Chapter - 794 Episode 794, only he's worth it. (4)

"Long story short!"

Heo Do-jin turned his head at the voice calling for him. Soon his forehead was slightly distorted.

Those in black suits running towards this side, followed by a group of rust and blue.

It was a truly bizarre combination, but Heo Do-jin was able to identify them at once.


A slightly suppressed voice leaked out of Heo Do-jin's mouth. The only people who are so loud in the current powerhouse are the Hwasanites.

He ran into the most uncomfortable people while heading to the Black Dragon House.

"……What would you like to do?"

Ho Do-jin shone his eyes at Ho Sanja's question.

"There is no reason to avoid it. We didn't commit a crime."

It was not long before a strange smile came to his mouth.

Come to think of it, he hasn't seen Hwasan in person since the past non-military competitions. I just heard the story that was told.

I'll need to check it with my own eyes.’

The decision was made shortly by Heo Do-jin.

"In vain."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

"I'm going to meet the Wasans."

"…long storyteller, you don't have to…….”

Frustrated Ho Sanja began dissuading Heo Do-jin for now.

It's not because I feel uncomfortable meeting Hwasan.

Since it is a political faction, it does not strictly divide the ranks of the clans like the Sapa, but it is naturally divided among them.

The shaman's reputation and skills are second to none to Hwasan's. If reason is the case, it's right for him to come and say hello, not for them to approach Hwasan. If Heo Do-jin speaks first, it may give him strength on his shoulders.

Heo Do-jin said with a slightly displeased look, as if he had guessed Ho Sanja's innermost feelings.

"Do you still dwell on that?"

"…long storyteller, Hana…….”

"It's all good to have useless falseities. What matters is what you get."

In the end, Ho Sanja nodded reluctantly.

As long as Heo Do-jin decides to do so, any more tongue twister is a waste.

"Let's go."


When Heo Do-jin changed his direction, his followers of the shamanism followed suit to Hwasan.

On the other hand, Hyun Jong looked at it and unknowingly drooled.


The spirits of the shaman's elite have been suffocating.

'A shaman...'

These are the ones who played the real game. It wasn't exactly to threaten, but naturally heavy and serious energy was flowing out.

"Come this way, Jang Moon-in."

"I know."

Hyun Jong watched them swallowing dry saliva.

In the past, he might not have dare to face the shaman's long writer. But just as the Wasans have changed in the past, his position is not the same as in the past.

It was time to show a dignified appearance as a long-time writer of the HWASAN faction and a hero of the League of Heaven.


Hyun Jong's back got wet with cold sweat.

His position has obviously changed. However, the way they treated Hyun Jong must have changed that much, or even more.

The gaze from Heo Do-jin, who took the lead, weighed heavily on Hyun Jong's shoulder.

It was then.

"Is he sneaking up on you for something to eat?"

Hyun Jong looked back slightly with a nervous voice.

Chung-Myung, who followed him, was looking at the shaman with his hands on his back."……Chung-Myung아."

"They seem to be catching fire on their hips, too. In the past, I would have ignored it."




"Don't be so hard on me. You're going to burn yourself to death these days, so you have to accept it with a big heart. But they're our descendants, right?”


Hyun Jong listened to it blankly and laughed in vain.

It would be only Chung-Myung in the world who could speak of a shaman in that way. Even Shaolin's boss can't easily see a shaman.


Anyway, thanks to that, the pressure that had been tightening up seemed to have disappeared like a lie. Now I could look at Heo Do-jin with a more comfortable face.

As the distance between the two gatekeepers became closer, their feet naturally slowed down. Heo Do-jin approached Hyun Jong with a relaxed pace.

Hyun Jong put his hands together and took an airlift and held them out.

"I'm seeing a shaman."

"It's a shaman's fault. I'm meeting Hwasan Jang."

Hurdo also gave up face to face. Deeply bowed, he raised his head and opened his mouth with a nice face.

"It's the first time I've seen you since the World War II Games, Jang Moon-in."

"Yes, I'm glad to see you again."

Greetings came and went like a ritual, and Heo Do-jin grinned.

"At that time, I didn't think Hwasan would make such a name. I respect you."

"I'm flattered. No matter how much Hawasan has raised his name, where can he be compared to the sham of the world? I was just lucky."

"Ha ha ha. Too much humility is proportional, isn't it? You are now a blind man, and if you say it's luck, then the Heavenly Men will hit your chest.

"It's all thanks to everyone's positive views on me. If I had decided to become a blind man through my skills and personal connection, how could I have climbed to that position? My shoulders are about to sink under heavy loads."

Jo-Gol whispered to Yoon-Jong, listening to the conversation coming and going.

"The death penalty, the death penalty. Both of you sound so soft, but it sounds scary to hear you."



"…Close your mouth. If you make an accident here, I'll really grind your bones."


Jo-Gol quietly covered my mouth with both hands.

Then Heo Do-jin looked at the people standing behind Hyun Jong.

"If you don't mind me asking who's standing behind you?"

"It's about 70 greenlings."

"…I see.”

Heo Do-jin nods silently. That was all the reaction.

