Chapter - 795 Episode 795, only he is worthy. (5)

"The death penalty."


While running toward the Black Dragon Chai, Jo-Gol opened his mouth.

"You know, there's a... shamanist."

"Heo Do-jin?"

"Yes, him."

"What about him?"

"Isn't it a little different from what you thought?"


Yoon-Jong looked suspicious and said Jo-Gol seemed a little worried.

"I thought it would be a very sharp examination just because I was a shamanist. But when I saw him, he seemed like a very good person."

Of course, this is not the first time I have seen a shaman's long writer.

In the past, I saw Heo Do-jin sitting on a high platform at a world-class performance. But it was literally just a distant view.

This was the first time I've ever identified Heo Do-jin.

"A good man...….”

Yoon-jong briefly repeated the remark and looked at Jo-Gol with pathetic eyes.

"Why do you look at me like that?"



"You did a great job coming to Hwasan.”

"Hehe. What are you talking about? I'm embarrassed."

"If I had succeeded my father as a merchant, I would have destroyed the whole house."


Yoon-Jong kicked his tongue and shook his head.

Dang-Soso, who was listening, helped him out.

"That's right, Jo-Gol death penalty. You shouldn't trust the people who wrote the long stories of the capitalism. I don't know what's in it."

Jo-Gol tilted his head as if he didn't understand.

"Do you mean the Lord of the Dangis?"

"It's because my father is unusually friendly to Hawasan, not when dealing with other clans. The people who went up to that spot are all breathing people who hide what's inside me."


"That's true."

Baek Cheon nodded, too.

"We exchanged words of blessing, but the purpose of this speech cannot have been words of blessing. Maybe we've figured out a lot of things that we don't know."

"…in that short period of time?"

"So you must be a shaman's hero."

Baek Cheon shines his eyes.

"If there is anything to learn, learn, if there is anything to emulate, follow. But under no circumstances should we neglect our vigilance."

"Yes, Sa-suk!"

"I'll keep that in mind."

Meanwhile, Chung-Myung, who was watching the chicks having conversations from behind, smirked secretly.

"You've grown up well."

In the past, people who would have made a lot of fuss just by meeting shaman Jang Moon-in are now wary and worried.

"First of all, focus on what's ahead of you. Our opponent now is Black Dragon Salad. Not a shaman."

"Yes, Sa-suk!"

He was so brave when he ran out with full of enthusiasm. Chung-Myung grinned.

"He's very good.”

Well, even if you're a chick, you should do this.

* * *


Heo Do-jin, who was at the forefront, ran forward quickly.

The soft look on his face in front of former Hyun Jong and his disciples of the Hwasan faction had long disappeared. There's only a chill chill left.

"How was it?"

Ho Sanja approached carefully and asked.

Then Heo Do-jin opened his mouth without a change of expression.

Did you mean "Hwasan"?


The assessment of Hwasan has been sickening.

But it was largely just an assessment of Hwasan's track record. What Ho Sanja wanted to hear was an evaluation of Hwasan that Heo Do-jin saw with his own eyes.

"It is clear that we must be vigilant. One……."

Heo Do-jin was a bit of a blur. He closed his mouth as if he was contemplating a little bit, and then slowly opened his mouth again after a little later, he opened his mouth again."Hwasan is definitely a great clique. Seeing it in person today, you must have felt the greatness."

It's more of a compliment. Ho Sanja was briefly troubled by this much praise from Heo Do-jin's mouth.

"But that's why it's so painful. The time they lost."


"I was lucky to see Hwasan with my own eyes.”

Heo Do-jin's eyes dimmed.

In fact, Hwasan was more intimidating than I thought, and better than I thought. There was definitely something in that Wasan that could not be found in the shaman.


"That's how clear the weaknesses are.’

It is not yet an enemy, but it was a good thing that I had the opportunity to scrutinize where I could be an enemy anyway. That alone was worth the trip.

"Once the distance is widened, it is not easy to narrow it down.’

It's happened because I've been looking down on it. But if we acknowledge him as Hwasan and are wary of him, we were confident that we could keep the gap between them.

Just this time, yes.

In the past, the old file room and Oh Dae-sega, who would have looked around until Hawasan took all the public's interests and took all the profits, this time, as soon as they heard that Hawasan appeared in the Janggang River and fought with the enemy, they flocked.

That's what it is to be on the lookout.

"Long storyteller, he who rises above must bear his weight.’

It's not that hard to get a hundred or ten. However, it takes several times as much effort as it does to become a tenth, and several times as much effort as it does to become a second job.

Hasan, who has already begun to be wary of other clans, will no longer have the same unilateral gains as in the past.



"No, nothing."

Heo Do-jin's face is strangely hardened. I was reminded of a feeling close to nervousness.

'If the world were as it is now, this distance wouldn't be narrowed. But....'

What if the world isn't as peaceful as it is now? Will the shaman be able to maintain the gap with that Hwasan then?

Heo Do-jin's eyes shone cold.

'You'll be busy when you get back to the shaman.’

To do so, the first thing to do is to dispose of the black dragon salad.

Heo Do-jin pushed the game into his leg and hit the ground hard.

* * *


Hwasan's students, who ran tirelessly, finally arrived at the Black Dragon Chai.

Everyone opened their eyes wide at the sight before them.

"Come on, long man."


How can I describe this scene?


No, it's not. It was not appropriate to describe this scene in such a positive word.

The river was crowded with groups of fighters.

