Chapter - 820 Episode 820. My kids are a bit rough. (5)

Whoo! Whoosh!

The rocks exploded and bounced in all directions. The impact shook the cliff as if it were about to collapse.


"It's falling! Argh!

The disciples of the old file room screamed and gripped the cliff as if they had met the wind and waves.

Some were already bouncing off a cliff and falling far down.

But now no one has the courage to help or fix a falling person. Because something bigger was waiting for them.

Coorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Kureung!

"Well, well…!"

Jin Hyun opened his eyes wide open.

Web-like cracks were spreading through nearby cliffs dug by Jang Nilso and Chung-Myung.

'Mu, it's falling apart...….’


Everyone stopped breathing.

Soon the entire upper rock fell off the cliff.

At the moment when a larger rock than the angle of foresight slowly tilted and faced the sight of sliding off a cliff, all the hairs of the whole body stood upside down and tingle in the back. I was warning you to run away.

The rock tilted forward obscured the sun and cast a long shadow darkly down the cliff.

Whoosh! Whoops!

When the rock finally began to fall, everyone screamed out of their mouths.



It was a cry of instinct, not reason.

"Stop it!"

Each group's elder class jumped toward the rock with a contemplative face.

If such a thing rolls down the cliff, at least thirty percent of the disciples hanging below die instantly. I didn't climb all the way up here to see that!

Sword, pottery, honor and power.

White, blue, and yellow forces poured out onto the falling rock.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The huge rock was crushed under a formidable attack. However, it was impossible to crush all such large rocks in such a short time.

"Get out of my way!"

At that moment, Namgang Hwang and Bop Kay, who jumped in front of the cliff, shouted out loud.

Namgung Wang's sword held the white sun.

Changgung Muae Singong, which developed with a strong spirit, raised its history and put it all on the sword.

The Lord of the Kings! The Lord of the Kings!


Namggung Wang screamed and swung his sword violently.

A giant tibia of unbelievable size, which was created by man, was shot from the edge of Namgung Wang's sword and inserted into a falling rock.

Whoo! Whoosh!

As soon as the white black and white river was half trapped in the rock, Bop Kye soared under Namgung Hwang.


As he opened a cross-legged seat in Ho Gong, a brilliant golden halo soon sprang from the whole body.

The frosting gradually took shape and soon covered Bop Kye's body, creating a huge gold flame.

"Ba, it's anti-opposition!"

"Come on, the elder has the power of opposition!"

Even before the exclamations of the surprised students of Shaolin disappeared, Bop Kye burst out into a solemn disapproval. At the same time, a golden figure covering his body flew toward the rock.


With the sound of huge rocks colliding with rocks, the falling rocks soon lost their momentum and stopped at Ho Gong.

Shake shake shake shake shake shake shake it!

Gold spread from the bottom of the rock soon wound the whole thing. And…….


Broken rocks began to pour down like rain. The sight of every little man and a rock the size of a house pouring over his head gave him another fear than before."Spread it out!"


Wudang elders, who were waiting, drew a circle on Ho Gong in unison. White and black swords intertwined. Dozens of rough taegeuk figures color Ho Gong like a canvas.

Shaolin and Namgung were not just watching.

The power of Shaolin and the sword of the waves emitted by the Southern Palace broke, cut, and crushed the falling rocks.


He even squeezes out his baby's strength.

If the damage is serious here, there is no future even if it goes up the cliff anyway. Everyone knows that and doesn't leave a single point of strength behind.

Oh, my god!

Jin Hyun's head, which was hit by a pile of stones, was broken, and thick blood flowed down his face.


Jin Hyun's eyes were filled with fear.

Where is this place? What the hell are you doing now?

If you look up, you can't see the light already. All you can see is a bloody game of rocks falling over the sky and flying towards them.



Even at this moment, those who were beaten by the rain of rocks fall down without a hitch. The tears Jin Hyun shed were mixed with blood and red as blood tears.

