Chapter - 842 Episode 842. You can screw people! (2)




Hwasan's disciples all shut their mouths.

Even Hyun Jong shuffled his cheeks and covered his mouth, but his shoulders were shaking and his body was shaking.

Only Chung-Myung's face was horribly distorted in the fierce reaction.

"I mean……".”

Hyun Jong forced himself, barely managed to open his mouth calmly.


It was unclear whether he really didn't hear it properly or just wanted to hear it again, but Hong Dae Wang answered sincerely again.

"So, there's a new nickname for Hwasan Sinryong."

With everyone's eyes pouring, Hong Dae Kang waved his arms with a dramatic, exaggerated face.

"Wow! The high martial arts against that Jang Nilso! High spirit that never backed down! In praise of the spirit of not losing one's enmity when everyone finds their own way to live and forsake the agreement.….”

Everyone's body began to tremble like an asiatic tree again.

"The world calls you high, that name!"

Four letters hit the ears of almost collapsing cramps!

"Hwa! San! Sword! Hyup!"


"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Stop! I'm going to die! Oh, my God, I'm dying!”

"GumHyup! GumHyup!"

"Hwasan검협(華山劍俠)! Wow! That's cool! Jota!

Chung-Myung's face was bluish. My fist trembled.


I could tell as soon as I heard it. Who posted this sign and spread it.

"This... this punk...…to the point of screwing people up!"

Jang Nilso.

It must be a sign given by the d*mn bastard.

There is no need to check. It's because it has such a blatant intention in it's in it.

Usually, when praising swordsmanship from Hwasan, they often add plum blossoms to their nicknames. That's why it's not Hawasan inspection, but plum inspection.

It may be because Jang Nilso didn't know, but if Chung-Myung's swordmanship is to be praised, it should have been the Maehwa Geomhyup. But Chung-Myung's new sign has Hwasan on it.

Chung-Myung is meant to announce that he is a member of the Hwasanian.

Besides, isn't the word attached to it nothing less than a cooperative?

Under the current situation, it is clear that the sign of "Cooperation" is spreading to the world.

So I can't turn my stomach...….


Then Chung-Myung put his chin on his shoulder.

"Well, I look forward to your kind cooperation, GeomHyup!"


"Hahaha! Sponsor! Oh! Narcissism... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Jo-Gol, who was kicked by Chung-Myung while playing around, flew into the wall. However, even though he wriggled in pain, his mouth kept bursting with laughter.

"…Oh, my God, it's Geomhyeop!"

"I didn't know there would be such a bad nickname.”

"Wow, it's a collaborator, a collaborator! Chung-Myung is a sponsor! Long story, Lee In! HWASAN has produced collaborators! This is the slope of the gatehouse!"

Hyun Jong wrapped his face with both hands.

It was a common practice, but today it was clearly a different intention. Chung-Myung stared at Hyun Jong's shoulders, which were constantly.

Maybe saliva is flowing through those hands now.





Even Yoo-Esul turned his head and had a twitch looking at the distance, and the solemn Dang Gunnak was holding something in his fist with his head down.


a lengthy death sentence

I've been treated like this...….

- Pooh......

What the hell?

You're not supposed to laugh, Daehyun.

It's definitely a good sign. However, anyone who knew Chung-Myung could not help but lament the fact that the nickname had been attached to him."……Hm!"

Hyun Jong coughed loudly and tried to blow off a laugh.

"He…… is a very good…"….Gasp! Gasp...….”

"…Just smile. It's just……."

"Oh, no. A student like this, hahaha. I got the nickname, and I deserve to congratulate you."

"It's a puck……."

The soul escaped from Chung-Myung's mouth.

The world's Chung-Myung knew for the first time that there was a way to screw people up in such a luxurious way.


Hong Dae Kwang coughed in vain and continued.

"The name "Hwasan Medical Association" is spreading rapidly. Weirdly fast."

"…it'll spread quickly because it's spread on purpose."

