Chapter - 863 Episode 863. I don't know where it is, but I know where it is. (3)

"Kill me!"

"You filthy Sapa!"

a huge boulevard of passers-by. In the midst of that, those with creepy weapons were confronted with each other wearing a crocodile hat.

Chaeng! Chaeng!

Weapons and weapons collided, and blood was scattered everywhere in an instant.

"Oh, my God! What's going on!"


During the day of broad daylight, the people of both countries ran away in panic. However, the merchants who had been engaged in a war were anxious because they could not run away from the goods.

They eventually stepped back to the corner and looked at the powerful men who were huddled and wielding their swords fiercely.

"What the hell is this!"

"Not a day or two!"

Only a few years ago, it was impossible to see strong people fighting in the middle of the street. Unfortunately, however, this has happened not only here in Hanam but also all over Gangbuk.


One of those who fought fiercely was stabbed in the chest and fell out, spraying blood on his blood.

Merchants closed their eyes tightly at the terrible sight.

It was too difficult for people who had lived their entire lives simply to wield weapons at people and watch people's warm blood splashing here and there.


The body of the fallen man hit the stall. At once, the piles of fruits splashed all over the place.

"Oh, my!"

Who wouldn't know that my life is more important than fruit, even though it's a bolt from the blue for a merchant who sells goods?

"You son of a b*tc*!"

"Let's see the end of the day!"

Even at a glance, rough-looking people had a primary poison in their eyes. Those faced with the brutal spirit also rushed at them.

But at that very moment.



With a solemn voice, a dull explosion broke out, as if a rock had fallen off a cliff.

Those who fought fiercely turned their heads, hesitating for a moment.

When they saw a group of fighters approaching, their faces were filled with various facial expressions.

It's inevitable.

There are only a few people who can calm down after seeing that yellow yellow gun in Gangho. There are numerous temples and monks in the world, but there is only one place to wear that gun.


Shaolin, the head of the old file room and the leader of Kangho, appeared here.

That's right away.

Shaolin's Hye Bang, who led her students, frowned and looked at the ruined street.

Soon a deep sigh came out of his mouth.

In reason, what he needs to say at this moment is, 'What's going on?' But he didn't feel the need to put the word in his mouth.

It was because he already knew exactly what was going on.

"Listen, disciples."


"Overpower all those who have made a fuss and send them to Shaolin!"


"The Ambassador!"

One of the people who heard it shouted. The letter "ui" was clearly engraved on the left side of the white garment, which was stained with dust.

"I'm Kwak So-jong of Ui blood gate! How can you treat us like that without arguing with each other?"

Uiyeomun is one of the small and medium-sized political factions based in Hanam. It is not a shorthand of Shaolin, but it is also a place where he has had a deep relationship with shorthand.

When Kwak So-jong, the gatekeeper of the righteous document, asked openly, Hye Bang looked tired."…Moon-ju, did you not hear Bang's message that those who make a fuss in Hanam will not be tolerated for any reason?"

"Oh, my God. So I'm supposed to suck my fingers at those d*mn Sapa who are trying to shake off their people where the blood is?”

When King Kwak So-jong protested with his veins on his neck, a deep sigh leaked out of Hye Bang's mouth.

"If that happens, didn't you ask Shaolin to tell you?”

"When the hell do you think you're coming? Wait for Shaolin! It's not like I've said it once or twice.

Hye Bang shook her head.

"The family of the family will be the ones who will argue about the dispute. I'm just following the orders of the head of the room, so I hope Moonju understands."

"Darn it!"

Kwak So-jong's face was horribly distorted.

Shaolin arrived quickly and the fight ended shortly, so the damage should not be significant. But that doesn't mean there isn't. I could clearly see some of the disciples bleeding.

It can't be easy to leave the knife behind in such a situation. Especially if you can believe that you are justifiable.

But at least the meaning of Shaolin in Hanam is absolute.

"Throw up your weapons and step back. I will cooperate with Shaolin for now."


The disciples, who heard the order, glanced at Hye Bang with eyes full of frustration and turned their heads away.

Hye Bang seemed to have a dark cloud in her chest for a moment.

Just a few years ago, would Shaolin have such eyes in Hanam?

He exclaimed a short dislike. Anyway, this is not the time to be obsessed with this feeling. I don't know what's going on elsewhere at this moment.

"You must come with me to the mainland."

Hye Bang's eyes turn to one side.

Unlike the bloody text, which expressed dissatisfaction but could be said to be cooperative, the way the other group looked at Hye Bang was brutal.

"The d*mn middle man is talking. Why do we have to cooperate with you?"

Hye Bang sighs deeply.

"I can't understand the will of the master with my little discipline. Why would you leave them alone?"

Of course, it is the Sapans who have revealed this.

Of course, for Hye Bang, the Sapans were not so unfamiliar. Even in Hanam, where Shaolin's influence is strong, Sapa definitely existed.

But they deserved to be called Heukdo rather than Safar. Where people live, there is a dark corner, and those who live in such a place are forced to form a group.

However, they were different from the Sapa that Hye Bang knew. Those who moved to Gangbuk to escape the Sapaeryon were rough and showed no minimum respect for Shaolin and Gufa.

