Chapter - 825 Episode 825. I won this war. (5)

"Your mouth is alive."


Jang Nilso laughed as if he were intrigued.

"You don't mean to."

At Chung-Myung's words, Jang Nilso's eyes bore a strange light.

Surely this guy is funny. Even Hoga Myong, who knows Jang Nilso best, can't read his mind completely. But this guy doesn't care what he really means.

Who else in the world is this funny?

"You weren't there, were you?"

"What are you talking about?”



Jang Nilso giggled and laughed.

"I'm sure you haven't already checked……. That's too bad. You should have checked the hole yourself and twisted your stomach. Of course, I'm sorry I couldn't see the scene."

Chung-Myung's mouth twisted as if it were distorted.

'You've played well.’

Of course there were explosives.

It is not the power of a man who first burst a cliff. There was definitely an explosive.

But there were no other explosives.

Come to think of it, it's too natural. Pyrotechnics enough to knock down all the cliffs are hard to obtain even with a coffin. It is almost impossible for common sense to save it and move it to Janggang in a short period of time to plant it in an appropriate place.

At that moment, though, no one doubted the fact that there was a bomb there. Even Chung-Myung.

There are two reasons.

It was because it was so intense to see the cliff burst out in front of my eyes with the explosive fire. There's no way people who saw the spectacular scene can think rationally and calmly.

No, at that time, even if the possibility of explosives being installed on the cliff was only ten minutes, it would have been inevitable to climb the cliff.

There's no one to risk their lives on the odds of a tenth.

And the other thing is...….

"It was a good excuse to bring in the white lightning guns and turn them over.”

"Of course."

Jang Nilso laughed excitedly.

It's like an organ. Doesn't it feel like Chung-Myung is slowly rewriting the meaning of the number he put in?

No matter how great a number is, a knight becomes lonely if no one understands the meaning of the number. That's why outstanding people need a match.

"Those who came to the Jang River were watching every move of your Hwasan. I'm sure you knew that you guys had a lightning gun in your hands on."


"If they weren't stupid, they would have understood the moment they faced me that the gun had come out of my hands. So……."

Jang Nilso gives a grotesque smile.

"Of course you thought I had a lot of explosives. Thanks to you."

"A snake of a b*tc*...….”

This was more of a compliment than a curse.

That's what it is, if I have to say.

The old file room was frightened by non-existent explosives and desperately climbed the cliff. Thanks to him, he suffered damage that he did not have to wear, and exhausted all his energy while climbing cliffs.

"There must have been nothing on the road, right?”

"Of course."

Jang Nilso smiled admirably and added.

'Cause I couldn't afford to take my troops out of there.

"…what were you going to do if they went back to retreat?"

"There's nothing I can do. I'm going to be a chicken-chasing dog and trudging around."

Jang Nilso shrugs his shoulders.

"But then you'll see that they're more stupid than you think, so isn't it worth it? Those stupid people could eat them up at any time."Chung-Myung distorted his face and laughed, holding his stomach.

This is a real male lunatic.

My stomach turned upside down as if I had swallowed something wrong. The more I point out one by one, the more pronounced it becomes.

Everyone here was playing around with Jang Nilso.

What makes Chung-Myung even more unbearable is that even Hwasan played on Jang Nilso's palm.

It all started from luring them into the intestines. Jang Nilso would have initially intended to lure Hwasan into the Changgang River to attract other old factions.

The old file room and Oh Dae-sega, who had never imagined that Sapa would set a trap against them, fell into the trap.

The smile suddenly disappeared as if it had been washed away and only a cold expression remained.

"The intestinal inflexibility...….”

Chung-Myung gritted his teeth.

"You've ruled out the treaty.”

'Cause you can't say yes.'

Jang Nilso giggled and laughed.

"Not like those idiots. You're not backing down. And you were the only one who could make a choice on behalf of Chun Woo-meng.”

"I don't think that's all."

"Ha... ha ha."

Jang Nilso's face, who was smiling brightly, hardened slightly. Chung-Myung's words seem to have gone beyond his expectations this time.

"Anyway, that's fine. I'll make good use of the land you handed over. Tell the enemy's pups clearly. I'm going to cut your throat if you come near me.”

"Why should I do that? You understood that the Old File Room and the Great Sega don't have access to the Changgang River? But why should I guarantee your territory? What?"

"That's what you want.”


Jang Nilso's eyes drew lines.

flesh and blood

The thick flesh leaked through his thin eyes.

"Hwasan the Divine Dragon. Hwasan The Dragon…….”

Jang Nilso shook his head as he was reciting.

"That name is not enough for you now. My heart is freezing."

"There's nothing to burn. It's just an obvious trick."

What Jang Nilso wants now is the downfall of the Old File Room and the Great Sega. First of all, the thunderstorm will not be in his sight right now sight.

In terms of power, even if we combine Cheon U-men and Sapa, they will be similar to or inferior to those in the old file room and the five generations.

As long as there is no possibility of Chun Woo-myung and Sapaeryon joining hands, even with this one victory, Sapaeryon will not be able to relax.

That's why we buy time by the impervious treaty. And…….

"It will thoroughly destroy the old file room and the five major houses.’

Rumors that Gufa and Oh Dae-sega were defeated and backed down from the Janggang River will probably spread soon. And so will the rumours that he begged for his life serviciously.

Jang Nilso will spread it himself.

Criticism will reach heaven, and the reputation they have built and the honor they have polished will be thrown into the dirt.

