Chapter - 805 Episode 805. Hey! Get the rest of that drink! (5)

"…Loyal Love?"

Namgung Wang opened his mouth with a stiff face.

"What do you mean, a love affair?”

Jang Nilso nodded with a relaxed look.

"It's a name that never existed before. But now it will be a name that no one can know. Janggangsuro Ship8chae, Heukguibo, Haomun, and Maninbang will gather under one name."

"……The Sapa have joined forces?"

A hundred years ago, during the war against the Magists, the Sapado League was formed. But it was a temporary alliance for survival and not even a perfect vanity.

Are you saying that the warring Sapa gathered under one flag?

But there's no way not to believe it.

It is conceivable that the long writers of the old file room gather together. And the gathering of the five great Sega households in one place is also no one can think of as well.

"But who would have imagined those four people standing side by side in one place?’

The dream is now unfolding before their eyes.


Namgung Wang snorted excessively. As if he would never show them a weak side.

"What's so great about Safa's junk being together?"

"Will it?"

Jang Nilso smiles brightly.

"It may not be so great for a noble family owner. But since we're here with great determination, why don't you congratulate us?"


Namgung Wang stared at him with unanswered eyes.

"Well, you don't seem to be thinking about it. That's too bad."

But the look didn't make Jang Nilso cringe at all.

There is room for every tone and gentle gesture.

Looking at Jang Nilso like that, I started to feel nervous for no reason.

Heo Do-jin peeked back.

It's narrow.

When I came in through that narrow valley, I thought it was a natural fortress for defense. However, as things went on, it seemed more difficult to get out than to enter.

The ships will be intertwined and hell will unfold.’

But there's no way we can wait in a relaxed manner. The enemies will come after their backs.

Retirement was meaningless in the first place.’

So even if they had secured a way out and entered this place, nothing would have changed. Retreats are meaningful only when they are available.

Knowing the situation, Heo Do-jin looked at Jang Nilso.

"It's a love affair…….Whatever it is, the Union is a good thing. May I congratulate you?"

Jang Nilso nods loudly.

"A celebration from a shaman. It's a great honor."

"I'm glad you're happy. But you know, I lost."

Heo Do-jin's eyes are penetrating Jang Nilso.

"You're not in a position to be congratulated. If you really want to be congratulated, shouldn't you just stand there and look down?"


Jang Nilso laughed merrily and shook his head.

"That's right, that's right. You're right."


"That's what makes sense. But what can I do? I don't know how to be polite, but I'm a loser of Sapa. Now, wouldn't it be funny to set an example?"

"I hope you're not scared of a man named Sarfae-ryeon-ju?"

"Ha ha ha. You're saying obvious things. Of course I'm scared."

Jang Nilso's quaint lips twisted strangely.

"Sorim, shaman, Namgung and Cheongseong. Why wouldn't you be afraid to deal with this big gatekeeper? It's still hard to stand still. Hahahahaha!"Heo Do-jin's face cooled cold.

'That man...'.’

It was meant to scratch my pride, but it didn't work at all. Usually, a first-time high-ranking official is required to consider face first regardless of his or her nature.

But Jang Nilso didn't feel that way at all.

Heo Do-jin is well aware. That these people are the most difficult and difficult to deal with.


He stared at Jang Nilso with cold eyes.

"You must be here to say hello."

The way he spoke got more and more rough. It was proof that his innermost feelings were getting shaken and nervous.


Jang Nilso gently smoothed his chin with his white hands.

"That's not what you're saying when you've invaded other people's territory and wielded your sword without permission, is it?"

"It's the first time I've heard that I need permission to wipe out numbers.”

"Ha ha. That's right. You don't need permission. Yes, I did. So far."

Jang Nilso's oily eyes, looking down on Heo Do-jin, were a little haughty.

"But now we'll have to get permission. To this Jang Nilso, not anyone else."


Heo Do-jin gritted his teeth.

Who would he have heard this from?

"Get permission?"

He gripped the sword in his waist.

"What if I can't?”

"Hahaha. You're asking for the obvious. Shouldn't we pay for it?"

At that time, Namgung Wang, who was listening next to him, shouted loudly as if he could no longer stand it.

"You're a little boy! You're all talk and no talker! If you're so confident, come down and take my sword!"


Jang Nilso looked around everyone with a strange look and tilted his head.

"I don't think you understand what they're in right now at all."

Then he nodded as if he deserved it.