"This is……."


His lips were torn to show blood.

"What the hell is this? You son of a b*tc*! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

An unbearable anger broke out.

I thought I could do anything if I learned the sword and learned the martial arts. I thought it was only the sword and the whole body that separated life and death.

But it was just an innocent illusion.

There is a demon living in the battlefield. A demon who devours everything. The demon just devours the life of the man who is swept away by the war, regardless of what he has lived or what he is thinking.

His death penalty, falling down there, never even looked at the sword that he had learned so much.

In the face of the terrible malice that has covered this cliff, even the lifelong ignorance is meaningless.

And it doesn't just apply to them.



"Sa, save me!"”

The safas on the cliff were also swept away by the cliff's collapse and were falling down.

Those who should be called enemies. No, people who are more hateful than anyone else in the world.

However, Jin Hyun closed his eyes without realizing it when he made eye contact with the island, which was falling while screaming.

It is not worth a penny on this battlefield, human life. It is the battlefield where humans cannot die as humans.

"Go up!"

At that moment, Namgung Hwang's voice burst out like a thunderstorm.

"This is your last chance! Get up! Get up now! I can't stand more attacks! Climb up! Dangja!


Jin Hyun's hand, which was instinctively powerful, penetrated the cliff.


Yeah, it's up there.

If you want to die, you have to climb this cliff.

Red blood stood on edge in Jin Hyun's eyes, which made a creepy sound and changed his teeth.

'I survive.’

No matter what, by all means!

Oh, my god!

Another falling rock hit his head, but now he didn't blink.

He grabbed the cliff so that his fingernails were ragged, clenched his teeth, and climbed up and up.

* * *"처, Chung-Myung…….”

Baek Cheon's voice trembled terribly. Eyes looking down shook as if they had lost their way.

Until a moment ago, the place where they fought had already disappeared without a trace. Jang Nilso and Chung-Myung collapsed in the aftermath of the crash.

an abyss of the fatherhood

Below were literally hell roads. But the dismay never came into Baek Cheon's eyes.

"처…… Chung-Myung…….”

The cliff collapsed.

What about Chung-Myung who dug under the cliff?

'Oh, no... '….’

Baek Cheon, who looked down with aimless shaking eyes, shouted urgently.

"For God's sake, I'm going down!"

"Sa, Sa-Sook!"

Baek Cheon, who was about to jump down immediately, flew over and held onto Jo-Gol.

"Let go, you son of a b*tc*!"

"Not now! It might collapse again!"

"What's wrong with that?"

"You're going to die! You're going to die!"

"So what was it, you son of a b*tc*! Let go!"

Baek Cheon swung his arm and smashed Jo-Gol hard. Jo-Gol's head spun with a puck. But Jo-Gol's hand still held firmly on to Baek Cheon.

"Calm down, Sasook!"

Yoon-jong, who rushed in, helped Jo-Gol and grabbed Baek Cheon.

"Calm down?"

Baek Cheon's eyes were horrifyingly bloody.

Yoon-Jong shouted coldly while chewing on his lips at the sight of him even spouting his life.

"It's not just the dormitory that's frustrating! But you need to be more cool-headed. This isn't the kind of guy you're gonna die for!"


"Buy a little more, situations...….”

At Baek Cheon's bloody eyes, Yun-Jong stammered slightly and clouded his words.

Why don't you know Yoon-Jong?

This is just a hopeless belief. No matter how Chung-Myung is, it would not be easy to survive if that rock was caught up in the fall.

You f*cking bastard!’

That's right away.

At that moment, a person approached the cliff with a calm step.


"No, what's wrong with him? It's driving me crazy!"

It was the very moment Yoo-Esul, who was expressionless, tried to jump without hesitation.


Her steps stopped with a single tremor. His eyes turned below his feet, not below the cliff.



Yoo-Esul, who was staring under his feet, stepped back one step.


