Chapter - 785 Episode 785. Let's have fun. (5)

a male police officer

"For God's sake, it's not going to work!"

Ko-tae, who threw a goalplate in his hand onto the plate, scratched his head with an irritated face.

"There are days like that."

"What? Is there a day like that? I guess it's faster to find a day that's not true!"

He soon got up, huffing and robbing.

"I'm chapped today."

"It's only dinner time, and you're already out of the way?"

"You'll lose it if you try more. Why? Do you want to eat a pushover?

"A pushover. Didn't you pick it last time?"

"How much is that!"

Staring fiercely at the person sitting across from him, he soon kicked the chair as if he were venting.

"Anyway, I'm out, so you guys play it well."

"Where are you going? Did you forget you were on duty today?”

"How many guys do we have to stick to this chestnut-sized gambling house? I'll be back collecting money, so you guys can keep an eye on each other."

"I'm just. I'm in a temper. Tsk tsk."

Regardless of whether he was criticized or not, Ko Tae left the gambling house with a rough walk, taking care of his misdeeds.

As I walked out of the back alley for a long time, I saw merchants who were having a rough time.

"The fruit is cooked deliciously! Try it!"

"Buy some crepe, crepe!"

"It's fabric from West Station! Take a look!"

Go-tae, who was looking through, frowned and strode to one side.

"Hey, old man!"

"Yes! Welcome...….Uh……."

The merchant who discovered the hardship distorted his face. But for a moment, he also asked with an awkward look on his face, pretending to be calm.

"Oh, you're here?"

"How's it going? How's the business?”

"Ha-ha-ha. It's always the case. But thanks to your care, I'm getting better at it."


Kotae smirks.

"The inspiration is lip service, but I can't even put a bark in my mouth.”


"Why? Why?"


He kicked the items that the old man had put out and sold.

"Oh, my!"

"If you've made money, you're gonna have to pay the rent! If I make money and put it in the mouth of an old man, will it over? I'm already three months behind on my old man's rent!"

"Oh, my God, Mr. Hogall...….I really don't have any money."

"You don't have any money? Then I'll close my business! Why are you doing business when you can't even make enough money to pay the rent? I'll climb up the mountain and cut down the trees!"

"Ee, if you could wait another month of this…….”

"By the way, this old man thinks he's digging his own business!"


He shouted, as he kicked the cart full of stuff away.

"I've been waiting for you for another two months. Wait another month? Is this inspiration crazy about dying?! Do you think our guinea pig is funny?"

"Oh, no, no! Would that be possible?"

"If I can't pay, I'll pay for it!"

Go-tae strode along and grabbed a cart he had kicked. Then, the merchant freaked out and hung down holding Go-tae's skirt.

"Well, if you take it, my family will starve to death! All, I'll make sure to pay next month, just this once...…!”

"Is this inspiration crazy?"

Oh, my god!

Kotae grabbed his leg and kicked the stretching merchant's chest. Then the merchant screamed helplessly and fell out. Ko Tae raised his voice by shaking off the clothes that the merchant had held on to, looking unpleasant.

"That's why black-haired beasts are not allowed to reap. When this old man first started his business, he said he'd pay for his place, but now he's making me a bad guy? I wish you'd waited two months! I'm going to starve your baby!"Other merchants murmured, glancing at the scene in the distance.

"What else is going on?"

"I don't know, a madman must have lost money again at the gambling house. Where is it a day or two?"

"……How long do we have to wait and see…"….”

Complaints and sighs emanated from everyone's mouth. However, no one had the courage to step up and stop the struggle.

It is suicide for them to deal with Gautae, an ebullient black sheep, who is just an ordinary person. The mere sight of Do hanging from his side gave me chills and goosebumps.

As the old merchant was kicked while hanging on again, the merchants eventually closed their eyes without seeing any more.

"It's dirty, so I'll give it up."

"Don't say that. What do we eat when we're out of business?"

"Wouldn't you be able to live with a fire pancake?"

"No way! Are there no bandits in the mountains? There's no place without bandits."

"…darn it."

Then the old man grabbed the cart with one hand and looked around threateningly.

"Where is the rat squealing?"

In the brutal snow, merchants quickly closed their mouths and lowered their eyes. There was a moment of silence.

"Those who can't pay their seats on time starting this month will be kicked out of the game, so know that! The shameless ones are going to eat everything they want and pay for what's left of themselves.

"Well, that can't be true."

"And from next month, I'm going to raise the rent by ten percent, so you know that."

"Oh, my God, Mr. Hogan! If you say that all of a sudden...….”

It`s not me, it`s my boss`s decision. It's no use whining, so make sure you don't be late!"

A scary-looking Go-tae turned around and dragged the cart. No, I was going to go.

"Mo, I can't go!"

The merchant, who had been deprived of the cart, was drooping while holding the pants of the ancient times while bleeding from his mouth.

"Does this old man really want to die?”

"Ee, if I take this away, I'm really dead. It's the same as death or death! So please...….please……."

"Oh, yeah? The same thing?”

