Chapter - 856 Episode 856. Volcano will become stronger. (1)

Hyun Jong's face, looking at his students, was so gloomy.

The evil-like Chung-Myung was surrounded by his disciples like this were attacking him.

It's an unparalleled sight to be radical.

Although it is called a wooden sword, attacks that would not be strange if ordinary people were beaten up immediately went back and forth in a short period of time. Not only Chung-Myung but also his disciples were spouting heartfelt life from both eyes.


Who doesn't know that a sword is ultimately intended to hurt an opponent. However, the way the death penalty was spouting at each other's throats couldn't seem good to Hyun Jong.

"…Isn't that too radical?"

Unam, who was next to him, also expressed concern with a groan.


Hyun Jong was thinking the same thing, so I can't deny it.

Rather than training, it's more like those who are attacked and fought with each other. At first, it was certainly not that violent, but as the days go by, it is getting worse and worse.

"Shouldn't you stop him?"

There were also words of concern in Hyun Sang's mouth, which is not strict when it comes to training.

"No matter how hard it is, Hwasan is a provincial government. Those who follow the right path are so unique.….”

"It worked."

"……long story."

However, Hyun Jong shook his head when he was worried.

"It's not like you don't know that, is it?"

Then I looked at Chung-Myung, who was running wild among his disciples with his sinking eyes.

"It may be unpleasant to rush a cartloader slowly. It can be troublesome to rebuke quickly, too. But that's enough to say anyway. Do you know what you're not supposed to say?"

"I don't know."

"You're nagging at me because I don't have the right posture to drive a cart."

Hyun Jong looked at Hyun Sang and said,

"What's that to say to a man who's been whipping and forgetting to get to his destination as soon as possible?"

"……I know. Long story short. But at that rate...….”

"I know."

Hyun Jong sighed deeply.

"That's why there's no point in his students being so happy."

"……That's right."

"Chung-Myung isn't someone who doesn't know that."

Hyun Jong looked at Chung-Myung with sad eyes.

"Maybe he cares more about his students than we do. Why should I put on a candle if I can't help him when he's struggling? I'll trust you for now."

"…I see."

Hyun Jong sighed.

Unam and Hyun Sang also know that they speak out of concern for their students.

But it's not to blame Chung-Myung. It is their fault that they did not lead their disciples properly if they had to blame.

Or my greed.’

The best way to keep all of Hwasan's disciples intact is to give up all influence over the strong and stay on the island for a long time.

In the meantime, even if that Sapaeryon pushes into the north of the river, the island will be the most far from the phone.

But you can't use that method. It's never the right way. And as soon as Hwasan gives up his involvement in power, everything his disciples have built so far collapses.

It was a very paradoxical thing.

Had he not been nothing more than a nameless little gatekeeper, as in the past, the world's call would have avoided him as well. They wouldn't pay any attention to the fallen Munpa on the island, whether it was Sapa or Jeongpa.But not now.

Wasan now a great influence on the world. And the clique that has to bear the responsibility for its influence.


Hyun Jong closed his eyes.

If Hyun Jong was to take the responsibility alone, he could laugh in a fireball. It's been a lifelong wish to revive Hawsan, so it's not a waste to throw your life in return.

That's why I was so heartbroken.

Because I knew it wasn't him who was paying for what Hwasan got, but his disciples.

I don't know.

Is this right or wrong?

It is the roots deeply embedded in the ground that blooms colorful flowers. As such, the revival of Hwasan, which he has long desired for all his life, may only come true if he eats a lot of things as food.

"Natural zone."

When he opened his eyes, Chung-Myung was still wielding his sword. The figure was embedded in the eye.

The training, which I couldn't bear to see, continued for days and days.

As the days went by, the faces of the Hwasan disciples died noticeably.

It's worth it.

No matter how much a student of the Munpa who learns martial arts, he or she does not devote all 12 sijin a day to training.

Hwasan is a dodo, so he has to do some things as a dodo, and he also has to use his power to maintain such a large clique. Even if you don't have such an obligation, you don't have to squeeze out all your strength during your training.

But everything changed from the moment Hwasan sealed the veil.

From the moment you open your eyes, to the moment you fall asleep, you drive people without a break. But even more difficult than the pain of the body, it was necessary to maintain tension at every moment of opening of the eyes.

It feels like you're constantly cutting your mind with a sharp knife.

A battle that pulls out all the flesh to cut each other somehow. No matter how close a family relationship is, there is no choice but to build up bad feelings are bound to build up. That would be normal.

But there was no problem with Hwasan. Not because their relationship was extremely close, but because they could not afford to dwell on bad feelings.

Emotions disappear in extreme battlefields.

a spirit driven to the limit

And a body pushed to the limit.

When the question that such training does not improve one's skills, but rather makes one's body wet is confusing.

It happened.




The sound rang out and the silence fell for a moment.

Yoon-Jong's pupils caused an earthquake.

The bleeding man forgot to block the blood flowing from my nose and stared blankly at the scene, and the man who had been beaten down jumped up and opened his mouth wide.

The man who was rushing hardened into the position, and the man who had collapsed clasped his fist.


