Chapter - 832 Episode 832, you can go and argue with your head (2)

Rumors that Sapaeryeon signed a treaty with Goofilebang in Gangnam swept the midfield like a storm. Those who did not believe it at first heard the same news one after another, so they had no choice but to open their mouths wide.

"How the hell can a political faction collude with the Sapa?"

"Isn't it too much to call it a collusion?"

"This is collusion, or what the hell is collusion?"

"That's true…….”

The most upsetting news for those who heard the rumor was that they had abandoned the Janggang River.

The enemy of the Long River suffered severe damage from the war. Isn't it too obvious that they will go crazy if the old file room and Oh Dae-se can't step on the Janggang River under such circumstances?

This is as good as Gupa and Odaesega abandoning the people of Gangnam.

The public was outraged by the fact, but the news was even more shocking.

- It was the shaman Heo Do-jin who led the treaty.

- Shaolin's elder Bop Kye, Namgung Hwang, the singer of Namgung Sega, and Byo Kyonja, a long writer of Cheongseong, sympathized with Heo Do-jin.

- Gu Filebang and King Oh, who did not go to the Janggang River, will also agree to the treaty.

It was just a shock at first, but anger built up twice, and hatred eventually grew three times. The people who exploded at the news climbed Mt. Mudang themselves.

Those who reached the main gate of the shaman beyond the sunset were stunned by the tightly closed prose.

"You're doing this and you're doing this?"

"There's a degree of shame!"

"Get out! Get out now!"

In fact, the situation would have been a little different if the shaman greeted those who came without a visit. No matter how wrong you may have done, there wouldn't be many people who would swear in front of the shaman.

However, the tightly closed door set fire to the hearts of those who tried to be polite.

"You f*cking bastards! You're not even a political faction.

"You've been talking and now you're abandoning innocent people?"

"What a waste of time I've trusted you!"

Crowds of people gathered in the prose began to throw their belongings at the door and over the fence.

Originally, the first time is difficult. As the preceding people cursed and started throwing things, the following people all raised their voices and criticized the shaman.

Cursing became more and more excessive, and some even spat and waited, kicking the completely closed prose.


On the other side, Jin Hyun, who was still listening to abusive language inside the prose, closed his eyes tightly.

"Jin Hyun아."

Mu Jin carefully put his hand on such his shoulder.

"Let's go in. I'm only upset when I'm here."

"……No, Sasook."

But Jin Hyun shook his head and endured.

"You have to look at it clearly. Doesn't turning a blind eye make a difference?"

"That's true, but...….”

Jin Hyun sighed deeply and threw his eyes at the prose again. It was heartbreaking to see the thumping door and the filth flying over the wall.

"Lee Torok or……".’

He murmured in a despondent voice.

"I didn't know it would be this cold. Still, there must have been a lot of things done in the name of a shaman."

"I'm not angry because I didn't do anything. You're angry because you did a lot. If you don't have expectations, you don't have disappointment."

"…I guess so."

But the words didn't comfort Jin Hyun. In other words, their disappointment is this great."Living quarters."

"Tell me."

"I know that the writer's choice was not wrong. And the fact that all those choices were for us."


"But…… now that I'm seeing this, I think I'd rather die there. I'm not saying it's disgraceful.…if I had known that the shaman's name would fall this far to the ground…….”

Mu Jin sighed deeply in frustration.

And why don't you know Jin Hyun's mind?

Being a shaman's disciple was an absolute honor for them.

How can I forget the envious gaze that poured out when I was walking along the boulevard in shaman's costume?

But you won't get that look any more.

For them, the shaman became a snitch who joined hands with the Sapa just to live.

Mu Jin, who sighed, tapped Jin Hyun on the shoulder.

"Life is a waste to everyone."


"What's wrong is wrong. But if there's anything wrong, we can make up for it. If the day comes when we have another shaman's consultation, the angry will see us again then."

"……Yes, boarding house."

"Let's go."


Mu Jin nodded and turned around, and Jin Hyun followed him. But I couldn't get off easily.

Jin Hyun looked at the back of Mu Jin, who was going ahead, with a bitter face.

But the private lodging. There were people who didn't waste their lives.’

Wouldn't they be afraid? No, it can't be.

There was only one difference between them and the shaman.

Can I carry out my will in fear?

Can you take a step forward even though you are afraid?

The small difference, which is not so great, has led to such a severe difference in consequences.

It's hard.

What is consultation? What justice is.

I already know The things that were considered are becoming obscure.

Still, the rough language of the middlemen was coming through the door.

The fact that every swear word they uttered was not wrong made him even more sad.

I'm sorry.

I said it with all my heart. It was an apology that I didn't even know I was making to someone.

* * *

Although the rumor is said to be fast, this time, Haomun actively promoted it, so it spread to the world faster than the original speed.

All those who heard it were angry, but among them were those who had no time to be angry.

They were the ones who lived by using the Janggang River as their lifeline.


The speedboat hit the ship that was crossing the Jang River mercilessly. As soon as the ship tilted, the chains that flew from the speedboat connected the ship to the ship. As they stepped on the chain, the numbers quickly climbed onto the ship.

"Sa, save me!"

Those who saw the figures became contemplative and lay flat on the spot.