Go-tae put down the cart and pulled up a cold road around his waist.

Merchants who heard a snarl stepped back, frightened for a momentarily. The faces were filled with embarrassment and anxiety.

"Noo, someone stop me!"

"No, no, no! You can't do that!"

"Old man!"

The people around him screamed, but the merchant, who was struggling, didn't seem to have any intention of stepping down. On the contrary, he began to use car whaling evil in anger.

"Yes! Kill me, you bandit! How much money do you take from your business here? I don't want to live like this either! Just kill it!"

"Huh, look at this guy.”

Oh, my god!

Kotae kicked the merchant in the chest and grabbed Do tightly.

"Yes, I'll kill you if you want me to! Today is your memorial day!"

It was a moment when he was about to shout violently and wield his willpower.



Kotae slowly turned his head to a voice heard from somewhere.

If the merchants around you shouted, you wouldn't have pretended to hear it, but the voice you heard now was full of history.

Sure enough, blue-unclothed people were stampedeing up.


Ko-tae, who spat on the floor, stared at the approaching people with discontented eyes.

"Oh, will the well-known Chuuimun go all the way here?”

"Get back."

"Back off?"

There was a clear sneer around the mouth of Gortae."You're the one who has to back out. Did you forget this is our area? I don't know when the scandal started to step into our area.”

A middle-aged man with a cold impression at the forefront glared at Gutae.


"Yes, District. This is our area. Did you forget that we decided not to get around each other? Or what, you're going to war?

Instead of answering, the middle-aged man stared at the situation with a strange expression. Gortae became more elated and talked.

"Why? You must be thrilled to hear that the world's light saber is a war, right?"


A twisted smile was placed on the mouth of the portrait-gil of the Southern Geom.

"There's nothing you can't do.”


At the words, Gortae was quite a bit.

'Is he crazy?’

The Chuuimun Gate, which belonged to the South Korean prosecutor's office, and the Guigalpa, which belonged to him, signed a treaty not to invade each other's territory. That's why we were on the borderline of Namgyeong as if we were looking at each other.

But he suddenly led his disciples today and invaded the realm of the guile.

"What's going on?"

"Those bastards! Where am I?"

Perhaps he heard that the scandal had appeared, and the deaf-mouthed people in the gambling house rushed out. And behind the students of the scandal were people being filled one by one.

The situation quickly became tense. Dozens of disciples from each of the gates confronted each other, staring at each other with hideous eyes.

"It looks like the liver of a light sword is out of the boat."

"You're the ones who came out of the boat.”


Sang Sang-gil laughed, twisting corners of his mouth.

"The reason why we have been leaving your evil ways behind is because there were 18 units of janggangsu behind you. You didn't think I'd put up with you guys for fear, did you?"

"You son of a b*tc*....”

"But that's until today."

"…what do you mean by that means of that?"

Shudang and Shaolin are hitting 18 units with Janggangsu. Which means that the fate of the Surochae is over."


"Then there is no reason for us to stand by your little hands. Dirty little rats. From today on, there is no place for you to visit in Namgyeong land! I'll give you one last chance. Pack up right now and get out of Namkyung. If not, today you will all die.

Ko Tae's face was distorted with embarrassment. It was an unexpected situation.

Are they crazy?’

Are you sure you're going to war?

This was not something he dared to answer. At least it's his superiority.….


"Now, wait! Wait, portrait road!"


"Oh, my God!"

"One. Hit it! Today, I'm going to drive all the deaf out of Namgyeong!"


Nam Kyung-hee prosecutor issued an order without giving him a chance to answer. The students, who were waiting, pulled out their swords and rushed to the guigalpa in unison.

"Defeat everything!"

"You son of a b*tc*! Do you think we've been patient with you because we've been weak?"

As the mourners rushed in, the guigalpas also pulled out weapons.

"What are you doing? Beat all those sandals to death!

"You're saying they think we're a pushover?”

"Kill them all!"

In the middle of the exhibition, the sword and the province went back and forth, and the surroundings became a mess and blood spurted everywhere.

"Oh, my God! What the hell is going on!"

The exhibition merchants scuttled and ran away.

The two clans did not care and continued to fight fiercely.

'Oh, my God, war.’

This hasn't happened in ten years.’

The question is, finally, the sword is drawn!

At that time, a beggar curled up in the corner of the exhibition quietly raised himself with a serious face."…a war.”

It's not just a crash. They are fighting for each other's respect. Whoever wins, Namkyung's game could change.

'We need to let the superiors know quickly.’

He started running in his own hut.

The land of Namgyeong, which had maintained its calmness on the outside, quickly turned into a phone call.

And Namkyung wasn't the only place where this happened.

There was only a difference in degree in the cities where the factions and factions coexist, and similar things were all happening.

The river, which was as calm as a lake, began to tremble.

The huge stone thrown into the Jang River shook the world as well as the Jang River.

Jeon Seo-gu, who flew from all over the central area, flew endlessly toward the general group of open spaces. To inform the world of the unexpected.