Chapter - 778 Episode 778. Life is a pain. (2)

White smoke flowed out of the small incense burner constantly. Therefore, the interior was so full of white smoke that I couldn't even see ahead.

The languid breath rang slowly, and the smell of alcohol stinked horribly.

A strange atmosphere that seemed not to belong to King Inse wandered through the room where a faint light was revealed.

Shake shake. Shake shake.

At that time, a firm sound of footsteps that did not match the atmosphere came from outside, and soon a short, cold voice broke through the door.

"The ark is back from its mission."

There was no answer.

A man who had been waiting and silent for a long time issued a short order.

"Open it."

"Ha, but the ark...….”

"Open it."


When the door, which had been tightly closed, opened wide, white smoke filled the room was pushed out.

Hoga Myong frowned at the scent that stimulated the tip of her nose.


After a little smoke went away, I could see several people sleeping in the room. Among the spilled alcohol and the unconscious, a small brazier spewed smoke.

And in the middle of it, on a large, rather unnatural gold needle, fell the man he knew.

Hoga Myong sighed quietly.

"Get up."

Those who fell asleep sprawled out didn't seem to have heard him, and there was no movement.

"We'll see if you'll keep sleeping even if you lose your voice."

How did you manage to hear that?

One by one, those who raised their heads found Hoga Myong standing in front of the door and trembled in contemplation.

"Former, sir...….”

"Get out of here."


They woke up in a frightened hurry. As they tried desperately to move, as if they were still sober, they rolled the floor, tangled up, and made a big mess.

Hoga Myong sighed and ordered them to rush out of the room.

"Get rid of the brazier."

"Yes, sir."

Those who followed him entered the room and carefully carried out the furnace.

Then, he skillfully removed the floor and opened the windows and doors wide to ventilate as if he had already done it many times.

"That's enough."


No sooner had Hoga Myong finished than they bent down and left the room in perfect order.

Hoga Myong finally stepped inside and stood in front of the gold needle.

"My lord."


"My lord."


Jang Nilso, who was lying on a gold needle that looked infinitely fluffy, slowly raised his head. Then I looked around with a frown.

"A pseudonym."

"Yes, my lord."

"It's cold. Close the door."

Jang Nilso pulled up the blanket and covered himself thoroughly. A deep sigh came out of Hoga Myong's mouth again.

"If you keep doing this in broad daylight, your dignity as an ark will not live."

"……You nag me as soon as you get here."

"That's what I told you.….”

"You're saying things you don't know. I don't like being bored. I know I have to wait, but I don't want to wait."

"You have to get up."


As Hoga Myeong came, Jang Nilso stopped whining and rolled up the blanket and sat there.

Then, the quarrels waiting outside stepped inside with caution. Jang Nilso accepted the offer and asked in his mouth as the first person to fight carefully with both hands.

"Don't get too carried away with the reverie."

"Okay, okay."

"I'm not saying this out of concern for the ark. What can you do with that kind of acting? But the others are different.""Don't you know? Yeah, you're getting more and more nagged."

Jang Nilso shook his hand and got sick of it.

Then Hoga Myong bowed his head as if to apologize.

Meanwhile, the quarrels clung to Jang Nilso's side and diligently groomed him. Soak silk in clean water from the basin, wipe Jang Nilso's face, and comb his messy hair thoroughly.

It was time for a quarrel to carefully wipe Jang Nilso's eyelid with silk.

"It hurts. Take it easy."

"Ba, ba, ark! Lord, for the sins of death...….”

At the moment, a blue-faced quarrel shivered like an asiatic tree and begged. At the sight, Jang Nilso lamented as if he was proud.

"Why are you shaking? Why? Who's going to eat you?"

"Now, I'm sorry! Please forgive me just once. Please……."

"…Are you new?”


Jang Nilso sighed and shook his head.

"I don't know what the new kids are hearing out there, so I don't know if they're starting the game if I cough in vainly.

"What would you have heard? I'm sure you heard it the way it is."

"Then there's no way I'm scared. Honey, don't be scared. I'm a caring person."

"Yes! Yes, my lord. Thank you so much...….”

Jang Nilso smiled lightly and tapped the tearful head of the quarrel over the joy of his life. Then slowly spread out his arms. The fights waiting in the back peeled off the white thread he wore.


Hoga Myong breathed low as she watched the scene unfold in front of her.

It was a perfect body indeed.

There was no way to explain Jang Nilso's bare body, which is usually covered with several layers of silk, except to say it was perfect.

The slightly skinny body was harmonized as if someone had carved it, and the solid muscles located in the body without any flab made even Hoga Myong, who had seen many fighters, admire it. It was amazing no matter how many times I saw it.

Sadly, however, no one would be interested in such a thing if they were new to the body. No, you wouldn't pay attention to that.

Before that, you'll be blinded by all the scars on that body.

At first glance, it looked as if dozens of black snakes were tangled and stuck together. A scar that looks like a cut in an animal's claws. A scar pierced by something sharp, and so on. Sword cut, province cut, joe scratched, hand ripped...….

All kinds of scars that existed in the world were completely etched throughout the body.

Jang Nilso, wearing a scar that even looked like a tattoo on purpose, stared at Hoga Myong, slowly blinking his drowsy eyes.

It was a terrible pressure. Hoga Myong, who has already brought Jang Nilso for more than a decade, also stopped breathing for a moment.

