Chapter - 800 Episode 800. Handsome and bad-looking. (5)

I was shocked by Hyun Jong's eyes.

'Namgung Hwang.'

His appearance at the gathering of the heads of the Moon faction was frankly frowned upon.

Of course, he didn't understand the bad feelings he would have in Hwasan, but no matter how hard it was, it certainly didn't fit the price of the Southern Palace Sega, called the world's first king.

However, the way Namgung Hwang showed now was enough to blow Hyun Jong's thoughts away at once.


It seemed Namgung Wang was talking to him.

It doesn't matter if it's small because it's inclusive or flammable in a strong group. What Namgung Sega needs is a strong person who can carry the name on his back. That's enough.

"…That's the absolute master."

Baek Cheon's palms were wet with cold sweat.

How do you compare to a bishop?’

It's hard to compare.

The bishop was really terrifyingly strong. But then Baek Cheon did not have the ability to judge the strength of a bishop's strength. He just rushed with all his might to die, and Chung-Myung had to leave the rest to him.

But that's not the case right now.

Seeing the absolute coriander's height from a cold step away with his two eyes, his back felt numb and his hands shook.

"Gufile room, and the Great King Oh."

Baek Cheon realized at that moment.

How much you've been looking down on that name.


The blue water of the Janggang River quickly turned red.

Changgung Geomdae, who jumped into the water, was unilaterally killing his enemies.

Although the young sword-grab did not tear the river apart like Namgang Hwang, the current was not difficult to crack. Furthermore, the strong history of childhood kept their movements intact in the water as if they were outside.

Then all that was left was a huge difference in skills.


The sword that cut through the current trapped itself in the heart of the enemy. Those who approached quickly bounced faster and sank into the water.


Namgung Wang swung his sword once at the sight.

"As peace gets longer, you see the petty enemies rushing at the flag of the Southern Palace!"

Then you have to let me know.

It's not because they lack power that they've only watched the Sapa so far.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Namgung Wang's sword is beginning to grow again in a formidable tibia. It was so amazing that I couldn't even dare to guess how much history it contained in the Danjeon.

"I…" That…….”

As Baek Cheon, who was watching, spoke in dismay, Chung-Myung said coldly.

"Living quarters."


"Open your eyes and watch carefully."

Chung-Myung chins at the ship Namgang is on.

"Do you know why Namgung Sega is the world's best?"


At the moment, various thoughts crossed Baek Cheon's mind. He is so powerful that he can pour elixir with his vast wealth and concentrate on training.….

But Baek Cheon knew that none of that was the answer Chung-Myung wanted.

Chung-Myung said quietly.

"The Southern Palace Sega is full of stupid people. In fact, if you want to pursue a paddle, you'd better raise a sword, not a sword. Yeah, like the Habukpanga."

Baek Cheon nodded in sympathy.

If you're going to use a strong sword, it's much easier to use a thick and strong sword than a thin and luscious sword."But they're the ones who are pursuing the throne and never let go of the sword. They held two incompatible things, strength and refinement, in their hands like greedy men, and finally succeeded in making them compatible."


"If it's a private inspection, keep an eye on that man's sword. You'll see a different sword than Hwasan."


There is even more gravity on Baek Cheon's face. Nodding his head, he stared at Namgung Wang. All the other disciples watched Namgung Wang seriously, whether they had heard the conversation.

Chung-Myung nodded in satisfaction with the look.

All right.

In fact, Chung-Myung thought he would step back not only because he didn't want to fight with them.

What is lacking for Hwasan's disciples is experience.

But experience doesn't just mean fighting with your own hands and going through it with your body. It is also a great experience to see with your own eyes how others fight and what kind of martial arts they write.

Wasan, shaman, Namgoongse.

When Chung-Myung was inspecting plum blossoms, the three clans were called the three greatest checks of the world. And wasn't the highest number of each clique referred to as the Three Great Scouts?

Hwasan is a fancy p*n*s. A shaman is a soft sword. And Namgung Sega pursues powerful swords and swords that are rare in the weapons of the sword.

'Hwasan's sword is the best.’

But the best doesn't mean perfection. If we could get more out of Namgung Wang's sword, the wasan disciples' sword would be more perfect.


Namgung Wang's sword was once again swung loudly.

The river soared from side to side. It looked as if the legendary Gyoryong living in the Janggang River was a dragon frame.

The sword river, which flew across the river, soon engulfed a huge ship.

Whoo! Whoosh!

It was a destructive force that could not be compared to a firearm. The whole ship burst and smashed several more ships one after the other.

A straight road began to emerge between the densely packed ships of water.

Literally, it's a Cesarean map.

