Chapter - 846 Episode 846. Volcano without you is not a volcano. (1)






It was a different reaction, but all the emotions contained in the reaction were the same.

Hwasan's disciples, who gathered around Hyun Jong, blinked their eyes. It's as if he can't understand what he just heard.

Those who were staring at Hyun Jong with stupid faces looked back at each other. Considering that your face is stupid, you didn't misheard Hyun Jong.

"The…… long story?”

Baek Sang carefully raised his words and tilted his head.

"I…… I did it wrong…"…if you haven't heard of it…….the…."

Although he brought it up with difficulty, his eyes looked at the surroundings around him. It was to make sure that he understood the situation properly.

I wish I had heard it wrong, but all the death penalty I met in my eyes nodded slightly. That he is right.

"That…… Did you just…...the gate...…?”

Baek Sang laughed as he was speaking.

What do you mean Bongmun?

What nonsense are you talking about?….






When the confirmation fell, Hwasan's disciples all had seizures. Of course it was Jo-Gol that rose the most violently.

"No, Jang Moon-in! What sin do we have committed? Did you cheat somewhere without us knowing...….Ughhhhhh!

"Cho club, you son of a b*tc*! You little club!"

Yoon-jong, who grabbed Jo-Gol by the collar like a bolt of lightning, knocked her jaw out one after another.


Holding a limp Jo-Gol in one hand, Yoon-Jong coughed gently, covering his mouth with the other. The left and right are in perfect harmony, but no one has the mind to pay attention to it.

"…I'm embarrassed, Jang. I'm sure you meant something, but it's such a sudden bonanza."

Everyone nodded violently.

Hyun Jong turned his head slowly as his eyes were full of requests for clarification. Of course, it was Chung-Myung's seat where his eyes were placed after a movement without any power.

In the midst of all this, Chung-Myung is smiling.

Jo-Gol, who had almost fainted at that moment, screamed violently, shook off Yoon-Jong and rushed to Baek Cheon and grabbed him by the collar.

"What have you done? Hey, you! What the hell have you done?"

Baek Cheon didn't get angry even though there was a situation where the scourge grabbed him by the collar. No, it's right to say I couldn't pay. He just looked awkward and tried to ignore Jo-Gol's burning eyes.

"No... Why are you doing this to me when he did it?"

"Is it wrong if there's a fire? It's the fireman's fault, isn't it? What's wrong with him? It's the fault of that son of a b*tc*!

It doesn't make sense, but all of Hwasan's students here strongly agreed with Jo-Gol.

Even Baek Cheon felt guilty at heart.

"I didn't think I'd go this far.….”

How can the general public gauge a crazy man's idea?

Bongmun is not even the name of a local dog, and a bolt from the blue must be a saying.

"…long storyteller. No, what have you heard so suddenly…….”

Yoon-Jong stared blankly at Chung-Myung and Hyun Jong, clearing his throat and opening his mouth."Of course……"… Whatever the reason may be, if the long writer orders it so, I would have to follow it as a disciple, but at least I would like to know why.”

"That's what I'm saying...….”

"Yes, Jang Moon-in."


Hyun Jong's eyes are getting wet.

Seeing that, Yoon-jong couldn't even dare to ask.

Yoon-Jong turned his head violently.

"You explain it, you idiot! Why the hell would you do that all of a sudden? We didn't do anything wrong!"

"That's weird.”

Chung-Myung rubbed his ear with his index finger and blew the tip of his finger with his mouth.

"Bongmoon isn't my decision, I'm just a powerless third-generation disciple."

"Three powerless disciples? How weak?"

That abominable bastard.

"And what, does Bongmoon have to do wrong? It's because those old-fashioned bastards don't want to be blamed when they're guilty, so they lock the door and hide like they're eating. Bongmun is supposed to be if you want to.”

"So why are you doing it now?"

Baek Sang quickly stepped up to support Yoon-jong.

"Yeah, dude! What time is it now? The whole world is praising him! The business is flying out! It's time for Hwasan to talk more than that Gupa! I'll row when the water comes in! You don't want to follow the water, you turn your stomach upside down? You... you crazy man!"

Baek Sang pounded his chest as if he was feeling anxious.

"Please say something, my lord!"

And I asked Hyun Young for support. Then Hyun Young said with a determined face.

"Chung-Myung must have an idea."


You don't care when and where you are you serious?

Then Jo-Gol, who let go of Baek Cheon's collar, turned his eyes and jumped at Chung-Myung this time.

"Hey, you crazy bird...…! Yikes!"

Then he bounced off and rolled around at the same speed he had been running at. What's sad is that no one has ever caught such a Jo-Gol.


Chung-Myung slowly folded his stretched legs, kicked his tongue, and looked back at everyone.

"Everyone seems to have a misunderstanding."


"This is not my opinion."

"Huh? Then who?"

Chung-Myung closed his eyes and nodded with a solemn face.

