Chapter - 822 Episode 822. I won this war. (2)

Stretched hands and vicious lips.

Everyone's eyes were on Heo Do-jin.

Not only the Ogum, but also the old file room in the back, and even the Sapa looked at Heo Do-jin with their eyes wide open in shock.

Among them, Jang Nilso was the only one who didn't change his expression.


Heo Do-jin's harsh breathing sounds come out of his mouth. He grabbed his extended hand and stole his sweaty face.

"You... you crazy bastard!"

Baek Cheon gritted his teeth and spouted as if he were about to rush at Heo Do-jin.

"What have you done? What have you done?…!”

Baek Cheon's head was filled with anger to the extent that he could use evil by spitting abuse at the shaman's long writer.

But Heo Do-jin didn't respond to his rant. Just glance and walk slowly to Jang Nilso.

Chung-Myung doesn't exactly have a grudge.

No, even if there is a grudge, this is not the time to solve it. Heo Do-jin attacked Chung-Myung for just one reason.

This is because no one could watch Jang Nilso attack and turn the cliff back into a battlefield.

Heo Do-jin stood in front of Jang Nilso's chapter. Then he sighed deeply.

Even at this time, there were people climbing cliffs. Scattered mollusks, devastating eyes.

Heo Do-jin, biting his lips at the sight, finally faced Jang Nilso. Blood stood in his eyes. Jang Nilso received the hateful look with a smile on his face.

The eyes were on the two.

"Loser…. No, Sapaeryunju."

And among them, Heo Do-jin opened his mouth.

"The Grand Nationalist……….”

His voice was suppressed as if he were holding something back with all his might.

"As a long-standing writer of the Great Buddha Party, a shaman...…. No, on behalf of the shaman and the political factions of the world…….”

The corners of Jang Nilso's mouth rolled up more and more.

At the moment when his unique smile spread, Heo Do-jin spat out as if throwing up.

"…I ask for your peace with the Loyalists."

A hell of a stillness fell on a cliff.

Everyone couldn't even breathe and looked at Heo Do-jin.

What have I just heard?’


Did you just say reconciliation? A shaman is making peace with Sapaeryon?

Everyone heard and didn't understand. The words shamanism, sapaeryeon, and harmony were not intertwined at all. The faces of those who faced something they had never imagined before turned white.

It was Jang Nilso who broke the deathly silence.


The gentle nasal sound he had spilled was quite exciting and pleasant.


Staring still at Heo Do-jin, he said in a laughing voice.

"I didn't expect that word to come out of the mouth of the arduous shaman." This is Won, I'm flattered."


Despite Jang Nilso's dither, Heo Do-jin just kept his mouth shut. as if to endure any humiliation

"So…… what are the terms?"

"A year!"

Heo Do-jin chewed it out.

"For the next year, I will not cross the Janggang River with the Five Great Sega, including the Nine File Room. No, there will be no access to the intestines. As long as they make peace here and let us go.”

"Oh, my God!"

Only then came a desperate cry from Namgung Wang's mouth, who climbed up the cliff."Are you crazy? What are you talking about?"

His eyes filled with anger boiled as if they were overflowing at any momentarily.

How can you say such a thing without going out of your mind? I can't believe that the Old File Room and the Great Sega are having a conversation with Sapaeryon. This is a reversal of the roots of the old faction and the Great Sega.

"Are you freaking out or something? How dare you give in to those filthy Sapa people! And you're the master of the shaman! Shame on you!"

Namgung Wang's voice was heartbreaking, but Heo Do-jin opened his mouth with a look of unwaveringness.



"Shut up."

Heo Do-jin glared at Namgang Hwang. Life fell from my eyes.

In the formidable spirit, Namgung Wang was fed up and shut himself up. Even if he faced a deadly enemy, he would not stare at him like that.

"…a man of a thousand minds."

Heo Do-jin gritted his teeth.

But it was the same for Bop Kye, who belatedly climbed up the cliff, who did not understand his behavior.

"Long storyteller, what the hell are you trying to do? Shaolin can't stand by this."

His face was even devastated.

Then Heo Do-jin questioned Bop Kye with a cold voice.

"Stand by?"


"What if I don't sit still?"


Heo Do-jin's momentum forced Bop Kye to shut his mouth in spite of his disapprovaluing his disapproval.

"Can you take responsibility?"


"I lost all my disciples here and went back to Shaolin and asked if I could report to the director. No, can you handle a situation where even you're dead and there's no one left to report? Can you take that responsibility?"


Bop Kye couldn't say anything.

Who in the world can take responsibility for such a thing? What's more, he's just an elder, not a leader of Shaolin. You will never be able to handle the situation.

When Bop Kye couldn't answer, Heo Do-jin gave a cold rebuke.

"Then back off."

"But…… a long storyteller.”

"Don't you understand me?"


"I told you to back off."

Heo Do-jin growled out.

"If you're not prepared to take responsibility or have the ability to solve this situation, you should know how to shut up. What does barking like a dog solve?"

Blood flowing from his lips, which he bit hard, fell down his chin.



What's wrong with that?

Now his birthplace disciples are dying here. There is no way for them, who have exhausted all their strength to climb the cliff, to overcome the Sapae Ryeons like Seung-nyang, who are camped on this cliff.

Even if they get through it, what's left of them?

Only a handful of people are left to overcome. That means the apocalypse of the shaman.

You want me to be prepared to despise you in exchange for driving out the Sapa?

What a load of crap.

If they drive out the Sapa and inquire into it, the achievements will be shared by the rest of the Old File Room and the Great Sega. Shudang and Shaolin, Namgung and Cheongseong will never regain their spirits again, and they will lose their power and fall.

Like, like the HWASAN of the past.

