyes sink slightly.

So far, they have been able to fight on their own. But from now on, the scale of the battle they will face will grow. And in the absence of Chung-Myung, they will lead others and fight more.

If it had failed too late, the damage would have been indescribable, and it was fortunate that I could experience it in advance and reflect on myself.

"Hey, boarding house."


"Everything needs to be done properly. It's not over yet, is it?"“…….”

Baek Cheon, who was staring at Chung-Myung, nods.

"You're right."

And said, looking back at the watercolour.

"I'm going to finish organizing."

He immediately called in the disciples of Hwasan.

"First of all, rescue the people who have been caught in the water. There may be people who have become weak, so Soso will take care of their condition immediately."

"Yes, Sa-suk!"

"And make sure the student of the missing ghost gate is here. There may be prisoners. Sang will interrogate his enemies to see if there are more hostages other than here."

"Okay, death penalty."


Baek Cheon nodded as he heard a quick return.

'I've been on a roll.’

I always had more results than my skills. So at some point, he believed that it was all his ability.

I pretended to be humble, but I wasn't.

The biggest mistake is neither losing nor making mistakes. You learn nothing from defeat and mistakes."


"I'll reflect on myself first. So don't forget what you've learned from this.”


As the priests nodded with serious eyes, a light smile bloomed around Baek Cheon's mouth.

"Oh, you're pretending to be cool."


Although he disappeared faster than he did when he bloomed because of his mean voice.

* * *


A black hat, which had swam for a long time to a place where the island could hardly be seen, walked ashore.

The island that had left was now almost a dot.

"The battle is over, right?"

One of his followers asked, glancing back.

"I suppose so."

"Then the Takryu Office must be dead, too.”

Black hair twisted the corners of his mouth and laughed, stealing his soaked face with his sleeve.

"You idiot. You wouldn't doubt it until the end."

"How could I have doubted it. Isn't it true that you brought that expensive bag of lightning and ships?"

"…It's a shame to think about it."

These are things that you need to spend a lot of money on, such as a lightning gun or a ship. Those things sank on the riverbed, so it was a waste.

But it doesn't matter. It wasn't even his in the first place.

"I don't know. It's going to happen anyway."

The black hat kicked its tongue and shook its head.

Considering the things that went into making that watercolour, it's like pouring raw money into the riverbed. It was hard for him to understand why he was doing this.

"I just need the money."

"That's true."

The head of the black fur turned to another voice, not Su-ha's. A man was walking out of the forest from the river.

The black hat, which was looking with a slightly wary eye, quietly opened its mouth.

"You didn't have to come out to meet me.….”

"I've been here because things seem to be going faster than I thought."

"There's nothing to worry about. We've taken care of it as instructed."

"I suppose so.”

The door-shaped man facing the black hat nodded with a cold face.

"Do you need confirmation?”

"Do you really need to?"

He took something out of his sleeve and stuck it out to the black hat.

"Here it is."

The black hat carefully picked up the paper he had given out and opened it.

"This is a confirmation slip issued by Jungwon Electric Power Station. I sent the money to the place you designated. If you add up the advance you gave me the other day, it'll be exactly what you promised.”

"…I'm sure."

The nodding black hat folded the paper well and clapped in his arms.

"You can take it yourself.”

"You don't know what's going to happen in the world, do you? You have no choice but to be careful of everything for a little fish like me. Please understand.""It's not that I don't understand. As you say, everything should be prudent."

The man nodded lightly and continued.

"Then the deal is over.”

"Yes, thank you."

"What are you going to do now?"

"I will wash my hands as promised, and I will not step into Kang Ho. I'm going to take my money and go to a faraway country or spend the rest of my life stuck in the right wallpaper."

"There's credit.”

"People won't believe I'm talking about something, but it's good to be sure about things."

"That's why I found you."

There was a light smile around the mouth of the black hair.

"It's not a job to fool those guys into eating, but I think I got paid too much."

"It was worth it."

"May I ask why did you do this?"

Then the man of the literary style brought his index finger to my lips.

"Mouth calls for anger. There are things in the world that don't know is better."

"…I'll forget. No, I forgot."

"Yeah, well, you did a great job. Goodbye."

"Yes. Good-bye…"….”

It was that moment.

The love of the blood pressure!

Dozens of rain poured out of the forest where the man came out at a tremendous rate, and it was precisely stuck in the necks of those standing by the water.



Those who held their necks with their eyes wide open shook and fell to the spot.


Black hair looked down at my chest with a blank face. His chest also had a short visor almost stuck to the handle.

Slowly raising his head, he opened his mouth in a trembling voice as he looked at the man standing in front of him.


"Didn't you say that?"

The door-to-door man replied in an emotionless voice.

"It's better to be sure about everything. But why should I leave your mouth behind?"

"…do, money has already…"….”

"It's not like that. Oh, of course there's no doubt. I sent you the money. And you don't have to worry about your family coming looking for it. I promise you I won't touch you with my name. Your family will have a comfortable rest of their lives.”


The black cap crumpled down on the spot. Sitting on his knees, he breathed heavily.

"Oh, you don't have to...….”

"It's a lot more important than you think. No one should know. Yeah, no one. So it's not as expensive as you worried. Considering the cost of your life.”


"Get some rest now.


The man spoke in a calm voice as the black hat collapsed in desperation.

"Cut the head and bury it separately, and throw the body into the river."

"Yes, military!"


The army of all men, Hoga Myong, cast a slightly complicated gaze toward the distant island.

"Recruitment. Recruitment.….”

Soon a twisted smile spread on his thin lips.

"If you sow, you have to harvest. Thanks to the Wasans, things will be easier.”

Hoga Myong turned around without hesitation.

"I'm going back before I get caught. Hurry up."


That's how the time passed.

There was no sign of a clean riverfront.

Only the indifferent river flowed haughtily.