Chapter - 793 Episode 793, he's the only one worth it. (3)


Baek Cheon's face died as he saw them gathering by the river.


"Yes, boarding house."

"…Did the writer say he was going?"

"I think so?"

Yoon-Jong added to Jo-Gol's answer.

"Actually…… it's kind of weird to fall into that position."

"First of all, it seems that Elder Hyun Young's eyes have passed away."….”


"I heard that the shaman almost flipped over as soon as he heard that only the shaman had a reputation. You're about to grab me by the long collar.


"It's not that I don't understand how it feels, actually."

Baek Cheon listened absentmindedly and nodded.

No, well, he could understand that much. In fact, even if I stop, my feelings for shaman have been deteriorating rapidly recently. In the past, if you asked me where I hated the most, I answered Jong-nam without hesitation, but now I will answer Jong-nam after thinking about it for about a breath.

Huh? Isn't it the same thing?

It's very different. It means we should compare Jongnam and Shudang.

There used to be nothing to compare and do. Which shaman rubs against Jongnam? It was possible at least to compare with Jongnam.

"Yes, I understand that…….”

"Yes, boarding house."

"Then what's wrong with them? Don't tell me you're coming with me?

Baek Cheon's eyes turned to bandits and numbers lined all the way behind Hwasan's disciples.

They, too, all of them, were sitting there with faces like, 'Why are we standing like this?'

Yeah, it's embarrassing. Baek Cheon is embarrassed, too. What are they doing?

Yoon-jong replied with a sigh.

"I actually tried to stop him.…I can't communicate. They're dragging everything."


"Green Lim, if you leave your enemies here, they'll all run away, and you'll never see them again."


Uh... That'sir.

Surely it is true that the numbers should not be released. Now they're paying for their work.

If you've done something, you have to fix it. It is also Hwasan's role to keep those who were taken prisoner from harming the people, unless they were to kill all their enemies.

The problem is...

"So, you're taking numbers and bandits to a place where all the elite tribes gather?"

"That's what it looks like?"

Baek Cheon could not answer and slowly shifted his gaze.

Chung-Myung was seen kicking his enemies with excitement.

"No, these bastards can't stand in line! Where's the long storyteller? He's got two legs. Why? Are you uncomfortable? Show me what's really uncomfortable about me?"

"Oh, no, no! I'm sorry!"

"If you're wrong, you should be beaten, you son of a b*tc*!"

Chung-Myung, who turned his jaw to the enemy, looked with both eyes.

The bandits, as well as the numbers flinched at the momentum, shrank their necks and looked at Chung-Myung's eyes.


Feeling a subtle homogeneity with the crumpled posture, Baek Cheon closed his eyes, unable to bear to see any more. If you stand in front of that bastard, everyone becomes fair, no matter what.

"Okay, I like it a little now. I'm ready, Jang Moon-in!"

Instead of answering, Hyun Jong sighed deeply. His lips were fluttering as if to say something, but he ended up shaking his head."I know, Jang Moon-in.’

'We know that.’

Everyone felt like they heard what Hyun Jong was going to say. I could see why he wouldn't even say that.

Isn't it the job of a noble man to memorize the words of the ox ears?


Hyun Jong's shoulders drooped when he saw the bizarre combination of Taoists, bandits, and numbers lined up in front.

"…Let's go."


After turning around, Hyun Jong started running out without looking back.

Hwasan, green vegetables, and the numbers of Daigyeong Chae. The number of people, which can never be said to be small, raced fast along the river.

Wasan, who is specialized in running, wasa, and the bandits of green vegetables were also skilled in green forests and were used to riding in mountainous areas, so the speed of progress was no joke.

So it was the numbers that died.

"Turn it off……."

"Lord, you're dead...….”

But in the meantime, no one managed to fall behind and run. The reason was very simple.

If you fall behind, you die.’

I'm gonna kill him!’

It was because Chung-Myung was following behind them with his hands behind his back.

'No, I'm walking with my hands on my back, why is it similar to the speed we're running?'

Is that a person or a ghost?

What was certain was that whoever was left behind, whether human or ghost, would be beaten to death by him.

"Run fast, you men of numbers! Do you think digging the riverbeds cleared you of your sins? Try to fall behind. While you're at it, let's cut down on a bowl of rice!"


Baek Cheon slowly followed Chung-Myung, who chased the running enemies.



"Do you have anything to rush to?"

"Hey, you've grown up a lot. You're even worried about the numbers now?”

"That's not it, man! As you say, it's time to show your face and finish it's over. But if we arrive early, we might have to fight."


Chung-Myung, who opened his eyes wide at the moment, stared at Baek Cheon. Baek Cheon, who felt something slightly worse, asked curtly.


"No, I thought you're finally thinking about going out to school. Until now, I thought the one on my neck was a high-end hero."

