Chapter - 848 Episode 848 A volcano without you is not a volcano. (3)


It was good until everyone united to decide on the benediction.

Of course, Chung-Myung got a little scared when he saw him grind his teeth, but everyone was ready to do that.

But the last thing Hwasan's students expected after the decision was...…I had to explain the decision to this person before me.


Baek Cheon scratched the back of his head with a very awkward face unlike him.

"That's what happened, monk."

It was still vivid in front of my eyes and in my ears.

Hye Yeon declared to Bop Kye that she would not return to Shaolin.





Tears welled up in Hye Yeon's big deer-like eyes.

"So…… what about me?"


Baek Cheon replied awkwardly.

"I don't know... what to do with this."


"Ha... hahaha...….”

A cold sweat began to run down his back, smiling awkwardly.

Say something!’

'You're crying!'

"No, what do you want me to do?

Who would have thought of Hye Yeon's future in that atmosphere?

Then Hye Yeon opened her mouth.

"I'm asking you, just in case.


"When you have a sealed sentence...…what about foreigners?


Baek Cheon smiled and replied kindly.

"You can't let outsiders come in if you say "Bongmoon." That's what Bongmun is all right? You're asking me something new. Someone you might know."

"Hey, Lee!"

"No, what if you answer like that?"

Baek Cheon opened his eyes slightly wide as there were a lot of complaints behind his back.

"That's true, but I can't lie.”


"Did you happen to leave your personality across the river?"

Hye Yeon closed her eyes and turned her head away. Clear tears trickled down from both eyes.

"Hwasans who don't even look like humans."

Sapa is better. Sapa is better.

No, it's not their fault in the first place, it's Hye Yeon's fault.

I've known for a long time that the Wasans are like this, but what the hell do you expect from them to stay in Wasans?

Jo-Gol, who was slowly checking Hye Yeon's face, burst out laughing with an awkward face.

"Hahaha! Monk! Monk! This isn't necessarily something you'll be so depressed about."


"Don't do that, let's just take this opportunity to go to Hwasan. I don't know if it's anyone else, but if the monk says he's going to enter, the writer will welcome him with a double eyelid."


"Think about it. You'd rather be bald all your life, grow your hair, eat meat...….”

Yoon-Jong grabbed Jo-Gol by the hair and pulled him back and hit him in the mouth.

"Hey, little club! You little club!"

"Argh! Argh! Ugh! Spit! Why are you hitting me? Why! Argh!

Baek Cheon shook his head as he saw Yoon-jong quickly subduing Jo-Gol.

"…Let's have a good conversation with the writer. Don't worry too much, monk."


When Hye Yeon didn't answer, Baek Cheon laughed awkwardly.

"Ha ha. That's what life is all about, as fire says."

When Hye Yeon heard that, she smiled brightly.

"…Cio, Xizu."

"What? What?"



"Get out of here, Si-ju."


* * *

"Did you say Bongmun?"

Im Sobyong's eyes got so big that his eyes were about to pop out.



"So, Bongmun?""I told you so."

"You said Bongmun, right?”


"I don't know if this is an impolite.….”


"Did you eat something wrong?"


That's great—you can't tell if it's rude or not. He is also a bandit leader.

Im Sobyong suddenly shouted out.

"No, are you out of your mind?"

"How dare you scream at me!"

Chung-Myung kicked Im Sobyong. However, Im Sobyong, who would have been exaggerating that he would die if it were normal, rose up and came back to his place like a spring as soon as he fell out.

"Is that your mom?"

Chung-Myung shrank in surprise at the near-flying momentum. Im Sobyong shouted with his eyes open.

"No, you don't know what's going on here? Money! Money! Money! Money!"

Im So-yong, who even raised his veins on his forehead, pointed his finger at him as if everything he had been weak so far was a lie.

"No, it's not just money! It's not like the stamping person doesn't know how many things are hanging here! Bongmun! What nonsense is this!"

Im Sobyong's screaming attitude changed again.