First of all, what stands out the most is Shaolin's middles in yellowish yellow cloth. And they were shaman disciples who went ahead of them.

Next to them were those dressed in sky-blue uniforms.

"Sky blue……."

"The palace! It's Changgung Geomdae of Namgung Sega."

"It's Namgoong."

At a glance, the spectacularly sharp inspectors are looking across the river in perfection. And…….

"Then those who wear blue jeans must be blue-s*x."

Shaolin, shaman, Namgoong, Cheongseong.

Four gatekeepers who mislead the world are gathered by the river. It was a breathtaking sight indeed.

'Have these people ever been in one place since the last war against the Magistrates?'’It was only too real. The fact that times are changing.

Even though the people gathered here did not show hostility toward Hwasan, I felt pressure as if my body was being weighed down. If they do, would the numbers who have to deal with all of this be overwhelming?

If they put themselves in the stronghold, they would definitely listen to it in their ears, and they went out to prose with swords pulled out.


Hyun Jong nods his head.

"Yeah, let's go."

The hands hidden in the sleeves have been shaking finely, but now is the time to move forward. He's a long-written writer of Hawsan.

Hawasan's disciples began to move back to where they had stopped.

They also had a lot of strength in their steps to understand what it meant to join them.

Bop Kye walked out slowly and greeted them as he saw Hwasan approaching from behind.

"Amitabha Buddha."

He presented his example with a solemn face.

"I'm seeing Hawasan's long story."

"Elder Bop Kye, I'm proud of you."

"Do you remember me?"

"How can I forget. I don't forget the kindness you've shown me to Hwasan."

Bop Kye nodded slowly.

He didn't really show his affection for Hwasan, but it's not important that he's personal at the meeting on behalf of the Moon faction. What's important is that Hwasan's writer speaks friendly words to Shaolin.

"Thank you for coming here. Everyone in the world will be amazed by Hawsan's spirit."

Hyun Jong smiled brightly at Bop Kye's words.

However, Chung-Myung's eyes turned upside down as soon as he heard it.

"No, one of them is a bird...….Uh-Uh-huh!

"Hahaha. Yes, Chung-Myung! You're saying that all the middle school students would appreciate him! I'm so proud of you, Chung-Myung! I'm interested in Buddhism! I know you're a middle-aged man! Hahahaha!"

Baek Cheon grinned and desperately shut Chung-Myung's mouth. Even Hye Yeon grabbed Chung-Myung's neck with a pale blue face and quietly tightened it.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! That bird...….I……."

"Yeah, yeah. I've seen you again! That's a duck! You've never seen a duckling before, have you? I'm amazed, too!"

In the meantime, Ogum quickly ran and wrapped Chung-Myung's mouth tightly with a cloth and tied his body.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

Chung-Myung struggled to death, but no one felt sorry for him.

"Whoo. Put it away back there. No, it's not. Take this opportunity and bury it."

"Should I?"

"……No, don't kill me."

Baek Cheon sighed and saw Chung-Myung being dragged away.

It was Hwasan who started the numerical struggle in the first place. So Hwasan should be in a position of welcoming them. But Bop Kye was subtle and naturally grateful to Hwasan.

As if they were the main characters, and Hwasan helped Shaolin's intentions.

A monk!’

I can't say I'm wrong for my door-to-door faction, but isn't that too cowardly and disgraceful?

Hye Yeon's face was red, too, to see if she understood the feeling.

Then Bop Kye glanced at Hye Yeon and said to Hyun Jong.


"Yes, Elder."

"I am more than grateful to you for collecting Shaolin's disciples and teaching me. However, due to the circumstances, I think we should collect our students from now on.""…do as you please."

When Hyun Jong's permission fell, Bop Kye quietly called Hye Yeon.

"Hye Yeon."


"Come here and join Shaolin."


Hye Yeon's face hardened in an unexpected situation.

"The elder, the chief of staff...….”

"I know that the room manager allowed you to go abroad. But now is not the time to seek teaching."


"Also, the director entrusted me with all my powers. I won't say any more."

I couldn't say any more because of this. Hye Yeon's shoulders drooped.

When he turned around looking down, Baek Cheon tapped him on the shoulder.

"It's all right, monk."

"Baek Cheon Shizu. I...….”

"Shouldn't the name of the person be obeyed?"


Hye Yeon's big, gentle eyes trembled finely. But soon he greeted me in a slightly low voice.

"…See you again."

"Take care of yourself."

Hye Yeon politely addressed Hwasan's disciples. Hwasan's disciples also took the initiative and showed courtesy to Hye Yeon.

Wasan's disciple, but not his disciple, was the best courtesy I could offer.

"Don't act like you don't see each other!"

"Come visit me again, monk!"

"I'll hide the meat separately.

"What are you saying? You crazy man!"

Leaving behind the friendly voices, Hye Yeon sighed quietly and walked toward Shaolin.

"My student has caused me trouble."

"You're welcome. I was greatly helped by the presence of monk Hye Yeon. I would like to thank Monk Hye Yeon and Shaolin for the long story of Hwasan."

Hyun Jong looks at Hye Yeon with sad eyes.

I felt like I was losing a student if not a student of Hwasan. I felt heavy because I felt like I was going through a sudden breakup.

Bop Kay suddenly looked to the side after seeing Hye Yeon cross over. And I told Hyun Jong.

"More than that, I think you should say hello."

From the side that Bop Kye looked at, Namgoong Sega's household and Cheongseong's long writer were walking in a straight line.