Chapter - 814 Episode 814. Put your hands together, you punk! (4)

Namgung Wang's eyes were astounded.

A great deal of pottery was pouring over my head. It was as if all the views were dyed black.


Namgung Wang made a lightning bolt and jumped toward the pottery flying toward him.

"I'm Namgung Wang!"

With a great roar of a lion, Namgung Wang's sword lifts the pottery in front of it. A sun-like white black river separated the black darkness.


Whoosh! Whoosh!

Surrounded by a white sword, the scene of Namgung Wang soaring through the black pottery made the audience's heart boil.



As King Heukryong's Eonwoldo was lowered once again, more pottery began to burst out.



Namggung Wang broke down the pouring pottery with a lion's.

King Heukryong's pottery clearly proved why he was called the god of the Janggang River, but Namgung Wang also proved why he was called the world's best man, Namgung Segara.

Unfortunately, however, this is not a battle to prove one's personal prowess. The point divided the joy and sorrow between the two.

Oh, my god!

The black pottery of King Heukryong, which split left and right on Namgung Hwang's sword, poured down on the men below without losing any momentum.

"Blood, get away!"


Suddenly, in the pottery pouring overhead, the disciples of Shaolin and Shudang flew in all directions, their faces blue.

But this place is on a cliff. The attack, which would have been avoided easily if it were flat land, will inevitably double its power if it is here.



Those who were swept away by pottery without being able to avoid it fell helplessly, spraying blood on themselves.


"Hye-myung! Hye-myung ah-ah!"

Shaolin and Shaman.

A leading gatekeeper who can be recognized by his name alone.

However, it was not easy for them to handle the pottery emitted by King Heukryong, the head of Shinjuopae. Climbing the cliff, they fell, sprinkling blood one after another.

King Heukryong's single-do did what the pouring oil waterfall and arrow rain could not do.


Namgung Wang's eyes were bloodshot.

"Black Dragon Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"


King Black Dragon burst into a big ore.

"That's a good look, C-Sword?"

As he glued back to the cliff and looked down, Namgang bit his lips until they bled. Not only Shaolin and Namgoong, but also Namgoongse, which was underneath it, were damaged by the pottery of King Heukryong.

Seeing them moaning under the cliff, my stomach got hot as if I had swallowed hot charcoal.

But Namgang couldn't vent the anger at once.


18 units of janggangsu.

It was hard to say that Jang Kang-soo-chae, who had been dealing with him, was a strong Moonpa even with empty words.

The level of numbers is not comparable to that of Namgung Geomdae, and the Chaeju of Waterchae was of course inferior to the elders of Namgung Sega, and even to the majority of the sword.

Therefore, it is true that I had a heart to belittle them.

However, King Heukryong's pottery was enough to break Namgang's pride.

Black Dragon King.

King of the Long River, who dominates the channel.

He has a different class. At least he was completely different from other numbers.

Namgung Hwang's sword cuts through the mountain and cuts down the river on the sword. However, King Heukryong's pottery was not completely cut down.


How can someone like that come out of those shoddy people?

While factions cultivate all of their clans, Sapa is dominated by humans of different standards. It was a moment when I realized what the word meant."Namgoongju!"

Heo Do-jin, who shouted like a bolt out of the blue, swept Namgang Hwang. Namgang Wang, who flinched and came to his senses, clenched his teeth again.

You're saying I'm scared or something?’

As soon as I saw Heo Do-jin walking past him, my whole body's blood soared upside down.

"Oh, my God!"

Namgung Wang once again roared up the cliff.

Then Bop Kye quickly followed him right next to him.

Heo Do-jin, Namgung Hwang, Bop Kye.

Absolute fighters representing the Gupilebang and Odaesega climbed up the cliff at once to cut off the heads of the masters of the Sapa.

"Hahahahaha! You bastards!

King Heukryong's eyes were filled with heat.

"If you want, I'll deal with you!"

King Black Dragon kicked the floor and flew himself down the cliff. The sight of the massive giant falling from the sky created more pressure than ever imagined.

"How dare you!"

It was the moment when Heo Do-jin was gnashing his teeth and flying a sword.

"Your opponent must be me!"

A sharp sword penetrated Heo Do-jin's throat with a cold, gruesome voice.


Heo Do-jin's eyes, which pushed away the sword that flew gently around the sword, stood out.

"The Mangeum Godfather!"

Before I knew it, the Mangeum godfather, who came down from the cliff, stood vertically on both feet and looked leisurely at Heo Do-jin.

"If it's the neck of a shaman, Heo Do-jin, it's worth risking my neck. No matter how hard I think about it, it's a business that's left."

Heo Do-jin's eyes sank dark.

a bloodless and tearless hand-raiser

A hell of a merchant who trades everything.

A peddler walking in the darkest place.

There are so many words that modify the Mangeum godfather, but there was only one word that came to mind now.

"The Sapa First Sword.”

"It's a waste. Not a penny."

Heo Do-jin fixed the sword and grabbed it.

God d*mn it.

Then he glanced left and right.

The aftermath of the fierce battle and Chung-Myung's performance have extinguished most of the fires, but the still un extinguished ones are burning towards the bottom of the cliff.

But there's no way to back out.

The waves flowing from the Mangeum godfather were telling. The moment he turns his back, his spine will break. This eerie life and tenacity hold him by the ankle and won't let him go.