"Is this guy real?"

Just before Baek Cheon tried to turn over his eyes, Chung-Myung quickly opened his mouth.

"That's true."


"…I'm a little uncomfortable."



The corners of Chung-Myung's mouth, which was briefly answered, were slightly distorted.

'That's all I had to do.’

Neither Hwasan nor Chunwoo are still weak.

Of course, it is clear that Chun Woo-meng has established himself as the only force capable of dealing with the old faction and the Great Sega, but 'can deal with' does not mean 'equal'.

Chun Woo-meng is still only a weak force that makes the Goofilebang suffer from a single cough.

'We need the Sapa.’

Chun Woo-men are spreading their influence all over the place. Nevertheless, there is only one reason why the old file room has remained silent.


Because those who claim to be noble cannot openly interfere with the same political faction who collaborates.

The reason why Chung-Myung has been able to beat Gufa so far is because he knew face is more important than they thought.

"Living quarters."


"Do you know when people lose face?"

"…Well?""It's time to lose my bowl."

"What do you mean all of a sudden?"

Instead of answering straight away, Chung-Myung was cynical.

'We're almost at the limit.’

It is only when my bowl is still intact that I do it for justification and face. If the thunderstorm grows like this, they will eventually throw away those falsehoods.

Didn't you realize in the first place that the principle of action that moves the old file room is not a consultation?

The moment I think I'm being deprived of the rice I have to eat, they'll try to repeat exactly what they did to Hwasan in the past.

He will destroy the values of the heavenly nations, and he will try to find substance by biting off the clans of the heavenly nations. Like when I took advantage of the attack, instead of helping Hwasan.

'Once you've been beaten, you'll never be beaten twice, you son of a b*tc*!'

In order to prevent that, they must be immobilized. If this fight flows into a bilateral structure of Cheon U-men vs. Gu File Room, the outcome is obvious.

You can't win.

I need time. It's time to strengthen the clans of Heaven and strengthen their solidarity!

So right now, I needed to turn my eyes to the old file room. Anyway, when they are still obsessed with justification and decency.

"That's right up to here."

"…What are you talking about? Speak in a way that makes sense."

Chung-Myung's eyes have faded.

"But the way it works is a little strange."


"When they gather with the Black Dragonfly, the Black Dragonfly didn't leave the Janggang River.”

"…I guess so. I'm not going to gather around where no one is."

"That doesn't make sense."


Chung-Myung looked up.

"What's with the numbers? Shaolin, shamans and namgungs, they're holding out.”

"Cheongseong is here."

"Except for the little fish."

Baek Cheon was incredible. If Cheongseong's long writer had heard this now, he would have gone to the back with a crab in his mouth.

Where else in the world is the man who calls that big old file room a little b*tc*?

"If you look at the physiology of the numbers, it's right to run away for now. They're different from the old school. They don't care about their face. I don't know if they'll save face."

"……It's still a place of one literary faction. Your men are still fighting. You don't want to run away?”

"Sapa doesn't have that. First of all, I have the power and the power to live. The clique comes first, but the clique comes first. That's why it's Safa.”


"But the Black Dragonfly is still holding out."

Chung-Myung was lost in thought, scratching his jaw.

There's something I believe in.’

You have to go and check it with your own eyes. If what he's thinking is going on, he might have to revise the plan altogether.

According to his plan, it was a foreman for them to step down from the Zhang River. But not stepping on that outer shell means either.

One is that I will lose as it is.

The other is…….

Someone saw something I didn't see.’

A smile crossed Chung-Myung's mouth, lost in thought.

It's funny.

Guess who it is?

I don't know. No, I shouldn't know.

But Chung-Myung seemed to know why. Who is responsible for the work that makes me feel so uncomfortable?

Chung-Myung's eyes kept ringing in his head.

His eyes, which looked red as blood, were black.

'Jang Nilso.'

Throughout his two lives, he met countless people and fought countless people. In terms of experience, none of Kang Ho is even close to Chung-Myung's toes.But it was the first time even Chung-Myung had faced such a strange look.


It is different from the madness in the eyes of the Magitans.

It's not like Heavenly Demon's eyes are full of endless futility.


"Jung-Myung! In front of you!"


Chung-Myung, who was preoccupied, quickly came to his senses and looked up.

Then I saw a group of fighters approaching this way.


No, it's not.

Chung-Myung squinted and stared at them. Both eyes shone significantly.

A neatly dressed, unclothed sword and a long sword in one hand. A clear taegeuk mark on the chest.


Chung-Myung, who laughed, shrugged and muttered.

"This is……… a very precious person came to meet me. I'm so happy."

a party-free group

Perhaps now the least likely people to encounter were approaching at a rapid pace. A cold light from the eyes of Heo Do-jin, a shaman who led them from the lead, shot at the Hwasan wave.