Chapter - 810 Episode 810. Nice to see you again! (5)

A sheer cliff with nothing but rocks, red plum blossoms bloomed like a fantasy in the desolate space.

The spectacular view was greeted with a roar and a frantic wave of violence. But it was as futile as trying to stop the incoming waves with a knife.

(sighs) Whooshoosh!

A flying plum sword cuts down its body dozens or hundreds of times in that short moment. The body, which had been out of breath before being cut by half, fell to the floor a long time after the plum sword passed by.


Park Chan-chung-Myung rushed to the bay, which slowed down for a while.

Strong progress and formidable speed.

However, Chung-Myung's eyes were as cold as a fountain ice in the North Sea.


The panhandle was embarrassed by Chung-Myung's fierce rush between the scattered plum swords and hardened for a moment.

At that moment, the ending was decided.

Chung-Myung wasn't the one to miss the moment.


The sword flew in as if tearing Ho Gong apart and blew off the neck of all the people.

As soon as the round head turned and rose to Ho Gong, Chung-Myung kicked his headless body away.


The crowd gritted their teeth.

There can be no harm in the body of a colleague. If you can get it, you have to get it, and if you can't, you have to avoid it with tears.

But that's the standard of a political faction, and Chung-Myung is after.

"Don't look down on me, you son of a b*tc*!"

All the people attacked the bodies of their fellow soldiers. The body split in half, sprinkled blood and bounced off.



At that moment, a plum sword was embedded in the neck of all the people.


All the people looked at Chung-Myung with bloodshot eyes as if they could not believe it.

The gap between him and the sword to cut the body.

Chung-Myung, who hid behind the body, threw himself into the empty space as soon as the sword was lowered.


The red-blooded face of Chung-Myung was visible, and the vision began to blur in an instant. Chung-Myung's eyes, which he saw clearly for the last time, contained no hesitation. Many people understood why they should die.


Chung-Myung, who swung the sword through his neck and pulled it out, revealed his white teeth.

"Inno ooh ooh ooh!"

All the people excited at the sight waved their swords at Chung-Myung with a terrifying roar.



The flying black was blocked by a series of swords that flew in before it even reached the vicinity of Chung-Myung.



Baek Cheon's sword, which flicked off all the swords of the bayonet, scattered plum swords in an instant.

A face that shows no excitement.

Unlike the swift, colorful sword, Baek Cheon's face sank to a crisp. The title of "Inspection" seemed not to be ashamed.

"Iseol! Jo-Gol!"


"Take Chung-Myung's left!"


"Yoon-Jong is following Chung-Myung!"


Baek Cheon's eyes quickly chased Chung-Myung, who pushed the enemy away with a plum sword.


Chung-Myung rushed forward again. At the sight, the corners of Baek Cheon's mouth crept up.

That is not 'I am going alone'.

I'll go first, so don't be late.

Chung-Myung doesn't even look away, even though he knows that the enemy's sword flies at him. Of course, I believe Baek Cheon will stop the sword there.

"There's no countermeasure, but...….”Baek Cheon smiled, showing his teeth. My face is full of confidence.

The sword shone white under the sun.

"Don't put things in your hands! The enemy is Safa! If you hesitate, this side will die!"


A loud answer rang out following Baek Cheon's request. The disciples of the Wasans ran forward without hesitation.

Kaga River!

The first inspection bounced a flying spear.


A series of wielded swords neatly cut through the enemy's neckline.


With a strange sound of blood bubbles, the body of all the people moved on like rotten straw. But before the body could reach the ground, Chung-Myung's body passed him and rushed toward the next enemy.

"Ee…… profit!"

A crowd of people.

Is there any place in the world that has fought more battles than these?

While the other civil servants were at peace and protected their territory, the universal army expanded its territory by waging a war to kill and kill each other in that chaotic land of Gwangseo.

No one can deny that they are not the strongest in the world, but they are most familiar with combat in the world.

the transmission of a mad book It's another name for the bay.

But the panhandlers saw it today. What a true transcription is.

I was caught off guard when I saw Chung-Myung, who would not blink even if my neck fell off.

Fear is not something you understand and feel.

The body reacts first before the head understands. The hardened body slows down the reaction, and the delayed reaction makes Chung-Myung's sword faster.


Chung-Myung, who blew away the neck of all the people at once, had a grotesque smile on his lips.

"Ee, Ie!"

"Catch it!"

All the people with spears all rushed toward Chung-Myung.

Because Chung-Myung rushed without looking back, his front, rear, left and right were surrounded by the people. The fact that the vanguard is surrounded apart from the main unit in battle means death.

The Mannins were also the embodiment of the battle that fought the war. It couldn't have been stupid enough to miss the gap.


