Chapter - 813 Episode 813. Put your hands together, you son of a bitch! (3)

Oil rains from the sky, and black arrows soar from the ground.

The power of Shaolin's draws moves back and forth from the cliff like a golden dragon, and the sword screen drawn by shaman inspectors covers the cliff face white.

What the hell is this?’

Baek Cheon's eyes trembled.

While in combat, I should remain calm, but if I saw this with my own eyes, I would never blame Baek Cheon.

Not only Baek Cheon but also Hwasan's disciples, but even the warriors in the universal room who were dealing with him, couldn't take their eyes off him.

It was not enough to say that it was overwhelming.

Power and ploy.

The history of politics and history.

Everything that forms the battlefield of power comes together violently. As Jang Nilso said, there was no reason or consultation here.

What exists is a terrible desire to kill and malice, and a strong desire to survive at all costs.

The smell of boiling oil, the smell of bloody and gunpowder, and the inexplicable odor added to make my hair messy.

'This is the battlefield...'!’

It feels like something sticky and heavy is sticking to my body. I couldn't breathe well, and I blanked out the whole time like fog in my head.

Baek Cheon has also been on various battlefields along with Chung-Myung. His skills may still be low, but his experience is never low.

But it wasn't like any battlefield that Baek Cheon had been going through.

The magnitude of the opposing forces is different, and the will in the conflict is different. Above all, the malice poured on each other was at a different level.

"Go up! Climb up!"

Shaolin's blood-stained disciples and shaman's disciples clambered up the cliff. The boiled oil touched the flesh and burned the skin, clenching its teeth and headed up.

And the Sapa men who saw the scene were speeding up the speed of pouring oil.

No, it's not just oil now.

When they saw the political factions rising higher and higher, they were in a hurry, throwing rocks themselves and pouring their energy into the rubble they had moved.

Oh, my god!

The stone, which had not been removed from the black screen, hit the forehead of the draw as it climbed the cliff.

The head is broken and blood is dripping down. One staggering draw gnashed his teeth and glared upward.

"These... demons!"

It was similar to the face of a demon. He grabbed the stone sticking out of the cliff and climbed up again. There was no mercy or gentleness on his face anymore. There is only evil against the other person.

This is the real battlefield!

When one's life is on the alert, one's nature comes out.

Then this battlefield is the place where human nature is shown as it is. There is no agreement nor the extent to which they were shouting so loudly here.

'No, no!'

Not yet. This is not a true battlefield of arms.

"Living room!"


Yoon-Jong shouted in an exasperated voice, as if he had felt the same thing.

How many times they haven't seen each other. This is just an introduction. When the battlefield of the warrior really begins...….


With the roar of Jo-Gol, Namgang Huang and Heo Do-jin began climbing the cliff at a dazzling speed. And one step later, Bop Kye also jumped up the cliff like a dragon leading the elders of Shaolin.Baek Cheon looked up in the distance and quickly searched for a person with his eyes.

"Give me everything you've got! You son of a b*tc*!"

With a roaring voice, Chung-Myung raced down the cliff like a venomous snake. Finally, he is moving in earnest.

'This is it!'

Baek Cheon clenched his teeth.

So far, it has been more like a war of soldiers than a battlefield of fighters. But this is the most decisive factor that separates fighters from soldiers.

An absolute master.

The existence of an absolute master who turns the battlefield upside down with a sword and changes the terrain with a book.

Their movement determines the direction of the battlefield.


I could see Chung-Myung running through the cliff and the many people jumping down after him.

The moment I saw the scene, my mouth moved before Baek Cheon's head.

"Living quarters! Living quarters!"

"Come on!"

"We'll take this place!"

As soon as the ungum and Hyun Sang's answers fell, Baek Cheon swung a sword at the bay way ahead and roared.

"이설! Yoon-Jong! Jo-Gol!"


"Yes, Sa-suk!"

"We're ready!"

"Well, I'm!"

Back Cheon answered Dang-Soso's urgent cry without delay.

"Soso, apply for the main school! You can't let one die!"


"Let's go! Chung-Myung escorts him!"


Baek Cheon and the other four flew down the cliff without a moment of hesitation.

Baek Cheon, who jumped down a dozen sheets at once, brought his toes to the cliff.


The moment the speed dies a little!


Baek Cheon ran forward in the light of day, kicking the cliff.

"Go, death penalty!"

"You bastards, this is the Hwasan faction.

A series of loud shouts erupted from the Hwasanian camp at the sight of Oh Gum running along the cliff in unison.

There are plenty of people better off than them by the new law. But words are different on the cliff. Which gatekeeper in the world would naturally learn to move on a cliff?

"This cliff is nothing compared to Hwasan!"

Baek Cheon soon ran flat on a slippery cliff and chased Chung-Myung.

There was a warrior of all men falling over the head of Chung-Myung, who was dealing with others. It was too late for him to run and stop himself.

But there was nothing to worry about. There's only one person here, and there's no comparison with him.



At that moment, Yoo-Esul, who was running behind Baek Cheon, kicked up the cliff face. Baek Cheon held his sword forward, maintaining his running speed.