The king only walks forward. I know how to move forward, but I don't know how to back down or detour.

And the sword of Namgung is the sword of the king. The king's sword is stopped and it destroys everything.

"Kill them all! Don't you dare let those who don't know the subject and block the front of the palace pay the price!"


The boats that followed Namgung Wang from left to right increased speed and moved forward.


Namgung Wang slowly led the lead and turned his head slightly.


In the first place, the numbers in the way were out of his mind. What he was watching closely was a shaman, Cheongseong, and Shaolin, who were following him on the boat.

Namgung Wang, staring at them with cold eyes, suddenly turned to the riverside.

The Hwasan faction looked at the place with their eyes wide open.


There was a glimmer of astonishment on the face.

'You idiots.’

Those little bastards who think they've become something because they've earned some fame. Namggung Hwang did not like Hwasan because of that. The true strong should not move recklessly and should continue to build strength.

"Keep an eye on it. The power of the Southern Palace Sega."


Heo Do-jin twisted the corners of his mouth and laughed.

"The Southern Palace Lord must be very excited."

"Wouldn't that be the case? There's no use of a sword. It's a waste of time.""That's right."

Peace has continued for too long.

More than enough to replenish the power used in the war against the Magyo in the past...…. No, it's been enough time to condense more power.

The people who put their hands together want to prove it. But so far there has been no way or opportunity to do so. Proof of power is in the end possible only with enemies. I can't run to the side of the boulevard to prove my ignorance.

"By the way, Namgoongga is more than I thought."

"I see. Namgoongse has gritted his teeth as well. Just like us."

Heo Do-jin's eyes shone cold. I felt like my stomach was boiling a little. Aside from the argument, the sword's completeness was a stimulus to the man.

Sure enough.


The ship on the right sounded like a roar of discontent, and a golden mandarin burst out.

It's like a golden waterfall is pouring down the river, and it's enormous power! The vessels swept away were crushed in an instant and lost their shape.

It's not a blasting attack like Namgung Wang's. However, it is a blow that crushes the ship itself with its enormous weight.

The way may be different, but the power loaded is never outstripped by Namgang Huang's qualification.

"I guess Ambassador Bop Kay is not as well-disciplined as Ambassador Bop Jeong."

"Even if you're a monk, you're unmanned. It's worth a win."

Heo Do-jin smiled quietly.

If Bop Jeong were here, he would have smiled and watched Namggung Wang run wild. However, Bop Kye is an elder, no matter how good he is. There is no choice but to be impatient that Shaolin, who was led by him, should not fall behind the Namgung Palace.

"What would you do?"

"The stage is bad."

Heo Do-jin is a bit bitter.

It is by no means lacking in ability, but it is different in terms of ignorance. No matter how hard they try, it is hard to keep up with the ripple power and inspection that power shows.

'There's nothing you can't do if you overdo it, but you don't have to do it now.’

This is not a stage prepared for them. The real stage is in the valley.

"Namgung and Shaolin will open the way. As soon as we get inside, we disembark and drive our enemies."

"Yes, Jang Moon-in!"

Namgung Wang's boat, which hit the lead just in time, finally drilled the way in a straight line.

The watercrafts, which had believed in Sue and were firmly entrenched, were frightened and began to turn their heads from side to side. Of course, they know that there is no future if they lose the black dragon racket, but Namgung Wang's credibility in front of their eyes was enough to blow away reason and instill fear.

Only two rounds of inspection.

With only those two inspections, Namgung Hwang succeeded in creating a huge path between ships that gathered beyond sight of water.

"Never mind the little ones! The ensuing gatekeepers will sort it out. We break through the road and enter the Black Dragon Chapel!"


Namgung Wang smiled.

You gave me the lead?’

They have their own calculations, so they may have taken the lead in Namgung Sega.….

"Your miscalculation is that you underestimated the power of Namgung.’

I have no intention of letting the following name put the ball up. As long as they're here, there's no way we're stuck on the retreat. I'll enter in one go and destroy everything at once.So that only the name of the Namgung can be heard in this Janggang River.


"Yes, my lord!"

Namung Wang peeked back at Namung Dowi. The face was redolent, already ready to fight.

"If you disembark, take the lead. Reclaim your lost reputation with your own hands!"

"I will do that!"


Now the road to the valley lay ahead of Namgung Wang's eyes.

"Speed up! We're entering in a heartbeat! Never mind a trap! I'll break it down with this hand!"


The entrance of the valley rang loudly as the warriors of the Namgung Sega, whose morale rose to the top of their heads, burst out in unison.

Countless ships cut through the waters of the Janggang River and rushed into a deep, dark valley at once.