"And at the same time, the Hwasan Divine Dragon……. No, the Hwasan Prosecutors' Association's agreement is also spreading very quickly. Usually, such a nickname is suspicious, but the source of the nickname is Sapa, so you can't doubt it. 'Cause they're not just going to undermine their stature.'


Chung-Myung laughed in vain.

"He's so crazy, he's doing one thing right.….”

The status of the defeated in the strong is literally enormous.

Therefore, just the mention of the names of the defeated and the Hwasan faction's posterior figures makes the defeated relatively cheap. But Jang Nilso was fomenting the situation.

"Are you saying you're above fame?"

"No way."

Chung-Myung snorted at Baek Cheon's question.

"There's no way he's not obsessed with fame, that kind of guy. To be exact, it's more important to cut others down than to go up."


"Gufile room."


The old file room and Oh Dae-sega did something against the agreement. The fact is making the world restless, and a patron appears like a holy man?

As the name shines, the reputation of the Gufilebang and the Great Sega will become more muddy.

"With the name of the Hwasan Association, the names of Hwasan and the Heavenly Union are increasingly spreading. The middlemen are praising the "Chun U-men" who instead stabilized the Janggang River and broke through the waterway against the waterway."

Hong Dae Kwang said that and scratched the back of his head.

"It's a little vague from my point of view whether it's something to like or not.….”

Since the opening belongs to a file room, the review will be complicated.

"Anyway, it is true that at least at this moment, the name that represents the political faction of Kangho is not Goofilebang, but Cheon U-menang."


Hyun Jong nodded heavily.

Things kept growing and eventually came this far. Who would have imagined this would happen when they first started to go to the Janggang River?


Then Im Sobyong opened the fan wide and said palpably.

"When a person feels anxious, he or she finds something to relieve that anxiety. So, the more brutal news comes from Gangnam, the more likely they will try to find a place to rely on. In that situation, Cheon Woo-men and the Wasan sword...….Hwasan Gumchop's name must have a big echo."

"What's in the middle? What?

Im Sobyong continued, ignoring Chung-Myung's words.

"Even a large bank collapses from a small hole. If the current situation continues, and Sapaeryon is notoriously raising the mood...…!”


Im Sobyong hit the table with a folded fan.

"The breakaway will begin."



Im Sobyong nods his head.

"The place that underestimates the thunderstorm the most is the thunderstorm. Already, Sacheon and other civil servants in the western part of the Jungwon were considering whether to write an enemy in the name of Cheon U-men. But now, Chun Woo-men proved his justification and power. With a little more rein, those who followed the order of the Old File Room and the Great Sega will come and knock on the door of the Heavenly Union."Dang Gunnak nodded as if he was right.

"We're already making those moves."

Im Sobyong hit it off.

"Yes, so I'm going to have to coordinate it well now."

"Why are you coordinating that?"

"Hahaha. I'm the right person, right? The people here, of course, are great, but I usually rule over the gateways of my territory, and I've never managed the scattered gateways! One, you green-rimmed king! He's in charge of the mountains scattered in the Old States, right?"

"So what about you? You Sapa!"

"Well, you're a great Hwasan Medical Association, and you don't really like the bandit.….Geo, hold it straight! I'm dying!"

When Chung-Myung tried to wake up with his eyes open, Baek Cheon and Jo-Gol quickly pressed down.

Dang Gunnak smiled brightly.

"Maybe your penchant will spread bigger.”


"Don't we need a hero in the midst of a crisis. Those who find a place to rely on prefer hero stories to reality. A young swordsman who fought against the devil and the whistle of that sapan. There's no story more palatable than this."


"And that's not quite the wrong story.

"Except for cooperation."

"Except for good cooperation."

"Shouldn't you take it out even if you're confronted by a whistle?"

Who's the last one?

"In the first place, we were in a situation where we had to build our performance. In the meantime, it's good that you made your name. Chun Woo-meng needs to actively use this name.”

