Chapter - 789 Live like a dog or die like a wolf. (4)


King Black Dragon looked at Jang Nilso angrily as he climbed the last stairs.

"The little boy...…. Good luck with your life. We've come all the way to Hangzhou and have fun.”

If it were an ordinary person, just looking at the eyes would have stopped my heart. But the opponent was Jang Nilso.

Like this.

He smiled calmly filling his glass with alcohol even though he saw a fierce gaze.

"Sit down, please.


"Wasn't it for a conversation that you've come all this way?"

"Maybe I'm here to pick your neck."


Jang Nilso, who laughed loudly at King Black Dragon, rubbed his neck slowly. The jewelry on my wrist jingled lightly.

"I didn't expect this neck to be worth it. I can't believe that King Heukryong of the world made me come this far. Jang Nilso doesn't seem to be living in vain."

The eyes of King Black Dragon became slightly thin at the sight of Jang Nilso, who spoke softly and smoothly.


Living as a Safain is like enduring all kinds of slander in the world. Unlike political factions who maintain their fair appearance and try to establish a minimum justification, the Sapa are not picky about how to defeat their opponents.

Those who are the heads of Sinjuopae are those who went up to the place through two arms and legs that ordinary people could not imagine.


King Black Dragon's cold eyes swept Jang Nilso.

This man is different from those people.

Janggangsu 108chae, Noklim 70chae, and Haomun.

The whole clique is a place of its own history. The heads of the Sinjuopae of the time took over or robbed the forces that had been inherited from their predecessors. Of course, I can never say that the process was easy, but it certainly differs from climbing from the bottom.

But Jang Nilso is not.

The man literally climbed up from the bottom to create a room, and even raised Shinjuopae.

That's why Jang Nilso was the youngest of the heads of Shinjuopae and no one laughed at him and his lack of experience when he named him Shinjuopae.

Thinking about what might be hiding in that bright, smooth smile with eyes, I felt like my stomach was twisting.

"Now that I know your neck is worth it, I don't think it'll be unfair if it's cut off."

"It's not that hard to give you a neck."


Jang Nilso grinned and continued.

"But what are you going to do to stop those political factions who cut off my neck and turn it into pieces?”


It was a moment of vitality in the eyes of King Black Dragon.

"That's true."

He quickly turned his eyes to the voice heard right next to him.


A middle-aged man with an extraordinary impression was suddenly appearing.

The goat beard looked quite distinctive, but it didn't leave much to the eye. The most common-looking middle-aged man, who seemed to pass by ten times a day on the busy streets, was sitting in an empty tea table chair.

"You raise your voice. Anyone can do it. But solving things is another matter."

"……Cheonmyon Susa(千面秀士).”

King Black Dragon chewed his lips.

No one knows the author's name.

No one even knows what the author's real face is.

The face you see now is just a face created by the author. If you make up your mind, you can disguise yourself with any face, and even change your voice and body shape as you want.The reason is simple.

Because the author is Cheonmyon Susa, the head of Haomun at the time.

"Can I have a drink?”

Jang Nilso grabbed the empty glass by his side without saying a word and put it in front of me.

Like this.

Then he picked up the filled glass and threw it lightly as if pushing it toward Cheonmyon Susa.

Even though Ho Gong flew, no alcohol dripped down from the full cup.

Upon receiving the glass, Cheonmyon Susa gulped down without delay and snapped back down on the tea table.

"Good. Is it your cup of tea?"

King Black Dragon quietly laughed.

"You usually hold your breath and pretend to be cautious like a rat living in a cat's den, but you drink well when others serve you drinks."

"If it was a cup from King Black Dragon, he might have thrown it away."


Cheonmyon Susa smiled like a person.

"But I can trust the alcohol that the defeated gave me. At least the defeated aren't the ones who want the little ones and lose the big ones."

"Thank you for your high regard."

"Don't mention it."

"These guys..."

King Black Dragon shook his beard and gritted his teeth.

Cheonmyon Susa still smiled and looked at him.

"King Heukryong needs to reduce his anger. Isn't the most urgent person here right now King Black Dragon?"

"Are you laughing at me?"

"You're welcome."

Cheonmyon Susa shook her head slightly.

At the same time, his expression changed completely. His face, which had seemed so soft and generous until a while ago, was nowhere, and only his eyes, which were drawn like a blade, were hooked on King Heukryong.

It means the situation is not as good as it is. If you're going to act rashly, don't interrupt and get out of my way."

"You rat!"

At the moment King Black Dragon was about to burst into aging, Cheonmyon Susa spoke again to Jang Nilso again.

"The green forest won't come.…. Oh, have you seen him sing it?"

"It's useless."

"I suppose so."

Cheonmyon Susa nodded as if she knew it.

He is the head of Haomun. Haomun is a place where the world divides information with openness. There's no way you don't know that Noklim's mind has already turned around and joined the Chunwomang.

"I thought it would be this good, but I didn't expect to enter the dog house with my hands on a dog necklace. Isn't it because the defeated are too hard on you?"

This is about the war between all the people in the past and the green people.

"If that's the only bowl I can't help it."

