Chapter - 816 Episode 816. My kids are a little rough. (1)

Jo-Gol's back suddenly sweated with cold sweat.

Jo-Gol, who had never lost his mettle even when dealing with the bishop of Marism, was solidifying his face to the point that it had never been before.

The fingertips of the sword trembled finely.

My lips got white without realizing it.

It's like a giant bum growling with his mouth open right in front of his face. As soon as that mouth closes, my throat is torn off and I can't even breathe under pressure like Gu Chill.


Having taken a short breath, he grabbed the sword as if he were holding his heart.

This is Jang Nilso...….’


That's not the kind of guy I can only express. That might at least be a weapon, or, rather, a demon.

And Jo-Gol wasn't the only one feeling that way.


Baek Cheon also watched Jang Nilso with tense eyes.

"Bishop? No...…. More than that.’

Of course the bishop was incredibly strong. It is hard to deny that it was half luck that they were able to win against the bishop at that time.

However, with only one exchange, I knew for sure. That Jang Nilso is stronger than the bishop.

The bishop of the past was, so to speak, a natural disaster.

With an incredibly large history, he was likely to sweep everything in the world.

However, it was no different from a five-year-old swinging ten times as far as he could go. The size of the tree touched the sky, but it was not much in the sophistication of herbivores.

But Jang Nilso is different.

'He's just strong.’

It is fast, sophisticated, and skillful.

What Chung-Myung said when he first saw Jang Nilso crossed his mind.

- That's a male monster.

Looking back, Chung-Myung has never used that expression to anyone. Although he passed it over because he was out of his mind, it was Chung-Myung who not only said everything he had to say but also pointed his finger at him in front of Shaolin's room.

I should have understood what it means to say this word from Chung-Myung's

'He's obviously stronger than the bishop.’

It is not too strange that there is someone stronger than the bishop of the Mahists in the world. Moreover, if the subject of the comparison is a bishop who was already injured.

However, when you face the object, it is a separate matter from understanding it.

Baek Cheon caught a glimpse of Chung-Myung's face. For some reason, I felt like I had to check what he was looking like now.


Soon after, Baek Cheon's body was drained of strength.

Chung-Myung is smiling. With a look of excitement.

I mean... like Jang Nilso.

"Pretty good?"

Chung-Myung opened his mouth by fixing the sword he heard in the station.

"How proud of the Sapa."


"But I commend you for climbing up there."

Jang Nilso smiled with a light nasal sound.

"Oh, my... I'm so flattered to be praised by the world-renowned Hwasan Divine Dragon."

Jang Nilso giggled quietly. Accessories worn all over the body jingled sharply.

Chung-Myung's fangs were revealed.

As expected, Jang Nilso's ease was too intrusive.It wasn't because Jang Nilso was relaxed with Chung-Myung in front of him. That ease must come from familiarity.

It is familiar to Jang Nilso.

Fighting in this hell of a battlefield.

Someone's trying to join forces for my life.

The people across the street are trying to kill you, even though they don't know anyone else.


The ease that only those who go beyond the hundred and the thousand can have. It is an area that only those who fought for their lives can reach.

Yeah, like... Like the plum inspection of the past.


Chung-Myung, who changed his teeth, lowered his posture. His eyes sank cold and eerie. It looked like a little beast.

"You arrogant bastard."

His eyes were chasing him, staring straight at his prey.


Jang Nilso looked at Chung-Myung and thought,

'It's strange. It's so strange.’

These guys are weird.

To be frank, they seem to be out of their minds.

He's been dealing with a lot of people so far. Some of them have been working together for decades in Gangho, and others have been professionally trained to pass the exam.

But even those guys didn't make Jang Nilso feel this way.

Perfect connection?

A keen understanding of the roles and capabilities of yourself and your colleagues?


I've had enough of that.

What really embarrasses Jang Nilso is that these guys completely surrender their lives to those next to them.

He attacks because he believes someone will stop him from falling on his head?

Yeah, well, it'll only be possible if you insist.

However, it is not the realm of trust but the realm of madness that leaves no doubt in the motion.

What have you done to build this level of trust?’


"That guy."

Jang Nilso's eyes followed Chung-Myung like a snake.

That's the weirdest thing about him.

I thought it was great.

That black man is out of the realm of understanding.

Weird and acrimonious cannot explain everything.

Hawsan The Dragon's black has something warped. If I have to compare it, it seems like he is performing the most sophisticated swordsmanship in the world with a large ax, or holding chopsticks and performing a series of waves.

A strong sense of dissonance that seems to revolve everything in swordmanship, history, and body.

"What if it comes together?’

What would happen if that sword were harmonized one day?

"…That's creepy.”

My whole body is shaking.

Just imagining it makes me feel like a huge landslide is sweeping me. A big smile spread over his face, and soon he began to smile with his teeth showing his teeth.

Those guys... No, they're getting stronger.

I mixed my hands and it became clear. These guys will always be at the pinnacle of the political faction. There are as many as five in one clique. On the day they fully enlighten my possibilities, no gatekeeper in the world will dare to raise his head in front of Hwasan.