"This sign?"

"That's right."

"This one?"

"I told you so."



Watching Chung-Myung's face tremble, Dang Gunnak held the charges.

I guess you don't like it very much.

"It would be a great honor to have an agreement on a normal issue."

"You laughed, too!"


Dang Gunnak covered his mouth, unable to say no.

Everyone laughed at this ridiculous situation, but the most exciting thing was Oh Gum.

"Oh, my God, I'm a swordsman! It's the Hawsan Federation of Geomchyups! I can't afford to die here!"


"Excellent. Proud."


It's Baek Cheon, who doesn't look as good as his face, but who would have imagined that Yoo-Esul would hold back his laughter with that expression?

"Wow! I envy you! I wish I had a new nickname!"


But the price of ridiculing the quality came sooner than I thought.


Hong Dae Kwang smiled subtly at Baek Cheon.

"There's nothing to envy. Because you've got a new sign.”


At the sudden news, Baek Cheon's eyes became the size of a ball.

"Why, why, what did I do?"

"I don't know. Byeolho is for others to put it on. What's the reason?"


A cold sweat began to run down Baek Cheon's back.

"What's the, uh, sign?"

"There's nothing to worry about. It hasn't changed that much. You're not a Hwasan sword anymore, you're Baek Cheon."


"Hwasan helped the Sword Society fight against the evil enemy…….”

"That, that's enough.

Save me! Stop! Please stop!

I can't see. I couldn't bear to see priests and quirks who quickly stared like demons and began to bend their eyes and laugh like a crescent moon.

'Is this something to be ashamed of?’

It's not enough to dig into a rat hole and solve by digging into a rat hole. I want to get out of this position even by throwing myself into the torrent.

"Hwasan, what are you doing?"

Especially, I don't want to see him. In the eyes of that little devil who was desperately seeking opportunity...…!Then Hong Dae Kwang opened his mouth again.

"And another one………… Yoo-Esul Societies…….”

Stand up!

Yoo-Esul rose from his seat like a ray of light and flew himself to the door. No, I tried to blow it, but I stopped trying. Dang-Soso grabbed her hand tightly.

"Hey, listen, accident."


"Ice Swordsman Yoo-Esul! A low-profile inspection of icy swords and high spirit!"

Yoo-Esul tried to flee like a street cat held in human hands, but Dang-Soso's hands were firm.

"Stay still, accident! Why! It's nice and pretty!"

A mouth full of ears would have seemed very private, if not of good intentions…….

Yoo-Esul, who turned red not only his ears but also his neck, fixed his eyes on the wall. It must have been a shame to see his shoulders go up and down.

"…Was the color of the face supposed to change after the accident?”

"Is that possible? The death penalty eye is wrong."


Yoon-Jong nodded.

"In agreement, in agreement...….You've got all the good stuff."

As Chung-Myung muttered in vain, Jo-Gol shook his hips and shone his eyes.

"Bunta, what about me?


"What about my nickname? And I'm the Hwasan Holy Sword?”

"Is that crazy?”

"Put a saint somewhere. That's so corny!"

"Oh, hold still! I'm sure you've got something!"

Jo-Gol looked at Hong Dae Kwang with anticipation.


"Yes, me, me!"

At that moment, Hong Dae Kwang turned his eyes slightly.


"…isn't there?"

Hong Dae Kwang smiled awkwardly and offered words of consolation.

"Isn't he... soon enough? Mm-hmm."


In a flash, the soul slipped out of Jo-Gol's eyes.

"…a dirty world. Even if you fight the same way, someone is a sword, a bing sword, a sword, and I'm a wasan prosecutor passing by...….I've been beaten the most…….”

"If it's unfair, you should be handsome, too.

"That's what the death penalty says! You're just as good as I am!"

"That's why I'm keeping my mouth shut."

"…Wipe your tears and talk.”


It was Jo-Gol and Yoon-Jong who realized the world was not fair.