Whasan miraculously recovered the tax, but there is no guarantee that such a miracle will happen to the shaman. No, as a shaman's mastermind, he should never create a situation in which a shaman wants a miracle.

"Hwa-yo, Sapa-ryeon-ju!"Heo Do-jin opened his mouth with bloodshot eyes.

"I will sign a year's non-aggression treaty in exchange for peace. Those who advocate chung will not step on the land of Gangnam for the next year."


Jang Nilso tilted his head slightly with a look of no interest.

"Gangnam... I don't know what that means. Gangnam is already our land."

"You know best that it's not?"


Jang Nilso grinned round and round.

But Heo Do-jin didn't show that ease. He bit his lips nervously and opened his mouth desperately.

"Safae-ryeon is an organized organization. If we do a little more damage here, it'll collapse in an instant. That's not what you want."


"A year will be enough to clean up the Sapaeryon and completely control Gangnam. Don't you think so?"

Heo Do-jin wedges at Jang Nilso with a strange look on his face.

"If not, we'll fight here until we co-destroy each other. Is it really the ending you want that all five of us here die down?"

Jang Nilso grinned triumphantly at the words. The white tooth came out eerie.

"I think you're overestimating yourself."

"At least you don't want to give the rest a chance to fish."


Jang Nilso burst out laughing.


That's true. If they use their power here, the rest of the old file room and the Great Sega will not miss this opportunity and move south.

Even with a complete victory over these five clans, they can't afford the offensive that follows. A cornered rat bites a cat. They, who have been deprived of their rent, will persist desperately to the end.

"Smart, Heo Do-jin."


"But…… poor, mean. Oh, and heinous again. Yeah, like...….”

A derisive horse flew slowly toward Heo Do-jin.

"Like Sapa."

The sheer humiliation weighed down Heo Do-jin's whole body. My body was shaking slightly. But he doesn't dare to resist that. It's not him who's holding the knife, it's Jang Nilso.

"Yes, I like someone like you. Hahahahaha! The great shaman's writer is begging for his life! Hahaha!

Jang Nilso's ore spread over the cliff.


The disciples of Gupa, who stood on the cliff, squashed their lips holding back their anger.

It was because of such extreme humiliation. No one could have imagined that there would be a life-begging event on the Sapa to survive.

You have to die fighting.

That's the arrangement, and that's what they've learned. But no one could step up and say I was going to die.

One's death is not the end of it's over. Fighting here means everyone's death. Who dares to bear the awful weight.

"But…… I'll have to know first.”

Jang Nilso, who stopped laughing, stared at Heo Do-jin.

"Do you deserve that? The power to negotiate on behalf of the factions and to keep them?”

"If a shaman can't do it, no one can."


"We live in cause and die in cause. You can't ignore the covenant in the name of Shudang and Shaolin. And... if Shaolin, Shaman, and Namgoong don't come out...….”

Heo Do-jin hesitated for a moment, clenched his teeth and continued."No gatekeeper would dare step on Gangnam. Land ruled by the Sapaeryon...….”

Jang Nilso nodded as if he had a point.

"But that's not enough."

"…I'll put my neck on the line."


Jang Nilso snorted and laughed.

"That's pathetic."

Heo Do-jin's fist was clenched white at the end of the horse. The fingernails dug into the palm, and red blood splattered through the cracks in the fist.

"It can't be worth that life, but the world's renowned shaman is begging so obsequiously that there should be a reason not to listen out of pity."


"But be aware. This is not an inviolable consultation, but an inviolable reconciliation. You are the only ones who cannot cross the Janggang River, and Sapaeryon is not restricted from advancing north over the Janggang River. And that period is three years, not a year."

Hop-float Heo Do-jin's eyes trembled.

Who can fully understand how he feels when he is so proud? But Jang Nilso laughed as if he were all staring at him.

"If you accept this…….”

And whispered in a corny smile.

"I'll take care of you so you can go back alive."


Heo Do-jin looked back in silence.

You can see the disciples of the shaman clenching their teeth.

His eyes were filled with determination, even if he died here, he was shouting never to endure the humiliation.

But rather so, what he had to do was fixed.

Heo Do-jin's hand slowly lifted.

The twitching fingertips were telling everyone how he felt. The trembling hand touched Ho Gong and took an airlift.

Slowly bending toward Jang Nilso, Heo Do-jin said quietly, bowing his head as if he could not see the sky. It was more of a whisper.

"…I'll take it."


Jang Nilso nodded. Then he slowly swept through everyone who had gathered on the cliff. From his mouth came a loud, incessant voice.

"I, Jang Nilso, hereby declare that in the name of Sapaeryonism, Gu Filebang, Oh Dae-se, and Sapaeryon signed a treaty of immortality in Gangnam. For the next three years! Neither Goo file room nor Oh Dae-se can step into Gangnam land! Instead……."

Jang Nilso smiled softly, slowly sweeping my lips with his index finger.

"Go back alive. With that miserable life."


The horse penetrated the heart of everyone who climbed the cliff as a dagger.


Jang Nilso stared at everyone and turned away.

"Let's go back. It's very painful to see the losers. Hahaha. Hahaha!"

As if it wasn't worth paying attention to the rest of them, he went away with a burst of light.

All of the disciples of the old school could not bear to raise their heads as they heard laughter.

I wanted to blame, and I wanted to get angry with my swearing.

But they already knew their own shame desperately.

No one was able to come forward.

No one tried to stop Heo Do-jin by getting angry and raising their voice even though something that could never happen was happening right in front of him.

That's why I have to bow my head.

"Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!

Blood tears flowed from Heo Do-jin's eyes.a defeat with no excuse at all

It was a perfect defeat, like a dagger in the bone.