Chapter - 788 Live like a dog or die like a wolf. (3)

"Wow! It's worth living!"

a week's run of old lecture

Even before the sun went over Seosan, those who gathered to the base were drinking heavily.

"You've got a lot of bad-natured.

"I know! d*mn it, the guys who used to work so hard, I really don't see anything coming out of their noses! Things that you can't even use in front of a Shaolin or shaman!"

"So Safaji! What do you mean, Safa?"

The people who were drunk were each expressing their feelings and sharing a glass of joy.

The disappearance of the tolls that passengers walk on does not mean that life blooms immediately. But at least the joy of having all the money I earned in my hands and the relief of not meeting a robber with a knife in the middle of the same river were singing.

"Tsk. To put it the other way around, isn't it that you didn't do what you needed to do?"

"Hey, man! You said you'd give me a bag if I could get someone out of the water, but I'm telling you exactly what you're saying. Where are they from? The construction is running out of business, so what are you doing here?”

"Right! He's right!"

At first, it was true that there was a gloomy view of the old file room and Namgung Sega, which arrived in the Janggang River after Hwasan, but that gaze has almost disappeared.

Whatever the reason, whether you're late or early, it's good to just wipe out the numbers anyway.

"Anyway, I hope we can get rid of our enemies like this."

"Don't get your hopes up too much. How can we drive out all the water in this vast river? What can't even be a coffin."

"Can't the coffin do that? I'm not doing it! Aren't they sitting on the sidelines because they don't get attacked by ships? If the Great Hogwan is robbed by the enemy, the enemy of the Janggang will be crushed.”

"Anyway, that's too much to expect. If they continue to reside in the Janggang River, it will be the same."

"That's something to watch, too. Apparently, some of the Wasans live in the Janggang River?”

"Huh? What does that mean?"

"Hwasan people operate ships around where they have wiped out their enemies. A ship that goes to and from the other rivers regularly."

"Isn't that a common occurrence so far?"

"I don't know. Wasn't it a routine for such regular ships to be robbed by their enemies so far? It's easy to rob ships that come and go regularly, and it's like a set meal that sets the time and way to go."

"I used to be."

"But what nerve would the enemy have against that Hwasan faction? It's a long way from the mouth, but we don't have to worry about numbers as we go up and down to Gangnam!"

"Well, I guess so.”

"And in order to do that, I'm sure Hwasan will keep their seats for some time. Then I don't know if I don't have to look around the mouth."

"If that's the case!"

People began to swell with hope one by one.

If the fear of being attacked by the enemy disappears, it doesn't end in being able to collect a little more money right away. If more money is released, there will be extra money, and if there is extra money, offsetting will be activated.

Dreaming of a day full of people and luggage coming and going to the Janggang River, people shared glasses with energy.

But there is always a candle in such a place."I don't know if it'll work out that well.”

"……what else is he going to say?"

"If the numbers had disappeared in that way, would they have been infested with numbers in the Janggang River?"

"Again, again……."

"It's 18 units of long precipitation. I'm Shin Juopae, you know. I'll never let you get away with it. And maybe this is bad for us.”

"Why? Why bad news when the numbers are wiped out?"

"Isn't it because we've been able to pay them a decent toll and go on the water because they're constantly trying to get us money?"

"That's what we all know.”

"But when this happens, they won't think they'll ever be able to do water in the intestines. Then why don't you take all the money in front of you right now? Before the soil came?


The speaker shakes his head.

"If you mess with a snake, it'll only poison. If you try to pull yourself out of the way, the anger of those men will pour out on us. But do they really want to keep the river to the end? Do you want to fight for your life with a water channel?"


Everyone's closed their mouths.

I'd deny it, but that definitely made sense.

"I don't know if it's a scratching sensation. I wish it wasn't.”

"That's nonsense."

"Come on, come on! Let's stop drinking! Drink!"

As the atmosphere subsided, people were envious, excited, raised their voices, and raised their glasses again. But the anxiety that had already been ingrained was curled up in one side of their chests until the end of the drinking party.

* * *

"Did you say the water supply was empty?


Bop Kye's mouth was salivated.

"What about tracking? Is tracking possible?"

"It's not easy. They don't run off to land like bandits, they go out into the middle of the Janggang River by boat...….”


"You need a ship to attack those floating in the middle of the intestines. But playing hand-to-hand with them...….”

"It's gonna be hard."

"I'm afraid so.

"I see. I can't help it. First, look at the empty water supply and check it out."

"Yes, Elder."

Bop Kye's eyes sank into the grave.

He was not in a position to show off but pretended to be calm on the outside, but he was in a pretty nervous state.

'It's difficult.'

If the enemies take their bodies off the boat like now, Shaolin has no way to track them. As I said with my student a while ago, it is self-inflicted to engage in a hand-to-hand battle with the enemies who have gone out to the center of the broad Janggang River.