The true face of the defeated Jang Nilso, hidden behind the colorful silk clothes.

Each of his scars is engraved with the thorny path that Jang Nilso has walked so far. The path that Jang Nilso took, without a background, won the name of the defeated army with his bare hands, established a universal room, and raised the man to Shin Juopae's membership.

Jang Nilso's silky, soft-washed quarrels began to dress him.

Wearing a blood-red robe embroidered with golden dragons, he puts a gold crown on his head. And wear the papples on both wrists and fingers. Finally, it was not until Hoga Myong applied red lip rouge that Jang Nilso, a defeated soldier familiar with, was completed."Well."

Jang Nilso, who leaned on the bedside slanting in his usual fancy outfit, glanced at Hoga Myong.

"Yeah. What happened?"

"Hwasan destroyed a watercolumn."


Jang Nilso started giggling, covering his mouth with one hand.

"Well, those kids are quick-tempered, too. I knew you'd come, but I didn't expect you to move so fast."

"Thanks to you, I've moved things forward. The Hwasan Divine Dragon, which destroyed Daegyeong Chae, destroyed even the black vegetables."

"…so soon?"

"Something a little different happened than I expected. The Hwasan Divine must have dragged green forests, not Hwasan."

"Oh, my God, what did he really feed on?"

Jang Nilso shook his head as he guessed the situation with only a few reports.

"It's like a viper, like a viper. I'm going to get sick of it if you don't handle it wrong. Hmm. Yeah, that's great. What's the ending?

"I've done it neatly."

Jang Nilso clapped his tongue and reached out his hand, and the waiting quarrel carefully grabbed the glass filled with alcohol. He, who was kicking his tongue as if he was really sad, shook his head and sighed.

"Well, that's very unfortunate. Did you send enough money to your hometown?”

"The family has given me a fortune to live on for the rest of my life."

"Well done."

Jang Nilso took a sip of alcohol and twisted the corners of his mouth.

"It's a man's life that doesn't even have a penny in it's a man's life. But he gave his life in exchange for the gold, so it's not too unfair. Right?"

"Yes, I will, Ark."

"Or if there's a rumor that you've got money, the flies might get involved, so send some kids to crack it down."

"I will."

Hoga Myong answered with a slight bow.

This is Jang Nilso's way.

He thinks little of sacrificing someone for his purpose. But that's just too much to count. And when the calculation is over, even the fact is clearly forgotten.

The idea of those sacrificed for this project would have been wiped clean from Jang Nilso's head at this moment. Because he doesn't look back.

"It's faster than expected, but cleaner than expected. All right, that's how Hwasan works. Hahahahaha!"

Jang Nilso, who smiled as if he was having fun, suddenly rose to his feet.

"A pseudonym!"


"Send me the message you prepared!"

"Is it immediate? I think we still have to wait a little longer."

"Yeah, obviously the more ripe the more expensive it is. But sometimes if you overcook it, the fresh taste disappears. There's a good time for everything has its right timing.

Jang Nilso slowly scratched my lips with the tip of his index finger.

"It'll be filled by the time the message arrives. This is the right time."

"I will."


Jang Nilso's eyes were fluttering like a windy lantern.

"I've been waiting a long time. For a long time... for this moment. I'm sick and tired of waiting."

The smiling Jang Nilso's red lips were heard grinding.

There is nothing more painful about him than waiting. Nevertheless, he was more patient than anyone else in the world.

If you don't get what you want in a moment's haste, the pain of waiting will be more painful than nothing. Jang Nilso was a person who hated waiting but had to get what he wanted.

And finally.

The time has come to end this long wait."Thanks to Hwasan, we've got another ten years ahead of us. How can it not be pretty? That's right. That's what makes it worth spitting out the man who came into my stomach and letting him go! Hahaha!

The burst of ore echoed away from the foreground.

It was even more bizarre and bizarre with the jingling of his body.

A light smile also bloomed around Hoga Myong's mouth.

'The world will never guess.’

No, it doesn't matter if you find out.

A huge fire that burns mountains day after day, beginning with a small fire. Just throwing the embers into the dry bushes can burn the entire mountain.

Once the fire is set, the important thing is to put out the fire, not who set it up.

It's about to catch fire.

Kangho's bush is so dry that it's burning with just one small spark.

"We'll implement the next plan."


Jang Nilso's eyes are strangely shining.

"An alias, an alias."

"Yes, ark."

"What is the Hwasan Divine Dragon doing now?"

"…I'm stuck on the island and I'm not coming out."

"Keep an eye on it."


In an unexpected event, Hoga Myong looked up and saw Jang Nilso as if he was measuring his intention.

"He doesn't know what to do. Don't miss the tip of your fingers because it could turn things upside down."

A strange light came into Hoga Myong's eyes.

Wasn't this the end of Hawsan's role?’

I thought they had something to do and let it go. And now they have nothing more to do. But why does Jang Nilso's name come out of his mouth again?

Jang Nilso is the one who never looks back on the past.


For Jang Nilso, Hwasan is...No, the name Hwasan Sinryong didn't disappear after his role?

"What's the answer?"

"…I will, Ark."

"Okay. Shall we go see some flowers today?"

Jang Nilso stood up, hummed, and walked out. Hoga Myong's eyes, looking at the backside, were somewhat subdued.

I don't know.’

He was too small to completely guess what that giant would draw.