Chapter - 821 Episode 821. I won this war. (1)

Yoon-Jong clenched his teeth to make his jaw muscles stand on end. The blood drained from the hand holding the sword.

I feel like I'm going to be eaten by madness.

Jang Nilso's madness weighs on people as if they could be grasped. The raw glow is so vivid.

I never imagined that such a human being would exist in the world. Just standing face to face seemed to nibble at the heart.

How can you fight back?’

I saw Chung-Myung confronting Jang Nilso.

Yoon-Jong can tell.

Chung-Myung is already the limit. No, maybe it's over the limit. Chung-Myung's finely trembling legs were proving it.

But Chung-Myung doesn't back down an inch.


At that time, Jang Nilso slowly swept up the flowing hair.

He, who swept his sweaty hair back and stole the blood from his face, stared at Chung-Myung with a strange eyes.

"It's a rookie……."

Jang Nilso's face, which revealed this, reminded him of a bloodthirsty wolf.

There is no place to be appalled by the brutality. I feel like he's about to bite off his neck and cut off his breath.

"Is there anyone else in the world who can call me that?"

Surely the word "buddy" is far from Jang Nilso.

Especially with the defeated Jang Nilso.

"That's interesting. And yet I don't feel bad."


A bright smile bloomed around Jang Nilso's mouth.

The moment they saw the smile, the five swords felt a different ominousness than ever before.

What should I say, this feeling? How should I explain this feeling that my heart is aching from anxiety?

Jang Nilso opened his mouth in a derisive voice.

"But…… you're not going to save face if you just let it go, are you? Don't you think so?”

Jang Nilso exuded formidable energy from the whole body.

Chung-Myung, who received the momentum head-on, faltered as if he were about to collapse.


Waterfall-like blood flowed out of Chung-Myung's mouth.

He spent too much time dealing with Jang Nilso. Although it had briefly crossed the line with excessive history, the side effects had been hitting the whole body.


It was the moment when Chung-Myung grabbed the sword by squeezing out the force that did not come out.


Yoo-Esul took a step forward.

With a pale, bloodless face that Jang Nilso was exuding, she took one step at a time and finally stood surrounding Chung-Myung.

Then he lifted the trembling sword and pointed it at Jang Nilso's neck.

Jang Nilso's eyes sank dark.

It's different from the first time you rushed in with spirit. Now, they are clearly aware that it is impossible to deal with Jang Nilso even if they are all blocked.

But there is a person who knows but blocks.


Then Baek Cheon walked out, too, taking his feet off.

Standing next to Yoo-Esul with a stiff face, he pointed his sword at Jang Nilso.


The same goes for Yoon-jong and Jo-Gol. Everyone stepped forward and defended Chung-Myung and blocked Jang Nilso.

Jo-Gol said playfully, forcing his lips up.

"…I think that's it."

"Chung-Myung needs to be saved."

"…Living room. Take the baby and run away. This is…… I'll stop it somehow."

"Don't talk nonsense. I'm the first to die."

"By the way, insistence on living quarters…….”Everyone is bluffing somehow in a trembling voice.

Jokes with trembling legs and bloodless lips are just a desperate trick to hide weakness.


Even Jang Nilso, who laughs and mocks everything in the world, did not laugh at them for once.

It is not difficult to step forward.

Haru puppy doesn't know that a tiger is scared. And there are so many dogs in the world.

But that's not the barbarism of such a fearless man.

Courage is not ignorance of fear. Ignorance of fear is nothing more than stupidity.

To know fear and yet to step up.

The fear of the enemy and the fear of death makes him tremble like an asiatic tree, but he knows how to take another step.

Knowing how to lift a sword with trembling hands.

That's what courage is.

At that moment Jang Nilso felt clearly.

The moment they blocked the front, Chung-Myung's breathing changed. With the world's Jang Nilso in front of him, he dared to catch his breath and start to gather strength again.

Do you think they can stop me for a second?’

That intelligent man can't have such a stupid idea. But now Chung-Myung obviously believed those who blocked me.

Those little boys.

"Ha ha ha ha!"

Jang Nilso grinned and saw Chung-Myung standing behind them.

"I admit, courage is virtual. But…… that's not necessarily a good thing. Cowards survive the longest, and the brave die first."


"So…… Who is the bravest of you?"


Jang Nilso clasped his fist. With a deaf face, he took a step forward and pressured everyone.

"Yes, prove your courage with that life."

Jang Nilso's presence began to weigh down the entire Ogum.

I was suffocated by the intense pressure as if a typhoon were hitting me. Everyone groaned under the pressure.

Then a twisted voice came out from behind Oh Gum.

"Anyway, the muzzle...….”


Jang Nilso's eyes turned to Chung-Myung.

Chung-Myung twisted his stiff neck from side to side.

"That's a lot of talk for a Sapa cub. If that's what you think, then you can fight, but why do you keep barking like a scared son of a b*tc*?"

Chung-Myung revealed his teeth.

Limit? An enemy you can't beat?

What's wrong with that?

'There's no way a man could have climbed a hundred thousand.’

Jang Nilso doesn't know.

Jang Nilso has suffered countless injuries in no number of battles. Even if you throw your life dozens of times and cross the crossroads of life and death, that alone will never be the same as Chung-Myung.

He doesn't know.

What it's like to fight despair.

How did they feel when they had to fight with their teeth even though they knew that they would lose their lives without being able to sneeze even if they rushed all their might?

And... what it's like to get over it!

"I'm sorry."

Chung-Myung smirked, leaving behind many faces that briefly grazed.