Yoo-Esul, who rotated his body, fell onto Baek Cheon's sword. As soon as his feet touched the sword, Baek Cheon swung a sword and quickly pushed Yoo-Esul's body forward.

Love, love, love and sorrow!

The deluge of Yoo-Esul was like a bijo on a cliff.

"Kill me!"

In the meantime, almost reaching the top of Chung-Myung's head, all the way around the island. I'm determined to attack Chung-Myung and fall together!

But Chung-Myung looked up and rushed forward, rather than looking at them.


It was the moment when they pushed their way further into the province, thinking that they had been ignored.


Yoo-Esul, who flew at once, spun with a sword open. A bright red sword spewed from the tip of the sword swept through the bay roads aiming for Chung-Myung.


The sword, which flew unexpectedly, frightened the whole crowd to bite themselves. One man succeeded in blocking the sword flying back to the road, but Chung-Myung had already passed them and ran forward."You b*tc*!"

All the way to Yoo-Esul with blood in her eyes, but Park Chan-soo quickly rose above their heads and shot forward again.

"What, what?"

The whole crowd opened their eyes wide.

On this cliff?

It's not a big deal to kick the floor and jump over a person's head. It's acceptable that he moved at an invisible speed, but it will be harder to find someone who can't show his or her status among those gathered here anyway.

But isn't this place on a cliff?

Kagak! Kagagagak!

They, who had fallen down without any income, rushed to put a knife into the cliff face. He somehow managed to build himself up, but it was already after Chung-Myung and Yoo-Esul had passed them away.

"Jjo, chase him……".”

"Where are you going, you son of a b*tc*!"

At that moment, Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol, who ran after the cliff, rushed to them with a frightening spirit.

All the people opened their eyes wide.

'Oh, inside...'


They could not have been able to cope with the attack from behind their backs, barely standing up by inserting a knife into the cliff. In an instant, the people in the front fell to the floor, spraying blood, and the people in the back gave up their opposition and flew themselves.

Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol, who quickly organized a dozen people, passed by and shouted at Baek Cheon, who was running in front of them.

"I'll be right after you!"

"Got it!"

Baek Cheon clenched his teeth and ran out. His eyes showed Chung-Myung running through the cliff and Yoo-Esul running on it as if he were escorting Chung-Myung.

"Don't let Chung-Myung stop his feet!"

As if to respond to his shouts, power rising from the bottom flies one after another above Chung-Myung's head.

Hye Yeon was also perfectly supportive of their movements.

"Well, that's....”

The disciples of Gupa, who clenched their teeth and clambered up the cliff, could not hide their dismay at the sight.

I'm familiar with the reputation of Hawsan Ogum. However, they were considered to be only the second and third disciples and the three great disciples.

It's ridiculous for them to run like a flat land on a cliff and jump over a rock that sticks out like a flying squirrel, and they even do such tricks on a cliff?

Where is it possible unless you have ten lives?

Jin Hyun clenched his teeth.

'For God's sake, Hwajeong.…!’

When I first saw him in the Zong Tzuwan, the difference between him and Baek Cheon was not that great.

But what Baek Cheon is showing now, he didn't dare to imitate. Right now he's crawling up the cliff, and isn't Baek Cheon flying like a bird of prey?

What the hell is causing this difference?’

Blood stood in his eyes.

But the anger he felt was nothing compared to what Namggung Dowi was feeling.


Namggung Dowi, who was looking at Chung-Myung from below, didn't even know that his lips were bleeding because of the feeling of his whole body's blood rising backwards.

"Hwasan The Dragon!"

Chung-Myung is really climbing the cliff like the Divine Dragon. But isn't he struggling with the cliff rather than crossing the mountain?


Nammung Dowi, who was seized with evil, climbed the cliff in a violent move.

"Doye, calm down!"


The elders of the family shouted hastily, but Namggung Dowi wanted to argue loudly."Dangerous?'

So they're not dangerous?

How can he take care of his own safety when the latecomers of the small literary faction rule this battlefield?

"The palace sword follows me! I'm going to cover the costumer!"


The young fighters of the Namgung answered with a voice full of shouts. They didn't say it out loud, but their eyes are also burning with determination. It was clear that he was thinking the same thing as Namgung Dowi.

"I'll never lose to Hwasan! Speed up at your own risk!"

Adding to the speed at which the warriors of the Namgung Sega rose, the shaman and the Namgung began to intertwine.

And then.



Namggung Wang clashed up the cliff like a dragon.


Wasan's performance was also evident in his eyes.

Those who don't live half of his life risk their lives, and he cannot discuss safety, a long story of a clique.

"Jang Nilsoo Oh!"

It was an instant when Namggung Wang, who blew a huge chunk of oil off his head, was finally about to soar onto the cliff.

"You're such a jerk!"

The cliff, which seemed to touch the sky, was covered in a black shadow.

As if the black sun was rising.

Hhh, Black Dragon....’

"Take it!"

King Heukryong's Eonwoldo was swung at once. The black pottery poured like a waterfall.

Oh, my god!

King Heukryong's pottery poured across the cliff like a spear from heaven flew straight toward Namgang Hwang.