"I'm just doing what Baek Cheon says. Wouldn't it be the duty of quality to have a private room?”

Everyone's eyes fell on Baek Cheon.

Baek Cheon, who received the gaze, smiled mildly.

"…Just beat me to death. Don't bother me like this, just kill me nicely."

"When did I bother you? That's harsh.”

Baek Cheon wrapped his hands around his face and shivered helplessly.

"Long storyline! Are you really going to hear that nonsense?"

"Isn't this too much, Chung-Myung?"

"I don't understand! What do you mean Bongmun? Why are we doing the bongmun? The sin is built by Shaolin and Shamans. What would the world think of us if we did the bongmun?”

When the disciples all stood up and were seething, Hyun Jong looked at everyone with gloomy eyes.

But then, there was a low voice that silenced everyone.


The eyes of the disciples turned to one place. Yoo-Esul, sitting in the middle and receiving the gaze, nodded nonchalantly.

"Return to Wasan, Bongmun."


"All right."

The disciples exchanged eyes."What's wrong with you and your brother and sister.’

Who knows what's inside him? Inside her!

I'm freaking out, really.

If Chung-Myung is a typhoon coming from afar, Yoo-Esul is a sudden earthquake. Typhoons can still be prepared, but earthquakes can't be helped.

"Anyway, that's what happened, so get ready. I'm going to Hwasan.”

"No, you son of a b*tc*!"

"What the hell are you doing?"

Then Baek Cheon, who was silent, opened his mouth.



His face was stiff.

"Explain first so you can understand. It's not something that's going to go on like this."


Chung-Myung nodded as if convinced.

"The reason is simple."

His finger pointed to Yoo-Esul.

Yoo-Esul nodded silently.

The finger followed by Baek Cheon, Jo-Gol, and Yoon-Jong. And soon he scanned all of Hwasan's disciples one by one.

Chung-Myung, who pointed one by one to the last disciple, said calmly.

"Because it's weak."


There was a moment of silence. Everyone's face hardened.

The atmosphere changed rapidly as if it had touched a person.

It was Baek Sang who broke the silence.

"……I understand."

Staring at Chung-Myung, he opened his mouth as if he was still unconvinced.

"Obviously we are not good enough. We didn't play in this battle either. It was all about holding onto the ankles of the crowd and stretching."


"But Chung-Myung. There is a time for everything. It's only natural that a warrior should devote himself to training, but isn't it time to see something bigger?"

Baek Sang sighed.

"I understand your impatience, but a year...…. No, in another half a year, Hwasan's position will be clearly firm. There's no reason why you can't wait half a year when you've signed a three-year treaty."

"Half a year?"

"Yes, half a year!"

Baek Sang looked fiercely at Chung-Myung.

As a member of the Finance Ministry, he has learned Hwasan's finances so far, learned how the world works, and watched the flow of businesses that Hwasan holds.

That's why I know. Definitely more than anyone else here.

What a big opportunity HWASAN now has.

It is an opportunity for all the disciples to rush in and make every effort to save this opportunity. But don't you want to kick this opportunity and crush it in a pile?

He couldn't understand the situation at all.

"What's good about waiting half a year?"

"You don't know? First of all, money! And fame! And a lot of literary factions trying to solidify with Hwasan and the Heavenly Fellow. And honor and location!"


"Double the amount of Hawsan at once! Three times! Maybe five times more! This is what you wanted so badly! But after all that sacrifice, it's finally paying off.”

Chung-Myung looked at Baek Sang silently. Baek Sang, who was anxious for no reason, suddenly raised his voice.

"And this isn't just about the present! If you wait for your reputation to ripen a little longer and open the door and accept the Myungja boat, talented children will pour in from all the influential families! That's what guarantees Hwasan's


"But why would you kick all those chances? Why on earth?"

Everyone sympathized with Baek Sang.

Anyone can tell that Hwasan is on a huge stream that has never been there before. It is not a dream to be on par with that old file room if one can ride this flow well."Tell me, are you going to say that Mupa needs nothing but martial arts? I don't think that's what you're gonna say."

Everyone looked at Chung-Myung's mouth. In each eye, there was a firm determination not to step down easily for once.

Chung-Myung stared at everyone with slightly darker eyes. And slowly opened his mouth.

"He's rich. He's got a good reputation. He' You know, I'm a guy who really likes that kind of stuff, right?”

"But why are you doing this?"

"Why would you ask if you knew? I told you, the death penalty is weak. Because they're weak.”


Baek Sang, who had a bad answer, said angrily.

"Give me a proper answer!"

"This is the answer. Because I'm not good at it.”

"Hey, dude!"

"Don't you understand?”

At Chung-Myung's cold question, Baek Sang momentarily shut up. This is because the weight of the voice was considerable.

Chung-Myung spoke quietly, but clearly.

"That's it. It's all luck."

A cool look swept through everyone.

"Next time……."

Those who met his gaze trembled.

"Someone here must die."

At the moment, everyone's mouth shut.