Chapter - 836 Episode 836. There's still a consultation paper. (1)


"Sa, save me!"

A village at the mouth of the Janggang River quickly burst into flames. Among the people running around, those with creepy roughness shouted threateningly.

"Set everything on fire everything on fire! Hahahahaha!

A coarsely bearded tooth swept the area with its shiny eyes.

Screaming, fleeing to death and fleeing, and burning houses.


The man licked his lips. How long has it been since I saw this?

"I've robbed everything in the barn. But there was no such thing as a piece of goods."

"That's the way it is with all the beavers. It doesn't matter. The village isn't the only one here."

The man smiled triumphantly.

"But are you sure you don't mind doing this?”

"Why? Are you scared?"

"I'm not scared, but...….”

"There's nothing to worry about."

Galhopa's gatekeeper, Guamain, giggled.

"If it were normal, the factions would have rushed, but what's wrong with them now that they're not even close?"

Implicitly, the north side of the Janggang River was solidified into the realm of political factions. As a result, even the Sapa did not dare to do much at the mouth of the Janggang River. We don't know when those old file rooms and the Great War will come running.

But now they no longer have access to the Janggang River.

And other political factions could not have the courage to approach the river without the protection of the Old File Room and the Great Sega.

Due to this situation, the area around the Janggang River is now lawless. In particular, the situation north of the Janggang River was serious.

"As long as you don't touch the top! It's my job to rob merchant ships, and I've invaded my territory just because I'm touching a farm rat. I wouldn't take it. So let's shake it all off at this time.

"Yes, boss!"

Overblind giggled excitedly at the burning village.

'This is why turbulence is so good.’

At a time when Gufa and Shin Juopae were quietly keeping each other in check, no matter how many safaras they were, they could not run wild. Even small excommunications can be seen in calm lakes. If you stand out for no reason, chances are high that Monan stone will be crushed as an example.

But in this world, you don't have to worry about it.

"Where is a better world than this? Hahaha! Shake it all off! Don't leave a grain of rice!"

It was just when he was shouting with excitement.

"Head, head."

"What is it?"

"Something's coming from over there. It looks a bit old."

"What? Is it a coffin?"

I turned my head in surprise. Then, looking in the direction of Su-ha's words, his eyes opened faintly.

"…I don't think it's a coffin."

It's not many to call a coffin. Besides, it can't be a coffin in the first place. If they were so quick-moving in the first place, they wouldn't have thought of robbing the village of the widow.

"It's either crazy political factions who don't know what's going on, or other Sapa. Don't worry about it. Let's wrap it up here first.….”

But things didn't go as smoothly as he thought.

He was speechless and stealthily closed his mouth. This is because the speed of those approaching this way was completely out of his common sense.

The people who looked like dots in the distance grew in an instant, and soon the shape of the person was clearly visible.

"What, what?"

His eyes were clearly seen running from the front. A young man in a black suit burst into a tiger-like roar with a sword pulled in one hand."Hey, you son of a b*tc*!"

The man who rushed into the island immediately narrowed the distance and rushed to the overblindulgence. Overblind quickly lifted the axe in his hand.

"What a little boy!"

Ranting loudly, the blind man ran against the young man who was rushing. It was on the verge of encountering a sword flying with a young intense swelling on its ax.

Overblindness smiled triumphantly.

His ax is one of the most serious illnesses. That thin sword is not unstoppable. If you see blood rushing to your head without considering that, you must be a rookie.

Perhaps the political factions who heard the rumor came running to the Janggang without knowing the subject. Then he'd better let him pay for it.

You idiot! Die!

But it was just the moment.


The sword that was rushing toward his axe split into dozens.


Numerous swords and swords were scattered like fantasies and soon emitted hundreds of red swords.

Overblind eyes opened at an incredible sight. A scattered sword was flitting into his body past his blunt ax.

What about this?

A red sword flies. Like…… a petal.

At that moment, excessive blindness could tell where the attacker belonged.

"화, Hwasan…….”


A flying petal cut through his neck.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch!

In succession, all parts of his body were cut with black and scattered blood.


An overblind body that could not bear the weight of a blunt ax was knocked over on the spot. The man who passed by the excessive blindness looked back, grinding his teeth.

"Head, head!"

"I'm the boss.….”

The faces of those who saw the scene turned white.

Their boss, of course, is not much of a stickler in terms of strength as a whole. But it's still quite a name-breaking around here. It was never the ability to lose one's life to a young man's sword.


Jo-Gol, who shook off the sword's blood, revealed his teeth to the bewildered Sapans.

"You son of a b*tc*! Touching both peoples!"

The disciples of the Hwasan faction, who arrived there, rushed in without asking or arguing, and began to sweep away.

"You f*cking bastards!"

"How dare the Sapa bastards!"

The eyes of the Hwasan disciples were enraged.

"Don't go easy on me!"


The bewildered Sapans fought back with a sergeant's flag, but in the first place, there was no way that a small Sapa at the mouth of the Janggang River could be a match for Hwasan.

Unlike when the village was occupied, it quickly lost its momentum and collapsed horribly.

"Fire! Fire! No, I'm not going to beat them right now! Turn off the lights, the lights! You can do that later!"

"……No, I think it's all burnt out."

"Why are those bastards setting fire to a decent house? All we have to do is shake off the grain! d*mn it!

Jo-Gol, who cursed as much as he had, rushed in and kicked the groaning sapan from the front.


"Are you sick? Are you sick? Does a bastard like you hurt?"


The man who was kicked in the face couldn't scream and was confused with a bubble in his mouth. Jo-Gol used evil to see it and not let it go.

"Turn off the lights!"

