Chapter - 790 Episode 790. Live like a dog or die like a wolf. (5)


Nevertheless, King Heukryong, who hit the nail on the head at a time when the situation was not good, was furious. Cheonmyon Susa cut off in a calm voice and came in as she was about to roar with flames in her eyes.

"I'm losing my voice...….”

He grinned.

"Are you saying that the defeated are going to cut our throats?"

Jang Nilso also responded with a smile.

"You're saying scary things. Would that be possible?"

Cheonmyon Susa's soft eyes turned to Jang Nilso.

"So who's gonna hit our heads?"

"You're not asking because you don't know. If you don't understand that and you're here, there's no reason for me to talk to you."


Laughter continued, but Cheonmyon Susa's eyes were filled with eerie flesh.

Although his face looks so nice, he is actually the most brutal of Shin Juopae's head, Cheonmyon Susa. His nature of dealing with information does not even consider torturing and killing humans a sin.

"You've gone too far, you've lost."


Jang Nilso poured alcohol back into his glass without saying a word.

As soon as Cheonmyon Susa's eyes were dimmed by an act that could also be felt ignored, Jang Nilso spoke.

"At first, 18 long-distance water plants."


"Maybe next time……Black Guibo."

The Mangeumdaebu's eyebrows were slightly wobbly.

It's not common for him to show this kind of emotion all the time. That short movement was telling him how uncomfortable he is now.

"After that, all the people. Finally, Haomun."


"They'll be hunted one after another, and their throats will fall. Or I'll put everything down and be a fugitive."


King Black Dragon struck the tea table.

"Who dares to do that?"

"Gufile room."

At the answer, King Heukryong closed his mouth as if he had lost his words.


"And…… perhaps even the Heavenly Fellow."


The Black Dragon King, who distorted his face like a thoracic charm, glared at Jang Nilso and said,

"Let's say the old file room is. But do we have to talk about all the things that are you saying?


Jang Nilso smiled and looked straight at King Black Dragon.

"Is there anyone who can guarantee that you can deal with the Heavenly Fellow alone?"


"I was at Sacheondangga, Namman Beast Palace, and North Sea Ice Palace..."…. Besides, who can deal with Chun Woo-mang, who has joined the green forest? Do you think you're going to get 18 of them with that good janggangsu?"

"This guy…….

"The times have changed, King Black Dragon. The names of the 18 Janggangsu houses are no longer a fear to the public."


The Mangeum godfather nodded.

"It's certainly impossible to deal with a heavenly ally alone. However, it is an idealistic idea that Chun Woo-men can unite their power. They are once too far from each other, intertwined with loose solidarity. It doesn't happen that all the powers of the Heavenly Union are concentrated in one place."

"You're right. Just……."

The corners of Jang Nilso's mouth rose like magic.

"Castral allies are a problem in their very own right."


"As you may know, Shaolin and Shudang would never have moved without the alliance."

The Mangeum godfather shook his head as if he could not deny it.

"I'm sure you did, because there's nothing to gain.”

Defending Janggang is certainly something worth fame and goodwill.

However, places like Shaolin, Shudang, and Namgoongse do not need any more fame. It's meaningful to those who haven't built it up yet. There is no reason for them to covet fame and public favor.

"But if you're a man of genius, you'll change your words."In other words, replacement goods have been created.

If there is no natural alliance, no matter how dirty and annoying it is, everyone has no choice but to cling to the old file room and the great master Oh. They're the only ones who can fight the Sapa and stop them.

But you don't have to stick to them anymore. This is because Chun Woo-mang has already shown enough strength and activity.

"Moorimsa is always the same thing over and over again. When two strong political factions fight each other, no direct war takes place. For example, shaman and Shaolin have never fought while killing each other. Instead……."

Jang Nilso reveals his teeth.

"I found a hunting ground."


"There are two ways to show that I'm a stronger criminal. One is to fight and win, and the second is...…to prove by biting more wolves."

"…We're wolves, so this is it.”

"That's right."

Jang Nilso pushed the empty glass next to him one by one.

"First of all, take it with Janggangsu."

Jang Nilso's index finger gently pressed down the glass in front of it.


The glass cracked with a sharp scream.



"There's no point in betting on who's going to be fired first. Other things are more fun if you make a bet. Which side of the gate will my neck get stuck in? Shaolin, shaman, or Hwasan or Dangga. Cooke cooke cooke cooke cooke cooke.

Jang Nilso giggled and slowly swept through the three.

"I'll bet on Shaolin. Where would you like to bet?"


Everyone couldn't bear to open their mouths right away.

Because I know that Jang Nilso's words are by no means a falsehood.

Not only King Heukryong, who is directly under attack, but also those who are watching the whole process felt a sense of crisis.


The mangeum godfather cut it cold.

"Let's get rid of useless editorials. It's a waste of time. So what are you gonna do?”

"We have to work together.”

"With all this crap?"

The face of King Black Dragon and Cheonmyon Susa was distorted when they said it was trash that came out without a filter.

"You'd better crack down on that mouth, Mangeum godfather, unless you want to die with your tongue out."

