Chapter - 826 Episode 826. Where are the others now? (1)

The white wagon and the bay following it went away.

Dang Gunnak, who arrived with the Dangga, sighed as he saw it.

"…I guess I came too late."


Chung-Myung shook his head.

"You were here on time.”

"Your body is....”

"Well, that's enough."

The word mop couldn't have been more appropriate, but Chung-Myung smiled nonchalantly.

In fact, it wasn't a big deal for him in the past. It's not like my arms and legs fell off.

"……I've brought in a bunch of people who are good at medicine, so you should be treated first."

"No, it's okay. More than that……."

As Chung-Myung tried to turn around, Dang Gunnak grabbed his shoulder.


Chung-Myung turned wonderfully and repeatedly said with a determined face.

"I'm going to get my treatment first."


"What are you doing?"

"Yes, my lord!"

An elder of a dang family with a white cloth over his shoulders ran. Chung-Myung smacked his lips with a slightly embarrassed face.

"I'll be treated. I'll get a real treatment. But not now. Let's wrap this up first."

"Is it urgent?"

"Rather than urgent…It's something I have to do."

Dang Gunnak, who saw Chung-Myung's eyes, hesitated as if he was displeased, eventually nodded reluctantly.

"All right, just remember one thing. Your body isn't just yours. That's what it's like to lead."


"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"No, well……".”

Chung-Myung scratched the back of his head.


It's a word I used to hear quite often.

How dare you think your body belongs to yourself!


I never thought I'd hear that obvious nag here again. I felt a sense of pain at the end of my nose because I was in an urgent situation.

"How was it, Jang Nilso?"

"…It's a snake.”

"It's a huge snake. The world calls a giant snake a dragon.”

"The dragon freezes to death. It's a snake."

Chung-Myung glared at Jang Nilso's wagon, which is now as far away as a faint dot.

Feel free to be happy now.’

But when you see it again, the smile will all go away.


Chung-Myung with his short tongue turned nervously.

"Go up. Jang Moon-in is up there.

"I see, but what the hell happened? Your condition tells me there was a big fight, but why does Jang Nilso step down? He didn't even seem to have suffered much damage."


Chung-Myung picked out a word, scratched his head and sighed.

"It's a little complicated to explain.”

Dang Gunnak's eyes are questioned.

* * *


Oh Geom, who had been waiting anxiously all along, was surprised to see Chung-Myung climbing the cliff again.

I said I would go with him, but I had no choice but to wait here when Chung-Myung said that if several people went, there would be a fight again. It's not like he won't go even if he's stopped.

"Are you all right, Jang Nilso, did the son of a b*tc* ever try again?

"What the hell? If you don't want to die, shut up!"

"……I don't know who you really are."

After examining Chung-Myung's physical condition, they only breathed a sigh of deep relief when they confirmed that they had no new wounds.

"What the hell did you do?"

"It's no big deal. I'm just upset to let you go."

"…...crazy, please…"….”

Baek Cheon wrapped his throbbing head around him. At that time, Hyun Jong walked out between the five swords.Chung-Myung said awkwardly looking at Hyun Jong, who was just around the corner.

"Long story……."

Hyun Jong bit his lips tightly.

Looking at Chung-Myung's hidden goal, I felt like I was dying because I couldn't make a fire inside.

He touched Chung-Myung's shoulders with trembling hands.

"…'ve worked hard."

And yet, he bowed his head slightly. It's hard to see Chung-Myung's face.

"You've been through a lot……"….I'm ashamed of myself…….”

I couldn't do anything because I was blocked by the crowd. I believed that it was the best choice to reduce the damage to my disciples, but when I saw Chung-Myung in front of me, I felt that even the words were meaningless.

Is it right to force this child to sacrifice to protect other children?


At that moment, he grabbed Chung-Myung's shoulder and grabbed Hyun Jong's hand.

"You were great.”


"If Jang was excited, everyone wouldn't be okay. Thanks to Jang's presence, I was able to fight with ease."

Hyun Jong couldn't bring up any more words and closed his eyes tightly.

'You're a wreck.’

Why do you think of others in this situation? The person who suffered the most here is Chung-Myung himself.

"This kid has always been through hell."

It makes me think again.

The fact that Hwasan now may have been made out of the blood that Chung-Myung shed. Hyun Jong's insides burned to the ground as he was about to face the reality that he could not turn away from.


"Jang Moon-in, the Dangga-ju is here.”

A deep sigh came out of Hyun Jong's mouth, who stopped trying to say something.

I looked up and saw Dang Gunnak standing a little behind me. When Chung-Myung stepped aside and opened the way, Hyun Jong quietly captured Dangaju.

"Long time no see, my lord."

"I see you, Maen-ju."

Dang Gunnak politely gave an example.

"I'm sorry, I arrived so late…….”

"No, thank you for just being here. But how did you know...….”

"I got a communication from the Hwasan Divine Dragon."