He grabbed Chung-Myung's hand and begged with desperate eyes.

"You're kidding, aren't you? Are you kidding me? Tell them it was a joke. What?"

"It's true."


Im Sobyong, who sat there, muttered with his soul shaking his loose legs.

"How did I manage to work with those incredible bandits..."There's no one in the world to trust."

"…is that what you want to say to the sanjeok master?"

Dang Gunnak, who was still listening, looked at Chung-Myung with a face that he didn't understand.

"I don't know what you're thinking. What do you mean, a sudden bonanza? What you're trying to do is finally paying off."

"Well, that's true, but...….”

When Chung-Myung showed signs of difficulty in answering, Dang Gunnak stared at him and shook his head.

"So it's not working right now.

"……you understand."

"Jang Nilso was a scary person. Even more terrifying now that you've got your hands on it.”

The most important thing in leading the clique is not how much benefit it has now. Is it possible to cope with the upcoming crisis.

As he led the party, I could fully understand Chung-Myung's feelings.

I've watched countless times what happened to those who were distracted by the small things in front of them and couldn't prepare for the important things.

"No, I understand…….”

But Im Sobyong still seemed to have something to say.

"That's why there's a natural alliance! You don't have to do it alone, do you?"

"There's a limit to that, too.”

"What do you mean limitations? When my clever tricks come together...….”

"I couldn't even close my stomach. How could you?"

"No, that's...….”

"If you lose strength, the strategy is only incidental.”

Dang Gunnak nodded.

"That's true."

And added.

"Anyway, it's true that we got the time. I don't think Jang Nilso will keep all three years' time. There must be a reason why we changed mutual inviolability to Gangnam inviolability. Then the time given is at most this b*tc*."

"That's right."

"Hwasan is the only one who can power up with that two-year time. Hwasan is full of young and talented people. In the meantime, we'll be able to grow the most dramatically."And if it's Chung-Myung who leads them, it's sure to show more results than Dang Gunnak can imagine.

But Im Sobyong still didn't seem to like it.

"It's hard to stabilize the intestines right away without Hwasan."

"There's nothing to worry about. There's a natural instinct for what you said. It's going to be a dangga. If it's not enough, I'll ask the Beast Palace for help."


Im Sobyong poked me in the head with a fan with a groan.

"In addition, small and medium-sized clans in the Sacheon, Seomseo, and Janggang watersheds are hoping to form a relationship with Cheon U-men, so if they are accepted and helped, they will be able to fill the vacancy of Wasan to some extent.”

"That's true, but...….”

If Sapaeryon does not move directly, most of the Sapa can be dealt with within the party line. It's not because Sapa is strong, it's because other people can't come to Janggang.

"And I decided not to touch Maehwa Island in Sapaeryon.… it's true that Hwasan doesn't have much to do. We can't leave the island empty forever."

"Well, you're absolutely right."

Dang Gunnak looked blankly at Im Sobyong as he cried with a sullen face.

"Are you nervous?"


Im Sobyong's face has hardened slightly.

"I know that green forests don't want to join us for the sake of heaven's righteousness. The green forest is only Hwasan and Hwasan Sinryong...….No, you're afraid of enemies in the League of Heaven by looking at the Wasan coroner."

Im Sobyong did not speak Katabutah.

"But whether you're a close friend or a colleague, you're not the only one who should benefit unilaterally. If you want to be Hwasan's friend, prove yourself that you can be Hwasan's sword."


"First of all, while Hwasan is away, he stabilizes the heavens and strengthens the bowels. Isn't it?"

Lim So-myeong, who was smiling as if he was trying to say something, shot Dang Gunnak with a cool look.

He was not usually silly, but he was like a king of green forest.

"I think you should understand one thing."

"Tell me."

"Green Forest is not yet an enemy to the League of Heaven. And even if you have an enemy, you can't order a non-Hwasan faction to melt down."

"That's natural."

