Chapter - 827 Episode 827. Where are the others now? (2)

Dang Gunnak's icy eyes seemed to penetrate Namgung Wang.

'Why are you here....’

Why did Dang Gunnak, who is supposed to be in the distant Sacheon, show up in this Janggang River? Why are you doing that now?

Namgung Wang's fingertips began to tremble faintly.

Of course everyone here at the moment would not want to face anyone to face. They know so well what they've done.

But facing Dang Gunnak, not anyone else in this situation, was as terrible as anything for Namgung Wang.

Namgoong Segawa Sacheon Sichundangga above Anwi.

The two clans were the two pillars that led the Great Sega for many years. Naturally, Namgang Huang and Dang Gunnak competed, cooperated, and antagonized each other for a long time as household owners of each world.

For Namgung Wang, perhaps it's Dang Gunnak who doesn't want to lose more than that old file room or Sapa.

"Answer me, Namgung Wang."

Dang Gunnak slurred in a cold tone.

"Where the hell is the negotiation that you used to raise your voice so high.


"And are you the owner of Changcheon Namgung Sega? Can you talk about Changcheon with your mouth after begging Safa for your life to survive?"

Namgung Wang bit his lips to the point of bleeding.

It wasn't Dang Gunnak's rebuke that caused him the most pain. He could not make a single excuse after hearing the rebuke.

"Answer me."


"Was that life that important? Enough to throw the value of consultation on the ground?"

"……Dang Gunnak."

Dang Gunnak gritted his teeth. He's not mocking Namgung Wang right now. I am truly angry.

Although the party became a member of Cheonwoomenang and the relationship became complicated, Sacheondang is still called a member of the Five Great Sega. The disgrace shown by Namgung Sega, the head of the Great Sega, made his blood flow upside down.

No, it's not just the Five Tides.

"Answer me, sir."


Bop Kye, who received Dang Gunnak's eyes, could not face each other, closed his eyes and shouted "no" quietly.

Dang Gunnak's spirits did not abate at all after seeing the weak reaction.

"That's ridiculous."

A cold cynic penetrated everyone's heart.

"I didn't know that you, who have emphasized that consultation is more important than life, would throw away consultation and spirit as soon as you get a chance to keep that word. And you're entitled to discuss the righteousness and the righteousness? And?"

Bop Kye's face turned red.

You have ten mouths to talk about?

Located in Sacheon, Byo Kyonja of Cheongseong, where Dang Gunnak and his family had a relationship, spoke in a bitter tone.

"…Stop it, my lord. All of this was done by Heo Do-jin. Namgung Ga-ju and Bop Kay are the victims of this."


But there was a clear grin on Dang Gunnak's lips.

"You're innocent because you didn't shout out?"


"Let me ask you a question."

Dang Gunnak glared at everyone with eyes running to life.

"Then why are you alive now?"


The words eventually shut up even Byo Kyonja.

"Save your disciples? All right, that's understandable. But then why are you alive and stepping on the ground with your feet? And without a scratch!"The voice of the exuberant Dang Gunnak came out loud.

"What the hell did you do while Hawasan's young junior fought in blood? Who was the first person to fight bloodily here?"

Namgang breathed deeply through his nose with his eyes closed.

Saying that he failed to concentrate on the game because he was looking at the situation is only a crude excuse to make a bet.

I just didn't know throughout my life.

What it means to fight for your life and how difficult it is.

Of course, I may be forced to make excuses.

However, the wounds that covered the entire body of the Hwasan Divine Dragon hardened his tongue and pressed heavily on his lips.

"The reason why the world tolerates your violence is because it believes that the sword will have an agreement. The moment I forget to negotiate for my own benefit...….”

Dang Gunnak chewed his brains out.

"It is no different from bandits. You stupid people."


There was a silence. Dang Gunnak bit his lip, holding back a burst of sigh.

No matter how much I curse, I can't undo what's already happened. It was more frustrating to know that.

Having managed to calm down, he clenched his teeth and declared.

"I declare you as the patron of the Sichuan Party. There will be no such thing as the Four Thousand Towers being called the Five Tides after today."

"Dang Gunnak!"

"Don't shut your mouth, you f*cking bastard."

When Namgung Hwang panicked and shouted loudly, Dang Gunnak roared like a criminal and covered his mouth.

"You've ended what you've been running for envy and envy with fear and cowardice."

Dang Gunnak stared at everyone with cold eyes and turned away.

"Get out of here. Now the Jang River is a land that you cannot step on."

Namgung Wang's body was now trembling.

A terrible sense of humiliation and unbearable humiliation swirled throughout the body.

But it was the abhorrence of oneself that came more than that.

"…get on board."


In the end, Namgung Huang said weakly, and Namgung Sega's gashols answered quietly and headed for a boat anchored by the water.

"Amitabha Buddha."

Bop Kye also shook his head and sighed deeply.

"…Let's go back."

The Shaolin monks nodded slightly and headed for the ship. But among those who turned around, only one person stood with his feet on the ground.