"I've been through too much to call this a crisis.”


"So just bark and come at me. I'll tell you exactly why you're a rookie."Jang Nilso stared silently at him like that.

Chung-Myung has already reached its limit. It's too much to even hold a sword.

And yet...

'That eye.'

Why do those eyes believe in their victory without a doubt?

At that moment Jang Nilso felt a hunch.

For the first time in his life, he met someone who couldn't be interpreted.

It was that moment.

"Turn it off……."

Cliffs soaked in silence, hands rising from below, gripped the edge of the cliff.

Everyone's eyes were on it in a momentarily.


The messed up hands rose one by one. The shaman's inspectors and Shaolin's draws finally succeeded in climbing the hellish cliff.

"Get up!"

"Don't let your guard down and go all the way up! Those on the right, protect the back!"

More and more people began to climb up the cliff.

And unfortunately, those who climbed the cliff naturally gathered behind Chung-Myung.

Then Haomun's armed forces and Black Guibo's inspection team quickly ran behind Jang Nilso's back and began to shoot out his life.

There was tension on the cliff.

Chung-Myung slowly turned to Jang Nilso.


Jook was apparently smirked at his face.

"I don't think your plan went well considering that you've been talking like you're doing well. What should I do? Everyone's up there.”


"That's why you should've fought when you were talking. That would have changed things a little."

There is no way Jang Nilso can refute this. Jang Nilso's plan to take care of them down the cliff is completely shattered.

Everyone looked at Jang Nilso's face.

At this moment when the plan went wrong, I couldn't stand it because I was curious about what Jang Nilso would look like.

But after a while, the look on Jang Nilso's face left everyone speechless.

His face was filled with the brightest smile ever.

"I admit it."


The slow tone was strangely excited.

"This battle is....”

Stopping for a moment, he licked his lips while looking at Chung-Myung. Then he spoke very slowly.

"……you won."


At Jang Nilso's completely unexpected remark, Chung-Myung retires and stares at Jang Nilso.

Then, he said in a voice that seemed to suppressing his anger.

"…what a sham?”


Jang Nilso shrugs his shoulders. It was a face that showed the ease of the first time.

"It wasn't in my calculations that you were so caught at the ankles. Surely you've completely distorted the picture I made by me made. So there's no way I wouldn't admit it.”


"This is my defeat. This battle is your victory. Definitely, a strong man does not win a battle unconditionally. This hurts a lot. The alias will laugh at you.”

Chung-Myung glared at Jang Nilso without a hitch. This can't be the end of what Jang Nilso is trying to say.


Sure enough, Jang Nilso's lips opened slightly, revealing white teeth.

"It's just a battle.”


"I won this war, Hwasan The Dragon."

If it were Chung-Myung, he would not have listened to it with his back of his ear.

But it's different now. As soon as I heard Jang Nilso full of conviction, I had no choice but to feel the fact that something was wrong.

"You don't know."

Jang Nilso's mouth is twisted."You should know that best here, but you have no idea. That's a weird thing, too. Surely you are unique.”

"What nonsense...….”

"I'll let you know."

Jang Nilso cut off Chung-Myung's tongue and gazed softly. Then, he spoke in a soft tone as if he were teaching his beloved student.

"Let me tell you, Hwasan The Dragon. As with battles, war is not won by the strong. A war is lost to those who have something to protect."

Jang Nilso tapped my head with his finger.

"That's why you can't beat me. Do you understand?"

Chung-Myung grabbed the sword.

"You son of a b*tc*....”


His feet dug into the ground, putting strength into his body as if he had rushed at any moment.

It was not immediately clear what Jang Nilso meant or what he was up to. However, as soon as Chung-Myung heard the word "protect," numerous people's faces, ranging from Oh Gum to Hwasan and Hye Yeon, came to mind.

And now there is one thing for sure.

Jang Nilso needs to shut up that mouth before he does something stupid!

When Chung-Myung lowered his posture like a hungry wolf, Jang Nilso shook his head with a smile.

"You don't understand me at all, Hwasan The Dragon. This war is....”

Jang Nilso said with his arms stretched out as he declared.

"It's already over."

"Shut your mouth, you son of a b*tc*!"

Eventually, Chung-Myung flew straight into Jang Nilso, kicking the ground hard. Where did the sword gain such strength burn red?

But Jang Nilso was just laughing strangely at Chung-Myung.

As if he knew the sword could never reach him.

What the hell?

It was the very moment when a terrible sense of incompatibility swept through Chung-Myung.

Oh, my god!

Chung-Myung's eyes were wide open as he rushed at Jang Nilso. His head turned violently to the side.


But there was no time to try. The tension that flew stuck in Chung-Myung's side.

"Chung-Myung ahhhhhhhhhh!"

An unexpected situation causes Yoo-Esul to burst out of his mouth as he tried to rush after Chung-Myung.

"처, Chung-Myung! Chung-Myung ahhhh!"

Chung-Myung flew like a broken kite and was stuck on the floor.

Ogum ran towards Chung-Myung with a scathing cry.

But only one person.

Baek Cheonman turned his head to look elsewhere with a demon-like face.

A tooth that blew tension to Chung-Myung.

The face of a man who blew a male and female that could never have been stopped because he could never have expected it.


Crunch, crunching.

Baek Cheon's teeth split, and veins popped out of his eyes. A voice as low as a cry came out.


Eventually, a desperate voice burst out from his mouth, like the howling of an animal.


Heo Do-jin, a shaman's long storyteller.

He was staring this way with a deaf face.