Their eyes were tightly intertwined in Ho Gong.


But Im Sobyong, who soon blew the momentum, sighed, shaking his shoulders.

"I thought I'd benefit from it, and I'm going to sweat on the soles of my feet. Oh, my God."

Im So-yong, whining, looked back at Chung-Myung.

"It's worth the time, right?”

"Well, that's obvious."

"Well, long-term investment isn't my cup of tea. Life is a dagger."

Im Sobyong, who was rolling the abacus in his head, nodded soon.

"No matter how many times you say it, you're not the one to change what you've decided.

"You know it well."

"When you decide what to do, it's not like you're going to hit it roughly without calculation.”

In the end, the conclusion is set.

Im Sobyong sighed and said.

"Janggang and the commercial world, I'll do whatever I can. They'll take care of themselves."



"You have to do it, too. Processing the Sapa and rescuing the people should be done in Green Forest as much as possible."


Im Sobyong, staring at Chung-Myung, scratched his head."You're asking for too much. You want me to protect the business and remove the perception of Safa?”

"It's a great opportunity.”

"Oh, yeah.

Anyway, this person is always harsh. There's no way you don't know how hard it is.

"……I see. I'll try my best. But!"

Im Sobyong stared at Chung-Myung with determined eyes.

"Look at yourself and the influence that HWASAN has."


"A man without HWASAN can never last three years. You should know how unnatural it is to work together with a political faction and a religious sect, Nokrim. It wasn't a big deal when he was around, but when he's not around, there's a reason for the stabbing."

Dang Gunnak slowly poked his head as if to agree with that. Im Sobyong went on.

"There is a limit to what I and Dangga-ju can do. If the return of the seal is delayed too much, there is a risk that I and the Dangju will lose power before the alliance of the heavenly allies."

"I can't control one of those bastards.….”

"Who is this all about?"

"Where are you going to hell are you going? Come on!"

Im Sobyong shrugged his neck as Chung-Myung glared.


Dang Gunnak is helping Im Sobyong.

"I agree with King Greenlim. With Dangga and Noklim, without you, the exchange with the North Sea Ice Palace will be completely cut off. Their hostility to the midfield is beyond imagination."


"No matter how hard I try to ask for your cooperation, there's a good chance that we won't reach out to the midfield during Hawsan's visit. They're not helping the Celibacy, they're helping the Wasans.”

Dang Gunnak speaks in a slightly more subdued tone.

"And so would the Beast Palace. You may reach out at once, but it'll be the same if the period gets longer.”

"What? You two are close."

"Our friendship is maintained because of you. And it's one thing that the Beast Palace thinks good of me and the Dangga."


"There's only one reason to say this. The League of Heaven was possible only because of Hwasan. Without Hwasan, the Celibacy could not survive. So……."

Dan Gunnak, who briefly shortened his words, looked at Chung-Myung with determined eyes.

"Come back as soon as possible."


"Of course, come back with the best possible results.”

Chung-Myung shook his head.

"That's too much to ask."



The corners of Chung-Myung's mouth rolled up.

"You can look forward to it."

His eyes sparkled and shone.

"I'll give you a startling performance."

"Hu-hoo. That's how you're supposed to be the Hwasan Divine. No... Wasan Medical Association. It's still hard to understand."

"Well, that's a rotten Byeolho.”

Dang Gunnak smiled brightly.

He knows that everything Chung-Myung does has a good reason. So all he has to do is support those Chung-Myung and Hwasan to the fullest.

"Leave the back to me."

"I'll help you with one hand."

Chung-Myung grinned.

It would have been hard to imagine if it was in the past. But now there are people who can leave behind.

If I had to pick one thing that was clearly better than how wasan in the past, it would be their existence.

Chung-Myung reached out. Im Sobyong and Dang Gunnak then hit it off.

Hot body temperature was delivered with a strongly intertwined hand.


Chung-Myung's short words, Dang Gunnak with a soft smile, and Im Sobyong with a sick face.