Although he is a shaman's Heo Do-jin, he must risk his life if his opponent is Safa First Sword Mangeum Godfather.

"The shaman's permission! I'll take your life!"

"Good. Let's hang out."

The Mangeum godfather and Heo Do-jin ran down the cliff like flat land and collided.


King Heukryong's Eonwoldo and Namgang's long sword broke through the waves, and Bop Kye soared onto the cliff. His new laws were rather more than those of Heo Do-jin and Namgang Huang.

We have to occupy the top! We can't increase the sacrifice anymore!’

It was just when Bop Kye clenched his teeth and soared up.

"The solidarity of Shaolin. That's the best you can be."

At the moment, dozens of hand shadows appear above his head.

Bop Kye opened his eyes for a moment.

It is not a big deal to the extent that it flies dozens of jangyeong at the same time. A shaman's great disciple can do that.

But if the dozens of hand shadows are all taking different forms, the words are different.


Bop Kye's hands stirred Ho Gong. At the same time, dozens of jangyeong bloomed along his fingertips like the hands of Cheonsu Gwaneum.Whoosh!

The two jang-youngs clashed with each other jang-youngs clashed.

Bop Kye, who failed to overcome the aftermath, took a few dozen steps down.


In the eyes of young Bop Kye, there was a man walking down the cliff with his back laid back.

"But I'm not too far behind in breaking the rules.”

"……Cheonmyon Susa."

The gatekeeper of Haomun, Cheonmyon Susa, blocked him.

Bop Kye rubbed his hand with a stiff face.

Shaolin's power is the world's best. Shaolin's market is also world-class. But the aftermath of the crash a while ago left him with obvious pain in his wrist.

"…That's the famous Cheonmyeon Water?"

"It's an honor. It's an honor. Shaolin's Bop Kye recognizes my mastery of English.”

Cheonmyon Susa giggled as if she was having fun.

"But I don't think Shaolin's voyeur is as good as I've heard. I don't know if ignorance is weak or a person is weak.”


Bop Kye's eyes sank dimly.

"You will soon find that neither is true, Si-ju."

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Did you guys have a penchant? Then go for it!"

Cheonmyon Susa leaped upwards and stretched her arms wide.

Then Bop Kye also rose upward with a determined face.

Swimming and Jangyoung.

A black shadow fell on the cliff as human-made hand shadows covered the blue sky that stretched over the cliff.

Absolute masters representing each power face each other on this steep cliff.

Whoo! Whoosh!


In no time, the cliff began to be covered with loud heavy drinking and shards of chi.


"What is that……."

As they climbed the cliff, they opened their mouths wide at the sight.

I've heard so much about the absolute people that I couldn't hear, but no one saw the scene where such masters were truly confronted with each other.

That's the only way.

A hundred years since Kang Ho was soaked in peace. It has been well over a hundred years since the Sapa and the political factions fought a war against each other.

The absolute master represents the honor of each literary faction. There are so many things to lose in one defeat. That's why it's hard to mix hands with each other.

But it's different now.

To survive, to protect each other's door-to-door faction, we must take the enemy's breath away.


The optometrics and lectures clash, and the lecture and the spectroscopy explode.

The aftermath of the tile collision did not even explode, but the entire cliff shook as if it would collapse at any moment.

"That's…… the absolute realm."

Laughter flowed out of the mouth of Mu Jin, a shaman-like disciple.

As soon as I saw the magnificent sight of the collision between the absolute and the absolute with my eyes, the shabbyness of myself poured in like waves.

You're saying that the writer was so strong?’

Sword and sword collide, and the fragment of the flag that bounced off penetrates the cliff and leaves a deep scarring. The scene, in which he wondered if he could make it even if he did his best, was drawn in a straight line just with his spare energy.

The sword of Hurdo was truly amazing.

However, the Mangeum godfather's sword is not a single inch behind that of Heo Do-jin.

The same is true of others.

It's a real centenarian.

The clash between King Heukryong and Namgujangcheon, and the competition between Bop Kye and Cheonmyon Susa were neck-and-neck.


The cliff shook as if it were about to collapse, and debris from the broken cliff poured out like a landslide."Stick together!"

"It's falling!"

Mu Jin clenched his teeth and clung to the cliff.

You're going up through that? Not ten lives, but a thousand lives!

What am I supposed to do in this situation?….’

And it was then.


A loud laugh that didn't match the current situation attracted Mu Jin's attention.

Mu Jin, who turned his head violently, saw the moment.

Chung-Myung, and Hawasan Ogum, surrounding him as if he were escorting him, ran down a cliff toward Jang Nilso.

"How'd you clean your throat, you f*cking b*tc*!"

Mu Jin's mouth was shocked.

Only one group, that Hwasan Ogum, was responding to the trend, with everyone's eyes selling and the cold freezing at the sight of the absolute and absolute conflict.

As if they were already in that realm.

"Hwa……Hwasan The Dragon!"

At the same time as Mu Jin's unknowingly outburst, Chung-Myung stormed up the cliff.

"Jang Nilsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Chung-Myung's sword, which flew like an island war, fell like a thunderbolt over Jang Nilso's head.


Jang Nilso blew up a photo and blocked Chung-Myung's sword from flying.


Rings on each of his fingers collided with Chung-Myung's sword, creating a loud roar.

A distorted face of Chung-Myung.

And Jang Nilso's face with ridicule.

The eyes of the two men, who faced the sword with their hands, clashed.