But in the meantime...…what if the Heavenly Fellow were to stand on one of the pillars of the Long River?

What if the Heavenly Father protects the people there?

It's hell for Goofa.’

If even Chun Woo-mang had succumbed, there would be some public opinion that he could not help it. However, if rumors spread that Chun Woo-men fought to the end, no one will now be able to bring the two letters "consultation" in front of the names of the Gupilebang and the Great Sega.

In other words, it is none other than Jang Nilso who is now most desperate to praise the League of Heaven.

"Tsk. That's not funny. It's supposed to be a gift to someone who's scared and wants to run away."

Jang Nilso took a sip and kicked his tongue.

"Not only where you occupy it, but by mouth, it will not be approached. I'll be in trouble if the Gufas block the logistics to kill you and kill me, or if the stupid King Black Dragon overpulls his stomach and blocks the business district leading to Gangnam.""You're talking stupidly. Do you think I'm going to let you through for a few pennies after hearing that?

"You're gonna rip it out anyway, aren't you? Am I wrong?"

Chung-Myung smiled with his teeth revealed.

Of course, it's inside out. To the point where my teeth are chipped.

But to put it bluntly, Cheon Woo-men and Hwasan have not lost anything from this. On the contrary, I have gained too much.

Chun Woo-meng will now take over the seat of the old file room and Oh Dae-sega, which represented strong consultations in the past, and will make huge profits by monopolizing the shipping routes to Gangnam.

In return, Sapaeryon weakened the power of the Gupilebang and Odaesega, and bought time to overhaul the interior.

a hostile symbiotic relationship

There would be no more appropriate expression between them.

"What do you think, Hwasan The Dragon?"


"Do you like my present?"


"You can't refuse this gift. No, there's no way to say no. But you don't have to thank me. I've received enough gifts from you, too. Hahahaha!

Chung-Myung's smile deepened.

"I'll tell you, too."


Jang Nilso watched Chung-Myung with a smile on his face. Like he couldn't wait to hear what he was going to say.

"You're right. You won this war."


"But it's only a war.”


Jang Nilso's eyes sank gently.

"You'll find out when you watch. What a stupid thing you've done."

"…a stupid act?"

"A battle is a small thing compared to a war."

"That's right."

"But war is no big deal compared to good fortune."


"If you really wanted to get your hands on the strong, you should have taken me and Hawsan down here at all costs. You're the one who's distracted by the little prey in front of you and missed the big one.”


"You'll find out."

The gruesome flesh oozed out of Chung-Myung's body.

"What does it mean to give Hwasan time? It won't be that long. The moment your throat is cut off, you will surely regret and regret today. Definitely."


Jang Nilso's face is cold.

Simple threats……No, maybe it's just a cold foot to come.


In Jang Nilso's ears, that was not so simple to hear.

We have to send him alive. Chung-Myung is essential to his plan. Because he exists, he can balance the commonwealth, the Four Fighters, and the Old and Great Sega.

If Chung-Myung doesn't exist, Chun Woo-men will collapse rapidly, and Gufa and Oh Dae-sega, where the checkers disappeared, will go south with blood in their eyes.

But…… on the other hand, his instincts are speaking.

Perhaps sending this young man alive would be more dangerous than dealing with Gufa and Oh Dae-sega.

Just like this guy said.


Jang Nilso clenched his fist unknowingly.

'Now at least...'.’

It was just the moment Jang Nilso bit his lips with a seething flesh.

Suddenly, I saw a group of fighters approaching quickly in the distance.

What about that?

Jang Nilso's eyes are slightly bigger. It's still too far away to be seen, but it's definitely approaching at an alarming rate.


As soon as they saw the green storm on, Jang Nilso was able to identify those approaching.


Again, Jang Nilso reluctantly loosened his fist. No matter how hard he may be, it's too much to kill Chung-Myung before they arrive. And if there's a battle here, Jang Nilso is now at a disadvantage.This is the end of the day...….

"… it on my side that saved my life?"

"If only the idiot hadn't done anything stupid."

The Four Thousand Dangs. They were fast approaching Chung-Myung.

If they had joined the battlefield, the results would certainly have been different.

"……When did you call me?”

'Cause I don't know what's going to happen.

Jang Nilso licked his lips with his tongue out.

It was dangerous.

I almost got cornered. This guy is really dangerous.

"I don't care."

Jang Nilso finished drinking in my hand and looked down at Chung-Myung.

"Anyway, I'm the one who won this war."

"Yeah, so enjoy it.”

Chung-Myung smiled with his teeth revealed.

"A moment of joy that won't be long.”

The eyes of the two staring at each other were filled with deep flesh.


Jang Nilso, who snorted lightly, turned to the wagon first.

"Let's go."


In a wagon that began to move slowly, Jang Nilso leaned his head against the wall with a strange face.

'It's getting uncomfortable.'

I thought it was a complete victory. But... wasn't it a pretty lucky victory now? If they had endured until the arrival of the Sacheon Party, Sapaeryeon would not have been able to take the initiative in the battlefield and negotiate.

"I don't like drinking."

A low murmur leaked from the red lips. Jang Nilso's eyes narrowed like a snake.

'Hwasan…And the Hwasan Divine Dragon Chung-Myung.'

It was the moment Jang Nilso carved the name into his heart.

"I'll have to prepare a proper name. I don't want this enemy of Jang Nilso to be called such a rookie."

After a while, his smug smile slowly spread over the wagon to the calm land.