Chapter - 840 Episode 840, there's still a consultation paper. (5)

Shake shake. Shake shake.


White silk shoes step on a pool of blood.

The man frowned with displeasure as the flower shoes were stained with splattered blood.

"…This is why I hate blood.”

The man, who stepped out of the way, raised his head and looked forward. Joy soon fell on the face where the irritation had spread.

"But…… I like red."

The whole world is turning red.

The earth is wet with endless blood, and above it is full of bloody bodies. In addition, the flames that were burning the entire angle of war soared, and even the black sky turned red.

The only thing that wasn't red here was a man.


Jang Nilso, a man wrapped in white tarp, turned his head toward where the groan was coming out.

A man with one arm and leg cut is groaning, wriggling over a puddle made of blood I spilled.

Jang Nilso walked slowly towards them. Then he squatted in front of him and pushed the man's forehead lightly with his index finger.

"Come on…………………..”

The man's body was shaking like an aspen.

Even though there would be nothing else to fear from those who were already dying, when they made eye contact with Jang Nilso, they were terrified as if they had met a demon in hell.

"Are you scared?"


"Tsk tsk tsk tsk. I know, I wish I had listened to you when you said something nice. Then I don't have to relax for nothing, and it's good for you to enjoy the glory."


"It doesn't matter what happens to this little clique. I wish I had just come under me and lived a life of pleasure. What a fool."

Blood tears flowed from the man's eyes.

It is true that he flatly rejected Sapaeryeon's proposal to give up everything and become his dog. But who would have imagined that a single rejection of the offer would do such a terrible thing?

They're all dead.

What was in this garden was not even an ant cub survived.

The evil spirits of the bay crowd, who came without any sign, cut, killed, and trampled on everyone in this garden. Everyone who was laughing and talking to him a little while ago died at the hands of these demons.

"Turn it off……."

The face of Monsong, the ark of the Guimyeonbang, and the face of Monsong, the Guimyeon Black Lake, was horribly distorted.

"Why…… Why…"….why…."

"Oh, I know, I know."

Jang Nilso grinned.

"I know what you want to say. You just want to say that you didn't mean to fight back, did you?"


"I would have kneeled down any time if I had just come in and threatened them. No, it's not. If you had told me you'd give me a little preferential treatment before that, I would have licked my shoes at any time. That's what you want to say, right?”

Mo Song's trembling head nodded slowly.

The sight of a blood-soaked middle-aged man shaking and nodding his head was not pleasant, but Jang Nilso smiled brightly as if he were just having fun.

"You poor friend. Think about it. That's your position. If I listen to each of them, I will spend all my time meeting the heads of all the world's Sapa. Don't you think so?"


"There's a much simpler way than that. I'll let you know, so listen carefully."

Jang Nilso put his mouth in Mosaong's ear and whispered softly."Stomping on one of the right places. And they're not cleaning up the bodies at all. Then wouldn't the rumor spread quickly before the bodies were completely destroyed? The deaf man who rejected the vicious Jang Nilso's offer was killed without leaving a rat. The others who reject the proposal will be the same."


Mo Song's body trembled to the point of being visible.

Jang Nilso tapped his shoulder like that.

"Do you know why I'm telling you this?"


A white smile hung over the beautifully decorated Jang Nilso.

"I'm just grateful."


"I don't have anything against you. You didn't do anything particularly wrong. From my point of view, there was just the right size of the gateways in the right place."

There were blood tears mixed with hatred, pain, and sadness in Moseong's eyes, but Jang Nilso did not seem to feel any emotion.

"Thanks to you, things will be easier for the ship. So make yourself at home. My business is generous...…. Yeah. No. That's a bit of a problem. What's the point of your body rotting here?"


Eventually, Mo Song, who couldn't hold back his anger, rushed toward Jang Nilso as if to bite him. But of course it was a failure. Jang Nilso grabbed Mo Song's face calmly.

And I tightened my hand as if I could break it.


I grabbed Jang Nilso's wrist with my last hand. However, no matter how brave he was, Jang Nilso didn't budge, but slowly squeezed his face.

"Oh, my God. You don't understand. I was going to send you a good one.”

With a deaf smile, Jang Nilso growled.

"You don't seem to know why you're dying yet."

Thud. Thud, thud, thud!

"Turn it off... Turn it off...….”

Blood began to burst out in the eyes of Mo Song. I scratched Jang Nilso's arm like crazy, but Jang Nilso didn't seem ticklish and didn't move.

"It's a sin to die for lack of power and sense. I'm the only one who's looking around, and what does a weak man believe? If you thought the world would go its own way on a weak subject, you'd have nothing to say."



Eventually, a terrible sound rang out with a short groan, and Mo Song's body drooped.


Standing up from his seat, Jang Nilso shook off his hands as if something dirty had been on him.

