Chapter - 802 Episode 802. Hey! Get the rest of that drink! (2)


Namgang Wang's eyes, which entered the valley, became thin.

It's a strange terrain.

There is a long road filled with water through the cliffs. If you overdo it, you can't say that it's very narrow enough to go two ships side by side, but it wasn't that wide.

'There's no better place than the entrance to the water supply where the ships have to go.’

In addition, the cliff was quite tall.

As a result, the surroundings became darker as we entered the valley. If you look up, it looks like a long blue line is drawn in the dark world.

"Don't let your guard down!"

Namggung Wang shouted. The sound rang.

"The lion does its best when it catches a rabbit. The opponent is Sapa! I don't know what to do. Losing by skill is not a shame, but death by carelessness is a shame!"


Namgung Wang checked the surroundings with sharp eyes.

It was his first time to lead so many people and fight an enemy this big. It wasn't a strange situation to be overly excited.

However, his eyes were as cold as proof that Namgung Sega's position as a thorn was not given to anyone.


"Go away!"

"Yes, my lord!"

Namgung Dowi quickly changed his words.

"The road is narrow and the current is strong. If a ship gets attacked here...….”

"There's nothing to worry about."

Namgung Wang said firmly.

"In preparation for that, I had Changgung Geomdae escort the ship. There's no way that petty men can get to the ship through the palace."

Namggung Dowi nodded.

At first glance it sounds arrogant, but Namggung Dowi knows. That is not arrogance. Pride by those who deserve to be arrogant should be called confidence.

"More than that……."

Namgung Wang's gaze turned upward.

The corners of his mouth were twisted with derision.

"They don't even know the subject. If it's a number, I'll just be a number."

Then Namgung Dowi's gaze turned towards Namgung Hwang's eye contact.

"Here he comes!"

From left to right, people in black suits were rushing fiercely toward them on the cliffs lined with folding screens.

It's different!

There was a momentary tension in Namung Dowi's face.

It's not possible by ordinary breaking methods to drive down that steep cliff like a flat surface. From that alone, it was clear that those black men were different from the numbers they had been dealing with.

"Well, is this the Black Dragon Chai?"”

Namgung Wang laughed bitterly.

And even before he gave directions, the Changgung sword on the ship rose as if a large vizo had spread its wings and ran out of the cliff.

The two groups intertwined on the steep slope, a sheer cliff with no room to step on.

"Hit it!"

"Kill them all!"

Swords are scattered everywhere.

A sharp sword penetrated the bodies of the enemies, and the long, span-long javelin that the enemies flew tore apart the flesh of the spearhead.


The long-cut number of the chest falls over the river without even screaming.

Splash! Splash!

It was obviously Changgung Geomdae who caught the victory flag. Even though they would not have trained to fight on cliffs, the long-standing solidly piled-up radishes did not succumb to the constraints of the place.

"This can't be all."

Namgung Wang looked up and looked up.


Sure enough, the sky above the narrow canyon quickly filled with black arrows."That's right."

It's such a natural attack.

However, contrary to the visible pressure, it was nothing but a useless attack.


Namgung Wang's sword cut out all the flying arrows.

If this was an ordinary battlefield where soldiers and soldiers clash, the rain of arrows would surely have been threatening. No, those who penetrated through this place would have had to bear tremendous damage if they had become a proper gatekeeper, not Namgung Sega.

However, those who are leading now are Changcheon Namgungse.

Even if ordinary arrows without a handful of history are poured all day long, they cannot give a single snatch to the fighters of Namgung Sega.

It would have been dangerous if the arrow was fired from close range, but it is impossible to maintain it from this distance to the end.

So to speak, too high a cliff is getting in their way.

"Lord, are you going up?”

"That's enough. Ignore it!"

Namgung Wang roared out.

"Don't dwell on the little fish! The men who follow will take care of the mess!"


The boat, which had slowed down for a while, begins to move quickly again. Enemies who were dealing with the Changgung Gumdae stormed off the cliff to stop the ship, but none of them stepped on the ship where Namgung Wang was on board.



The elders of the Namgung Sega, who climbed up the railing as if they were guarding a ship, cut down the numbers that rushed in at once.

"Don't disturb me, you scoundrels!"

"How dare the Sapa go after you!"

The ship of Namgung Sega was moving forward, but it was moving further apart from the following shaman's ship.

The word "godonan" couldn't have been better suited.


The ship cut through the current. No one seemed to be able to block Namgung Wang's way.

Namggung Dowi thrilled to see Namggung Wang standing on top of the lion-shaped player award.

Enthusiastic enemies rush up the cliffs, and above their heads comes the rain of arrows. And now, not only arrows but also human rocks are falling, and there is a strong splash.