Weapons flew in countless times. The sword and the sword and the spear. The moment when weapons of different lengths penetrated Chung-Myung's body.


Chung-Myung's body disappeared as if it were about to die.

The Kagaga River!

There can be no way to retrieve the weapon that flew almost to the point of contact. Weapons loaded with history collided head-on with each other and bounced back.


A powerful recoil was delivered to the hand. The history of rising weapons began to reverse their history.

At that moment.

(sighs) (Screaming) (Screaming)

With the sound of a whip tearing the atmosphere apart, I felt a terrible pain in my thighs. The pain spread out.


"Argh! My legs! My leg!

Chung-Myung, who was lying on the ground to avoid flying weapons, rotated his body and flew a circular sword. It was a pity that Chung-Myung's body and moments of participation could not be properly identified due to the numerous weapons and the energy that covered it.

All the people who had their legs cut off fell over and wriggled and screamed. Chung-Myung rushed forward like a snake in a low posture.

Crunch! Crunch!

Chung-Myung's sword, which burns down the fallen like a viper, kept moving. Chung-Myung, who cut off the necks of the fallen, rushed forward leaving the rest alone."Lord, kill……!”

The movement is practicable and bizarre. There's not even as much hesitation as nails in killing people. The brutality of those who lost their legs and cut them to the necks of those who could no longer be fought made even the world sick of them.

"Make sure you kill him!"

With someone's cry, the panacea raised morale again. But it's not Chung-Myung to let it go.


Park Chan-chung-Myung flew like a guard on the ground.


A proper distance is needed for plum testing.

There are usually two ways to create a street. One is to step down, and the other is to step down.

A red blood flower bloomed in front of those who were hesitant without being able to rush directly into Chung-Myung's spirit.



Plum swords covered the bay ahead.

Even screaming was a luxury for those standing in front. He died of blood without a chance to open his mouth.

At the moment of death they must have understood one thing for sure.

What kind of price should I be prepared to pay to widen the distance against Hawasan's inspection?



Chung-Myung stepped on the floor at the same time that those who were out of breath fell to the floor.

Chung-Myung's gaze slowly turned to the side as he stared at the crowd.

At that moment.

Jang Nilso's eyes staring here from the cliff on the other side met Chung-Myung's eyes over blood and death in Ho Gong.

The Mangeum godfather shook his head with a look of boredom.

"…That's not a person."

"Why is that guy over there?”

"That's awful."

Cheonmyon Susa and King Heukryong rarely took their eyes off Chung-Myung.


It's like that, actually. There are plenty of strong people.

However, such venom has never been seen by even those who have overcome numerous battles.

"……that must be killed."

When the word came out of the mouth of the Mangeum godfather, Jang Nilso licked his lips slowly with his tongue out his lips. The tongue that grazed the red lips was like a snake.

"What are you doing?"


"Light the fire."

Everyone was blinded by Chung-Myung, except Jang Nilso.

"There is nothing to be blinded by clown play. That way, we can't get here. Burst the cliffs and bury the men below!"


Those who brought the torch brought fire to the pre-installed fuse.


Oil-fed cloth burns in an instant, and dozens of sparks begin to climb down the cliffs like a red snake.

At that moment.


Chung-Myung kicked himself off the ground.

The panicking panics flinched, but the direction Chung-Myung flew up was not where they were.


The astonished crowd opened their mouths for a moment.

Chung-Myung suddenly flew down that cliff.

"What is it?"

Those who were at the end of the cliff looked down urgently.

And at that moment they saw.

Tadak! Tadak!

a cut cliff Chung-Myung was climbing fast on the side of the steep cliff, where there was no room to step on.

Everyone's wide-eyed eyes met with dismay.

"Well, that's... that's...….”

Run, run, run, run!

Chung-Myung ran straight ahead towards the burning fuse. It looked like running on a flat surface.

Black plum on one hand.

A fishy smile on his lips.

It was an indelible sight in the minds of all the fighters here, as well as all the people."Stop it, you bastards! What are you watching?"

Then for the first time, a loud shout came out of Jang Nilso's mouth. Surprised, the panhandlers clenched their teeth and flew down the cliff.

And it wasn't just the whole crowd who were awakened by Jang Nilso's rant.

"Jump! Now! We have to turn that light off!"


Shaolin and Shudang, who had been deprived of their soul in a fierce battle on the cliff, rushed to the cliff and began to climb.

"Darn it! Don't fall behind! The only way to live is above!"

Following this, Namgung and Cheongseong began climbing the cliff with all their might.

an abyss of the fatherhood

Those who want to kill and those who want to survive.

At the mouth of the flowing Janggang River, a fierce battle between Jeong and Sa began in 100 years.