"Okay, you son of a b*tc*!"

"Come on, d*mn it!"

The disciples of the Wasans, who quickly cleaned up Galhofa, clung to the flaming house. Some were running to the well, but from now on, there were only a few houses that could be saved with dragons."There's no end. There's no end.”

Chung-Myung was right.

What? When are you going back to Hwasan? What are you talking about? This is the real beginning.

Old file rooms and Oh don't look down on the pups. It's true that the pups were selling their names without doing anything, but the name is important. Now that they're officially unable to come to the Changgang River, it's going to be a mess.

Maybe you'll have to run around breaking your leg for a while.


Jo-Gol sighed heavily.

Not only Jo-Gol but others are busy dealing with the raging Sapa.

Baek Cheon, Yoo-Esul and Yoon-Jong are each patrolling the Janggang River with their students from Hwasan, while those from Dangga are helping Hwasan stabilize the Janggang River.

Nevertheless, his hands were far short.

It was because the intestines were too wide for them to handle alone. The limit was to stabilize the area around the mouth with this many people.

It is said that Sapaeryon cannot move for a while, but it is the only Sapaeryon in the world. The Sapa are shouting like a flock of rats that came out of the burning house, which had been unable to stand on guard due to the influence of political factions.

"They're the ones who're going to screw it up.….”


"Oh? Yes!"

Jo-Gol quickly turned to the sudden voice. A hillbilly was looking this way. Jo-Gol quickly approached and grabbed his hand.

"Don't be afraid. We are disciples of the Hwasan faction. It's not harmful."

"Ah……. Ah. That wasan...….”

"Yes, I am."

Jo-Gol nodded furiously and continued.

"You can pick up all the stolen grain again. We'll crack down on those bad guys so they won't be seen again."

"Thank you. Thank you very much. Really……."

Tears of relief trickled down from the wrinkled eyes of the countryside. If everything you have is taken away, you have to live to not buy it anyway. If there was nothing to eat, most wouldn't have made it through this year.

"But those houses...….”

"Never mind. Saving your life is enough. We can rebuild the house."

"…I'm sorry."

Jo-Gol sighed.

It was regrettable that those houses would not have been burned at this point if they had come a little sooner.


"Yes, boarding house."

"Some of the people who fell down are seriously injured. I think I should take him to the island.”

"Is it too much?”

"It's hard to treat here. I need a congressman.”

Jo-Gol nodded.

"Yes, sir."

Then I turned my head and looked at the countryside again. Still holding his hands in both hands, he spoke carefully so that his voice would not be infused with anger.

"As you've heard, we're going to have to take some of them. There are lawmakers at the dock in Old River, where Hwasan is camped, so I'll treat them."

"Senior? Well...Thank you so much, and I'm sorry, but we don't have the money to give to you...….”

"Don't worry. Because I don't get paid."

"Huh? I, really?"

"Yes, so Chief, please comfort those who are surprised. If you need anything to rebuild your house, send someone to ask for it. I'll do everything I can to help you."

"……How can I repay you for this favor…"….”

It was then.

"For God's sake, the grain is burnt!"


Jo-Gol turned his head.

"The death penalty, what do we do? These pups stuck carts next to the house and burned half of the grain."

"No, what...Oh, come on!

In the end, angry Jo-Gol rushed in and kicked the jaws of the Sapa men on their knees."What do you mean you can't plunder, you morons!"

Jo-Gol, who kicked the Sapa until the anger was relieved, looked back at the chief. The young despair on his face gave him a deep sigh.

"Living quarters."


"You have the money, right? You're on alert and you're carrying emergency money."

"…, I know you don't want to use this…"….”

"Let's think about it later."

"Jung-Myung told me not to use it."

" you think you're going to kill him?”


"Give it to me."


"Hurry up."

Baek Sang looked up at the sky once and eventually took the vestibule out of his arms. And I held it tightly in the hands of the hillbilly.

"The price of grain in the Janggang area will probably rise soon, so buy it quickly with this money. Then there won't be a problem with winter."

There was a sense of hopelessness on the face of the country road.

"Why are you so...….”

"It's not like that."

Jo-Gol pouted his lips.

"Don't be so grateful because if you just say you're back, you'll see the devil running around with his eyes torn open."


"It's a shame that I came into Hwasan a little late. It's the sorrow of life. Oh, I should've been his private home. Then let's just go with the late birdie!"

"I'll give it to you as it is."

"Oh, shoot! Will you do this?"

Baek Sang smiled quietly and then straightened his face again.

"We need to move the injured quickly. I don't have time for this."

"Oh, yeah."

Jo-Gol nodded and greeted the country road.

"Then we'll have to go.

"Bur, already?"

"There could be problems elsewhere. If there's any problem in the village, you can visit the new pier in the old river."

"These days, it's also called Maehwado Island, so it won't be hard to ask for it."



As Jo-Gol turned around, Baek Sang gave instructions in a loud voice.

"Tie all those Sapa cubs and hand them over to the coffin! And the quick ones, carry the injured on your back to the island, quickly!"



Whasan's disciples, moving and organizing like the wind, quickly moved away from the village.

The villagers, staring blankly at the scene, muttered without realizing it.

"……where did you say?"

"I heard it's the Hwasan faction."

"Hwasan…….Hwasan Para…….”

A groan-like voice leaked out of the chief's mouth.

"There's still a consultative fingerprint. I thought they were all old stories.….”

He spoke quietly, stroking the head of the child next to him.

"Remember the name of the benefactor. That's about all we can do."


He sought to show the back of the Hawaiian disciples, who were losing their wrinkled eyes in the weary years.

Until I can't see it, for a very long time.