It's literally a mess.

But there was no shaking in Namgang's back as he plowed through the middle.

The Garage of the Southern Palace Sega.

The Cesarean Sword Namgang Wang.

And Changcheon Namgungse.

Namggung Dowi realized the power of his own family. One day, he should lead Namgung Sega in the same way as Namgung Hwang.

"One day, that Shaolin and shaman will kneel at the feet of Namgung Sega.’

At the moment when Namggung Dowi made a promise with a flying arrow, Namggung Hwang shouted out loud!

"I can see it!"

Finally, I could see the end of the canyon, which had been long in front of it. As the narrow valley widened, the innermost part of the valley was clearly visible.


It's like a big Hwasan top.’

The water that came through the narrow path spreads in a fan shape and touches the land. The terrain here was, say, a vast basin surrounded by sheer cliffs.

"You've settled in this place.”

Surely this is a natural fortress.

The way in is too narrow to allow many ships to come in, and it has to bear enormous damage to come in. We're bound to be defenseless against attacks on cliffs.

But it's the story of ordinary people. This is not the case for unmanned people. Whatever you do up there, you'll be able to get away with it if you're a top master.Namgung Wang twisted his mouth and laughed.

"Isn't it only us who are in the trap?"

Namgung Wang pulled up a sword.

"Land! In one go!"


There were several large warp on the shore.

They do not build large buildings because they move their water supply frequently. However, the buildings here were huge and magnificent at a glance.

Other watercolors can run away at any time, but I could feel their determination and determination to be as different as this black dragon colander.

'That's how you're gonna get out of here!'

Namgung Wang stepped strongly on the player's prize and rose forward.


At once, he flew twenty sheets and landed.

"Kill me!"

As soon as Namgung Wang hit the bottom, dozens of enemies attacked at the same time. There were all sorts of weapons, but they were all sharp.



Namggung Hwang swung his sword as he stepped forward.


The powerful swords of great power were cut down at once.

No, it was a more appropriate blow to break than to bend.

Those who received the sword with a huge history had to pay a very fair price. Those who bounced off like shells were dead before their bodies even touched the floor.

"Get out of here, little bastards!"

Namgung Wang roared like a lion.

"Where is the Black Dragon King? This Cesarean sword, Namgang Wang, will take care of you!"

With him at the forefront, Changcheon Geomdae of Namgung Sega jumped to the land one after another.


"Give me your orders!"

Namgung Wang cried out loudly, frowning.

"Killing all of them! And find the Black Dragon King and drag him to my front!"


Changcheon Gumdae, ordered by Gaju, rushed forward like a storm.

"Stop it!"

"That son of a b*tc*!"

The numbers of the black dragon's bow also gritted their teeth to block the Changcheon Geomdae.

There's no retreat anyway.

This heavenly fortress does not permit the master, even his enemies, to flee. If the enemy has invaded, there is only one way left for them. It's just fighting back to the end.

The Black Dragon Salad is the place where only the most vicious and cruel of Janggangsu's 18 enemies are gathered. The many sins they have committed are not forgivable for surrendering and begging for their lives.

Then all that's left is the jade!



The sound of iron clashing with iron echoed like a scream.

Each one of them clearly has a high level of skills. As the elders of Namgung Sega and the poor joined the team, no matter how many of the black dragon's houses they were, they had no choice but to run out of strength.

However, the number was definitely higher on the Black Dragon Salad side.

It is hard to understand where such a person comes from, and the numbers in black came out like a herd of ants.




A series of large steel harpoons were fired from the Foru, which had been set up in the war.

A prosecutor at Changcheon Kendo University hit the harpoon flying in. However, the wind deflected the direction and was embedded in the body of the spearhead on the right.

Crack, crack!


They could have responded if there were enough gaps, but they also had no experience of such a scuffle. A member of the Changgung Geomdae, who had lost his blood, was briefly convulsed and soon lost his breath.

"You bastards!"

Namgung Wang shouted and rushed forward.


The sword's bow from the tip of the sword hit the man like a stone that kicked him.

"Show us the spirit of the Southern Palace Sega!"


As soon as the Namgung Sega rose to its peak, shaman's disciples poured into the land from the ship that followed into the basin.After getting off, Heo Do-jin took the lead, led his disciples and jumped into the line.

"Ee, this dog-like political faction...….”


Heo Do-jin, who couldn't stand down and penetrated the neck of the enemy who had been faltering, gave a cold scolding.

"Don't fall behind. I'll make it up to you!"


The Southern Palace and the Shaman.

Two inspections representing the world began to kill enemies as if they were competing with each other.