Chapter - 779 Episode 779. Life is a pain. (3)


The dusty Taoist struggled to move his feet into the mouth.

"Hey, is this the mouth?"


Hyun Jong quickly looked around.

How hard must it have been?

If Chung-Myung had arrived on time, there would have been nothing dangerous, but even so, the opponent is taken with that Jang Kang-soo. They are not affordable in a small number.

"Come on in!"

"Yes! Long story!"

But now they are no longer a minority.

Hwasan's forces from the island have just arrived with him in the Old River!

Of course, it's impossible for the Wasan faction to deal with all those Janggangsuchae alone, but it's easy to wipe out watercolors or two. Now, Hwasan is no longer a weak third-class man on the island!

Hyun Jong's eyes shone strongly when he saw his students standing behind him.

"If you've touched the children, you'll make them pay! Let's go!"

"Yes, Jang Moon-in!"

The Hwasan disciples proudly entered the mouth, exuding a ferocious spirit.

"…What did you say?”

"Oh, it's over already, Jang Moon-in."


"Yes, I've wiped them all out."


Hyun Jong blinked his eyes blankly. The beggar who delivered the words looked at him with a sorry face.

"…Was the watercolour a very small place?"

"No way. It's one of the 18 Janggangsu houses."


"It's a place called Daegyeong Chae, which has its own name."


"Daebyolchae is green forest! Daegyeong Chae요, Daegyeong Chae!"

"……why do you name it alive and watercolors? It's not stir-fried vegetables."

"That's what it is…….Isn't it because you built it without thinking much?"


"Well, I don't know.”

When I tried to talk to Hyun Jong, who was mesmerized, the beggar shook his hand.

"Anyway, that Daegyeong Chae was smashed. He even smashed the new watercolors as well as the Daegyeong Chae. Now the mouth is all over the place."

Hyun Jong blinked his eyes again.




"Oh, I told you so!"

"Tell me what's going on."

"Oh, what happened was...…!”

After a while, Hyun Jong opened his mouth wide after hearing all the circumstances from the beggar of openness.

"……You dragged the greenlings?"

"Yes, it is, Jang Moon-in."

"…Green Island?"

"Yes, I am."

Hyun Jong's open jaw rattled as if it were about to fall out.

I mean…… the Taoist dragged his bandits and beat them up?

What the hell is this sound?

No, I understand, but...I understand given that he's Chung-Myung.….

I tried to force myself to understand something that I didn't understand, but I heard a whispering sound from behind my back.

"As expected, Chung-Myung."

"Actually, don't you think you look better together?"

"A little? No, it suits me a lot!"

"It's the same to make ends meet in the mountains, bandits and docs anyway."

It's not the same, guys!

Hyun Jong, who didn't know where to go between the frustrating absurdity and the strangely filling proudness, remembered what the first thing he had to ask was.

"So where are the children now?"

"Oh, that's what I'm saying...….”

There was a strange anxiety on Hyun Jong's face when he saw the expression of a bum who was disappointed.

* * *


Hyun Jong stared at the island across the street. There was an indescribable confusion in his eyes."What are you doing?"

"I think you're building something."

"No, it looks like ships are swarming."

"Why do you have to be there?"

"Well…… I'm sure you're doing something ridiculous.

I envy youth in times like this.

Hwasan's disciples were not particularly surprised at the bizarre sight. Because I already knew Chung-Myung enough and understood him enough.

'Why am I still not used to it.’

Then I could see a ship approaching this way from the other side.

"…it's a ship."

"No, maybe it's not a ship. Can a ship normally move at that speed?"

Soon, a familiar face was seen in the ship's player approaching at a formidable speed.

"Long story, Lee In!"

"Ummm. Yes, Baek Cheon."

Baek Cheon flew off the ship and landed right in front of Hyun Jong, expressing his deep respect and respect. His face was full of welcome signs.

"I'm seeing Jang."

"You've been through a lot. Are you hurt?"

"Thanks to your concern, all my disciples are safe."

"Yeah, that's a good thing. Indeed…… Well, that's a relief….….”

When Hyun Jong blurted the end of his speech, Baek Cheon peeked at him. He knew what to say and everyone behind him knew.

Sure enough, Hyun Jong asked with a gentle chin.

"What is that…?"


Baek Cheon couldn't even choose what to say, but couldn't explain it.

"You should go and see for yourself.….”

"…Yes, let's do that."

Hyun Jong didn't expect much either. The white porcelain boat that can dry Chung-Myung in Hwasan is called Baek Cheon and Yoo-Esul, but it's just literally stopping them.

"Can I get on that ship?"

"Yes, a long writer. First of all, we only need people who can ride it. Another ship will come."

Hyun Jong nods helplessly.

As the ship approached closely, Hyun Jong and several other students climbed up without delay. Then the ship spun in place and quickly headed toward the island.

It is Hyun Jong, who has not had much experience in water, but at least I could tell that the speed of the ship's movement was unusual.

"……I don't think it's windy, but the speed…"….”

"People are rowing down below. Maybe because they're all unmanned, they're very fast."