At that moment, the place where she was standing exploded and a person rose from below. Yoo-Esul grabbed the half-rising man's hand and immediately pulled it up.


"Chung-Myungaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You son of a b*tc*!

The rest of the five swords screamed and ran toward Chung-Myung, who rose from the floor.

"Ee…….Ee…"… d*mn it!"

It was literally a wreck. There is no explanation for that but.

Chung-Myung's figure that broke through the floor was not human.

His face was covered in blood with a cut cut across his face, and his top was all torn off, showing his bruised skin as if he had died black.

The flesh was dug out everywhere, revealing red flesh, and the pants were all wet with the blood flowing down.

Baek Cheon rushed in and grabbed Chung-Myung's shoulder.

"Cher, Chung-Myung! Are you all right?"


"Soso! d*mn it, anyone call Soso right now...….”

Then Chung-Myung's mouth opened.

"Living quarters."

"He, yes! Chung-Myung…"….”

"Get out of my way."

At that moment, Chung-Myung pushed Baek Cheon aside and stood up.

Then he walked forward, clutching a black plum sword, which he had never missed even while half consciousness flew away."처, Chung-Myung…….”

Baek Cheon shut up.

Because I saw Chung-Myung's eyes that glistened with horrible flesh. The phrase, "Even if the body dies, the eyes do not die," seemed to be used for this reason.

But that wasn't the only reason Baek Cheon was silent.

The fact that Chung-Myung's eyes are still alive proves one thing.

'Stop, don't tell me....’

(sighs) (sighs) (sighs)

At that moment the ground in front of them soared like an explosion.

Rocks and piles of dirt soared like waterfalls flowing back, and the cliff vibrated as if it were about to collapse.

It rained in the mud.

The low voice that came out of it penetrated Baek Cheon's ear strangely and distinctly. My heart is tightened.

"Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

There was a man standing there when the dust settled.

The crown on the head is not visible where it went. The hair, which had always been organized so neatly that it was obsessive, became scattered and flew like a lion's mane whenever the wind blew.

But even that figure didn't hurt his dignity. Rather, his wildness, which was not usually seen, flowed out like the voice of a hungry beast.

Boom boom.

The man grabbed the ragged hem and ripped it off. Then the man's upper body covered with countless scars was revealed.


Baek Cheon even forgot to breathe for a moment.

'What the hell is it....’

Jang Nilso.

Jang Nilso, who looked so different, smiled with his mouth wide open, showing his bloody teeth. His eyes, seen through his tangled hair, were ruffled with wild madness.


A gruesome voice came out as if the wounded beast were growling.

"I don't know how long it's been since I've had such a delight.”

Baek Cheon instinctively rushed forward and blocked Chung-Myung as if he were guarding him. But the hand holding the sword was shaking like an aspen.

This guy, he's too big.

His soul seemed to twist in the fear he experienced for the first time in his life. But Baek Cheon didn't take a step back.

At that moment, Chung-Myung touched his shoulder and stepped forward.


Baek Cheon tried to dissuade him from saying something, but he ended up closing his mouth.

Can you keep it?

Can I really protect Chung-Myung? From that Jang Nilso?


Chung-Myung, who spat out blood full of his mouth, stole roughly around his mouth and twisted his sword.

"…I think you're mistaken."

When Chung-Myung's mouth opened, Jang Nilso looked at it with his pale eyes.

"We haven't even started yet. It's not even a fight."


Chung-Myung's sword pointed at Jang Nilso.

The tip of the sword shook uncharacteristically as if it had lost all its strength. However, the eyes of the swordsman were still as cold and still as the North Sea's ice cave.

"I'll tell you what a real fight is. You little boy."

"Ha... ha...….LOL…….”

Laughter flowed out of Jang Nilso's quiet mouth.

The small smile, which seemed to burst into despair, grew bigger and finally became a huge enough ore to shake the space and crushed the Ogum.

"Hahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!

The madness in laughter gripped Oh's heart and shook it.