"What would you do if you did?"

It's polite but harsh. In addition to fatigue of the situation, Hye Bang's irritation and hostility toward them were included.

"Hhh, you're a middle man and you know how to be angry. I heard people with thick faces don't get angry easily."


"Yeah, shy! You son of a b*tc*! The reason why we're doing this here is because of you Shaolin! If you hadn't let the Sapaeryon go, we wouldn't have come all the way here to escape the dogs!"“…….”

"If you're out of town, it's natural to find a way to make ends meet. You want me to starve to death without doing nothing? Don't talk rubbish! If that was the case, he would not have risked his life to run to the North. I'd rather die fighting than starving myself to death by sucking my fingers!"

It's plausible, but it's not worth thinking about.

A bandit to avoid starvation doesn't mean it's not a crime. No, in the first place, I don't think that a person who is human would take away what is of others and make a living.

Such words could not have been an excuse for Hye Bang, who had been strictly disciplined by Shaolin.

"So, you're not going to comply?"

"Hhh. Shaolin, I heard they don't have knives in their bodies?"

Hye Bang's expression turned cold.

"Official duties."

"Yes, Sa-suk!"

"Overpower them and send them away!"


As soon as the words were over, Shaolin's disciples rushed to the Sapans, who held weapons. It was a bloody face that didn't suit the man who was supposed to preach mercy.

"You son of a b*tc*!"

"I'll peel it off!"

"Overpower it at once!"

At the end of the day, Hye Bang cried out "no" briefly as she watched the fight again.

"Amitabha Buddha……."

He and Shaolin's disciples were running around sweating, but Hanam's confusion was getting worse.

At first, only the Sapa who came from the north of the river jumped, but now not only the Sapa who had been in Hanam from the beginning, but also the political factions who became extremely nervous, violate Shaolin's will and make a mess.

I feel like I'm pouring water into a bottomless jar. I am trying my best to stabilize Hanam, but the situation is only getting worse.

Hye Bang, who was in agony, shook her head violently.

Don't think about it.’

I forced myself to shake off the idea that maybe all this is happening because Shaolin's reputation is not the same as in the past. Then he sighed and moved on.

No matter how far it goes, it's bound to end someday. So we have to work hard and try hard until then.

* * *


The door opened violently.


The man who opened the door crumpled his face. The terrible smell of alcohol made my head ache for a moment.

"Stand up! Stand up, stand up!"

The most spectacular girdle in the elevation, the top floor of Hwaharu.

The man who occupied the most expensive room lay on a large luxury bed.

"Oh, the formation! Get up!"

The man, who was sleeping as if he were dead, wriggled around his eyes and slowly pushed his eyelids up.

"…darn it."

He grabbed his head as if the goal was ringing and asked in a cracked voice.

"What? From the morning."

"Large. The Red Horsemen, who went to clean up the blood-stained or something, were taken away by the Shaolinites."


"What do I do?"


The man reached out and grabbed the bottle on the bed. However, no matter how many times I turned it upside down, there was no alcohol left.

Frustrated, he threw the bottle and looked at the person who came to report.



"Do you have any money?"

"Where is my money? Didn't the formation spend all my extra money playing here?"

"…I was."

"If the Red Horsemen had done their job properly, they would have collected a lot of compensation by now, but they were all wrong. I can't find any place where the money will come from now on! That's why I told you not to come to Hanam!""Tsk."

The man kicked his tongue.

"Stop talking nonsense, you idiot. Is there a place in the north of the river whereabouts? Shall we go to Hobuk, where all those guys are running wild? Or shall we go to Habuk where the Emperor is? Or maybe Sichuan, like a dragon's blood?


"It's the same everywhere, everywhere."

The person who came to report asked with a deep sigh.

"……So what do we do now? This is why I can't get a proper seat in Hanam."

"That's obvious."

The man giggled and laughed.

"It would have been better. If you don't think you can get a seat, just give up."


"Now that we're done figuring it out, let's have a big bite."

"A bath?"

The man's eyes sparkled.

"It's time to retire. Jang Nilso's back hurts when it's still raining...….”

"So, are you going to bandit or something?”

"Yes, it's bandit. Bring in all the men you can.”

"How much?"

"All of them!"

The man who heard it frowned.

"……No. If you're talking about the formation, the red-eyed people will gather like clouds, so where are you going to lead them? I don't think I'll lose my reputation if I shake off most places.”

"It's a big place, a big place."

The man's eyes turned west.

"Wouldn't you make a living by robbing one of the world's richest people?"

"Shi, the Teenage?”

"Yes, I have a plan. Gather all the people who are interested in my name.”

"Oh, I see. Large!"

It can't be easy to gather people without a proper plan. However, the person who heard this nodded without questioning and ran outside.

It's a matter of course.

The person who said this was Gwi Do Mujeong Gal Cheon Rip, one of the seven-year-olds of Gangseo.

If Gal Chun-lip, who is famous for arguing with that Jang Nilso in the past, is saying, "A flock of hungry ducks will gather to grab a hungry stomach."

a high-altitude fall

Black clouds were pouring into the sky of the fall.