"Lord of the Ryeon."

Then Hoga Myong approached him and quietly established himself.

"I'm done cleaning up."


Jang Nilso peeked around.

"It's still a little short. I'll make it messier. I'll scatter more bodies around."

"I will."

"Yeah, yeah."

Jang Nilso nodded with a soft face.

"Sprinkle the money somewhere else around you. Say sorry for surprising you, and that if Sapaeryon manages it in the future, it will be different from the days when they were evil.”

"…Do you really need to do that's not necessary. The beetles will have no choice but to do what they are told to do."

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Alias. You always say things that are lacking once in a while after going well. War is a law that requires fewer enemies and more allies. We already have a lot of enemies, don't we need to make more? Even if they are insignificant people."Jang Nilso waved his hands and added quietly added.

"If you can make it on my side for a few bucks, it's cheap."

"I'll do as you say."

"Yeah, yeah."

Jang Nilso said he was briefly lost in thought as he looked at the bodies.

"Are the others still in motion?"

"Yes, I guess I'm just waiting."

"You idiots."

Perhaps even the heads of Shinjuopae are confused by now.

"You must have been busy bouncing abacus on what seat you were going to ask for in the Saparyeon. I mean, how far can I don't know.”

"Isn't that the case with anyone?"

"Because of such obvious tactics, they are still stuck in Gangnam and digging up dirt."

Jang Nilso smoothed my lips. The smell of blood coming from his fingertips raised his flesh.

"They're just full pigs, too."

The caged livestock lives thinking about what I'm going to eat every day by day. So you can't come out of us forever.

To become a wolf, you must not be satisfied with your prey. From the moment the hunt is over, you must think, aim, and bite the next prey.

"Leon-ju…… I've dealt with it like this, but no matter how much I warn you, not everyone will follow you."

"I know."

Jang Nilso waved his hand as if it were insignificant.

"There is no need for everyone to follow. Stomp on the follower, kill the follower.”

"…all those who don't follow?"

"Why? Is there a problem?"

Hoga Myong closed her mouth as she calmly asked Jang Nilso.

Jang Nilso is the only one who deserves this.

He is the lord of the Sapaeryon, and he is also the hero of the Sapa who played tricks on that old file room and received humiliating treaties from them. All the Sapans in the world are paying attention to Jang Nilso.

However, even if the achievement is based on it, at least half of the Sapa in Gangnam will refuse to be subjugated to the Sapaeryon.

And you kill them all?

"Tsk tsk. Alias. I can see everything on your face."

"…I'm sorry. There are times when I can't keep up with the thoughts of the lord."

"Late or early, that's what's going to be. What's the difference between killing in advance and killing in the future?"


We have to push it even if it's too much. Every time Sapa united, the result was always the same. I've always been defeated before the coalition of those factions."

"……That's right."

"But now the factions can't unite.”

Jang Nilso showed his teeth.

It`s not important to be impregnable in Gangnam. The important thing is that distrust has been instilled between them. They blame each other, blame each other, and then hate each other. In that situation, you won't be able to gather under someone's flag."

"Ryeo, Lord Ryeon."

"This is a unique opportunity. If it's not for this moment, I'm just a pig staying in Gangnam. Before their blood dries up, they clean up Gangnam before scabbing and healing. If that's the case...….”


Jang Nilso clasped his fist.

"I'll put the world under my feet."

Hoga Myong shuddered and surrendered to the position.

"Of course it will be. Defeat!"

"Tsk. He's very, very flattering.

Jang Nilso shook his hand.

"There's nothing much to look at. It's a story when he did well, too. If it's a little bit different, you'll just be greedy and then you'll be a moron. Then you'll end up dying pitifully.""It doesn't matter."


Hoga Myong grinned.

"I will be with the Lord and I will be able to die with a smile.


Jang Nilso, who was staring at him, grinned.

"It's awkward."

Jang Nilso, who turned around, gave a cold voice again.

"Clean up—we'll have to wipe out a couple more places by the end of the night."


Jang Nilso moved slowly.

The dice was thrown.’

He also did not begin with complete certainty. It's a test of himself, a challenge of fate.

I just know one thing for sure.

There are times when you have to put everything in place and move, and sometimes you have to step into a black fog where you can't see an inch ahead.

What he needs now is the willingness to take that one step.

Nothing can stop me.’

The same is true of anything in the world. A world full of idiots who are in peace and only look at their safety cannot stop him. Never


If there's one thing that's bothering you...….

Jang Nilso's eyes turned south. A faraway place that will not be seen.

He smiled eeriely, showing his teeth.

"But the same goes for you. "Hwasan's sword-cutter."

The stream flowed into the river, and now it was a rough tumult. This flow will no longer stop anyone in the world.

Even Jang Nilso.