Of course, there is nothing that cannot be done if the goal is to destroy the enemy at the risk of damage. However, this fight is not a fierce battle between Surochae and Shaolin over each other's fate. Isn't the aim of raising more criminal records with less damage than other civil servants who have competed in the Janggang River?

You're more likely to drag your time out.’

The intestines are wide.

Even if they don't run into the middle of the river, it's hard to comb through the wide and long Janggang River and wipe out the numbers. No matter how much Shaolin, shamans, Cheongseong and Namgung gathered in the Janggang River.

Bop Kye looked at the Janggang in thought.

"Now we're attacking with one mind and one mind.But if one of your doorkeepers feels sluggish and pulls away...….’

If so, other gatekeepers may also feel inflamed.

'No, it's a long way off.’

Right now, it's right to concentrate on what's in front of you.Just one thing.

'That's oddly low resistance.

No matter how hard it is, the opponent is 18 in Janggangsu. At this point, the Black Dragon Salad, the center of the water channel, is also worth moving around.….

"It's just an old woman. Amitabha Buddha."

Bop Kye shook his head.

It was a move that seemed to shake off all the suspicions in his head.

* * *


Port of Hailu for Sangyuchondang.

There is a ceiling above the sky, and there is soju and Hangzhou below the sky.

Hangju, which is surrounded by Seoho, is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The remarkable view has long been the workhorse of many poets.

However, Hangju is not just famous for its excellent scenery.

A place where you can enjoy all the joys, luxuries, and pleasures of the world. The most fitting city for the term "bulnight fortress" is the current port city.

at the time of the three wonders Not a single star was found in the cloudy sky, but the night of Hangzhou was brighter than daylight. Lanterns and lanterns revealed everywhere lit the streets brilliantly.

"Come on! We've got some great drinks and even more great side dishes ready!"

"The best seats on the top floor are empty! It's a perfect place for heroes!"

"Filled with rare food from the West!"

Drunken gurney filled the dazzling streets of the night with the voices of these and touting clerks.

And the most notable of the harbor's wilderness.

The highest ten-story vestibular angle in Hangzhou.

A man was drinking alone by its top-floor window. It was quite a strange sight.

The top floor of the restaurant has to pay for months of living for most families just by paying for the seats, and even if you drink the same drink, you have to pay ten times more expensive than downstairs.

Nevertheless, there is always no vacancy on the top floor of the restaurant.

The open window overlooking the streets of Hangju and the West Lake is a symbol of Hangju in itself. This is because not only the entertainers in Hangju, but also the children of the family who came to Hangju after hearing rumors, are trying to leave memories of visiting the top floor of Hangzhou somehow.

However, there were oddly few people on the top floor of the restaurant today.

No, there's only one person sitting on this wide top floor. A stranger would doubt my eyes if he saw this sight.

However, if an acquaintance sees this scene, he will nod his head, saying it is natural, and if a better acquaintance sees it, he will turn and run away immediately.

This is because Jang Nilso, a defeated man, is enjoying himself alone in the best seat of Gujoru.


The defeated soldier looked at the yellow liquor in the glass and recited.


There are countless alcoholic beverages sold under the name of Soheungju.

However, the real Soheungju should have been made from the water of the temple river. In other words, you have to come to Jeolgang to taste the real Soheung liquor.

In addition, the liquor that the defeated army is tasting now is Seol Hyang-ju, which is considered a superior among Soheung-ju, and among them, Gonghyang-ju, which is a high-end product that only sells in this restaurant.

"Drunken with incense…"….”

The vanquished with a smile still held the drink in his mouth.


The flavour is indescribably deep and orphaned. The moment I take a sip, I feel like my whole body is filled with scent.

"That's great."

Of course neither the wine of Gwangseo nor the wine of your lord is second to that of this temple.However, even though alcohol is on a similar level, its scent and feel are all different. Which one is the best in the order.

The world is wide and wide. And a lot of alcohol is made in all parts of the world. Each characteristic, outstanding drink.

Ordinary people die without even tasting a tenth of the alcohol made in the world.

"So am I."

Saving Soheungju is not a difficult task for him.

However, local silk wine can be a real meaning only when you go to the area and enjoy the arts.

Would it be impossible to have the same preference drink in Gwangseo and Hangju's preference drink here in Hangju'

If you think so, you feel like you're trapped anywhere. How much land is there in this vast world where he can set foot at ease?

Another cup of wine was poured down by the defeated army, who lightly rubbed his mouth with the tip of his index finger.

'One, that's not far off.’

I'll put this world under my feet.

I will put the land wider than anyone else under my feet and drink more than anyone else.

"This is Jang Nilso."

Then I started to hear the thumping footsteps downstairs.


The defeated look away and look toward the stairs. Soon, a giant man wrapped around his entire body in black clothes appeared.

"The little boy...… How dare you tell me to come and go?"

"Welcome, Black Dragon."

Jang Nilso smiled brightly in triumph.