Yoon-Jong's eyes were fixed in one place.

his wooden sword

His neck sword, dented here and there, touched someone's side during intense training.

"…You've touched it?"

Yoon-Jong's eyes shook violently again.

Someone might ask, "Isn't it natural that the attack is successful because you're training?"

But this was by no means natural.

Because Chung-Myung is the owner of the side with the wooden sword.


Yoon-jong, who blinked because he couldn't trust himself, slowly opened his mouth. And then I realized again.He has been training with Chung-Myung for years, but this is the first time his sword has touched Chung-Myung's body.


This is the first of its kind for the entire Hwasan disciple.

"We've reached it! d*mn it! You touched it!

The moment a loud shout comes out of Yoon-Jong's throat.

Oh, my god!

Chung-Myung kicked Yoon-Jong's solar plexus. Yoon-Jong couldn't make a sound and rolled back.

But he rose from the floor like a spring and screamed, as if he were not sick.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I stabbed you! I stabbed you! Oh, my God!

At the same time, a tremendous roar erupted among the nearby Hwasan disciples.

"We did it! We did it! Oh, my God!

"I finally hit that f*cking bastard!"

"What do you think, you son of a b*tc*!"

It was amazing where such power remained. Those who were struggling to stand until a while ago tore off their heads, jumped from place to place, and shouted.

"Argh! Death penalty!"

"Yoon-Jong, you punk!"

"Hey! I'm watching him pay for his meal!"

It can't be much of a thing.

It shouldn't be a big deal.

It's actually something to be ashamed of, let alone happy, of Succib rushing at the same time and making one person successful with a knife.

But that obvious common sense didn't mean anything to them now.

The distance I never thought I'd reach. This is because the distance, which was so far away that it was uncomfortable to even look at, has definitely narrowed down at this moment.


Chung-Myung rubbed my side lightly with his hand.

I feel a dull pain in my side. The feeling was both familiar and unfamiliar.


Funny, I don't feel bad. No, rather, the corners of my mouth kept going up and my lips trembled.

Chung-Myung opened his mouth, controlling his facial expression.

"It's not like you've been lucky to reach it once. Pathetically."

Yoon-Jong approached Chung-Myung with a stiff face at the chilly glance.

Then I stood there, straightening my back.


Chung-Myung frowned as Yoon-jong pointed with his finger.

Looking straight at Chung-Myung, Yoon-Jong pretended to slit his neck with his stretched fingers.

"I'm dead once now.”


Chung-Myung's face, which had been hardened, twisted one after another.


"Hahahahahahahahahaha! What do you think?"


"Wow! The body is talking! People in the neighborhood! Look at this! The body speaks!"

"Call the Master right now!"

"We're the masters, you lunatics!"

"Hahahaha! Here's the Chinese ghost!"

A big pile.

Chung-Myung, who grabbed the wooden sword, gained strength. At the same time, blood vessels stood on the forehead.

"But these bastards...….”


At that moment, Jo-Gol shook his head, covering his face with one hand.

"For God's sake, I should have been the first. The death penalty eats this."

"It's okay. I have a sore throat. I won't die on the side."

"Yes, accident! The head is mine!"


Baek Cheon, who was still listening, coughed loudly and said.

"Even cold water has its ups and downs, but I'm going to give it up to you."

"Hwasan, where's the top and bottom?"

"……That's not wrong, Soso, but it sounds unusual to hear you speak."

Isn't that right?

Everyone couldn't calm down and jumped.

It's not a tough time for a person to get tired. It's time to see no hope.

To them who were exhausted, Yun-Jong's sword clearly showed hope. Very small and feeble, but absolutely certain."There's something he's said a million times."

Baek Cheon approached Chung-Myung smiling with a sword.

Other Hwasan's disciples then giggled and began to surround Chung-Myung.

"Everything is difficult once."

"It's not a big deal from the second time."


"Oh, yeah."

Chung-Myung looked at the death penalty, which narrowed the siege. The creeping distance was like a flock of wild dogs surrounding a male rabbit.


Chung-Myung twisted his lips and opened them.

"If you mistake luck for your ability...….”

But before he could finish his sentence, there was a rant everywhere.

"Luck is a skill!"

"Why? After being stabbed and killed on the battlefield, you're going to hold on to the god of the underworld and complain?"

"Who's going to listen to the excuses the body makes? Huh?


Men reap what they sow.

That's all Chung-Myung said to them.

"Amitabha Buddha."

Hye Yeon, who had been quiet for a long time, shouted "no" with a solemn face. I think I really like this atmosphere...….

"Tongue is gio, Siju. Lie down if you're dead. I'll memorize the Buddhist script for you.”



"Wow! There are so many monks and masters, so our Chung-Myung has won the King of Heaven. I got it!"

Laughter of complaint erupted everywhere. Blood vessels sprang up one after another on Chung-Myung's forehead.


His eyes gushed out flames.

"Let's go to hell today! d*mn it, you bastards!

"Kill me!"

"Press it!"

"Mogaji is mine!"

Hwasan's disciples raced back toward Chung-Myung, shouting that Hwasan should leave.

A body that's about to collapse.

a total pain felt throughout

But despite the hardship, there was a clear smile on the lips of the Hwasan disciples.