As Hyun Jong checked, Chung-Myung scratched the back of his head with a shy face.

"It's a subtle situation. If you walk in vain, it's just relaxing, but it's better than dangerous. I'm sorry I didn't tell you in advance."

"No, no, no."

Hyun Jong shook his head.

He didn't even think it was strange until he came here. So it would have been difficult to tell him.

You're just holding on to your ankles.

He, or he, is not enough for Hwasan or Chung-Myung yet.

"I've heard the situation on my way, my lord."

At that, Hyun Jong sighed. It was because I felt that Dang Gunnak's voice was colder than usual.

"……where are you?"

Dang Gunnak bit his lips and asked again.

"Where are the others now?"

* * *


"Are you all right, priest?"

Those who came back down the cliff were recovering the wounded. Every time I looked at the bodies spread everywhere, I could feel the indescribable misery on their faces.

"Death, death penalty……".”

A shaman's student, who had been wriggling with injuries, grabbed the arm of the person who was helping me and squeezed out his voice.

"Safa... The Safa...….”


I couldn't bear to answer. With his eyes closed, he turned his head and answered briefly.

"For now, take care of yourself."

"…Death, Death Penalty…"….”

"Move it to the ship."


The injured men quickly moved to the anchored ship.Jin Hyun, who was watching the scene, closed his eyes unknowingly.

Consultation is based on sacrifice. Those who name Chung should know how to throw away their lives to be right. That's how I came in.

So…… what the hell did the people who died here die for?

They failed to abide by the agreement, and they failed to abide by the right.

So what else did the rest keep? After all, all those who are alive now have protected is their miserable lives.

"Hurry up!"

Namgung Wang's cold voice rang.

"We must finish the repairs before sunset!"


Members of the Southern Palace Sega answered. But unlike when I came here, the voices had no power.

Of course Namgung Wang didn't blame them either.

A big pile.

However, clenching his fist, he looked around. Survivors of the Black Dragonfly were seen staring at this side as if they were watching.

My teeth are chipped.

Those hateful guys are laughing at them, but Namgang Wang can't get his hands on them. I've already lost enough to lose. Under such circumstances, it would only make them laugh even more.


A treaty or something may not be necessary.

He'll never step on the long river again. If you look at the flowing Jang River with your two eyes, it is obvious that today's humiliation will come back.

"Lord, we're done with the repairs."

"What about the body?"


Namgung Wang nodded slowly.

In terms of the damage, the damage is not that great. Those who fell down the cliff were seriously injured, but the number of people who actually died was not that large.

Namgung Wang's gaze was fixed in one place.

There was a young man's back, who was busy picking up the injured, pushing the fallen rocks.

It was unusual for him to thank others, but at this moment I truly appreciated him. If he hadn't kept Black Dragon Salad in check below, all those injured and fallen would have lost their lives at the hands of Black Dragon Salad.

"…Did you say Bye Yeon?”

"Yes. The one I used to go with Hwasan.….”

"Hwasan again."

Why did it end up like this?

Apparently by the time they got here, they were all full of spirit. Now, however, it seems like a dog with its tail rolled up and has to return home weakly.

Namgung Wang suddenly glared at the root of all this with his original eyes.

Heo Do-jin.

He was clearly seen cracking down on shaman's disciples and carrying them on board.


After grinding his teeth, Namgung Wang chewed his brain.

"Now the whole world will point fingers at us."


"How the hell can I handle this humiliation?"

"There will be a time to make up for it. Revenge of the superior is not too late even after ten years. One day, I'm going to cut off that vicious saponist and pay off today's debt."

"…darn it."

It was then.


Namgung Wang turned his head to the strange air that he felt at the moment. Some people were coming down from the cliff.


Namgung Wang's face crept into a contortion.

Wasan didn't want to see it now.

Of course he was grateful for being human, but that was one thing. Rather, it was hard to raise my face in front of Hwasan now because I was a shameless.But…… the reality that Namgang faced was a little more brutal than that.

The first thing I saw was the familiar face of Hwasan Sinryong Chung-Myung. And what follows...….

Namgang Wang's face turned pale when he recognized him.

Perhaps there was someone there he didn't want to see the most in the world at this moment.

Like this.

Down below the cliff, he slowly walked forward.

A cold, cold face that looks like ironclad.

Deer leather gloves exposed under the wide sleeves of green unclothes.


Namgung Wang's moaning voice leaked out of his mouth.

Dang Gunnak, the spiny singer of the Sacheon Party, walked straight toward him.

Shake shake. Shake shake.

Standing in front of the scene, Dang Gunnak slowly looked around and fixed his eyes on Namgang Hwang.

His mouth slowly opened.



"Is it the choice of the five great masters?"

Dang Gunnak's face was distorted like a demon.

"These...... stupid things that don't even know what the numbers are!"

With the fury of Dang Gunnak pouring out without a filter, Namgang Wang eventually closed his eyes.