"That's possible. Shaolin and Shudang, Namgoong and Cheongseong. The power of those four clans will never fall behind no matter what forces they encounter in the world. Moreover, this high cliff has some ambiguity in discussing the benefits of its location."

You can't get out.

But he's not even under attack.

Even if they shoot arrows, even if they roll stones, or even pour boiling oil, they will not suffer much damage.

In addition, there are remnants of the Black Dragon Salad.’

Quite a few have died, but more than three minutes are still alive. Ignoring them and bombarding them with widespread attacks would be a no-brainer.

In the end, it means that they have to come down the cliff to attack.

If they face each other head-on, no matter how many times they are among Shin Ju-opae, they deserve to face each other. They couldn't have brought all the power because they were rushing.

Jang Nilso also knew exactly what they were thinking.


Jang Nilso's white face with a sneer is strangely twisted.

"That's the idea of seeing this Jang Nilso too easily. I think they need to understand their situation.”

At the moment, Heo Do-jin's heart cooled.

Jang Nilso flicked his finger lightly.

It's ack.

The sound spread sharply into the valley.

'......what is it?'

Heo Do-jin looked up the cliff with nervous eyes. Obviously Jang Nilso sent a signal, but there was no movement. There was an ominous silence."Bluffing?"

No, I don't think so.….

It was just then.



……I hear a scary sound as if something were beating my heart. It wasn't that loud, but I could hear it clearly in this silent valley as if a mouse were dead.


Whoo! Whoosh!

At that moment, a roar burst out as if the sky were falling.

And then an incredible sight unfolded.

One side of the cliff they occupied exploded with a huge explosion. The hazy dust rose like clouds, and the debris was shot like firecrackers.


Rumbling! Rumbling!


Even the world's Heo Do-jin was stunned with his mouth wide open.

Soon, one side of the cliff where the explosion occurred slowly fell off and began to tilt.

My mind went blank for a moment.


Massive-sized rocks began to fall with increasing speed, casting shadows over the heads of the four clans.

"Ugh, uh... Ahhhhhhhh!"


The elite, who were not even afraid of death, screamed and ran away.

They can even risk their lives for their colleagues. But as soon as they encountered that enormous rock that fell over their heads, their hands instinctively grabbed the death penalty and pushed it wildly.

It was an overwhelming sight.

It was something beyond reason and common sense. Even the world's Heo Do-jin was so overwhelmed by the sight that he opened his mouth blankly that he didn't even know what to do.


Surprisingly, the first person to move was Namgung Wang.

His sword spewed out a formidable sternum. It was more than twice as big and powerful as the sword and sword lectures that destroyed the entire ship a while ago. He waved his sword with a roar of a lion.


His discharge of the tibia stuck in falling rocks. It was a truly formidable sword and was actually scarred by nearly five characters, but the rock did not break or The rock did not break or break.


Namggung Wang did not give up and once again pulled out all his history and poured out the black river.


Bop Kye also showed his disapproval in a harsh voice, perhaps knowing what he had to do.

Massive golden power was added to Namgang Hwang's sword and rock.


Finally, a rock the size of a large war angle was cut in two. But that was far from enough.

"What are you doing? Break it! Break it!

When Bop Kye's desperate scream rang out, those who came to their senses finally blew tension and blackness over their heads.



It was almost a scene of fermentation.

The colorful game smashed the falling rocks. The rock gradually split, cracked, and crushed.

"More! More! Squeeze all your strength! Or they're all die! Come on, man!


The elite members of the old file room, who had blood in their eyes, attacked with all their might. But it was impossible to get rid of that massive size of rock from the start.

The rock, which was only a large war angle, broke around and split apart, leaving hundreds of people pouring into the bottom of the reconciliation into one-size stone.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Rocks falling from the distance crushed the hard floor like mud.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoosh!

A series of falling rocks continued for a long time.

The world shook and the whole cliff screamed.

What else can you describe this place as hell, where the screams of man and the screams of the earth are mixed?Boom! Boom!

Finally, the last rock fell to the ground.

Dust filled his son-in-law.

As if he wouldn't show this horrible sight to the world.

It was revealed that the situation was devastating only after the wind blew up the soil dust from somewhere.

Heo Do-jin faced the horrors revealed in front of him with a devastated face.

"Turn it off……."

"My, my legs...….My…….Ugh…….”

those under the rock

Those who have lost their blood.

The flowing blood was covered with dust, and new blood flowed endlessly over it.

Heo Do-jin stared blankly at the scene and turned his eyes over the cliff.




Jang Nilso's truly insane ore and the jingle of jewellery covered the valley with groans.