Jang Nilso grinned.

“그리고 그건 꼭 제 탓만은 아닙니다. Cheonmyon Susa께서 등 뒤에 비수를 겨누지 않으셨다면 녹림 따위야 진즉에 제가 병탄하지 않았겠습니까?”

“그랬다면 다음은 우리가 먹혔겠지. 아니면 틈을 봐서 수로채가 남하했든가.”

Cheonmyon Susa가 낄낄 웃어 댔다.

사파란 그런 곳이다.

a fight against all the people

Yesterday's enemy becomes today's companion, nor does yesterday's companion become today's enemy.

In the first place, there is no colleague in Sapa. There is only another enemy in the moment of fighting together. If there is a war, of course, we should aim after it. It's not cowardly to go after, it's complacent not to seek.

Therefore, Shin Juopae only fought sporadic battles while defending each other's territory. If you fight a war properly, someone will surely come running for your back.

"And where else?"

"I've sent you a letter.


Cheonmyon Susa shook her head.

"There's no point in waiting any longer. What did the defeated call us for?"

King Black Dragon gritted his teeth."I haven't said I'd listen yet."

"Then go, Black Dragon King. I'm not going to catch you.”

Cheonmyon Susa kicked her tongue.

"There's no point in a struggle for leadership here. Because everyone's feet are on fire right now. No, maybe it's a dagger stuck in his throat. And……."

Cheonmyon Susa's eyes at King Black Dragon were like a blade.

"I'm sure Surochae knows that best than anyone else."


King Black Dragon bit his lips and held back his anger.

"So, you want those good guys to get together and roll the abacus?"

"Then it will be a precious place."

Another strange voice made King Black Dragon turn back.

A person was walking slowly up the stairs.

There was no expression on his face.

I couldn't feel a single emotion, and I didn't even have any blood, so I looked pale. But rather, it put more pressure on the viewer.

The man in blue ginseng spoke in a cold voice as soon as he climbed to the top floor.

"The important thing is how we benefit from this position. If you're not going to bounce the abacus, it's meaningless."

"…...the d*mn one."

King Black Dragon criticized him, but Cheonmyon Susa nodded in sympathy.

Of course, the benefits he thinks and the benefits the author thinks will be a little different. The author thinks of everything in the world as profit and loss.

Safara is not everyone's true to my desires.

Sometimes they put up with it for something bigger, or hide themselves and disguise themselves to set a perfect trap.

But the author is different. There is only immediate benefit in the head of the low value.

Of course, there are countless people who are crazy about money in the world, and those who reveal money the most will be the right merchants. Those who are willing to sell their souls to brilliant gold and do not mind a thousand miles to get gold. So merchants are often called money ghosts.

However, those who truly know what is inside the world do not use the term "precursive" for such people. Because there are other people who are crazy about real money.

Those who do anything with money.

Those who follow the reason of the world bet their lives on yellow gold, but those who even tease the reason of the world risk their lives on "real gold."

Gold is just a luxury.

The gold that controls the real man is salt, not gold.

Therefore, in any country, it is common not to allow merchants to handle salt alone. The act of touching salt is often treated the same as treason.

Black ghosts who risk all that to touch the contagion.

It's Black Gwi Bo.

And this is Mangeumdaebu Gongyawol, the head of the Black Gwi Bo.

All the people. Haomun. 18 units of janggangsu. Black Gwi Bo.

The heads of four of the Shinjuopae gathered on the top floor of this Hangju, Gujulu.

If those who knew any of Kang Ho had seen this scene, they would not have been able to breathe cool.

"Money ghost……."

When King Heukryong tried to say something, the Mangeum godfather shook his hand briefly.

"Get rid of the useless words, King Heukryong. I'm a busy man. Let's hear what's going on."


"Loss, tell us why you brought us here. If you talk nonsense, you'll have to pay for it. The sin of wasting my time is greater than ever."

The defeated replied with a strange smile.

"If there's one thing Godfather lacks, it's the style and leisure.""What doesn't make money is of little use to me."

"Sit down for now."

The Mangeum godfather glanced at Jang Nilso, but did not protest. Just sat across from him as the defeated said.

Cheonmyon Susa also approached and sat in a prepared seat, and King Heukryong, who had been standing until the end, stomped up with a bad face and pulled out the chair roughly. Then he growled before sitting down.

"If you talk nonsense, I'll kill you, Jang Nilso!"

"Meaningless nonsense.….”

Jang Nilso smiled, gently sweeping the glass in front of him.

"Face is important."

His gaze reached King Heukryong.

"Money is, of course, invaluable.

This time, I looked at the Mangeum Daebu.

"It's no exaggeration to say that nothing is more important than information."

Finally, Jang Nilso, who looked at Cheonmyon Susa, filled his glass.

Like this.

The sound of pouring alcohol spread eerie on the top floor of the quiet Tasteru.

"But it's all...….”

Jang Nilso with a glass twisted around his mouth. It was a clear mockery unlike ever. Jang Nilso's eyes, painted on the line, shone as pale as the moonlight.

"Isn't that the story of when your neck is attached?"

The atmosphere on the top floor quickly became icy.