Hyun Jong, who had expected to walk a different path by dragging Sapa, looked at him with a slightly strange face.

Don't tell me Heo Do-jin won't say anything about this.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh…… I thought I had to make an excuse."

Heo Do-jin just laughed at Hyun Jong's words.

"Isn't it because of his highness that even the bandits of Greenling have been enlightened?" I'm just jealous. I don't think I'll even be able to keep up with those toes if I pursue them for the rest of my life seek."

"…I'm flattered."

Hyun Jong bowed his head in embarrassment.

Heo Do-jin looked around his disciples with a smile on his face.

You're sharp.

The spirit that flows out secretly is no less than that of a shaman. Of course, Mudangbo da is not serious, and at first glance it feels light. Even if it's empty, it's not the spirit of a serious Taoist…….

'Instead, it's clear and free.’

A new appreciation sprang into my mind.

"Since when did heavy and serious become a representative of Doga?’In the first place, it would have been something that wasn't tied.

Heo Do-jin, who was briefly lost in thought, soon nodded heavily and saw Hyun Jong.

"In the last infinity…….”

When the word infinite came out, Hyun Jong's face hardened.

The inscription from infinity.

It's a pleasant memory for Hwasan, but it's a terrible memory for Heo Do-jin. Heo Do-jin is bringing it up in front of the Hwasan faction.

"I was very upset that my disciples had been humiliated."

"……I was just lucky."

Hyun Jong replied with a little discomfort, but Hee Do-jin's face was surprisingly cool.

"That's what I thought inside. But after seeing his disciples here today, I guess it wasn't just luck."

Heo Do-jin once again took the gun at Hyun Jong.

"I'm learning a lot, Jang Moon-in."

"Don't do this. I didn't do anything."

"If there was nothing the writer did, how could he have reached this day?"

Once again, when Hyun Jong tried to spit out his modesty, Heo Do-jin's eyes were on someone else.

"Isn't that right, Hwasan Theologian?"

"Our writer is a bit of a great writer."

"Ha ha. That's what I'm saying."

"As expected, you're a shaman, and you recognize it! This is why people have to be in big places."



The two laughed face to face as if they were in sync.

Their eyes, however, were sharply observing each other, unlike their apparent bright expressions.

"You beat Ho Gong, didn't you?”

"Yes, by skill."


For a moment, Heo Do, who was speechless, looked back briefly at Hyun Jong. However, Hyun Jong had already turned to the distant sky with his hands behind him.

It was an expression, "I can't help it, so you take care of it."

"Skills…. Yes, skills. Ho Gong is not someone who can beat luck."

"Yes, it was amazing."

"You're even more amazing when you beat that guy?"

"Hehe. I didn't mean it, but it's hard for me to deny it because you pointed it out like that. Ahem!"


Heo Do-jin looked all over the Wasans again, but no one could face him. It was because their Mundo, who was ashamed of everything, was sticking out his belly in front of that shaman.

I want to hide.

'I'm embarrassed to death.’

"Ha ha."

Heo Do-jin laughed out loud and nodded.

"Good, you can't be bothered to say great things. Lao Tzu once said that useless manners eat human affairs.”

Chung-Myung saw Heo Do-jin with his eyes glistening at his cool words.

"But you'd better be careful. Our children are still training, forgetting their erosion, to beat you."

"Challenge is always welcome."


Heo Do-jin grinned after a brief pause.

"I told you, the next time my kids try, don't back off."

"Uh…… I can't promise you that."

"Ha ha. Then there's nothing we can do."

Heo Do-jin wrapped up a casual conversation and spoke to Hyun Jong.

"There's a lot I want to talk about, but it's too bad that I can't talk more because I have to rush my way."

"Wouldn't there be another chance.

"Yes, I will visit you then and ask for your teaching."Heo Do-jin politely seized the gun.


"Yes, Jang Moon-in."

Heo Do-jin turned around without hesitation when Hyun Jong politely took the shot.

"Let's go."


The shamanists ran out first over the Wasanites who were standing at a distance. It was not until the back of Hyun Jong's mouth that a deep sigh came out.

"…That's big.

It's not that the shaman doesn't know how much he hates Hawsan.

But Heo Do-jin never lost his manners and respect. Rather, he even praised Hwasan.

Hyun Jong thought he could have done that.

'That's what a masterpiece is.’

A person who has a low posture, but feels the power to overwhelm the opponent in that position. Rather, Heo Do-jin might not have felt this pressure if he had shown his teeth out at them.

And the shamanists behind them also showed no emotion that they had built up from their previous steams.

We still have a long way to go.

Neither he nor HWASAN are good enough to be compared to that shaman.


Meanwhile, Chung-Myung, who was watching the shaman moving away with his arms folded behind Hyun Jong, rolled up his lips.

You're still good, aren't you?’

Heo Do-jin and other shamanists were not rude at all.

But Chung-Myung was rather annoyed by Heo Do-jin's attitude. Being able to keep yourself right is like being able to afford it.

"Let's see how long that space will last."

Chung-Myung's eyes, staring at the shaman, were sharp.