Chapter - 830 Episode 830. Where are the others now? (5)

I mean...

Chung-Myung blinked his eyes blankly at an incredible situation.

I have to get back up.….’

Gently lowered his head and looked at his body. No, I was going to look. But his head didn't move at all as if it were sticking to his bed.

This is because of the hard rope with the hair tied tightly.


The rope, which was tightened to the point of almost no blood circulation, was pressing the head.


Chung-Myung's head moved slightly to the side, very slightly. Yoon-Jong, who was standing next to the bed and met his desperate eyes, flinched and nodded slightly.


Yoon-jong, who coughed in vain, carefully started his luck.

"I'm…… Soso.


"…I don't think we need to do this."


"……No, I'm just…….”

The blood vessels stood on Dang-Soso's forehead.

"Do these people know what a real human body is like? Do you think it'll work well again if you roll it properly and change it to a new wheel? Why? Do you really want me to change it?

"……No, I never meant it. I didn't think much.”

Yoon-Jong stepped back quickly because of the life that Dang-Soso exhaled.

Usually, Dang-Soso smiles a lot and looks good, but when a patient is caught, he breathes out life as if he is going to catch a person with his eyes.

No, come to think of it, shouldn't it be reversed? You have to take care of the patient with laughter and mercy...….’

Then Dang-Soso turned his head and stared at Chung-Myung. She gritted her teeth as she saw Chung-Myung tied up in a thick rope and stuck in her bed.

"If your body was a mop, you'd be treated well! You can't hold it in and crawl out? Are you still human? Huh?

"I'm the death penalty...….”

"I know that!"


I'm glad you know that.

"No! What the hell does this man look like to eat and go out looking for alcohol as soon as he wakes up with wounds that would kill ten more times?"

"I didn't go looking for a drink...….”

"Shut up!"


Chung-Myung stared blankly at the ceiling.

Somehow it reminded me of the old days.

No, if you're hurt, treat it, man! Come here!

Get out of my way. What a quack.

Who do you think you are, a quack or a quack? If I had set up a council, I would have made a fortune! Stop talking and come here. No, don't drink that! I brought it for disinfection!


I still live here.

Why is your family always so mean to me...….

Usually, fighters rub against each other, saying that even if they are stabbed and bleeding, they get better after applying mud roughly. But those dangga people are the exception, so even if they scratch their bodies, they will die.

You used to be such a pain in the neck, but now you've gone from generation to generation...….

Then, the door burst open and a man walked in like salvation.


It was Dang Gunnak. He looked at Chung-Myung tied to his bed and frowned.

"Oh, my lord!"

Dang Gunnak's eyes went blank as Chung-Myung shouted as if he was asking for help.

"Who did this?"

Dang-Soso looked at Dang Gunnak with a touch of cold voice. She also knew how much her father cared about Chung-Myung.

It is Dang Gunnak who has never given Chung-Myung as much goodwill even to his bloody sons. In his eyes, Dang-Soso, the priest of Chung-Myung, could not have looked good with Chung-Myung tied up in a playful way. No matter how much she loves her most."Well, I'll....”



Dang-Soso shrugged his shoulders.

Dang Gunnak, staring at her with cold eyes, shrugged.

"Did I teach you that?"

"I'm sorry. The death penalty is so disobedient."

"Tied up the Wasan deity with a rope! What would people in the world say when they see this?”

Dang Gunnak with his tongue stuck out something that he was holding with his hand behind his back.

"How can that be possible?"


What was in his hand was a chain of iron. For a moment, Dang-Soso's face went blank.

It`s a specially made iron rope, so we`ll be able to subdue the injured. Tie it back properly."


"Come on."


Dang-Soso quickly picked up the chain Dan Gunnak gave out. Chung-Myung watched the incredible scene with blank eyes.

Dang Gunnak spoke quietly, kicking his tongue.

"Anyway, fighters are…….You know I can just roughly rewrite my body!"

Tears slowly trickled down Chung-Myung's eyes.

"Dangerous bastards."

It's been a mess for generations. For generations...

No, does that mean a family motto? How can you say the same thing a hundred years later?


Dang Gunnak approached Chung-Myung and looked everywhere.

"It's hard to catch an internal bleeding place with saliva alone. Use the medicinal herbs together."

"I don't eat much because it's bitter."

"…Forced pouring."


Chung-Myung turned his head and looked at Baek Cheon.


"Why, man?"

"Go get the long storyteller. The Dangga persecutes his disciple.….”

"I think you're going to clap."

The tears that had stopped flowed back down Chung-Myung's temple.

'There's no one on my side. I don't have anyone on my side.’

a lengthy death sentence

I miss the old days...….

It used to be the same, you son of a b*tc*. You're the same.


Oh, I'm lonely. I'm so lonely.

Then Dang Gunnak sighed lightly and asked.

"How are you feeling?"

"You don't even know what you're seeing?”

"You look good.”

"……but you, man?"