"Or you could cut off the limbs and feed them."

There were brutal voices, but the Mangeum godfather said without batting an eye.

"Anyone can think of a union. But no one can implement it. Because we can't trust each other."

"……That's true."

"Just face to face makes me upset."

Sapa hates political factions.

But more than that, Sapa also hates it. This is because the people who fought and bit more than political factions, and put swords in are the same Sapa.

"It wouldn't be bad if I took this opportunity to slit your throats and eat up your power."

"That's a good idea, too."

The three men's instantaneous flesh filled the taste buds. Not only ordinary people, but also most coriander was a terrible life that would be a mess inside.

One. At that moment.


Jang Nilso burst out laughing as the pavilion left.


The three people's livelihood disappeared in an instant because they even shed tears and laughed while hitting the table. Everyone's eyes were on Jang Nilso.

"…What's so funny?”

When asked a question, Jang Nilso raised his hand and gently wiped the tears from his eyes."Oh…. Oh. I'm sorry. Oh, come on... It's so funny that you have to be patient."

"What's so funny?"

"If it's not funny, isn't that even weirder?"

Jang Nilso still said with a smile on his face.

"How can I not laugh when I don't know that my feet are already bogged down and I'm growling and fighting with each other. What a pathetic thing to be the head of Shin Juopae! Hahahaha!"

"…what did you just say?"

Jang Nilso's red lips are twisted.

"Why? Did I say something wrong?"


"When an animal's life is in danger, it's bound to unite against its natural enemies. But people come in with a personal grudge at the risk of their lives?”


The way he spoke, which had maintained politeness on the surface, also disappeared. Jang Nilso revealed his white teeth.

"No desire, no hatred, all those trivial feelings you enjoy exist because of your neck. There's no point in wanting after death. The most important thing to humans is no grudges, no dignity, no practicality."

Everyone couldn't bear to refute and kept an eye on Jang Nilso.

With that gaze on his face, Jang Nilso slowly opened his mouth.



"You have to survive to stay behind. If you don't survive, there's no point. I would do anything to survive. Even if it's a pile of manure, even if it's a lick of the enemy's foot without a grain of pear!"

This is not something to be said by a man of his noble status as the head of Shin Juopae.

But that's why I could feel Jang Nilso's sincerity better.

"Compared to that, protecting the back of a man who was aiming a knife until yesterday is no big deal."

Jang Nilso, who handed over the new drink at once, looked straight at everyone with a strange smile. And asked gently.

"Isn't that right?"


A faint groan escaped from the mouths of Cheonmyon Susa and King Black Dragon.

Certainly, I hate those in front of me more than the incoming political factions. It's no exaggeration to say that their history has been killing each other.

But anyway they are safas. I cannot join hands with political factions. In order to deal with political factions that have begun to move in earnest, Bibil Hill is the only other.


The Mangeum godfather opened his mouth.

"If this is going to end temporarily, then all this discussion is meaningless. We'll end up with damage to the channel."

"It won't happen."

Jang Nilso said plainly.

"If the thunderstorm doesn't stop, there's no way to stop the old file room on its own. They may be stronger, but they already have the initiative.”


"And Hwasan, the head of the Heavenly Union, is never a place to stop. They're greedy. Maybe as much as I do."

Jang Nilso's smile deepened as he recalled Hwasan. At first glance, madness flashed through my eyes.

"In some way, they will push south of the Changgang River. Then I can't let go of the old file room either."

"Because of face?”

"That's right, too. But to be exact, it's because you can't keep your eyes open to the absorption of land from the south of the Chang River into your territory."

The Mangeum godfather nodded as if he had rolled the abacus.

"We have to unite to fight against the five great men, the old file room, and the five great men?”

"Yes, or you'll have to choose between the two."Jang Nilso, who suddenly smiled, growled quietly.

"Live like a dog or die like a wolf."



"But all I want to do is survive as a wolf. The only thing I can think of as a prey is when I'm sure I can hunt unharmed. If you have to be prepared to tear your arms off and spill your guts in exchange for hunting, don't you dare say hunting."

Jang Nilso, holding his face in one hand, said.

"Bring whatever reason you like, such as grandeur."

His eyes, seen between his fingers, were eerie.

"Whatever the cause may be, the goal is survival. Surviving. If you miss the right time, you'll just bite it even if it sticks together. I need to live. I will survive and enjoy everything I have gained. Not missing a single grain."

Listening, Cheonmyon Susa held her forehead with one hand and laughed quietly.

"I can't say anything because it's so blatant and low quality.”



His eyes shed a blue light.

"There's nothing wrong. I'm not a human being, too, desperate to die. If that's the only way to live, so be it. I will share the will of the defeated."

Jang Nilso rolled up the corners of his mouth smoothly.

"From this moment on, there is no more Shin Juopae."

A high declaration broke out.

"What's left is the four gateways, and the union! Where Shin Juopae disappears, only the name of Sapaeryon will remain!"

The name that will sweep the world in a storm.

It was the moment when the existence of Sapaeryon first came out of Jang Nilso's mouth.