"…What are you doing?"

"The Elder."

Hye Yeon opened her mouth with a calm face.

"I'm not going back."


There was a momentary surge of anger on Bop Kye's face.

He is now acting on behalf of the director of the room. To disobey his order was to disobey the chief and to disobey the entire Shaolin. Hye Yeon couldn't have known about it.

But he stared at Bop Kye with an unshakable look. The surge of anger was brief, and Bop Kye was instantly relieved of his calm face.

Everyone crawled up the cliff to survive.

At that time, Hye Yeon was the only one who kept behind those who remained below.

Hye Yeon was the only one who practiced Shaolin's teachings of mercy and ita in this terrible hell. By the way, what capacity can Bop Kye blame him for?

"…do as you please."

"Amitabha Buddha."

Hye Yeon was still the class president. Bop Kye no longer turned around and headed for the ship.

Byo Kyonja, who was left alone, hesitated to talk to Dang Gunnak with a shady face."Lord of the Party……."


But Dang Gunnak shriveled away without even giving him in the eye.

"I don't want to talk to you, so please go back, Jang Moon-in."


A deep sigh escaped from Byo Kyonja's mouth.

It hurts.

Dang Gunnak is a man who fully understands the heavy pressure of being responsible for the lives of numerous disciples. How cold and cold would people's reactions be if even Dang Gunnak reacted so contemptibly?

Just imagining it made my fingertips cold.

"…See you next time. I wish you good luck."

Byo Kyonja, who left only the words with dismay, led his disciples to the ship.

There was no strength in the steps of those heading for the ship. He looked quite different from when he came back. It's a matter of course. They've lost so much here.

First, Shaolin's boat entered a narrow valley, followed by Namgung Sega's boat leaving the canyon. Soon after, even the ship of Cheongseong turned its head slowly, but only the ship of the shaman, who finished boarding first, remained still anchored.

A man standing in front of the shaman's ship and looking this way.

"The author……."

When Dang Gunnak tried to step up, Chung-Myung grabbed his arm and dissuaded him.

"Wait a minute."

Then he approached the shaman standing in front of the ship. Standing alone on the shore, Heo Do-jin stared at Chung-Myung approaching and twisted his lips and laughed.

"Don't look so offended, Hwasan The Dragon."


"There's nothing wrong with the thunderstorm. Especially you won't miss a time when the Old Faction and the Great Sega are criticized. Why don't you just be honest and be happy?"

Chung-Myung stared at Heo Do without a clear answer.

"……why? Do you still have a curse to say?"

When Heo Do asked, Chung-Myung stared at him and talked for a long time.

"You idiot."

It was a chilly piece of work.

"If you've made a choice, bear with it. There's nothing more stupid than doubting your own choices. And if you use that evil, you won't curse more, and you won't feel better about being blamed on me.”


"Yes, I did the stupidest thing in the world. You will regret the choice you made for the rest of your life. And not only you, but the shaman and the whole old faction will be held responsible."

Heo Do-jin listened to Chung-Myung without a change of expression. He had no idea what he was thinking.

"But at least I...….”

It was Chung-Myung who distorted his face and bit his lips. He blurted his words for a moment and said with a troubled face.

"I'll swear at you for being stupid, but I don't laugh at you for being cowardly."


Heo Do-jin's eyes shook for the first time.

Chung-Myung sighed.

d*mn it.

It's a very complicated. I know it's wrong, but I definitely know it's wrong, but...…I can't help but understand how I had to make that mistake.

He's regretted it so many times.

If he was a little more selfish, if Cheon Mun were a little more cunning…….

"If you're comfortable, get out of here."


Heo Do-jin smiled in a low voice.

His face was still expressionless. But the expressionless face somehow looked different from before.

"See you again."

"That's enough."

"You'll see it again. Someday……."

Heo Do-jin turned and jumped onto the boat. When he got on board, the ship slowly turned its head out of the canyon. Chung-Myung looked up at the sky as if he had a bitter appetite while looking at the shaman's boat, which was moving away, leaving a long stir on the river.I couldn't bear to blame.

If it were Cheon Mun, he would have scolded Heo Do without hesitation. But it wasn't Cheon Mun who was here, and Chung-Myung couldn't.

I still have a long way to go.’

It was a moment when Chung-Myung, who shrugged, was about to say something to the sky with a smile.


"…? Huh?"

"What is it?"

Why is the world spinning...….

No, why is the floor rising?


"Hey, dude!"

There were loud shouts from all over the place. But for a moment, too, the whole commotion became as stuffy as it was heard in the water. And soon all the sound disappeared from the world.


I don't see anything.

My body was sinking down endlessly.

'Long death sentence...'

Whasan's disciples screamed and called out his name, but Chung-Myung didn't hear a thing.

The desires of many, the insides of many.

Those who try to accomplish everything on foot, those who do not let go even if they lose everything.

It was the moment when the great war, which was all mixed up, came to an end.

However, no one thought this end was the real end.

This is just a starting point.

It was just a small spark that would one day devour and burn the world.