Chung-Myung's body was shaking.

"Any inconvenience?"

"Oh, you don't look like you'

"I don't think so.”

"…Can't you hear me?"

Chung-Myung, who was shedding Dang Gunnak with a face of fire inside, sighed with resignation.

"……It's so uncomfortable to eat now that I'm doing this, so please ask them to loosen me up just when I'm eating."

"Well, I guess so.”

Dang Gunnak looked at Dang-Soso and said,

"What about your meal?"

"I'm feeding you in time."

"You mean you're eating. Change to Mieum from now on. Cord is not good for patients. Give me three meals a day."


Chung-Myung looked up at the ceiling with sorrow.

a lengthy death sentence

……I'm lonely.

- Giggling.

Hey, you f*cking bastard!

Don't laugh!

* * *

Some rumors are faster than storms.

"Jumbo! Another shipper here, please."

"Yes! I'm taking it now!"

It was time for those who sat around the audience to pour the last drink left in the bottle.

The door suddenly burst open and a sweaty man rushed inside.

"Here you go. Here! What's the rush?"

"He's afraid we're going to eat all the alcohol you ordered."

I burst into laughter. The man, who was looking around at the sound of calling me, rushed to me and shouted.

"He, did you hear that story?”

"What story?"

"That old file room and the Great Sega have signed an impervious treaty with the Sapa!”

Those who heard it grinned."Don't talk nonsense and sit down. I ordered a new bottle.”

"I'm not kidding, I'm telling you the truth!"

"Okay, okay."

"It's a mess out there right now! Gufa and Odae Sega have declared that they will not enter the Janggang River for the next three years!"

The faces of the shouting people were so pale that the faces of the listeners began to harden. But soon someone kicked their tongue.

"Tsk tsk. You've got to be serious. What's missing between the Old Federation and the Great Sega that they're signing a treaty with the Sapa.

"Well, it's not just Sapa. Shin Juopae united to create a new power called Sapaeryon!”

"Love for Love?"

"Yes, Shaolin and Shudang, who went to the Janggang River, were not attacked by the Sapaeryon and formed a peace.It's more!"

"…The Sapa are united?”

"I told you so!"

"Come on, that's ridiculous. No matter how many Sapa people gather in one place, Shaolin and Shudang are Sapa and Hwahui! He's making a big deal of noise!

The man struck me in the chest as if he were frustrated.

"If you don't believe me, get out! It's not a big deal out there! The whole world is in a state of chaos right now!"

"……What nonsense…….”

Everyone is getting speechless.

Seeing that desperate face, I don't think it's a lie, but I couldn't believe it at all.

Political factions and Sapa come to terms?

I've never heard of such a story. Isn't it because you can't mix water and oil in the first place? But how did they do that?

"Now, wait a minute. Did you say it was impermanent?"

"I told you so!"

"The Goofile room and the Great Sega said they wouldn't step into the Janggang River anymore? What about the Moon faction in the Janggang River?

"They're all coming out of the bowels.”

"Gupa and Odaesega have turned the Janggang into a hive, leaving the numbers there behind? So what happens to the people there?"

"Who knows that?"

"Huh……. Huh…"What kind of dog is this?"

In the end, a roar burst out of the mouths of those who endured it.

"If you were going to do that, you'd rather not scratch it. You stormed in and ran away without a tail? That's not enough, so we've signed a humiliating treaty not to step into the Jang River for the next three years?"

Everyone's face in the audience was filled with despair. There was no reason not to listen when they spoke loudly.

"You don't know what they're going to do? Now that the watercolour has collapsed countless times, the poison will rise and run, who will take care of the aftermath? How can political factions do this nonsense!"

"I don't believe it! Shaolin I know, a shaman I know is not a place for that!"

There were violent reactions here and there, but that didn't mean we could stop the already burst bank.

"It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. People around the Jang River are already packing their bags.Now that there is no one to stop the evils of our enemies, there is no one to stop them. It's not just one or two people who would rather abandon their hometown than sit and die."

"Huh……. Huh…"…well."

It was absolutely unbelievable news.

But there was no way not to believe it. While they were talking, some people were contemplating and rushed into the audience and talked about the same news."Oh, my God... Shaolin, Shudang and Namgung Sega abandoned their people and found their own way to live.So what have they been calling for so far? And then you're gonna tell yourself that you're not?

"Why have we supported them so far! Then they're no different than bandits, aren't they?"

"They're scammers, scammers! In the first place, they were obsessed with money and profit! We've been tricked. I was completely deceived!"

Anger began to spread.

People are bound to feel much more angry when they are betrayed by people they believed in than when they were harmed by evil people. The disappointment and anger over their choices were enormous as much as the faith that they had given to the old faction and the five generations was great.

From Janggang to each castle, the rumor that spread once swept through the entire midfield like wildfire.

More than a hundred years after the war against the Magyo, the most shocking news was shaking the calm middle ground like an earthquake.