So how can you not be happy?

I got the opportunity to tear that infinite possibility apart and crush it with his hands in advance and turn it into trash.

This is a pleasure that can't be compared anywhere.

"I thought they were sons of b*tc*es, but they're as good as tigers. But it won't be a good thing for you. I'm not the kind of person who keeps a tiger cub alive."Jingle, jingle.

The ornaments began to cry loudly, as if to prove that his heart was alive. The ornaments are shaking in response to the attack.

"So die here!"


Jang Nilso's body vanished from the spot. And without any surprises, he appeared right in front of Chung-Myung.

Yoon-jong opened his eyes wide.

He was surprised not because of Jang Nilso's new law, but because Chung-Myung's sword touched Jang Nilso's neck. Just as Jang Nilso predicted there would be.


Jang Nilso's wrist clashed tightly with Chung-Myung's sword. Baek Cheon's sword was also held in Jang Nilso's other hand.


Jang Nilso twisted his wrist lightly and the swords that hit him bounced off like a toy.


Soon Jang Nilso's circle was directed to Baek Cheon. Baek Cheon quickly put up a sword to block Jang Nilso's power, but there was no way to stop it. Baek Cheon's body bounced like a shell at once.

At the same time, Jang Nilso, who flew after Chung-Myung like a guard, lowered his bent hand like Suri's toenail.


Chung-Myung flew back without any hesitation. He managed to avoid direct attack, but five red bloodstains spread across his chest and stomach as his forearm was torn through.

The game, which narrowly grazed Chung-Myung and stuck on the floor, hit a cliff where they stood.

Whoo! Whoosh!


Yoo-Esul, who rushed through the rising clouds of dust, drew the sword horizontally. The sword with a power-operated self-loader was more powerful than any other sword Yoo-Esul has ever shown.


Kaga gaga gak!

Her sword stopped at Ho Gong with the sound of metal friction.

Yoo-Esul's eyes were wide open.

As soon as the dust cloud cleared, she saw. Jang Nilso's hands, standing nonchalantly, gripping her sword.


Jang Nilso smoothed his chin with one hand and tore open the plum sword in his hand.

"That's a good sword."


Oh, my god!

Jang Nilso's feet were stuck in her stomach before Yoo-Esul could react.

Choked up.

Yoo-Esul, whose gut was turned upside down by a blow, fell out with blood sprinkling on him.

"It's such a waste for little babies like you to use.”

Gradually the dust cloud subsided.

It was a perfect pass. It contains everything that Hwasan's disciples have built up so far.

But the acceptance was too simple to fail.

Jang Nilso, who turned Hwasan's acceptance to nothing just by digging between them, smiled like a tiger walking leisurely under the languid sun.

"There's only one person here who's fit to use a sword like this."

That's right away.

As if he had been scratched by Bum's toenail, Chung-Myung, who had a scar on his chest, was walking toward Jang Nilso holding the sword as a reciprocal.

Jang Nilso laughed. As soon as I saw Chung-Myung's ice-splitting snow, I felt like an electric current was flowing throughout the body.

You don't know.’

It was hard for him to understand why he was so thrilled.

Possibilities are literally just possibilities. It's like an illusion that doesn't exist until it's achieved by hand.

So the present Chung-Myung is never up to him. It's not worth more than one long-term end, so to speak.

Strangely, however, I can't take my eyes off that.As soon as I turned my eyes, I felt like that sword was going to stick into my neck, and my whole body was chilling with a sense of crisis that I was about to tear off my entire head.


It was the low sound from behind Jang Nilso, who was all focused on one person.


Yoo-Esul, who had been kicked away by him, was approaching again, spitting blood with an insensitive face.

'...I'm sure the inside is completely twisted.’

It was an attack that wouldn't be strange if it was breathless. And you're just getting up like that?

No, even if it happens, you never lose your will to fight even if you're attacked like that?

Not even Yoo-Esul and Chung-Myung.

That's right away.

Baek Cheon, who flew away after being beaten by Jang Nilso, also walked back with a nonchalant face, and Yoon-Jong and Jo-Gol were also tightening him with determined eyes.

Like wolves encircling criminals who have invaded my territory.

"Hahaha……" hahaha……. Hahahahaha!"

Eventually, a photo burst out of Jang Nilso's mouth once again.

Don't tell me you're gonna feel like your blood is boiling against these guys in a place like this.

Not that shaman's trick, not Namgang Wang of Namgung, but to Hwasan's little boys!

"Jang Nilso."


Chung-Myung laughed bitterly.

"You'd better be careful. My kids are a little rough."

"Listening to that…….”

Jang Nilso's eyes were filled with madness.

"That's a nice sound."

The game exploded all over Jang Nilso's His red armour swelled and fluttered, and his whole body's ornaments jingled as if they were about to break.

Even in the face of the overwhelming scene, the Oval did not back down at all.

Oh, my god!

The five-stem island war flooded Jang Nilso again without giving up.

The sunset from their bodies blossomed like five petals of red plum blossoms.