In Baek Cheon's explanation, Hyun Jong peeked over the railing and looked down. Indeed, the oars were moving at an enormous speed. In addition, their paddles are not wooden wooden, but iron paddles made of iron.

"…Everyone stirs that thing is unmanned?"

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."


Hyun Jong couldn't bear to ask why so many fighters were rowing under the boat. Because now I can guess that much roughly.

And in his ears, a disciplined warrior, he could hear the groans and pain coming from below.

"Stir! Hurry up and stir, you bastards! If you're late, you'll be beaten to death!"

"What are ghosts doing? I'm not taking him away!"

"I don't know what ghosts are doing right now, but I know they'll take us if they're late! Shut up and stir it!"

"The Dragon King, please! Argh!"Hyun Jong closed his eyes except for the back of his head.

'I didn't hear anything.’

I'm sure he was hallucinating.

Yeah, auditory hallucinations....

The image of the island began to come into Hyun Jong's eyes.

To be exact, you can see ships anchored in line in front of the island, not the island.

It was a very strange sight.

When a ship is anchored, it usually stands around the island, but now Hyun Jong's visible ships are lined up in a straight line in the direction of the river from the island.

That alone is bizarre, but the rows of ships were chained together in large chains, with large wooden boards lying between them like bridges.

"Well, that's....”

At the end of the strange boat bridge, a group of people clung to each other like ants and shouted.

"Hey! Come on, hold on tight!"

"Be sure, be sure! Weave it with a chain and put a nail in it!"

"If it shakes, our lives will shake together!"

All men who took off their tops, clasped between them as if they were trying to connect. It seemed that the ship was trying to be fixed somehow, but the hull shook every time the waves hit because it was such a high-speed area.

"Argh! Argh! Argh! It's falling!"


In the end, the ship, which had barely been attached to it, drastically moved away and the people who were holding it fell into the excellent river.

Splash! Splash! Splash!

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Let me live! Oh, my God!

"I'm drifting away!"

The drowning people were swept away by the torrent, screaming, but the people on the boat didn't even look at them as if they were used to it.

"Narrow! Narrow! Narrow! Pull the chain!"

"Oh, hold on tight! The boss said if we fall again this time, he'll throw us in the water!"

"Argh! Come on! Pull it fast! Before your arm falls off!

Those who grabbed the two boats with their hands and grabbed them with both hands made evil, and those holding chains moved the boats and weaved the two ships together somehow.


Hyun Jong was about to say something but shut up. Not because I had nothing to say, not because I was embarrassed.

This is because more than that was happening before my eyes.



"Sue, your breath...”

Another group of people rose in the raging river and began to gasp violently as if they had not been able to breathe for ten years.

"I can't do it anymore…….Rumbling."

"Well, wake up! If you lose your mind here, you'll really drown!"

"Church, shift! Please, shift! Please... I'm freezing to death...….”


a wood-burst

Watching the terrible tragedy, Hyun Jong blinked silently and turned his head to look at Baek Cheon.

Baek Cheon's gaze was already back somewhere far away.

"……Baek Cheon아."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

"What about them?"

"They're numbers."


Oh, it's a number.

The enemy is about to drown. Hehe...

"What is that thing doing now?"

"…I'm doing two things."

"Two things?"

"Yes, one is to secure the anchor firmly underwater. The current here is so strong that the boat can't be fixed with an ordinary anchor.….”


"So we dug up the riverbed and planted a specially made anchor. It connects the anchor and the chain to secure the ship.""……and the other one?"

"We're in the middle of a sea war and picking up the supplies we need from the ship that sank before."


Hyun Jong's eyes are on his enemies.

Drowning mouse...…. No, the mouse is a little too much and drowned dog……. No, this one too…….

Anyway, the faces of the fallen enemies were as blue as a water ghost. Even they would never have imagined themselves to be like that in the water.

"……the numbers…You're making me work?

"Yes, each and every one of them is a valuable labor force.….”

Yeah, could be. It can happen in life. Chung-Myung could be even more so.

But what he couldn't understand at all was something shiny from their feet to the island, not the numbers caught by bandits and monks and forced labor.

"If you do, Baek Cheon."

"Yes. Long story."

"Why are they wearing that thing on their legs?"

"Oh, that's....”

Baek Cheon looked down, as if he couldn't say this at the sight of Jang's face.

"Chung-Myung said he's just letting his enemies go into the water and cheering them to run away, not letting them run away.….”

"That's why you're chained to a man's leg like that's why.

"……That's right."

Hyun Jong looked up at the blue sky without further questioning.

The sky was very clear and blue today.

"Hahaha…….Hahaha….I sent you to save people from becoming slaves, and you are enslaving your enemies and bandits. Hahaha...….”

Hyun Jong, who laughed for a long time, looked at Baek Cheon with a more refreshing face. Baek Cheon was rather startled. That comfortable face was scarier.

"I knew roughly what you were doing."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

"So let's go back to the fundamental question."


"Why the hell are you doing this?"

This time, Baek Cheon looked up at the sky without saying a word.

The beautiful eyes filled with clear water.

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