The men on board the ship shone with hideous eyes.

"If anyone hides a penny, I'll give you bone and flesh here! Give me everything you have! Go and get everything you can to open up the ship!"


"It's too much to ask for everything. I'll arrange the tolls for you, please.….”

When an old man approached and begged, the leader's eyes were dimmed.

"Who are you?"

"I'm the captain of this ship, sir. If you take all of this, we're doomed. If we go bust, the lords will...….”


At that moment, Su-Jeong's knife cut off the captain's chest at once."Argh!"

An old captain with a split heart screamed and fell to his position.


In an instant, those who saw a person fall down with a knife began to tremble in fear.

"How dare you try to teach me, arrogant man?”

Sousan, who licked the blood on the knife with his tongue, twisted the corners of his mouth and laughed bitterly.

"There are plenty of people who will pay without you. One more time, I'll kill you and throw you with fish food."

"If anyone gets caught hiding, they die on the spot!"

"Move quickly!"

People began to open the anterior sac one by one. The pale face was full of signs of resignation. If all the money you had was taken away, you could not avoid starvation, but it would be better than dying anyway.

How did this happen?….’

The numbers were as poisonous as ever. In the past, they used to manage the Janggang River by taking only moderate tolls, but recently, everywhere they went, they only sounded hideous and wailing.

Thanks to the destruction of the watercolors by the Gu File Room and the Great Sega, the damaged men are killing people and taking things away.

'This will ruin all merchants who travel to and from the Janggang River.’

'What the hell is going to be...….’

'If they hadn't come to the Zhang River, this wouldn't have happened!’

Each of them gritted their teeth inside. It was interesting in a way. Isn't there more anger against the old file room and the five generations who led the situation to this point than the anger against the numbers who rob and kill people in front of their eyes?

"I'm done walking. What are they gonna do?"

"Let me go."

The head of the group grinned and said.

"The coffin does not come forward unless people die in droves. It's a fortune. It's a good thing. They're not the ones who won't collect taxes just because we're talking."

The faces of both people who heard it died black. There was nothing wrong with what they said.

"You don't have to scratch it. Besides, you have to let me live so that I can get on the boat with money. See you next time. If you want to keep your head above water next time, carry some money with you. Hahahahaha!"

The men, who had robbed the ship very whole, were transferred to the ship with a giggle. And quickly moved away.

Those who looked at the belly in silence sat down and began to wail.

"…I'm screwed. I've spent all my fortune on this business.If you do this, you'll starve to death!"

"Hungry to death? I owe you a debt! I'm about to be sold out. I mean!"

"For God's sake, this didn't happen until not long ago!"

"What the hell is going on with those old-fashioned bastards!"

They did not ride the boat comfortably even though their intestines were dangerous. I know it's dangerous, but they're forced to get on board to make ends meet.

Those who live by breastfeeding the intestines are forced to make ends meet in the intestines. It's too difficult to find a different way to live now even though you know it's dangerous.

"……How the hell are we supposed to live?"


This ship wasn't the only one to be subjected to this. A similar situation was happening throughout the Janggang River.

The heavily damaged watercolors were gobbling up boats and filling their stomachs with the permission of King Black Dragon.

In ordinary times, when their atrocities were getting worse, they ran to the clique and asked for help, but now they had no choice but to endure their tyranny."Captain, are you all right?"

"Bring me a clean cloth here! Now!"

Sailors were busy monitoring the captain's condition on the floor. Those who were watching the captain's face turned pale after pouring a lot of blood were in despair and cursed.

"That bloody Heo Do-jin guy!"

"Is it just a shaman? There were Namgoong and Shaolin, too! It's the same old file room, the Five Times, they're all the same.

"When have the people who live on my high horse ever cared about us? What do we do? We can only talk about it. They're gonna fry you in the shit! They're no better than numbers!"

"I'm so dirty!"

The ship turned weakly.

Once all the items have been taken away, it will only cost more to return to the destination.

"…I'll pray that I don't meet my enemies on my way back.”

"It's already been robbed. What does it matter?”

"Don't say things you don't know...What if they get angry and do harm because they don't have anything to rob?"


One of the merchants sighed as the earth died.

"It's so hard to live. It's really so hard...….”

Everyone was solemnized by the whining. Everyone was in their own grief, and someone pointed out of the boat and said,

"Look over there……I'm afraid that ship's gonna get caught, too.

"Oh, my God…."

Sure enough, I could see a ship approaching from afar. The speedboat, which found it, turned its head around and began to move toward the approaching ship.

Everyone looked at the place with a sad look. He had no choice but to watch the scheduled misfortune with compassion.

"Look over there, over there."


"Here comes another watercraft. They're not carp pups, they're swarming.”

"What the hell are you going to do with your intestines?"

Everyone was speechless at the terrible sight.

Then someone murmured wonderfully.

"……but why is that going that way?"


"Wasn't the one who put the enemy in the first place the owner? Why are we going there when that speedboat's already stuck?


Middle-aged people looked at the place again, blinking their eyes.

"Fast-paced……. Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?

The boat, which appeared late, rushed without slowing down. Then, he hit the speedboat attached to the merchant ship.

Whoo! Whoosh!


The eyes of the middle class became as big as a candle.